Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Killers Revealed]

Dead By Daylight Killers, Behaviour Interactive
Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive featuring the best dead by daylight killer tier list

The Killer Tier List Summary:

S Tier: Displays the 'impossible to play against' killers, where winning against these killers are less than likely to happen. Nonetheless, these killers demonstrate the impossible mechanics. They have powers that cannot be avoided when played to perfection, making these killers one of the most potent killers in the whole of Dead by Daylight. 

  • Nurse: 95/100
  • Blight:  92/100
  • Spirit:  90/100 

A Tier: Consists of Killers with great power and skill mechanics. While excellent at playing with these killers, the gameplay will be very successful with at least a 50% sacrificial win rate.

  • Executioner: 89/100
  • Dredge: 87/100
  • Artist: 86/100
  • Hag: 86/100
  • Oni: 86/100
  • Huntress: 85/100
  • Ghost Face: 83/100
  • Nemesis: 82/100

B Tier: Tier consisting of good skill level killers; whilst these killers might be easier to control, the performance might be lacking in some areas, therefore, creating a more incredible difficulty zone against good survivors.

  • Deathslinger: 78/100
  • Twins: 76/100
  • Pig: 75/100
  • Plague: 75/100
  • Demogorgon: 74/100
  • Cannibal: 74/100
  • Onryo: 73/100
  • Hillbilly: 72/100
  • Shape: 72/100

C Tier: Consists of mediocre-skill level killers, recommended for newly non-experienced players. These killers are based on fundamental mechanics and have simple perks that can be avoided easily by the survivors.

  • Nightmare: 68/100
  • Wraith: 67/100
  • Doctor: 66/100
  • Trickster: 65/100
  • Cenobite: 64/100
  • Legion: 62/100
  • Clown: 61/100
  • Trapper: 60/100


1. The Nurse (S Tier)

Credit: Steam Artwork, Den AFX's Artwork

The Nurse has always been one of the most potent killers in the whole of the dead by daylight industry. Its main power is teleportation, where she can teleport for a specific distance anywhere on the map, including behind the exit doors, where she can easily down an exposed survivor if she has 'No one escapes death and get at least one guaranteed sacrifice. 

Throughout my experience playing as a nurse, in the beginning, it might seem very difficult when having to use her powers as teleportation might not always go to plan, and you might end up somewhere halfway across the map; however, as more hours go by, you will see the differences in the gameplay and most of the time you will manage to teleport in front of the survivors' beautiful face or go for a generator grab. 

Nevertheless, this killer is a masterpiece, and once tamed, you will get easy one-by-one kills, whereas, throughout most games, people would decide to disconnect from the game because of how broken and powerful the killer is. With the killer having the highest skill cap, the definition of skill level limitations in killers, we can argue she is one of the most potent killers in the game as she is not even close to being limited by the environment. 

Why the Nurse is powerful:

  • Ability to teleport across the map with advantages of getting through walls, upstairs, downstairs, etc.
  • Mindgames using her own blinks, such as faking a blink to a survivor and instead hitting them instantly rather than teleporting.
  • Nurses' incredible add-ons such as additional blinks or immediate teleportation blink back to the previous location. 
  • She can catch up on survivors much faster and effectively whilst using her blinks. 
  • Ability to have different game-style combinations and use her blinks to effectively camp a three-gen (where three generators are close together) if successful, making the game near impossible to win for the survivors.
  • Highest 'skill-cap' in the game. 

Character Power Rating: 95/100 

Video representing the Nurse:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by D3AD Plays


2. Blight (S Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Blight Skins

The Blight can be seen as one of the best killers new-like killers in the game. At the time when the blight came out, no one knew that the Blight would be as near as powerful as the Nurse because it was hard to control his speed. But once people got used to controlling him, changes were made and, new tactics were perceived by the killer and the survivors. To avoid getting hit by blight is very similar to avoiding a hit from the Nurse or hillbilly, and this takes skill and speed to trick the killer by going a certain way. 

Throughout my experience playing as a Blight, it might be quite easy to run with him and a bit difficult to use his powers, but not as difficult as the nurses. However, once mastering the technique of speed, you are practically able to hit every survivor effectively across the whole of the map, pressuring the survivors and at the same time the generators, making him one of the most pressured killers in the game once mastered. 

Nevertheless, the killer can be great both for experts and also beginners, as it is quite easy to learn, but of course, quite difficult to master. And once mastered, the game will be maximised to its pressure ability, making the survivors more alert and open to mistakes making it one of the greatest killers in the game. 

Why the Blight is powerful: 

  • Ability to use his speed to catch up on survivors on the map. 
  • His small-like appearance makes it really hard to see the killer in situations such as when looping around rocks. 
  • Excellent mobility around obstacles and the map itself. 
  • Blight has powerful add-ons that are highly advantageous in the game, such as the 'Alchemist's ring'.
  • Enormous 'skill-cap', where there is huge skill potential once mastering playing the Blight.

Character Power Rating: 92/100 

Video representing Blight:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Kyto


3. Spirit (S Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Spirit

The Spirit is one of the scariest killers that I personally enjoy playing with, especially when she is phasing, making the map pressured. Due to the latest updates of the game, Spirit was buffed several times, and therefore she was once one of the most powerful killers in the whole dead by daylight, right next to the Nurse. Nonetheless, the buff made the killer a lot slower, and her phasing can be heard from which direction she is moving around the map. 

Throughout the experience when playing as the Spirit, she is described as a very powerful killer where most of the time survivors would instantly disconnect knowing that they would have to face her. Her attacking range is also quite big and when swinging the weapon, it can be described as having to have a second chance hit to make the range even bigger, of course representing the length of a Katana. 

Nevertheless, the killer is overall very good for players who of course have good headphones, as when you are phasing it is much easier to track down the survivors' breathing. Whilst putting it all together with her perks and powers, she is definitely considered to be in the top 3 killers in the game. 

Why the Spirit is powerful: 

  • Survivors won't be able to see the spirit while she is phasing, making it difficult to make a run. 
  • An overall very fast killer, especially whilst phasing. 
  • With her add-ons, it makes the killer ultimately powerful, either overpowering her phasing, speed or her tracking abilities.
  • The overall pressure across the map, where you will be able to hear her phasing across the map makes the survivors more aware and stressed. 
  • Her attack range and leap are quite huge, making it much easier to hit a survivor with her katana.

Character Power Rating: 90/100 

Video representing Spirit:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by D3AD Plays


4. Executioner (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Executioner

The executioner is a killer with great power and posture. Once looking at the killer, can give you the chills. What I most like about the killer is the fact that it has a very good weapon range which is similar to the Spirit's weapon, however, it is ranged in a different direction where the spirit can have a long distance, allowing it to hit a survivor from further upfront, Executioner can have a wider range making the survivors unable to 360 the killer, as the pyramid had a greater 180-degree angle hit ratio. 

Nevertheless, throughout the experience, Executioner is not only a fun killer to play with as it gives out the silent hill vibes, but it also is an effective one giving powerful anti-looping attacks, enabling him to attack through objects and most importantly having the ability to send the survivors to cages without having to pick them up. Nonetheless making it one of the greatest, biggest killers in the game. 

Why the Executioner is powerful: 

  • The ability to use its weapon power and hit the survivors through objects, and loops, with the most common effective loop being the Killer Shack. 
  • It has the ability to use the trail of torment, allowing the killer to place the survivors in the cage of Atonement rather than picking them up.
  • Has a very high 'skill cap' where you can learn where to place and attack with your weapon through different objects around the map. 
  • Huge killer with a great 'hit-area', sort of like in a 180-degree angle, making it harder for survivors to 360 the killers.
  • Add-ons for the Executioner are pretty powerful, especially the iridescent add-on, Seal of Metatron, where you are able to see the auras of all survivors when sending one of them to the cage of Atonement. 

Character Power Rating: 89/100 

Video representing Executioner:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by RedsGamingGears


5. Dredge (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Dredge

The Dredge is one of the newest killers that appeared in the game of dead by daylight, and not surprisingly one of the best due to the powers that he currently has. It can be similarly put like a better version of a Demogorgon but better. This means that has the ability to travel from locker to locker around the map with his powers regenerating almost instantly. Nonetheless, the killer has also the ability to camp the lockers, where if one of the survivors goes inside the locker, the killer is able to grab the survivor instantly, come out of the locker and then put the survivor on the hook, presenting the killer's appearing just like a 'Bogeyman' a creature that scares children. And surprisingly I am very impressed by the way BHVR has presented his powers where the lockers can be presented as the children's wardrobes, perfectly amplifying the frightening atmosphere. 

This is not a finish to the Dredge's powers, as the other power he has is causing the map to go dark and decrease the survivors' view angle to around 32 degrees making it harder to spot the killer, as there is no heartbeat and the killer will be able to go incognito mode for around 60 seconds. Nevertheless, from my experience, I would perfectly argue that the Killer is one of the best killers to play with, with a huge potential to be buffed in the near future, therefore it is best to spend as much time playing with this killer as there won't be another one with the great powers. 

Why the Dredge is powerful: 

  • It has the ability to teleport through from locker to locker, allowing for a great map pressure, and generally a good generator pressure if a locker is close. 
  • Very good map control when teleporting, and nevertheless it has a very fast power recharge when teleporting to lockers. 
  • Ability to grab the survivors if they decide to enter the locker, allowing for an instant grab and hook. 
  • The power of nightfall will allow causing the survivors to have a limited view on the map, and an overall decrease and quiet heartbeat whilst the killer is being undetectable, making it much easier to make jumpscares and catch survivors.

Character Power Rating: 87/100 

Video representing Dredge:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by TrU3Ta1ent


6. Artist (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Artist

What I like about the Artist is her 'Crow ability' allowing her to be in the A tier of this list. Not only are the crows useful for blocking loops, making the survivors run further, but also allow her to use the crows to spot survivors from across the other side of the map.

Also, what is very powerful about the killer is one of her perks, hex: pentimento, when all 5 totems are hexed by the killer, all the totems will be permanently blocked, allowing for the decrease of healing, repeating, recovery, and exit-gate opening for the rest of the game, slowing down the game progress and therefore allowing the killer to get a time advantage to sacrifice the survivors. Nonetheless, making this killer a cool layout to the game, and a great killer for crow enthusiasts. 

Why the Artist is powerful: 

  • Has the ability to use the crows either as a diversion for the survivors, injuring them, or to track the survivors down across the map.
  • She is a very good anti-looper, allowing her to block looping objects by placing her crows allowing her to get an advantage. 
  • She has a very good perk for the artist, hex: pentimento, allowing to decrease the speed of the survivors' actions depending on how many totems were cleansed, to a max of 30%. 
  • She has a very good movement speed of 115%, allowing her to use her speed to catch up on survivors, whilst using her crow powers to either injure them or reveal their aura from a distance. 

Character Power Rating: 86/100 

Video representing Artist:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Ayrun


7. Hag (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Hag

The Hag is an interesting killer to play against, as overall, she is a very mall creature and it can be quite difficult to around on the map. For instance, the killer is very advantageous when it comes to looping around objects such as big rocks, as usual, you wouldn't be able to see the killer as she is so small and therefore she can min-game the survivors and get an easy hit. The Hag's main power is placing traps around the map and it can be quite difficult for survivors to come around, as they would either need to crouch or flashlight the trap so that they could avoid the killers' teleportation, making the overall game feel pressured for the survivors.

From my own personal experience with the hag, it can be quite easy and difficult depending on the games and where the traps are placed. Some survivors would instantly spam traps so that it would save time, and therefore leave the other survivors to do the generators, however, if played well, it can be very powerful. 

Why the Hag is powerful: 

  • The ability to place hidden traps across the map and teleport when interacting.  
  • Her posture is small allowing for easier looping around objects as survivors won't be able to see you. 
  • Her add-ons are quite overpowered especially with the iridescent add-on where she is able to teleport when needed and only has a cooldown of 15 seconds. 
  • Enabling to use different in-game strategies with her traps; once a survivor is in her trap, the hag is able to maximise the effectiveness of downing that particular survivor. 

Character Power Rating: 86/100 

Video representing Hag:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Otzdarva


8. Oni (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Oni

The power of Oni can be treated like a combination between a spirit and a hillbilly, where Oni can track down survivors whilst being deadly at the same allowing him to one-shot survivors when spotted. The Oni can be described as one of the most pressured killers in the whole of Dead by Daylight with the best 'snowball' potential killers, meaning that once a survivor is down he can use the survivor as bait to down other survivors.

This is kind of similar to comparing Bubba with his chainsaw in the basement, where if anybody comes down to save a survivor, the rescuer won't be able to come up as Bubba will instantly one shot. Throughout my experience playing Oni, it is difficult to control him in his 'blood fury' state at the beginning, but once learned, the killer can be quite potent and one of the fastest winning killers in the game. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to anybody who wants to play Oni as not only is he powerful but also fun to play with. 

Why the Oni is powerful: 

  • Ability to track the survivors using the bubbles of blood, appearing once hitting the survivors to injured state. 
  • Ability to use its rage, and has the power to use 'demon dash' moving twice as fast on the map, and at the same time allows using the 'demon strike' ability to strike the survivors whilst being in a demon dash phase. 
  • His ability of 'demon strike' allows him to one-shot survivors at high speed, nevertheless, also allows him to destroy pallets and any other breakable objects faster, making it one of the strongest powers in the game. 
  • Great map pressure whilst in his 'blood fury' state, allowing to easily down the whole team when properly placed. 
  • One of the best 'snowball' potential killers, in definition, once a survivor is downed, it makes it easier to down the rest 

Character Power Rating: 86/100 

Video representing Oni:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by D3AD Plays


9. Huntress (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Huntress

Huntress is a killer with unlimited skill-cap and of course unlimited attack range as she is able to injure a survivor from the other side of the map. There have been videos going around where people were able to use the hatchets and hit survivors by throwing them over the buildings, and of course, this is mainly determined by luck and skill at the same time, as you wouldn't actually see where the survivor wasn't going but rather predicting where they were running to. Apart from having no limits of attack, the Huntress is also able to use m1 almost instantly after throwing a hatchet in close-range making it almost a one-shot on a survivor. 

With my personal experience with Huntress, where I have played a lot with her, at the beginning you would think it is easy; however, skills and tactics are required to learn how to aim and use the hatchets efficiently as of course they are not unlimited and you would have to recharge them in the locker. Overall, the killer is a very powerful killer and it is quite deservedly for an A-tier killer, and of course, her efficiency of having good games mostly depends on the map placement. as some maps can be quite difficult for the Huntress to play around with as for instance, there would be too many objects in place such as Yamaoka's estate being one of the maps. However, one of the greatest killers to play with once mastered. 

Why the Huntress is powerful: 

  • Ability to throw multiple axes from a far distance.
  • She is an upper, better version of the deathslinger, enabling faster injuries with no distance attacking limits.
  • Allows the huntress to double hit the survivors very fast, using the method of throwing the hatchet and immediately hitting the survivors when in close range. 
  • Very good at protecting hooks, generators and other items throughout the map, creating good pressure. 
  • A great anti-looper killer, where she is able to use her weapon through windows and pallet loops. 

Character Power Rating: 85/100 

Video representing Huntress:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by SpookyLoopz


10. Ghost Face (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Ghostface

Ghost Face is a killer that is surprisingly fun to play around with not only as a killer but also as a survivor, mostly inspired by the movie, Scream, where Ghost Face is killing his victims in one of the most creative ways such as taking a selfie. Nonetheless, apart from the killer being fun to play with, he is also a very powerful killer to play with as first of all, his costume is very camouflaged when he is on a dark map making it hard for survivors to spot him when he is stalking behind objects. And once, the survivors are exposed, they can be instantly put into a dying state, but what makes the killer more powerful is that it doesn't give an alert to the survivors are you are stalking them and therefore has the ability to 99% their stalking aura, and once in close range, he can use the 1% stalk and down the survivor immediately. 

Playing Ghost face is recommended to everyone as it doesn't take much skill, but rather to have good hiding/stalking places, and of course good mind games when having to go around looping the survivors. Ghost face when it comes to maps has the opposite of what the Huntress needs, and these are objects, where Ghost face is best when there are lots of objects so that it would make it harder to get spotted by the survivors. Nonetheless, making Ghost face a powerful killer when in a suitable environment. 

Why the Ghost Face is powerful: 

  • Disguisable, and can be camouflaged within the map making it difficult for the survivors to spot the killer. 
  • Allows for the exposed status ability, enabling Ghost face to down a survivor without any effort apart from stalking. 
  • His small posture and crouching abilities make it much easier to become less noticeable for the survivors and are very effective in mind games. 
  • He has an overall high skill cap, definitely within the region of A/B tier throughout the killers. 
  • Night shroud allows the killer to spot the survivor who has spotted him, saving time in looking for survivors. 

Character Power Rating: 83/100 

Video representing Ghost Face:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by SpookyLoopz


11. Nemesis (A Tier)

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the killers who are coming from the Resident Evil section, and once the survivors spot him during the game, he does leave a scary appearance due to his appearance and height. One of the weaknesses he has that is caused by his appearance is the fact that he is very visible during looping and the objects that he is looping around, as you can see his beautiful head.

Apart from being visible, he has tentacles where he can neutralise his weakness and therefore slowly close the loop for survivors. When playing the Nemesis, there isn't much skill required apart from the timing of the tentacles in loops, similarly to when the huntress is throwing hatchets around loops. Nevertheless, he just hits the edge of the A-tier group due to the fact that he has extra potential support with zombies and a weapon that is similar to the Executioner's. 

Why the Nemesis is powerful: 

  • Enables to use his weapon to make long-distance shots with his tentacles. 
  • Additional support of Zombies moving around the map, allowing for blocking the survivors, shutting down loops or getting a power boost by hitting the zombies with the tentacles. 
  • Once powered up to a certain level, he is able to hit the survivors and the objects on the map at the same time. 
  • Good use of the t-virus, where when hitting the survivor, it will allow to spread on other survivors when touched, and of course, most importantly, it will attract the AI zombies, which will create more pressure. 

Character Power Rating: 82/100 

Video representing Nemesis:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Rowby


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