[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Trapper Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Trapper Builds
The Trapper

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Trapper Builds


5. Beginner Trapper


The Trapper has some strong perks that are useful for other killers, this build is very basic and doesn’t require any perks from other killers.

  • The Trapper is my absolute favorite killer and this is a build I’m going to try because the Trapper can be a strong killer but also not as strong as others
  • The Trapper is a map control killer able to place his traps at choke zones where survivors are likely to run across.

What Beginner Trapper Excels In

  • You’ll be able to use this build as you level up the Trapper and unlock more perks for him as you get better with him.

Build details:

  • (Every perk in this build are available for the Trapper and every killer)
  • Take Brutal Strength to destroy pallets, breakable walls, and generators much faster, Agitation to be able to carry survivors much faster, Sloppy Butcher to deal more damage to survivors, and finally Whispers to locate survivors.
  • The most useful add-ons are bags that allow you to carry more traps through the game and a trap add-on that causes traps to deal more damage or an add-on that allows you to set traps faster


4. No Escape Trapper


This is a build based on survivors not being allowed to escape and utilizes your traps well as survivors get stuck in them so you can hook them easier.

  • The fact that survivors can disarm traps with such ease makes it rather annoying to play as the Trapper because survivors can normally see them and disarm them.
  • It’s satisfying when a survivor steps on your traps because you’re able to grab them easily and hook them quickly.

What No Escape Trapper Excels In

  • Survivors will have a hard time escaping with this build as you control the map and choke points with your bear traps.

Build details:

  • To start you’ll need the add-ons Fastening Tools to make it much harder for survivors to escape traps and increase your setting speeds, also take a wax brick to make it even harder for someone to escape without help from another survivor.
  • For perks take Enduring from the Hillbilly and Spirit Fury from the Spirit, these two perks will help when chasing and when survivors knock pallets on your head because you won’t be stunned as long and Spirit Fury will destroy them.
  • The last two perks needed are Hex: Ruin from the Hag to make generators automatically regress, and Hex: No One Escapes to see survivors after the last generator is repaired and gain a speed boost to catch the last remaining survivors.


3. The Trapper Mindset


This is an amazing build to get you into that Trapper mindset so you can climb your way up to red rank and stay there with Trapper as your main killer.

  • I main as the Trapper but I don’t have the strongest build with him because I don’t have a lot of the extra DLC killers or perks.
  • The strongest perks are typically on other DLC killers making it important to either get the killers themselves or save enough shards to buy the teachable perks themselves.
  • What The Trapper Mindset Excels In
  • You’ll be able to climb much easier to red rank with the Trapper because of how strong this build is and all it allows you to do.

Build details:

  • You’re going to need Infectious Fright from the Plague to make survivors scream when you down one so you can know where they are, next take either Sloppy Butcher or Save The Best For Last from the Shape to be able to do more damage to survivors or to be able to swing more after by decreasing your basic attack cooldown.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block generators from being repaired and lastly Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown to deal more damage to generators and make them regress for more.


2. Ultimate Trapper


This is an absolute Ultimate build for the Trapper that turns him into an absolute unit of a killer able to easily down and sacrifice survivors to the entity.

  • Out of every killer, the Trapper is a beast of a character, with personal perks that show his ridiculous amount of strength.
  • The Trapper has great personal perks and is easy to play making perks not as necessary but useful to make him a terrifying killer.

What Ultimate Trapper Excels In

  • You’ll be an absolute unit of a killer able to find survivors and down them quickly to sacrifice them to the entity while winning game after game.

Build details:

  • Go with Sloppy Butcher to deal massive damage to survivors and make them bleed faster, and Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block generators and give you more time to deal with those annoying survivors.
  • Next, go with the perks Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown to deal more damage to generators after hooking a survivor, and to make you stronger take Save The Best For Last from the Shape to decrease your basic attack cooldown to attack faster and sooner.
  • Add-ons you’ll need are Trapper Gloves to increase your trap setting speed, lastly, take either a bag to carry more traps or different types of traps for different effects.


1. Best Trapper


This is the best possible build for the Trapper that utilizes his traps but doesn’t make him rely on them too heavily to catch survivors or to down them to hook them.

  • With the Trapper, you need to rely on your own skills as a killer and not as much as the Trappers power because it’s not as reliable as other killer’s powers.
  • While the Trapper is a strong killer it isn’t solely because of his bear traps, he’s a very simple killer that doesn’t require any special tricks or anything to play effectively.

What Best Trapper Excels In

  • This build makes it so you don’t have to rely on your traps to catch survivors so you can down them quickly and easily sacrifice them.
  • You’ll know where survivors are and can plan accordingly with your traps ahead of time so you can lure them into running into your traps.

Build details:

  • Take Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block generators so you have more time to place your traps in the choke points of whatever map you’re playing so you have the most set up time while survivors have to come closer to where you are.
  • Next, bring Save The Best For Last from the Shape to be able to decrease your basic attack cooldown for every time you hit a survivor who isn’t your obsession making it much easier to chase and down survivors with your basic attacks.
  • For the third perk take Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown so that you can deal massive damage to generators after you hook a survivor, this will give you more map control with Corrupt Intervention so you can keep the generators the survivors can repair down as you sacrifice them one by one.
  • Lastly, a perk that most wouldn’t expect, take Hex: Haunted Grounds from the Spirit, when either of these totems is destroyed all survivors become exposed for 60 seconds so you’ll be able to find any remaining survivors easily when either of the two totems is cleansed. (If not comfortable with taking this perk take something else.)

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