[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Blight Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Blight Builds
Get Ready for the Sickness

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Blight Builds


5. Super BONK Blight


This is considered a toxic build for killers because it’s strong but makes it so survivors repairing is slowed and you’ll know where they are.

  • The Blight is an interesting and faster killer capable of traveling across the map quickly and efficiently as he mows down survivors.
  • With the Blight’s power, you’re able to rush across the map faster than most other base killers even the Nurse with her Blink.

What Super BONK Blight Excels In

  • You’re going to dash to survivors, bonk them, and keep going to bonk another survivor as you go around the map quickly downing the survivors and hooking them.

Build details:

  • To start bring Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors after hooking one so you can dash over there and give them a bonk, next bring Tinkerer from the Hillbilly to see whenever a generator is at 70% repair progress.
  • Next, bring the Hex: Ruin from the Witch and Hex: Undying from the Blight to make sure generators aren’t repaired as fast and to keep Hex: Ruin alive.
  • For add-ons bring Compound Twenty-One to reveal the aura of survivors after you slam into something and lastly take Alchemist Ring to fully recharge your rush tokens when you hit a survivor so you can dash again right after striking a survivor down.


4. SuperSpeed Blight


This build is all about the amount of speed you can get as you speed across the map to strike survivors down with your Blight Rush.

  • The Blight is a frightening killer to go against because of how fast he can end chases and find survivors quickly with ease.
  • Being a hard difficult killer the Blight is extremely powerful but relies on his power to traverse the map and catch survivors.

What SuperSpeed Blight Excels In

  • You’ll be going faster than any other killer can go because of the Blight’s Power to rush across the map and strike survivors down.

Build details:

  • For perks take the same perks from the Super Bonk build and change perks to what you see fit, the add-ons are the most important thing in this build.
  • The add-ons you’ll need are Blighted Crow and Blighted Rat to increase your speed every time you use your Blight Rush.


3. Aggressive Blight


This is a very aggressive build that makes it easier to chase and make it so that pallets won’t affect you much even when survivors drop them on you.

  • It’s always annoying when survivors drop pallets on your head in a chase then just butt dance on the other side of it, this build will make them regret that mistake.
  • Blight can be stopped by pallets if you’re not using your Blight Rush so this builds makes it much easier to chase without using your power.

What Aggressive Blight Excels In

  • Being aggressive is the key to this build, you’ll be able to easily break pallets down and chase survivors as you down everyone.

Build details:

  • To take care of pallets and make sure they don’t affect you as much take Enduring from the Hillbilly to make sure they don’t stun as long, and Spirit Fury from the Spirit to automatically destroy pallets after destroying 3 pallets.
  • The last two perks are Hex: Ruin from the Hag to make sure generators don’t get repaired as fast, and lastly, Barbeque & Chili to see survivors’ aura after hooking another survivor so you’ll know where those survivors are.


2. Blight Mindset


This is a strong build when used on the Blight when used correctly to keep survivors off generators and find them quickly as you race across the map.

  • Being able to get across the map and find survivors easily is a great thing to do as the killer because you’ll be able to sacrifice them easily.
  • The Blight can dash across the map so you can find survivors easily but with this build, you’re able to find survivors easier.

What Blight Mindset Excels In

  • This build will help you climb up in ranks because it’s strong and well-rounded capable of finding survivors and making generators slow down.

Build details:

  • To find survivors easily bring Tinkerer from the Hillbilly to see when survivors are almost done repairing generators to 70%  and Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors after hooking another survivor.
  • To slow generator repairs bring Hex: Ruin from the Hag and Hex: Undying from the Blight to keep Hex: Ruin from being cleansed.
  • For add-ons take Canker Thorn to increase your recovery speed after using rush and lastly take Blighted Crow to increase your rush speed for every rush used.


1. Devour Hope Blight



This is a nice build to play on the Blight because of how strong it is with the Blight’s Rush power that makes him able to dash across the map.

  • Blight can destroy pallets and breakable walls with his Blight Rush making him a strong killer capable of downing survivors easier than some other killers.

What Devour Hope Blight Excels In

  • With this build, you’ll be using the perk Devour Hope to be able to kill the survivors with your hand and keep generators from being repaired. 

Build details:

  • You’re going to need the Hex: Devour Hope from the Hag to offer different buffs as the game progresses, Dragon’s Grip or Hex: Undying from the Blight to either see survivors when they work on a generator you kick or keep Hex: Devour Hope alive.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown to do more damage to generators and lastly, Hex: Blood Favor from the Blight to hold pallets in place after you strike a survivor with a basic attack so they can’t pull them down.
  • For add-ons bring Umbra Salts to increase your turn rate when using your rush, and Shredded Noted to increase your recovery speed after using rush.

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