Best Dead by Daylight Killer? (All Dead by Daylight Killers Ranked Worst to Best)

Dead by Daylight best Killers
Who is the better Killer?

Who is The Best Killer In Dead by Daylight?

Are you unfamiliar with the Killers, not sure if you should spend $7 on their DLC, or just plain indecisive every step of the way? Have no fear because you are about to find out the best, and worst, Killers of Dead by Daylight.

The Clown, Dead by Daylight

The show is over and so is your life.

13. The Clown – Kenneth “Jeffrey Hawk” Chase

Dead by Daylight the Clown Trailer

Clowns terrify most people. Killer clowns terrify even more people. But Kenneth, Kenneth makes you sick and uneasy. Kenneth “Jeffrey Hawk” Chase is the Killer Clown of Dead by Daylight. He wields an oversized butterfly knife and a tonic that intoxicates Survivors and slows them down. However, this Killer Clown is more Clown than Killer, making him number 13 on this list.

The Clown, Kate, Dead by Daylight

The Clown stalks Kate... and nothing much else.

Butcher or Baker? This Clown is cooking up some noxious gas in the kitchen. He is a baker through and through. Not only was his release one of the least favorite releases, but there isn’t a lot of information out there on his gameplay, so it is hard to learn from other people’s mistakes. Out of all the games I have played, and I have played a lot, I have not yet once encountered poor Kenneth. He overshadowed by the recent release of the Shattered Memories DLC. As for the mechanics, the Clown’s power “Afterpiece Tonic” would be an excellent stalling technique if he did not have a long animation afterward. He may be agile, but this quirk negates that. 

The Clown, Kate, Dead by Daylight

He caught Kate. Now what?

Tips &Tricks: At the moment, the Clown is not a popular pick. If you want to be adventurous, or a trailblazer for others, I would recommend that you show him some love. But this Killer is not one for beginners or even some seasoned Dead by Daylight veterans.

Killer Power Rating: 47/100

Freddy Krueger, the Nightmare, Dead by Daylight

Freddy is a Nightmare... For those playing as him.

12. The Nightmare: Freddy Krueger

Dead by Daylight The Nightmare Trailer

You would think a man who haunts your dreams and guts you while you sleep would be terrifying. And, in theory, you would be right. Freddy Krueger’s character in Dead by Daylight captures the frightening features of the popular slasher franchise. His clawed glove reaching out to me still sends shivers down my spine. And his power “Dream Demon” can be disorienting. However, looks aren’t just everything. 

Freddy Krueger, the Nightmare, Dead by Daylight

Freddy carries Quentin ever so gently.

Butcher or Baker? Those claws can kill, but they might be better suited for the kitchen. Freddy Kruger, you sir, are a Baker. Freddy is universally agreed on as the worst Killer of Dead by Daylight (with my exception of the Clown). While he was interesting to play when the DLC first came out, he has become a chore and a bore. His power “Dream Demon” means that he can only interact with Survivors when they are asleep. The power also takes forever to set in, can be easily negated, and provides very little map pressure. Also, he can’t even cheese it a bit and camp.

Freddy Krueger, the Nightmare, Dead by Daylight

And so begins the slow descent into the Dream World.

Tips &Tricks: If you are looking for some fun with friends or want to see through the eyes of a horror icon, spend a few extra bucks on Freddy. But if you're going to play a good Killer, look somewhere else. If you choose to play him, try to pull as many Survivors into the Dream World as possible at one time. You will distract them from their current goal and slow them down enough to cause a bit of damage. Also, limit your interaction with your environment so you can sneak up on the Survivors. A good perk pair is “Monitor & Abuse” and “Red Paint Brush.”

Killer Power Rating: 45/100

the Wraith, Dead by Daylight

The Wraith is ready to strike.

11. The Wraith - Philip Ojomo

Dead by Daylight the Wraith Trailer

One minute he is there, the next BING BONG, he’s gone. The Wraith can be elusive and can sneak up on you. He has the power of the Wailing Bell, gifted by the Entity, which allows him to walk between reality and the spirit world. He also carries a weapon that consists of a skull and a spine, which really puts you in a spooky mood. 

the Wraith, Dead by Daylight

The Wraith has gotten ahold of his prey and he is not about to let go.

Butcher or Baker? The Wailing Bell is a neat mechanic and can provide some unique spooks, but it has issues of its own. The Wraith is slow to uncloak with the bell, and it makes a ringing that alerts the Survivor to the Killer’s position. Also, the Wraith doesn’t have the best map control or the best tracking abilities. He is especially weak to flashlights and often relies on the mistakes of the Survivors to get an edge on the game. 

the Wraith, Dead by Daylight

The Bell obstructs your view as you transform.

Tips &Tricks: One strategy has been noted to work: Camp. While I favor the pleasant outdoor experience, this toxic and frustrating strat is actually a viable way of playing the Wraith. When you stand still while cloaked, you are virtually invisible. Another strategy is to block exits while uncloaking so you can slow down the survivor just in time to whack them with your skull. Lastly, use your cloaking to your advantage. If you are in a chase, you know you won’t win, cloak and track them from afar. Just when they think they have lost you… STRIKE! Well, uncloak, then STRIKE!

Killer Power Rating: 50/100

Cannibal, Dead by Daylight

The cannibal stalks through the tall corn, ready to attack.

10. The Cannibal - Bubba "Junior" Sawyer

Dead by Daylight the Cannibal Trailer

Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the chilling talk of the town when it first came out decades ago. Leatherface was scary, and his chainsaw inspired many haunted house employees to chase poor innocent girls outside of the haunted house! The Cannibal’s gross face and bloody chainsaw capture this terror. His perks make it easier to find and disarm the Survivors. His primary weapon, the sledgehammer, also causes quite a bit of damage.

Cannibal, Dead by Daylight

The Cannibal carries a struggling Nea to the hook.

Butcher or Baker? The Cannibal, Junior, has had experience in the kitchen, albeit with human as the cuisine, and it shows. His teachable perk “Barbecue & Chilli” can be dangerous, but it only succeeds in locating the Survivors, Junior must do the rest. Like the Wraith, he often relies on the Survivors to make mistakes. Also, his chainsaw is a bit impractical, and his speed is slowed down. Also, bumping into objects causes a long stun animation.

Cannibal, Dead by Daylight

The Cannibal begins his charge towards... nothing?

Tips &Tricks: Just like the Wraith, camping is a viable option for Junior. Junior has been crowned the King of basement camping because his chainsaw charge is strong against basement rescues. Also, take advantage of the fear caused by your chainsaw charge. If a Survivor tries to hide in a locker to avoid the charge, wait them out. Also, use the charge to counter hook saves. Unfortunately, chainsaw charges are better if they are out in the open, so if you happen to get a cramped, cluttered map, you will have a hard time pulling it off.

Killer Power Rating: 65/100

Trapper, Dead by Daylight

Armed with a bear trap, the Trapper is ready for his prey.

9. The Trapper - Evan MacMillan

Dead by Daylight the Trapper Trailer

The Trapper – when it pays and doesn’t pay to be the Original. The Trapper is the first Killer of Dead by Daylight. He uses a meat cleaver and bloody bear traps that he can set anywhere on the map. The Trapper specializes in pressuring the Survivors. If you have played Dead by Daylight, chances are you have played the Trapper or against the Trapper.

Trapper, Jake, Dead by Daylight

The Trapper downs Jake and prepares to hunt down Claudette.

Butcher or Baker? It doesn’t always pay to be popular. The Trapper is more of a Baker than a Butcher because he is easy to learn but easy to counter. His traps can be disarmed and rely on RNG when the Survivor is caught if the survivor is caught. Groups of people can easily combat their placement by alerting other players of their location. Also, the Trapper has a very slow offense and can get caught in his own traps.

Trapper, Dead by Daylight

The Trapper leans down during a long animation to set his bear trap. Trust me, it’s long.

Tips &Tricks: Your best bet as the Trapper is to utilize add-ons to make your traps harder to see and faster to set. Also, the Trapper’s Bag add-on will allow you to carry more than one trap, which makes it easier to gather and place traps strategically. Think about where you are putting them too.

The bear traps are extremely hard to see in the grass or in structures that match their color scheme. Setting the trap in front of a hooked Survivor is a good tactic. Even if the Survivor saving them is aware of the trap, they have to take time to disarm it, allowing you to loop back around and stop the rescue.

Another good place to put them is in front of the pallet, instead of in the middle. This placement will increase the chance of a Survivor getting caught while bringing the pallet down. Lastly, though the Cannibal is the King of the Basement, a favorite Trapper tactic is to hook a Survivor in the basement and cover the stairs in bear traps.

Killer Power Level: 65/100

Pig, David, Dead by Daylight

The Pig hovers over David, ready to kill him for her new master.

8. The Pig - Amanda Young

Dead by Daylight the Pig Trailer

Have you ever wanted to feel like a cat toying with its food? Then, the Pig is right for you. The Pig’s hidden blade is good for stabbing, but the real fun lies with the Reverse Bear Traps. The Pig has four bear traps that she can place on Survivor’s she has downed. The timer activates when a generator is completed. The Survivor has to disable the timer before it finishes and sacrifices, and cannot escape with the reverse bear trap on. This mechanic adds more to Dead by Daylight and provides a unique playing experience. 

Pig, David, Dead by Daylight

The Pig strikes David down with a quick slice from a hidden blade.

Butcher or Baker? While the Pig isn’t a completely terrible Killer, there are a few things that make her #8 on this list and a Baker. While Reverse Bear Traps have their perks, they ultimately rely on RNG. Also, the Pig has a slow ambush and is vulnerable to looping. However, she is small and can crouch which makes her harder to spot and easier to blend in with Survivors.

Reverse Bear Trap, Dwight, the Pig, Dead by Daylight

The Pig watches her prey, Dwight, as he realizes he is trapped in the Reverse Bear Trap.

Tips &Tricks: A good strategy with the Pig is to rely on the Reverse Bear Traps as tools for stalling, rather than a way to kill the Survivors. They can be used as early or endgame tools. The RBTs make it easier to track and distract trapped Survivors, giving you time to sneak up to them and ambush them properly. Also, use your small size to your advantage and trick them into thinking that you are another Survivor.

Killer Power Level: 78/100

the Spirit, Dead by Daylight

The Spirit gazes at you with ghostly fury.

7. The Spirit - Rin Yamaoka

Dead by Daylight the Spirit Trailer

Rin Yamaoka is the newest and most unique Killer for the Entity. Her weapon is a strikingly beautiful shattered Katana and her power, “Yamoaka’s Haunting” is backed by centuries of ancestral wrath. She can phase-walking through reality to travel across the map, nearly undetected. 

spirit, dead by daylight

The Spirit stalks her prey with her phase-walk.

Butcher or Baker? I have read some very mixed reviews about Rin. Some people say she is a “high risk, little reward” Killer, while others enjoy playing her. Both groups agree she is too reliant on her add-ons as of right now, which leads me to believe that she is more of a Baker than a Butcher. Her power is complex and versatile but leads her to have poor map pressure. She is also slow when she isn’t phase-walking. 

Spirit, Mori, Dead by Daylight

The Spirit relishes the feeling of her katana slicing through Adam.

Tips &Tricks: Two things are necessary for a good game with the Spirit: add-ons and perks. Add-ons help counter her bad map pressure and movement speed. Snowball perks like "Devour Hope," "Make your Choice," "Pop Goes the Weasel," "Blood Warden," and "Barbecue & Chilli" can be game changers. Her playstyle is erratic, but she has some helpful skills that increase her strategy and tracking. People are still figuring out the extent of her power. One thing is for sure; you cannot make mistakes because the cooldown is unbearably long.

Because the Spirit is so new, it is hard to tell how Survivors will adapt to her. Her position on this list might change for the better or worse with time.

Killer Power Level: 70/100

the Shape, Michael Myers, Dead by Daylight

Michael brandishes his kitchen knife, ready for the kill.

6. The Shape - Michael Myers

Dead by Daylight the shape Trailer

Inspired by the original 1978 movie Halloween, Michael Myers combines chilling visual elements and strong game mechanics to produce a worthy foe for the Survivors. Michael’s weapon is his iconic kitchen knife, and his power is telling of the “Evil Within” him. The various tiers of “Evil Within” come with different buffs and their own terrifying audio cue. Whether it is playing as Michael or against him, you are sure to be in the Halloween spirit. 

Shape, Dead by Daylight

Michael watches as a Survivor struggles on a hook. He likes to watch. Don’t make it weird.

Butcher or Baker: Michael is a well-balanced Killer, from his presence to his perks. Therefore his is most definitely a Butcher. Couldn’t you tell by the knife? Michael offers a variety of playstyles, a unique 1 Hit mechanic, and can be stealthy. However, the instant down is timed, and he is vulnerable to looping. 

shape, Mori, Dead by Daylight

Michael chokes the life out of Meg. He’s into choking.

Tips &Tricks: As Michael, you need to understand how “Evil Within” works. During the early game, Survivors will be wary of you. Your Terror Radius may be small, but the Survivors can still hear your breathing. A way to counter this is to stalk Survivors behind cover, or on a high place. You can “stock” on Evil Within by leaving Evil Within II on 99%. That way, you have a full Evil Within III to use the instance you see a Survivor.

Killer Power Level: 75/100

Hag, Dead by Daylight

The Hag smells Survivors on the wind.

5. The Hag - Lisa Sherwood

Dead by Daylight the Hag Trailer

New mechanics always make the game exciting. The Hag comes with two: Hex Totems and her Phantasms. The Hag is the first Killer to feature her hand, a disgusting gnarled claw, as her weapon. Her power “Blackened Catalyst” allows her to shape mud with ritualistic drawings into copies of herself that alert her when a Survivor triggers it. The Phantasms also slow the Survivor down, and the Hag can teleport to them when they are triggered. These qualities make her deadly, but she is one of the hardest Killers, if not the hardest Killer, to learn, which is why she is #5 on this list.

Hag, Dead by Daylight

The Hag dashes after Ace. At that moment, Ace realized he had made a mistake.

Butcher or Baker: If played correctly, the Hag is a deadly Butcher. She is harder to loop against. Her traps can be effective and an insta-hit if placed right. And the hag has acceptable map control, and she is smaller which gives her an added stealth bonus. However, her perk totems can be cleansed which can weaken her if she is not careful. 

Hag, Mori, Dead by Daylight

The Hag hungrily takes a bite out her favorite prey.

Tips &Tricks: The totems are indicated by a lit candle and can be seen by the Hag, like a generator. Guard them and other objectives by placing traps around them. The traps are not fool-proof. They can be destroyed using flashlights and will not trigger if the Survivor is crouching so try to set the traps in the grass or behind the line of sight. An aggressive tactic is setting the traps by pallets and windows. This tactic will slow them down during a chase and give you the upper hand.

Killer Power Level: 80/100

Doctor, Dead by Daylight

The Doctor is in.

4. The Doctor - Herman Carter

Dead by Daylight the Doctor Trailer

The Doctor is in. If the Hag’s Phantasms slow Survivors down, then the Doctor’s maddening “Spark” will drive them crazy. Each time he zaps the Survivors with his twisted electro-shock “therapy,” they are one step closer to full madness. At Madness II and Madness III, the Survivor will see hallucinations of the Doctor. Skill checks also have a greater chance of appearing in random locations. The Survivors will start to scream, showing the Doctor their location, at Madness III. They will also have to “snap out of it” if they want to perform specific tasks.

Doctor, Feng, Dead by Daylight

Feng feels the painful electricity course through her veins.

Butcher or Baker: Not only does the Doctor’s madness slow down a player or stop progress altogether, it also makes them easier to track down and injure. If used correctly, the Doctor will be an effective Butcher. The Doctor can counter looping and can easily track a Survivor. He has a high skill cap, which means the more you play as him, the better you get. However, he is hard to play during his early levels. He usually tends to be more annoying than dangerous in most early cases.

Doctor, Mori, Dead by Daylight

The Doctor prepares to finish off the brilliant mind of Claudette.

Tips &Tricks: The Doctor’s Static Field in treatment mode can be improved by add-ons and Perks like “Distressing” and “Monitor & Abuse.” Survivors are aware that they are not affected by your Madness application while in lockers so if you lose a Survivor, try checking in nearby lockers.

There are multiple ways to apply immense pressure and alert you to Survivors’ locations. The first way is simple. One of the hallucinations caused by the Madness is an illusion of the Doctor. You can see these as well as the Survivor can see them. This hallucination will tell you that there is a Survivor in the vicinity and lead you in the right direction.

The second way is with the add-on “Oracle.” Spawning an Illusionary Pallet, or having one dismissed by a Survivor will alert you with flickering static around the edges of your screen. It can be unreliable and is tricky to use. However, if you keep track of these spawns and pay attention to your surroundings, you can zero in on the Survivor.

Killer Power Level: 75/100

Huntress, Dead by Daylight

The Huntress prepares to track and kill her prey.

3. The Huntress - Anna

Dead by Daylight the Huntress Trailer

This wild woman was taught the skills of survival at an early age. She can track and hunt down her prey with ease. Her primary weapon is the Broad Axe, but her power, her Hatchets, allows her to attack the Survivors from far away. Her lullaby (the Russian lullaby Bayushki Bayu) is a unique indicator of her approach and can often deceive Survivors.

Huntress, Dead by Daylight

The Huntress waits for her unsuspecting prey.

Butcher or Baker: The Huntress is an effective Butcher. She has excellent map awareness and enhanced chasing abilities so that she can counter looping. She has the option of one-hitting the Survivors and downing them instantly. Her Hatchets are a useful ranged power, and her perks make her a beast at killing. Much like the Doctor, the Huntress has a high skill cap.

Huntress, Dead by Daylight

The Huntress grabs her prey and carries it to the nearest hook.

Tips &Tricks: The Huntress’ gameplay is pretty straightforward. If you think a Survivor will drop a Pallet during a chase, try winding up a Hatchet. If they drop it, you could still hit and injure them. This tactic can be applied to windows too. The Hatchet isn’t just a way to hurt Survivors. You can use the sound of a fully charged Hatchet to throw nearby Survivors off of your exact location. Be creative and resourceful.

Killer Power Level: 78/100

Hillbilly, Dead by Daylight

The Hillbilly wields his hammer and deadly chainsaw.

2. The Hillbilly - Max Thompson Jr.

Dead by Daylight the Hillbilly Trailer

The Hillbilly is one of the original killers of Dead by Daylight. Inspired by Leatherface, the Hillbilly is a natural born killer. He is armed with a crude hammer and a deadly chainsaw. His chainsaw dash is the first ability in the game that instantly downs a Survivor. The Hillbilly is a relentless kill that is hard to shake. 

Hillbilly, Dead by Daylight

The Hillbilly covers ground with his quick dash.

Butcher or Baker: The community agrees the Hillbilly is the second-best Killer of the game, so it is a no-brainer that he is a Butcher. His Chainsaw charges provide multiple opportunities to quickly down Survivors. He has excellent map pressure and can sprint rapidly. He has a high skill cap but is still balanced early on. The Hillbilly is an excellent intermediate Killer.

Hillbilly, dead by Daylight

The Hillbilly prepares to take down Dwight. 

Tips &Tricks: Your secondary action is your most powerful ally. It sends you into a sprinting rage that can result in an instant down. You can tap the secondary action to keep it almost full and use it exactly when you need to. During the first few seconds of charging with the Chainsaw, you are slightly slower but have better control of your movement, so plan carefully during this time.

You can use your Chainsaw to destroy Pallets. The longer you sprint, the longer your stun will be. To prevent running into something and stunning yourself, just let go of your secondary action and cancel the charge. Keep in mind that every time you rev your Chainsaw, you give away your position.

Killer Power Level: 86/100

Nurse, Dead by Daylight

An up-close look at the Nurse’s costume.

1. The Nurse - Sally Smithson

Dead by Daylight the Nurse Trailer

Nurses are supposed to help you, right? Right? Not this one. She was a nurse to the insane and now she is an insane nurse. The Nurse will play with you, mess with your mind, and kill you without a second thought. Her Bonesaw is deadly, but it is her unique power to “Blink” across the map. She is the second hardest Killer to learn but is also a hard Killer to play against.

Nurse, Dead by Daylight

The Nurse prepares to hook her prey.

Butcher or Baker: There is no question as to if the Nurse is a Butcher or a Baker. Though she is challenging to learn, she is a deadly Butcher once you get the hang of her. She can quickly end chases, has amazing map pressure. It is near impossible to loop against an expert Nurse. 

Nurse, Mori, Dead by Daylight

The Nurse finishes squeezing the life out of Jake Park. You can see the life drain from his body.

Tips &Tricks: Your best ally is your Blink ability. The Nurse is considerably slower than even the Survivors, making her Blink ability key to catching them. While blinking, you can spin freely without changing trajectory. You are also able to attack before having to cool down after the Blink.

You can Blink to floors above or below you by looking up or down, respectively. You can also cancel a Blink by looking at the ground if there is not a floor below. You can even Blink through windows and Pallets. As the Nurse, you need to focus on predicting where a Survivor is going. These predictions will take practice so don’t lose hope.

Killer Power Level: 90/100

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