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Several items can be used for reasons such as playing for fun or even blood point farming. However, some players might decide to go all-in, destroying the game. Here are the top 15 Dead by Daylight items that no player will regret when used in the game. 

There are mainly six categories of items, and each item in the category has different results, depending on the player's action. In addition, items can be unlocked by doing the blood web for each character. For each level in the blood web, there are different items with different rarities, which, again, each rarity has different results. 

This article, however, will cover the items that are the most powerful and, at the same time, the most enjoyable. In addition, it will cover the 15 top items you should use for the characters, killer and survivor, with additional information on the add-ons that can be used for each item. 



15. Uncommon Flashlight 

Source: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Flashlights

A flashlight can be used for many things in the game. For example, one of the popular actions being done with a flashlight is blinding the killers, which would stun them for a certain amount of seconds. Other actions can include revealing Hag (killer) traps and unravelling the wraith (killer) from its cloak.

The uncommon flashlight is the lowest in its category of flashlights, but here are the reasons why it’s good and in the top 15:

Reasons why the uncommon flashlight is good: 

  • The Standard flashlight is simple; no downsides. 
  • It has 8 seconds of use, which is a fair amount.
  • Rarity is uncommon, so if lost during the match, it wouldn’t be a big deal if lost during the game, as it appears more frequently in the blood web and can be more obtainable than any other flashlight.

Conclusion: It is a good item, especially for beginners, where the chances of losing an item in the match are high. Therefore it is an item that is perfect for practice and powerful while used in-game. 



14. First Aid Kit 


The First-aid kit can be convenient during the game and eventually be a life-safer, as it can heal others and yourself. In addition, the First-aid kit is just one rarity above the game’s lowest aid kit, the camping aid kit, making it a bit faster to heal yourself and others, with a bigger healing capacity. 

Reasons why the First-aid kit is good: 

  • The First aid kit is simple; no downsides such as a decreasing effect.
  • It has 24 charges, considered good, where it can heal 1.5 health states, for instance, a survivor fully, and yourself for half health state, where a teammate can finish the healing. 
  • Rarity is uncommon, so if lost during the match, it wouldn’t be a big deal as the First Aid Kit appear more frequently in the blood web and can be more obtainable than most other first aid kits. 
  • It increased Healing Speed by +35%.

Conclusion: Good item, where the object is influential throughout the game. In contrast, survivors would be able to heal up fast and efficiently, making it harder for the killer to play along with. 



13. Rare Map


The map is an excellent item to use for tracking generators. It is often an item used for beginner, inexperienced players who are starting to learn where all the generators are being spawned on the map. 

Usually, it is stated that generators are spawned ‘randomly’; however, there is always a pattern in the game with these generators, where at least 80% of the time, the generators are spawned at the same place even after the update of random generator spawning. 

Reasons why the rare map is good: 

  • You automatically get a notification pinpoint of a generator at the start of the game
  • It can track generators within an 8-meter range.
  • Twenty seconds of use is also good to use with additional add-ons.

Conclusion: It is an item perfect for tracking generators and other things when using add-ons. It is also not an ultra-rare item such as the rainbow map; therefore, it is easier to find in the blood web. 



12. Broken Key


However, you might be surprised that this broken key can be powerful when combined with add-ons. As without add-ons, well…. it’s useless. 

It is a worse version of the skeleton key; however, one of the benefits is that it is not that rare and can be easily found in the blood web, and if lost during the game, it’s not a massive deal-breaker as the item itself is pretty much useless. 

Reasons why the broken key is good: 

  • Ten seconds of use is better than a dull key, which only has the power of 5 seconds of use.
  • Rare items that can easily be found in the blood web. 

Conclusion: The Broken key is an excellent item for ‘emergency’, which we could call where we can use add-ons such as blood amber to find the killer, but with not much time on the item, it is best to save it during emergencies. 


11.  Uncommon Toolbox


An uncommon toolbox is an excellent item to use. It is an uncommon item, and therefore, it is an item that can be used in many matches as it is found very frequently in the blood web.

Reasons why the uncommon toolbox is good: 

  • There are no penalties when using the toolbox. 
  • The charges are much larger than most of the toolboxes and therefore have the possibility of repairing the generator at ¼ of the capacity. 
  • Sabotage speed of 10%

Conclusion: The Uncommon toolbox is an excellent item to use when it is more about the effectiveness of repairing generators rather than speed repairing, as the 10% sabotage speed is beneficial during emergencies where you would be able to sabotage a hook to help your teammates very fast. 


10. Alex’s Toolbox


Alex’s toolbox is a great item to use for sabotaging hooks. However, it is not very useful to use in generators as it only has an increase of 10%. 

Reasons why Alex’s toolbox is good: 

  • It is a perfect item for sabotaging hooks, as its sabotaging speed is as much as 50%!
  • It has a lot of charges, which will be able to sabotage at least four hooks. 

Conclusion: The item is excellent to use when sabotaging hooks, either for in-game achievements or helping your teammates wiggle out from the killer. With the capacity of 24 charges, it can easily be beneficial for saving four teammates. 



9. Flash Grenade (Perk Item)


A Flash grenade is an item that is obtained while using the perk flashbang. 

It is a perfect item when trying to stun the killer, such as putting the weapon on a generator or disabling the killer to kick the generator for a specific moment during the stun. 

Reasons why the Flash grenade is sound: 

  • Flashbang is a fantastic weapon to deal with great-area damage. 
  • In addition, it can be used as a weapon for an anti-kick generator.

Conclusion: As it is a perk origin, it would first have to be obtained through a character that has to be unlocked in the game. However, it is perfect for fun, with no limits on the item. 


8. Mechanic’s Toolbox


The Mechanic’s toolbox is a rare item toolbox, which is not as powerful as the other toolboxes. However, it does its job. 

Reasons why Mechanic’s toolbox is good: 

  • It has an increased repair speed of 75% for generators.
  • It has a slight decrease in the sabotage speed of hooks, which does not make a significant difference in sabotaging.

Conclusion: The mechanics toolbox is a great item to use for sabotaging and repairing, as with the repair speed of 75%, it is speedy.


7. Engineer’s Toolbox


The Engineer’s toolbox is one of the fastest in the game, with an increased repair speed of 100%. With this kind of speed, it is possible to complete a whole generator in around 4 seconds, with the help of teammates and add-ons, which is almost an instant rage quit for the killer. 

Reasons why Engineer’s toolbox is good: 

  • The incredible speed of 100%!
  • Many tactics can be used with this toolbox, gen rushing when all teammates have the same toolbox, or for super-speed finishing, using the toolbox for the finishing touch of the generator.

Conclusion: The toolbox is powerful in its speed rather than capacity. Therefore it is recommended to use on a generator that is spawned furthest away for the killer, as using just before the killer kicks the generator would be a waste. 


6. Emergency Medkit


The emergency medkit is the second most potent medkit that everybody should use. 

It is only a rare item; therefore, it can be easily found in the blood web and is incredibly fast when healing yourself and others. 

Reasons why the Emergency Medkit is good: 

  • The increase in speed is available for both yourself and your teammates. 
  • The Healing of yourself and others is both 50%

Conclusion: A very good mid-range medkit for players who do not want to lose an expensive item such as the Ranger medkit; however, having a fast healing experience. 


5. Commodious Toolbox


This item has no side effects, making it one of the most powerful toolboxes in the game. Nevertheless, this toolbox can be argued to be a metamorphosis of the Engineer’s and Alex’s tools, where you can sabotage and repair with no penalty speed. 

Reasons why the Commodious toolbox is good: 

  • There are no side effects for this item; potent with the use of add-ons
  • It has as many as 32 chargers, repairing 1/3 of a generator at 50% speed.

Conclusion: One of the most powerful toolboxes in the game, where there are no penalties and has the most significant capacity. Overall recommended, for gen rushing. :)



4. Rainbow Map


The Rainbow map is one of the most potent maps in the game. The item will allow tracking items in the game, even without add-ons. Unfortunately, these are one of the two ultra-rare items; therefore, it is challenging to obtain in the blood web. The best addons to use with the map:

Reasons why the Rainbow Map is good: 

  • Tracking abilities can be used for at least 20 seconds throughout the game.
  • It will be able to track items without add-ons within the 8-meter range.

Conclusion: It is an item that will support you in the game and track things much more accessible, allowing for more comfort within the game. 




3. Skeleton Key


The skeleton key is not that powerful as a singular item; it can only be powerful when using the addons to unlock its ‘Aura Reading abilities’ such as:

Unique Wedding Ring: Reveals the obsession's aura for the whole game duration. 

Blood Amber: Unlocks the ability to reveal the killer’s aura at a distance of 32 meters.

Reasons why the Skeleton Key is good: 

  • It can be used for 30 seconds, 25 seconds longer than the scarce ‘dull key’. 
  • Unlocks the Hatch – the alternative escape.

Conclusion: A mighty item to use with add-ons; however, one of the reasons that the key is not in the top 2 on this list is because of the recent update with opening the hatch:  

“The hatch can only be spawned when the last player is alive”, compared to where all survivors were able to use the key and escape using the hatch before the update. 




2. Utility Flashlight


The utility flashlight is the perfect weapon against killers; in other words, one of the most toxic ones.

This flashlight is the most powerful among all flashlights, with a duration of 12 seconds, compared to 8 seconds in other flashlights. 

Although it decreases the accuracy by 20%; however, it is not a problem for experienced players where aiming is already natural for them. Unless a killer has ‘light born’, then you have a problem.

Reasons why the Utility Flashlight is good: 

  • It can be used for 12 seconds and increased with add-ons. 
  • It increases blindness duration by 15% for the killer; therefore, longer stun.
  • There are no side effects except accuracy, which can be quickly learned.

Conclusion: Overall, the most potent weapon to use in the game against killers; however, it is recommended that new players practice using the flashlight, such as the uncommon flashlight, to get used to aiming. But to conclude, it is an item that will occasionally make the killer rage. :)




1. Ranger Med Kit


The Ranger Med Kit is one of the fastest and most potent med kits in the game, with the rare highest rarity. However, when using this medkit, it is much harder to get bonuses in the game, such as extra blood points, where the skill check success and bonus zones are much harder to get, and also the healing is much faster; therefore, there will be fewer skill checks appearing.

Reasons why the Ranger Med Kit is perfect:

  • It is one of the fastest med kits in the game. However, it can be improved by adding add-ons where the healing speed is enormously powerful and fast. 
  • It has an enormous capacity of 32 charges; therefore, you can be able to heal the survivors for a longer time. 
  • Enormously influential when used with teammates.
  • Increased Healing Speed by +50%.

Conclusion: Every player should use a compelling item in-game, as it can speed up the game’s progress and win much faster and more effectively.


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