[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Ghostface Builds

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Ghostface is an antagonist from the Scream franchise and was introduced in Dead by Daylight in Chapter 12. In the game, The Ghostface is a creepy assassin who prefers to stalk his prey and sneak up on them silently with his power Night Shroud.

Survivors marked by his power will be vulnerable to his abilities and unaware of his overwhelming presence. To avoid Ghostface’s wrath, survivors must be extremely vigilant. 

1. The Cursed Generator Build: 

This Ghostface build is intended for players who want to make the trial difficult for survivors by preventing them from completing generators. The featured perks each have an effect on a generator in their own way and can give you an advantage throughout the trial by damaging it, or when you perform a basic attack on the survivor, the generator nearby will explode.

What makes this build worth it? 

With the help of the perk Lethal Pursuer, you will be able to see the auras of all survivors in your vicinity when the trial begins. They will also scream if one of the survivors is under the Hex Curse. After that, you'll be able to pinpoint their exact location. Finally, while both add-ons make this build worthwhile, the most important one is Cheap Cologne, which allows you to keep a survivor marked for an additional 10 seconds, resulting in you immediately putting them in the dying state.


Marked Survivors: To use Ghostface, you must be exceptionally skilled at stealth. One of his strongest abilities is stalking from a distance, which eventually leads to the survivor being marked. The best part about this skill is that after the update, survivors who have been marked can be owned without Ghostface noticing until it is too late.

Activating power constantly: Without his power, Ghostface isn't much of a threat. Even though he has a knife, it is useless without his power. The good news is that once his power is fully activated, he will be undetectable. This reduces his terror radius, allowing you to sneak up on the survivor without them knowing. To accomplish this, you must stalk as much as possible.


Cheap Cologne: Slightly increases the duration of a survivor staying marked by 10 seconds.

Driver's License: This decreases the detection range to reveal Ghostface. Giving you the advantage to increase your stalk meter before a survivor detects you eventually.


Lethal Pursuer: When the trial begins, this perk serves as a scope-out. The auras of all survivors are revealed to you between 7-9 seconds into the match. What is even better is that it will be extended for an additional two seconds. 

Call of Brine: Call of Brine activates after you damage a generator. It lasts for 60 seconds and the generator will regress between 150-200% depending on your perk’s tier level. You will also receive a notification when a survivor completes a good skill check. Overall, Call of Brine is a must to have, as it is quite difficult for survivors to complete generators. 

Eruption: Once you damage a generator, the Eruption perk will activate. All of the generators that are affected will be highlighted in yellow. Lastly, when a survivor is in a dying state, all of the affected generators will explode! 

Hex: Face of Darkness: If you perform a basic attack or injure the survivor while there is a dull totem, the curse will remain active. This causes all of the other survivors to scream every 35 seconds if they are outside of the killer’s terror radius, revealing their auras for two seconds each time it happens. 


2. Cat & Mouse Build

Ghostface will be a much more deadlier threat with a build I like to call Cat & Mouse! This build is ideal for players who enjoy the thrill of a chase as well as seeking vengeance after being stunned by a flashlight or pallet. The perks listed basically make you unstoppable when hunting, and this build is guaranteed to help you end chases at a faster pace and also win the trial.

What makes this build worth it?

When it comes to chases, you're literally like a tank. If a survivor stuns you, you will be able to break the pallet as soon as they try to stun you again. Also, if they use a pallet or flashlight to stun you, that survivor will become the new obsession, and they will suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect for 60 seconds.


Night Shroud: When a pallet or wall is broken, Ghostface’s power Night Shroud will fully recharge thanks to Olsen’s Wallet. If you enjoy the thrill of the chase, you must have that add-on in your loadout so that nothing can obstruct you when they try to block you.

Don’t Chase for too Long: Although this build is designed for chasing, it is best to not stay in pursuit for too long because it reduces the time available for destroying generators and attempting to take down someone else. If you can’t get the first target, it is best to move onto someone else. 


Olsen’s Wallet: When breaking a pallet or breakable wall, this will instantly recharge Night Shroud.

Philly: This add-on cuts the amount of time it takes to mark a survivor by 20%. This is a fantastic add-on because it allows you to stalk without having to wait for the meter to fill up. With this, you’ll be able to put them into a dying state.


Nemesis: This perk lets you seek vengeance. If you are stunned by a pallet, or a locker, or are blinded, the survivor will become the obsession. Once a new survivor becomes the obsession, the Oblivious status effect is applied for 60 seconds and the survivor’s aura will be revealed for 4 seconds.

Spirit Fury: This is the best perk to have while in a chase because each pallet you break greatens the wrath of the Entity. Once you break two pallets, the next time you are stunned by one, The Entity will break the pallet instantly. You will still suffer from the stun but you will not have to deal with breaking the pallet on your own. 

Enduring: This perk makes you resilient to pain. You reduce the duration when stunned by a pallet by 50%. Which doesn’t have an effect while carrying a survivor. 

Lethal Pursuer: When the trial begins, this perk serves as a scope-out. The auras of all survivors are revealed to you between 7-9 seconds into the match. What is even better is that it will be extended for an additional two seconds. 


3. Slow and Steady

This build is designed for players who prefer a more gradual and consistent approach. With this build, the generators will be frequently blocked, either at the start of the trial or when you pick up a survivor. This slows the process for them and gives you a significant advantage.

What makes this build worth it?

When you hook a survivor, the aura's of the other survivor's will be revealed. The distance it can go up to is 40 meters away! Another great feature of this build is the involvement of add-ons that allow you to mark a survivor when you are not leaning from cover.


Remain Stealthy: Ghostface stalking rate is better to use when afar. He can stalk no matter the distance which makes him a great killer to use. Once you are in a great hiding place, you have the advantage. Also when you stalk from far away, it will be difficult for survivors to reveal him. It is important to progress your stalk. 

Stalk and Stab: Ghostface may seem difficult but it will be fun to constantly be in a rhythm of performing basic attacks, marking and then stabbing once again when they try to escape. The best time to stalk is when a survivor is working on a generator, when they're unhooking others, or healing. It roughly takes 30 seconds to complete stalking so it’s perfect to do it at those times when they are standing still. 


Drop-Leg Knife Sheath: The Drop-Leg Knife Sheath provides a full motion range, allowing you to inflict quick and powerful wounds while moving freely. It also grants you 10% movement speed for five seconds after marking a survivor. 

Knife Belt Clip: Moderately increases the rate at which a survivor becomes marked when not leaning from cover.


BBQ & Chili: After you hook a survivor, all of the other survivor’s auras will be revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 meters from the hook. Once a survivor is hooked for the first time, you will gain a stackable bonus worth 25% to all Blood Point gains, up to a maximum of several percent.

Corrupt Intervention: Once the trial starts, three generators that are located farthest from you are blocked by The Entity for several seconds. 

Thrilling Tremors: After you pick up a survivor, all the generators that are not in the process of being repaired, are blocked by The Entity, which will be highlighted by a white aura and can’t be repaired for a short duration. 

Nurse Calling: Even though this perk isn’t as popular for most killers. However, Ghostface’s ability is to find out where the survivors are at all times. Nurse’s Calling helps with that. With this perk, it reveals where each survivor is while they are in the process of healing, giving you time to down them right away. 


4. Hyper-Aware Build

This build is simply for players who want to be notified of a survivor's actions. The perks may seem similar to build 3, however, when a generator is near completion, you will be notified by either noise or aura. This gives you the ability to pop in on the survivors at any time and damage the generators so it will regress.  

What makes this build worth it?

The add-ons involved, provide you with a great opportunity in every match. When stalking, the increased movement speed is critical, especially when you are undetected. It is advantageous to be able to stalk at a much faster pace and then move in for the kill when ready. Hearing whispers from The Entity is also very useful when patrolling the map or when trying to locate survivors.


Mind Games:

Unlike other killers in Dead by Daylight, where a survivor loops you and you eventually hook them, it just takes more time for one survivor. The main focus should be on stragglers; survivors who wander away from the group will make excellent targets. However, it is best to keep everyone on edge and always looking over their shoulders because you never know where you will be lurking.


Headlines Cutouts: Increases movement speed while stalking

Telephoto Lens: This add-on slightly increases the rate at which a survivor becomes marked when not leaning on cover. It also increases the duration of a survivor staying marked.


Sloppy Butcher: Wounds that are afflicted by basic attacks cause survivors to suffer from the Hemorrhage and Mangled Status effects. This also increases the rate at which healing progression is lost from the Hemorrhage effect by 25% 

Deadlock: Once a generator is completed, The Entity will block the generator that has the most progression for 20-30 seconds. The aura of the blocked generator will be highlighted white. 

Discordance: Any generator that is within the range of 64-128 meters and that is being repaired by 2 or more survivors will be marked by a yellow aura. Once that same generator is highlighted, it will trigger a loud noise notification. When it is not within range or repaired by one survivor, the aura will linger for another 4 seconds.

Whispers: With this perk enabled, you will occasionally hear whispers from The Entity. It will alert you if a survivor comes within 32-48 meters of you. This is a great perk to use because it helps you locate survivors who aren’t working on generators, healing, etc. 


5. Hooked & Blocked

This build is designed for players who enjoy causing havoc. The survivors will also be unable to complete anything. In this one, the Exit Gates will become blocked, giving you enough time to take out any remaining survivors. Also when you hook a survivor, with the perk Scourge Hook, the generator with the most progression will begin to regress. 

What makes this build worth it?

Vaulting by 15% is perfect while in a chase as well as having The Entity block that location preventing the survivor from vaulting too. When a survivor is hooked on the scourge hook, the generator will lose its progress and then regress.


Don’t use The Ghostface's power near the hook: Hooked survivors are able to still reveal Ghostface and drain him of his power just like if they are unhooked. It is best to still watch from afar while a survivor is unhooking the other. 


Outdoor Security Camera: The aura of all survivors will be revealed for 7 seconds when a marked survivor is put into the dying state.

Night Vision Monocular: This add-on will increase the rate at which a survivor becomes marked when Ghostface is not leaning from cover. 


No Way Out: Want to give survivors false hope? The No Way Out perk represents this well. Once a survivor interacts with an exit gate switch, you will receive a loud noise notification. The Entity will block the Exit Gate for 12 seconds with an additional 6 seconds for each token you gain.

Scourge Hook: When the trial starts, up to 4 random hooks are replaced with scourge hooks. The auras will be highlighted in white. When a survivor is hooked on the scourge hook, the generator with the most progress will lose 15% of its progress, and then it will regress.

Dead Man’s Switch: Once active, anytime the survivor pulls away or stops repairing the generator. The Entity will block the generation for the duration until this perk ends. 

Bamboozle: This perk is for you if you like to move quickly regardless of the killer. Bamboozle accelerates your vaulting by 15% and The Entity will block the vault location for 16 seconds while you are performing the vault action. It only affects the survivors and has no effect on pallets. 

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