Top 5 Best and Worst Killers in Dead by Daylight

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Greetings killers and survivors! Welcome to another gory and bloody guide on Dead by Daylight.

Today we are going to talk about who the top 5 best killers are, and who the top 5 worst killers are, as of late.

This guide is intended for beginners and is not for advanced players and/or criticism. Furthermore, these gradings and information do not determine the fun level of the killer. 

!Disclaimer about grading!

How killers will be graded relies on 3 distinct areas: map presence, lethality, and chasing. Each area will get a 1, 2, or a 3. If an area gets a one, that means they are not proficient.

If an area gets a two, they are average and/or slightly above. If an area gets a three, they are extremely powerful in that aspect.

Top 5 Dead by Daylight Best Killers

 5th Best Killer- Hillbilly 

Billy holding his chainsaw.

Who is this killer?

Billy is a chainsaw killer and one of the original killers to be released when Dead by Daylight first came out.

Map presence score: 3

Billy has a very easy way to apply pressure with his chainsaw. This ability gives him the tool to sprint around the map with little penalty.

Lethality score: 3

Any killer with an instadown automatically obtains a three and billy is no different. Instadowns can turn a chase in your favor extremely quick. 

Chasing score: 2

Billy struggles slightly here. He can be out mindgamed at loops and pallets with failed chainsaw revs.

4th Best Killer- Spirit

The Spirit standing in tall dark grass. 

Who is this killer?

The spirit is a phase-walking killer with the ability to go completely invisible and chase survivors at a fast run speed. 

Map presence score: 2

While spirit can zoom around the map, her phase walk can fall short of letting her get to places quick enough to make a difference. 

Lethality score: 3

While the spirit has no instadown, she has insane mindgame ability giving her a deadly psychological twist to leave you second guessing constantly. 

Chasing score: 3

Like above, spirits mindgame ability is insanely high giving her many tools to shut loops down.

3rd Best Killer- The Huntress


A swift and determined huntress. 

Who is this killer?

The huntress is a projectile-based character with her hatchets. She can reload at lockers and snipe players from across the map. 

Map presence score: 2

The huntress is not the best at keeping track of things but her projectiles keep her barely at a two for their ranged ability. 

Lethality score: 4

The huntress is given a rare score of four because she is one of the very few in the game with a ranged ability. This makes her extremely viable in the meta. 

Chasing score: 2.5

The huntress is not immune to loops but can definitely be the one shutting them down. She can hit players through pallets easily and threaten with hatchets to make players panic and drop pallets.

2nd Best Killer- Freddy 

Freddy smiling cheekily. 

Who is this killer?

Freddy is a dream-based killer who focuses on making you confused on what is real and what isn’t. Freddy has the biggest arsenal of traps, teleportation, mindgames, and more in his kit. 

Map presence score: 3

Freddy can teleport to gens, and place scream traps that slow survivors in patches of grass anywhere on the map.

Lethality score: 2.5

Freddy is no Billy or Spirit, but his utility of dream pallets and traps is too high to be given just a two.

Chasing score: 3

Like I said above, Freddy has dream pallets and scream traps that can shut down loops in a few seconds and a splash of blood.

The Best Killer- Nurse

Art by Natalie Lesiv

Nurse standing menacingly. 

Who is this killer?

The nurse is a teleportation-based killer with the ability to phase through more than the Spirit. The nurse can phase through walls and floors but suffers a slight speed debuff after. Nurse is the highest skill cap killer in the game.

Map presence score: 3

Nurse can be anywhere, at anytime. Her blinks (teleports) take her a few seconds to charge and can be used in a chain sequence.

Lethality score: 3

Nurse is able to jump through pallets and vaults without going through typical setback most killers have to do which gives her a huge advantage in smack times. 

Chasing score: 4

Nurse has the lowest chase times of under 8 seconds. This is because of her blinks.


Top 5 Dead By Daylight Worst Killers

The Worst Killer- Legion 

Legion thinking he is going to get a 4k. 

Who is this killer?

Legion is the worst killer on this list because of his low and unreliable stats and kit. 

Map presence score: 1

Legion is not reliably in speed with his sprint ability. It runs out very quickly and he is not given any other bonus. 

Lethality score: 1

Legion is the only killer that requires him to LEAVE attacks and do something else for a while. This is so they ‘bleed out’ but most times that doesn’t happen, they just mend themselves.

Chasing score: 1.5

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you Legion deserves all ones. Legion CAN hit people with his ability and cause panic. Is it effective? Not really. 

2nd Worst Killer- Bubba 

Bubba on a mission to kill. 

Who is this killer?

Bubba is a dlc release character from the famous movie ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Like the character in the movie, Bubba wields a massive and bloody chainsaw for his crazy attitude.

Map presence score: 1

Bubba is no different than a killer with just a pair of legs. He has little way of getting places fast.

Lethality score: 2

Bubba is one of the only killers who can insta down multiple people and this is very powerful. However, in order to insta down even one person for him takes a lot of hoops to jump through. 

Chasing score: 1

Bubba is one of the easiest killers to loop with almost no tools to defend himself.

3rd Worst Killer- Pig

The Pig is ready for more killing.  

Who is this killer?

The pig is another dlc released character from the popular movie ‘Saw’. She wears a pig head, has a dash, and reverse bear traps to place on survivor's heads. Survivors must take these off with a sick game of feel and find the key in a box of spikes.

Map presence score: 2

Pig can have people running all over trying to get their traps off but other than that small factor, this category has nothing. 

Lethality score: 2

Pig is nothing more than an m1 killer with a glorified dash that does not mind game survivors. Her traps also rarely go off and kill.

Chasing score: 1

Pig has little to no ways of stopping a loop. While she has a dash, it is extremely predictable.

4th WORST Killer- Wraith

Art by Jaymison.

The Wraith watching the reader. 

Who is this killer?

The wraith is a stealth-based killer who can go semi-invisible. He has a loud wailing bell to control this invisibility.

Map presence score: 2

The Wraith has very high movement speed and tracking skills in invisibility. This meets the minimum of map presence. 

Lethality score: 1.5

While The Wraith can track you down, he is not going to be a high threat at a loop or in plain site even. In order to cloak he suffers movement debuff and a loud ‘ding!’ to alert survivors.

Chasing score: 1

The Wraith has only one way of shutting down a loop without add ons: blocking pallets. This is not always reliable and can be dangerous for him.

5th Worst Killer- Plague

The Plague staring afar.

Who is this killer?

Plague is a killer who spreads sickness and disease. This disease is spread by her projectile vomit and survivors spreading it to other survivors. She has fountains of devotion where survivors can cleanse, but if they do she gets a damage buff.

Map presence score: 1

She has no map presence abilities besides her fountains. 

Lethality score: 2.5

While it is not reliable, the plague has a multiple hitting projectile obtainable through cleansing at her fountain. This is extremely powerful and gives her a two-point-five.

Chasing score: 1.5

The Plague can shut down a loop but only slowly and not consistently. She can break you making you unable to heal being injured but needs close smacks after that. 

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