[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Huntress Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Huntress Builds
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[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Huntress Builds


5. Learning Huntress


This is a good, strong, decent build for when learning how to play the Huntress with great perks that work well with her as you learn her.

  • The Huntress is a cool killer that’s fun to play against survivors but sucks playing against as a survivor because no lockers are safe and she’s extremely strong.
  • For this build, you’ll need to get other perks from other killers.

What Learning Huntress Excels In

  • You’ll learn the Huntress quickly with a powerful build that makes it easier to play as her when you play the killer. 

Build details:

  • For perks, you’ll need Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal or Bitter Murmur if you don’t have it, A Nurses Calling from the Nurse, I’m All Ears from the Ghost Face, and Corrupt Intervention from the Plague.
  • For add-ons use belts that increase the number of hatchets, you can hold and gloves to increase the speed that you reload hatchets.


4. Generator Break Huntress


This build is for destroying generators and keeping survivors progress on them down as you hunt with your hatchets as the Huntress.

  • If you’re a killer main you know how frustrating it is when survivors rush generators and pop them left and right making the game go by way too quickly this build helps to counter those pesky survivors as you sacrifice them to the entity.
  • You’ll be able to destroy generators making them regress quickly as you hunt down the survivors and chop them down.

What Generator Break Huntress Excels In

  • The survivors won’t be able to work on generators and if they do you’ll be able to regress them quickly so they don’t get repaired.
  • Survivors will repair much slower and when you find them all you have to do is take one survivor down so you’ll be able to control the game as you hunt the pesky survivors.

Build details:

  • To see survivors after you hook another survivor use Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal and next use Dying Light from the Shape to slow the generators’ repair
  • Use the perk Surge from the Demogorgon to make generators explode and regress, and finally take Pop Goes the Weasel from the Clown to damage generators much faster and much more after hooking a survivor.
  • For add-ons take anything that you think will help you, a belt will help with chases as you get to carry more hatchets and others will make them even better.


3. All-Seeing Huntress


With this amazing build, you’ll be able to see survivors and hunt them much easier as they try and run away in fear as you chop them down.

  • Seeing the survivors is such a crucial part of the game that it’s near impossible to win if you don’t have an aura reading perk.
  • This build consists of the main aura reading perks that will help you hunt much easier as you kill and sacrifice survivors to the entity.

What All-Seeing Huntress Excels In

  • You’ll be able to see survivors when they’re working on generators and healing as well as after you hook a survivor.
  • Survivors will always have to be separated because if two work on the same generator they’ll be seen and you can chase them down.

Build details:

  • To start this build off you’ll need Discordance from the Legion to see survivors when two work on a generator, Bitter Murmur that’s on every killer’s blood web to see survivors on the off chance they finish a generator.
  • Next, you’ll need Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors when you hook another survivor, finally, you’ll need A Nurse’s Calling to see when survivors are healing themselves or healing each other.
  • For add-ons use Glowing Concoction to see a survivor you hit with a hatchet to make chases much easier, and use Pungent Fiale to see lockers much easier so you know where they are ahead of time to reload your hatchets.


2. Huntress Mindset


This is a good build to get into the Huntress Mindset and get rank 1 as the killer in Dead by Daylight

  • I’m not good enough to reach rank one because of the lack of perks I have for killers I don’t have but this build will help you reach rank 1.
  • To get rank 1 you have to have to right perks and the right mindset and this build helps with that making it easier to climb rankings.

What Huntress Mindset Excels In

  • This build makes it much easier to climb ranks as the killer because it’s a strong reliable build that will help you kill survivors much easier.

Build details:

  • To start this build off you’ll need Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to keep survivors off gens and Pop Goes the Weasel from the Clown to destroy the other gens.
  • The next perks you’ll need are Whispers which is on every killers’ blood web to know where survivors are and finally Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see the other survivors auras after you hook one.
  • For add-ons take a belt to hold more hatches and any other add-on that you think will help you as you hunt survivors.


1. Best Huntress Build


This is the best possible build to use as the Huntress to climb ranks and get wins after wins as the killer in Dead by Daylight.

  • The Huntress is a strong killer and an absolute blast to play because you get to tomahawk survivors and down them.
  • With this build, you’ll be able to climb and win games easily as the Huntress while you play as the killer in Dead by Daylight.

What Best Huntress Build Excels In

  • The biggest downside of the Huntress is her limited amount of hatchets so this build helps with her weaknesses and improves her strengths.
  • This is the strongest and most rounded build for the Huntress that will get you to rank one and get you wins while you play this fun killer.

Build details:

  • For the best build, you’ll need Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to make your slow walking speed not as hazardous because it’ll block generators, take I’m All Ears from the Shadow Face to see when survivors do a rushed action to make chases easier.
  • The next two perks are Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors much easier after hooking a survivor, and finally, take Blood Echo from the Oni to make every wounded survivor suffer from hemorrhage and exhaustion after hooking another one.
  • For add-ons take anything that would help but they are not necessary for this build because it’s already the strongest build for the Huntress.

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