[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best DLCs To Buy

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The Trapper striking a pose for Jane in between trials. Everyone needs a break now and then.

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best DLCs To Buy

What’s the best content outside of the base game?

So you just watched your favorite YouTube or Twitch channel play Dead By Daylight, and now you want to try it for yourself. It’s the game where you play as either a killer or one of four survivors trying to escape. There wasn’t too much to worry about when it came out in 2016. Only eight characters were available, four on either side. Now, there are twenty-two killers alone, along with twenty-four survivors, with more on the way. Each character has three unique perks and they can be leveled to unlock those perks for other characters to use too. It can be a lot to take in. So where should you start? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s our top five DLC’s to get you started in Dead By Daylight. Save for a few differences between PC and console, keep in mind that licensed DLC requires actual, real-life money. Original characters can be bought with in-game currency called Iridescent Shards if you’re willing to grind for a bit. Also, remember that Dead By Daylight offers you a discount for buying Auric Cells in bulk, which can be used to purchase characters individually rather than buying an entire DLC pack. Every character in the game can be purchased for five hundred of these Cells. 

5. Halloween

Michael stalking his prey after a vicious attack.

The Shape, also known as Michael Myers, is a terrifying killer capable of stalking his victims. While he starts the match slower than normal in Evil Within I, stalking survivors increases his power gauge, going to Evil Within II and then III for a limited time. While it only lasts for one minute, Evil Within III allows The Shape to down a healthy survivor instantly and hook them if he so chooses. He also completes vaulting actions quicker and has a longer range when using his lunge attack in this state. He might not be the strongest killer in Dead By Daylight, but The Shape has some strengths that survivors have to play around. His three perks, Save The Best For Last, Play With Your Food, and Dying Light, buff him and add debuffs to certain survivors to stop them from escaping easily. 

The Halloween DLC also comes with survivor Laurie Strode, who has a few powerful tricks of her own. Her three perks, including Sole Survivor, Object Of Obsession, and Decisive Strike, allow you to see the killer’s aura while hiding your own and gives you a chance to escape the killer’s grasp after being unhooked. 

Why The Halloween DLC Is Great:

  • A powerful killer who can down survivors in one hit when in Evil Within III
  • Save The Best For Last allows you to lower your cooldown after attacking, making it easier for you to catch up to victims after building up to eight tokens for hitting non-obsessions (attacking the Obsession removes tokens)
  • Play With Your Food gives you a speed boost for losing chase with the Obsession, pairing well with Save The Best For Last
  • Once unlocked as teachable perks in his Bloodweb, these perks can be quite useful on other killers as well
  • Laurie Strode’s perk Decisive Strike is extremely powerful and can give you a chance to escape stun the killer temporarily, another perk that is highly useful for any survivor

The Halloween DLC costs between $6.99 and $7.99 depending on which platform you use. 

4. Stranger Things

Steve and Nancy feeling the warm embrace of The Demogorgon’s Shred attack.

The Stranger Things DLC includes a monstrous killer named The Demogorgon. Its main threat lies in its Shred attack. It can charge its power called Of The Abyss, and even though this slows it a bit, attacking while it’s charged allows it to dive at survivors, damaging them from a few meters away. The Shred can also destroy dropped pallets, limiting the chance for your victim’s escape. The Demogorgon can also place portals on the ground, allowing it to travel from between two points on the map with great speed and its Terror Radius is also silenced for a bit when exiting a portal. Portals that The Demogorgon has traveled through are also activated and cause survivors to become Oblivious if they’re near them. On top of all of that, while charging Of The Abyss, The Demogorgon can sense survivors that are in contact with active portals. Its three perks, Surge, Mindbreaker, and Cruel Limits, force survivors to be Exhausted while working on generators and punish anyone for completing them or for going down around them. 

Unique to this DLC, Stranger Things comes with two survivors, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Steve’s perks, Babysitter, Camaraderie, and Second Wind, aren’t necessarily the strongest on their own but help him to aid his teammates and can heal him for doing so. Nancy Wheeler’s perks, Better Together, Fixated, and Inner Strength, let other survivors know which generator she’s working on and allow her to sneak past killers and quickly heal herself in lockers after cleansing a totem. Her perks can be quite useful for many different types of builds. 

Why The Stranger Things DLC Is Great:

  • The Demogorgon is a balanced killer but has a few strengths, including a visceral Shred attack and map mobility mixed with stealth 
  • The killers base kit allows synergies with many different types of perk builds
  • A very satisfying killer to do well with, learning and landing hits with The Demogorgon is quite fun
  • The best bang for your buck, this DLC includes three characters
  • Nancy Wheeler’s perks are quite strong. Fixated allows you to walk faster without leaving scratch marks that the killer can follow while Inner Strength can heal you extremely quickly after cleansing a totem from the map

The Stranger Things DLC costs $11.99 on its own but can also be bought as a bundle with the base game. On Steam, the Stranger Things Edition of Dead By Daylight costs $34.97 and includes a cosmetic. However, on the Xbox and PlayStation stores, you can buy the Stranger Things Edition that includes not only this DLC but also Curtain Call, Shattered Bloodlines, and Darkness Among Us which all include one killer and one survivor, all for $49.99. 

3. Cursed Legacy

Yui facing her enemy, The Oni. 

The Oni is a bloodthirsty killer, bent on taking down anyone in his path. His power, Yamaoka’s Wrath, lets him absorb blood orbs left behind by injured survivors to build up his power gauge. Once it’s at maximum, he can initiate his Blood Fury, allowing him to dash across the map at great speeds with his Demon Dash ability and down healthy survivors with Demon Strike for a limited time. His three perks, Zenshin Tactics, Blood Echo, and Nemesis, while not especially powerful on their own, give him map knowledge and punish survivors for stunning him or staying injured. He is an extremely powerful killer when survivors make mistakes and can devastate entire teams with his power. 

This DLC also includes the survivor Yui Kimura. Her teachable perks include Lucky Break, Any Means Necessary, and Breakout. They help her not bleed while injured for a limited time, reset dropped pallets so that they can be used again, and help other survivors escape the killer’s grasp faster. They have uses in a few different types of playstyles. 

Why The Cursed Legacy DLC Is Great:

  • A powerful killer that can put fear in survivors, The Oni’s base kit works well with many of the other teachable perks in the game
  • This killer is one of the most fun to play, having a power that relies on injuring survivors and initiating your Blood Fury, giving you access to one-hit-downs and high-speed map mobility
  • The Oni can also destroy pallets very quickly while in Blood Fury, giving survivors fewer chances to escape your hits
  • Breakout is a must-have for people looking to help their allies. Paired with other perks, this can deny the killer valuable hook states on your teammates, increasing your chances of surviving the trial

The Cursed Legacy DLC costs between $6.99 and $7.99 depending on which platform you use

2. Demise Of The Faithful

The diseased Killer, The Plague, looking to cleanse you of sin and life. 

The Plague is a wretched killer who will punish heretics with her power, the Vile Purge. She charges and releases vomit in a steady stream, infecting survivors hit by the disgusting substance. As their infection grows, survivors become Broken and can be downed quickly. Their only respite is the ability to cleanse themselves at clear fountains found around the map. But they must beware, for doing this contaminates the fountain and gives The Plague the ability to absorb it and obtain her Corrupt Purge, no longer causing the infection but damaging survivors hit by it. She is a unique killer whose power negates regular healing and forces her victims to stay on their toes to survive. Her three perks, Corrupt Intervention, Infectious Fright, and Dark Devotion, help her control map pressure in the early game and reveal or deceive her opponents that are downed or hit by her basic attack. 

Included in this DLC, Jane Romero’s perks, Solidarity, Head On, and Poised, help her take care of herself while fighting back against the killers in the Entity’s realm. Head On is a unique Exhaustion perk, allowing survivors to stun the killer with lockers, rather than just run away from them. This adds a level of combativeness to the survivor side of the game, being able to stop killers and help her team in tight situations. 

Why Demise Of The Faithful Is Great:

  • The Plague is such a unique killer that even experienced players can have trouble versing her, negating healing and stealth due to infection
  • Corrupt Intervention blocks three generators that are farthest away from you when the match starts while Infectious Fright makes survivors in your Terror Radius scream if another is downed. Considered some of the best perks in the game, they are amazing choices on several other killers
  • The Plague is one of the few killers with a ranged attack, able to hit survivors from a distance. Even though she is slowed down while charging, having this advantage over survivors can be devastating
  • Jane Romero’s perk Head On adds an aggressive defense to survivors, allowing you to stun unsuspecting killers by doing a rushed action out of lockers. This can come in handy for multiple situations, like freeing a teammate from the killer’s grasp or stopping their advance in general. It can also be used with other perks to throw the killer off and stop them when they least suspect it

Demise Of The Faithful costs the standard $6.99 to $7.99 depending on which platform you use. 

1. Leatherface

Bubba just wants what’s best for his family. You’re invited for dinner, so you have to die.

Leatherface is an iconic killer, and his brutality is portrayed greatly in Dead By Daylight. While he has the same Terror Radius, speed, and basic attacks as the rest of the killers, his power, Bubba’s Chainsaw, can down healthy survivors instantly and can also hit multiple survivors in succession. This causes mayhem across the map, forcing survivors to play cautiously and try to run for their lives as Leatherface’s horrible yelling veers towards them in a chaotic tantrum. His perks, Knock Out, Barbecue & Chili, and Franklin’s Demise, prevent players from being able to hide or locate downed teammates easily while also forcing them to drop any items they may have. While this DLC does not include a survivor, there is something very valuable about adding Bubba to your character list. His perk Barbecue & Chili not only reveals the auras of survivors that are far enough away after hooking a player but also adds a bonus in Bloodpoints at the end of the game, making level grinding much easier. If this perk is at its highest tier and you hook all four survivors at least once, your Bloodpoints are doubled, allowing you to level up any of your characters much faster than normal. This is why the Leatherface DLC takes our top spot. Now, when you decide to unlock more killers, you can slap Barbecue & Chili on them to increase your points and get a better head start at leveling.

Why The Leatherface DLC Is Great:

  • Leatherface is a lethal killer who doesn’t always need to rely on hitting survivors twice with a basic attack. His Chainsaw can devastate teams if they’re caught together or in the open
  • This killer is fairly easy to learn and getting successful chainsaw attacks can feel quite satisfying
  • Bubba’s Chainsaw is a one-hit down but also doubles as a pallet destroyer. You can force players to drop pallets and decimate them, cutting off escape routes
  • Barbecue & Chili helps many other killers once unlocked as a teachable perk, showing you survivors that are far away after hooking someone so that you can track them down easier. Pair that with the extra points and you can level grind with whichever killer you see fit

The Leatherface DLC is only $4.99 since it only comes with one character, and it’s well worth it.

What did you think of our list? Does another one of the DLC packs deserve recognition? How many characters and perks have you unlocked so far? Let us know! 

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