Dead by Daylight How To Counter Plague (Top 10 Tactics)

How to Counter The Plague in 10 Ways
She is something unholy.

The Plague— Who is She?

Like all the Killers within Dead By Daylight, The Plague had a life before becoming what she is now. Before this game of cat-and-mouse, she was Adiris. A High Priestess of Babylon that died because of a plague. At the tender age of five, she was abandoned at the Temple of Purgation. The shock of it was so great that she took to the Gods and held faith that they had a plan for her. As she grew, she tended to the gardens, made meals, and cleaned the ceremonial tools. Every night she would pray for a sign— what is my purpose? She found her purpose, but it took a plague to resurface. Adiris had to step up and become a priestess, and she went on to do rituals for her followers. Sadly, she contracted the illness. In hopes to appease the Gods, she— along with a handful of her followers— left the city. Too weak and sick to carry on, they camped in a cave… And they all died, except for Adiris. As she made one last prayer, a mist crept in and swooped her way, and— in a way— that was a god answering.

Her Power & Abilities

Vile Purge

With this power, The Plague can infect the surrounding environment and survivors. If they get hit so much (when the timer fills up), the survivor will be injured and affected by broken.  When a survivor is broken, they can’t be healed. Also, the sick survivor will occasionally throw up! If the environment that is affected interacts with any survivor, they too will get sick.


Ingest Corruption

Now, if the infected survivor cleanses at the Pool of Devotion, they no longer be infected and lose the broken statue. However, this also helps The Plague!

Corrupt Purge

Once The Plague consumes the ingest corruption, it will transform her power into Currupt Purge. When it hits a survivor, it will either put them into the dying state


Ways to Counter The Plague


1) Wait to Cleanse 

When you’re sick, you will become injured and broken; however, many survivor mains will tell you it’s not worth it to cleanse. If you do, you’re letting The Plague activate a powerful version of her powerNow, if you do cleanse, try to do it in an area where the gens is already completed!


2) Avoid Heath Survivors

If you do get sick, please avoid those that are healthy. When you touch things like pallets and gens, you infect that area for a certain amount of time. You also throw up randomly, which affects areas that are hit. So, try to keep to yourself and work on gens that no one is on.


3) The More Obstacles, the Better Off You Are

Like The Huntress, you always want a wall or something blocking The Plague’s vision. This will make her challenge her ability to infect you! Things to loop would be houses, trash piles, and those little wall mazes. With this said, avoid open areas!


4) All Hope isn’t Lost When She has Her Power-up

There are two ways to know if The Plague has her special ability: there will be a sound cue and red particles instead of green around her. If you’re brave enough, you can stun herThis is will stun her out of stronger ability!


5) You Can Slow The Sick Timer

Once you’re hit by The Plague’s vile purge, a timer is started. Until that timer is completed, you are not contagious. By walking and crouching, you can slow your timer.


6) Zick-zig when you’re running

Like The Huntress, you should avoid running in a straight line when she’s chasing you. Remember, her vomit has a slow projectile speed and 13-meter range. Use that info to your advantage and douge.


7) Sick Survivors need to work together

As I said earlier, when you’re infected, you need to avoid health survivors. However, that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. When you find an infected on a gen, jump on with them and get it done. That goes the same for hooked infected.


8) Listen for the cues

If you’re wondering ‘how can I tell if she’s about to get throw-up’, there is a sound that goes off. Like most other killers, you can rely on that. However, do beware, she has to charge up her vomit; so, she can cut the charge short and mind hame you.


9) Crouching

Now, take this one with a grand of salt, but crouching can help… sometimes. This goes to how the vomitt works as a projectile. While looking into videos, I notice that some players can crouch and not get hit, even though it looks like they should. So— if you have no other choice, crouch!


10) It Is Possible To Reset Her Fountains

Now…again, this is another of those risky tips. I would say that those that play SWF should try this! If you use all the pools, it will cause to reset them. Again, this is a very risky (at least in my eyes) idea.


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