The Different Types of Horror Games Explained

Jason Vorhees is the epitome of terror.

Survival Horror

Survival horror is full of  panic inducing and heart pounding situations.

Survival Horror is a subgenre of horror in which players are vulnerable and short on supplies. This game style is heavily focused on puzzle solving and stealth movements. Being aware of your surroundings is vital as well as rationing supplies and keeping track of your inventory. 

There are some great games in this category. Here the top ten on this list:

1.Dead Space

2.The Evil Within



5.7 Days to Die

6.Silent HIll 2

7.Amnesia:The Dark Descent

8.Alone in the Dark

9.Friday the 13th:The Game

10.The Outlast Trials


Psychological Horror

Five Nights at Freddy's will send shivers up your spine.

Psychological Horror is the best horror genre. It focuses on the delicate human psyche. The aim of this genre is to disturb the player and create discomfort and pure terror by exposing the darkest parts of our mind. These games are often dark and full of evil entities whose goal is to creat pure psychosis.

Here are the top ten psychological horror games:


2.Senua’s Saga


4.Martha is Dead


6.Blair Witch 


8.Five NIghts at Freddy’s




Action Horror

Resident Evil is the perfect example of what action horror is all about.

Action horror is exciting and full of suspense. These games are usually very fast paced and full of interesting scenarios. Combat is a key component and is often hard to avoid. This does make for wonderfully thrilling gameplay though.

Action horror games are some of the most fun. Here are the top 10:



3.Sons of the Forest

4.Escape the Backrooms

5.Diablo IV


7.Little NIghtmares

8.Remnant II

9.Left 4 Dead

10.Resident Evil Village


Jump Scare Horror

Jump Scare Horror is the most thrilling and exciting genre.

Jump Scare Horror is definitely not for the faint of heart. In these types of games there are monsters or entities that jump out and scare you at the most surprising times. Jump scare horror is so popular because of the unknown element. Players don't usually know when or where the jump-scaring will take place. There are some awesome games in this category but here are the top 10:

1.Don’t Scream

2.Silent Hill

3.The Exorcist: Legion VR

4.The Mortuary Assistant

5.F.E.A.R. 2

6.Emily Wants to Play

7.Don’t Look Away

8.Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

9.Sophie’s Curse

10. Resident Evil


Reverse Horror

You are the killer searching for prey in the reverse horror genre.

Reverse Horror games put us in the shoes of the killer. We are the ones wielding the weapons and doing the killing. Instead of being the victim, players have all the power to execute punishment as they please. One of the best games on the market is included in this genre. Here are the top 10 on my list:

1.Dead By Daylight

2.The Chant

3.Deceit 2


5.Texas Chainsaw Massacre


7.Survival Instinct

8.Them and Us


10.S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:Shadow of Chernobyl



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