[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Michael Myers Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Michael Myers Builds

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Michael Myers Builds


5. Beginner Build


This is the only build on this list that doesn’t use teachable perks and is great for new players to use as they learn to play Michael Myers, the Shape.

  • This is such a great build for those new to Michael Myers, the Shape in the game, as a killer who wants to pick him up and learn to play him.
  • Michael Myers is a tricky killer to use and takes a small amount of skill to use properly but after you get used to his Evil Within power he’s a good killer to use.

What Beginner Build Excels In

  • You’ll be able to create this build without any teachable perks from other killers so it’s much easier to learn the perks needed and unlock them.
  • With this build, you’ll be able to learn and get used to using Michael Myers as your new killer as you get better with him and his Evil Within power. 

Build details:

  • You’ll need Sloppy Butcher, Bitter Murmur, Save The Best for Last, and Whispers, all of these perks are learnable through your blood web as you level up the Shape.
  • Add ons aren’t necessary with this build so if you want to use them or not it’s up to you but it’d be better to use common ones and save rare or higher as you learn.


4. Myers Mindset


You’ll be able to control the map with this build as you stalk the survivors and use your passive power to stack your Evil Within to level 3 to one-shot survivors.

  • Michael Myers isn’t one of my favorite killers to play because he relies on his ability to be strong and capable of one-shotting survivors.
  • This is one that you have to understand how to use Michael Myers and how to play as a killer beforehand to get into the mindset of the Shape killer.

What Myers Mindset Excels In

  • Map control, you’ll be able to find survivors quickly and easily as they run in fear because they don’t know where you are.
  • You won’t need to rely on tier 3 of Evil Within like other builds so you’ll be able to get survivors down without having to use your passive stalk ability. 

Build details:

  • For perks, you’ll need Monitor & Abuse from the Doctor, Surveillance from the Pig, Sloppy Butcher, and Hex: Ruin from the Hag.
  • The only add-on you’ll need is going to be Dead Rabbit, for your second add on you have the freedom to choose whatever you think will help.
  • This build is for total control of the map, you want to have short chases and try to get rid of as many pallets as possible with one or two per survivor as you chase and injure.


3. Red Ranker


This build makes it easy to get red ranks as the killer and get you the most blood points as the game progresses and the chase ensues.

  • This build makes Michael Myers so much easier to play because you’re not relying on your power as much as other killers do
  • With Michael Myers as a killer, you’re reliant on his Evil Within ability to be able to one-shot survivors and get them into the dying state.

What Red Ranker Excels In

  • This is a very well rounded build of perks and add ons that is good for starters to this killer and ones who aren’t the best with him
  • With this build, you’ll be able to get red ranks often in most games you play as Michael Myers as a killer.

Build details:

  • You’ll need the perk Play with Your Food from the Shape, Dark Devotion from the Plague, Nemesis from the Oni, and the Barbeque & Chili perk from the Cannibal.
  • For your ads-ons use J. Myers Memorial, and Dead Rabbit to get the most out of your stalker passive ability to get it to stack faster.


2. Scary Myers


This build is the best to be a stealth killer because you won’t have a large terror radius so you’ll be able to sneak up on the survivors.

  • You’ll be able to stalk easily and stack your levels to get to level 3 while being able to kill silently and down in one hit when you level up your passive.
  • I don’t like to be a stealthy killer, that’s why I tend to play the Trapper or the Clown so this build isn’t for me but plenty of people like to play stealth and this is for them.
  • Michael Myers is a great stealth killer and this build plays on him stalking survivors before going in for the kill.

 What Scary Myers Excels In

  • Scary Myers builds on the stalking and quiet kill that this killer excels at, Michael Myer’s ability boosts his terror radius making survivors run and this build lowers it.
  • With this build, you’ll be able to get to level 3 or your ability and stay quiet as you chase and one-shot survivors into the dying state. 

Build details:

  • You’ll need the Trail of Torment perk from the Executioner, the Play with Your Food Perk from the Shape, Michael Myers. Corrupt Intervention from the Plague killer and the Tinkerer perk from the Hillbilly killer.
  • For Add ons use Fragrant Tuft of Hair as well as Judith’s Tombstone to be able to have rank 3 of Evil Within on forever as well as kill once you get it.
  • The best map to get is the Gideon Meat Packing Plant so use the Jigsaw piece to get a higher chance to get taken to this map.


1. One-Shot


This build utilized the passive ability that Michael Myers uses to quickly scale to level 3 and one-shot survivors and put them in the dying state quickly and effectively. 

  • This build utilizes perks from other killers to make you an unstoppable killing machine.
  • My name being Michael I loved the Halloween movies and the killer, The Shape, is a perfectly made killer that embodies the character in the movie.
  • This build is more costly than others because you have to play other killers or by the perks with Iridescent Shards but it is the strongest for one-shot easy wins as Michael Myers.

What One-Shot Excels In

  • You scale your ability up quickly as you stalk the survivors making it easier to get to level three and be able to one-shot the survivors.
  • With the final level on the perks of this build, you’ll be able to quickly find the survivors and kill any would-be heroes that try to unhook the other survivors.
  • Your terror radius is reduced in the beginning making it easier to be a stealth killer and upgrade your passive ability as the game progresses. 

Build details:

  • From The Doctor, you will need the Monitor and Abuse perk. From the Plague killer, you’ll need the perk Infectious Fright. The third perk you’ll need is Bamboozle from The Clown. The last perk you’ll need is Corrupt Intervention from the Plague.
  • The best add-ons for this build are the Dead Rabbit and the Hair Brush
  • This build is best used if you have at least a little understanding and practice with using Michael Myers and have the perks maxed out

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