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10. Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 6: Nightmare on Elm Street, alongside the killer 'The Nightmare'. The main feature that Quentin has is the perk "Vigil". It used to be a perk that was neglected in previous years because it had no or little effect; however, now the perk has become really useful. This is mainly because almost all killers now cause various status effects and "exhaustion" perks have also become increasingly popular. 

The main power that 'Vigil' has, is that it has the ability to drastically reduce the duration of negative effects such as Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious status effects up to a maximum of 30%. Nevertheless what makes the perk stringer is the fact that it also applies to other survivors within 8 metres of your location. 

With this useful perk, Quentin seems to be a reasonable killer to play with especially with his perk 'vigil', which will considerably increase the chance of winning and create less pressure on new survivors and beginners. 

What makes Quentin Smith Great: 

  • The perk 'vigil' makes one of the greatest perks for reducing killers' status effects, creating less pressure and making it easier to do more things during the game with no hassle.
  • With the perk 'wake up, you have the ability to open exit gates much faster, which would increase the rate of survival in critical situations if the killer was to come towards, having more time to escape. 
  • The perk 'pharmacy' enables you to heal yourself with a guaranteed medkit when opening a chest, useful in critical situations, and if the other survivors are occupied or sacrificed.

Quentin Smith full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Quentin_Smith

Quentin Smith beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: JSWAT47


9. Feng Min

Feng Min is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 4: Spark of Madness, alongside the killer 'The Doctor'. One of Feng's most popular and powerful perks would be the perk 'Lithe', which enables you to have a quick escape option in critical situations. For instance, climbing through a window or over a pallet in full sprint mode, you will be able to go into a massive sprint for 3 seconds, moving at 150% of your movement speed and gaining many metres from the killer, making it much easier to escape.

Unlike the perk "Sprint Boost", "Lithe" is special because it is only triggered when you rush over a climbing opportunity, which on the other hand, would make it almost impossible to trigger the perk by mistake, and therefore very effective in critical opportunities, which at the same time would surprise the killer. 

Feng's other perks include 'Technician' and 'Alert', where Alert has been designed to be a much more powerful perk, as you would have the ability to see the killers' aura whenever destroying an object such as a generator, creating opportunities and visualisations, and of course, sending the information to teammates, making it a great cooperation perk, and of course as a survivor, great for beginners.

What makes Feng Min Great: 

  • With the perk 'lithe', you have the ability to escape the killer in critical moments, with the impossibility of triggering the perk by mistake making it one of the most effective exhaustion perks in the game.
  • The perk 'Alert', will enable you to see the killers' aura, and at the same time, pass on the information to your teammates making it nearly impossible to lose the game, as the survivors get a headstart.
  • It includes the best perk for beginners, 'technician', which would prevent the generator from exploding, and at the same time, make it inaudible for the killer to hear it, and the best perk to learn how to click on successful skill checks.

Feng Min full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Feng_Min

Feng Min beginner guide:

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


8. Dwight Fairfield 

Dwight Fairfield is a survivor that was introduced in the original survivor quartet, which was released with the game on 14 June 2016. One of Dwight's best perks is the perk "Prove thyself", which ensures that survivors' task is completed faster such as repairing a generator. For each survivor within the survivors' radius, the repair speed is increased by 15% - not only for the player with the perk but also for everyone else who is within the radius, making it a great perk for a progression speed boost. 

Nonetheless, apart from the perk 'prove thyself', Dwight is also filled with other great contribution perks such as the perks 'leader' and 'bond' which are extremely powerful when it comes to teaming up and winning the game faster. This also belongs to the beginner category, as a survivor would learn how to cooperate with other survivors, making it a great survivor.

What makes Dwight Fairfield Great: 

  • It includes one of the best perks in the game 'prove thyself' which enables you to cooperatively increase repair speed by 15% for each survivor within your radius, with additional blood points included.
  • The best perk for beginners includes the perk 'bond' which allows you to see survivors within a maximum of 36 metres, very useful for additional information and less stress.
  • The perk 'leader', increases the action speeds of other survivors in Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking by 15/20/25 % in a radius of 8 metres, very useful for faster progress in-game.

Dwight Fairfield full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Dwight_Fairfield

Dwight Fairfield beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


7. Zarina Kassir

Zarina Kassir is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 15: Chains of Hate, alongside the killer 'The Deathslinger'. Zarina is considered to have one of the best perks in the game, which has been renovated over time becoming very powerful. This perk is called 'off the record' which is a powerful tool used to escape a killer again after you have been hooked.

Off the record is activated whenever you are saved from the hook or saved yourself, and there are three different effects that are activated for 80 seconds such as preventing your aura from being seen by the killer, gaining endurance effect, and depressing grunts of pain so that the killer wouldn't hear you, which is amazing for the beginner as it would avoid being tunnelled and therefore having a chance to participate in the game more.

What makes Zarina Kassir Great: 

  • It has one of the best perks in the game 'off the record, which has many effects such as preventing your aura from being seen, gaining endurance effect, and depressing grunts of pain which is overall very, very powerful. 
  • Includes of the least 'beginner' perks; however, useful when learning how to cooperate with teammates, with the perk 'for the people, which gives additional health state to survivor with yourself losing one, useful against tunnelling. 
  • With the perk 'red herring, it will be much easier for beginners to find generators, as the aura is highlighted in yellow.

Zarina Kassir full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Zarina_Kassir

Zarina Kassir beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: ZenBatman


6. Felix Richter

Felix Richter is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 17: Descent Beyond, alongside the killer 'The Blight'. Felix has an unbelievably useful perk which will allow you to tip the pendulum of the game, and go for the increased survival rate. One of the perks that he has is the perk "Built to last", which becomes active when you have an item in your hands that no longer has any charges, and the item has been completely used up.

The perk works once going into a cupboard with the used item and waiting for 12 seconds to restore 99% of the item's charges. This effect can be repeated several times, but the charges you get will drop by 33% each time - 66% the second time and 33% the third time; however, this will sum up to a total of 198% more charges given, which is very powerful. Of course, this will allow you to become more toxic with more flashlight saves, more generators repaired and more healed survivors, which makes it a powerful perk for beginners, giving more chance to use those items.

What makes Felix Richter Great: 

  • It includes one of the most effective perks for items 'Built to last', enabling the item to be replenished a couple of times, a maximum of 3 times with each replenishing status to be decreased by -33% for each use.
  • A very useful perk for beginners the perk, visionary, allows you to see generators within 32 metres, saving more time and effort without having to look for generators manually.
  • With the perk 'desperate measures, it will allow you to learn how to speed the game up and cooperate with survivors by healing them much faster up to a maximum of 56%.

Felix Richter full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Felix_Richter

Felix Richter beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


5. William "Bill" Overbeck

William "Bill" Overbeck is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 3.5: Left Behind, alongside new cosmetics that were added for the original survivors, 12 new cosmetics to be exact. 

One of the main perks that Bill has is the perk 'unbreakable' which allows you to get up and recover yourself faster as well without the help of other teammates. This perk is particularly useful in the last moments of the match, where killers would often "slug" the survivors, in other words, it means when the killer is leaving the survivors on the ground without picking them up, which often leads to death on the floor. This is to ensure that no survivor can escape through the hatch or even the exit gate if the timer is low. 

Therefore with the perk 'unbreakable', it has the unique ability to help yourself up and then help other survivors off the hook or open the gate, which overall is an invaluable skill, and useful in critical situations.

What makes William "Bill" Overbeck Great: 

  • Bill has one of the most solo-type perks in the game, allowing you to increase the chance of winning the game even without the help of other survivors, which can be useful when learning how to play solo for beginner players.
  • With the perk 'unbreakable', it allows you to get up without having to be recovered by other survivors, very useful when playing solo and the survivors are occupied either doing generators or being in a chase with the killer.
  • With left behind, it is a perk that is rarely used, and only used when you're last in the game and have the chance of finding a hatch, where with this perk, you can see the aura of the hatch within 32 metres.

William "Bill" Overbeck full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/William_"Bill"_Overbeck

William "Bill" Overbeck beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


4. David Tapp

David Tapp is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 7: The Saw Chapter, alongside the killer 'The Pig'. One of the main perks that Detective Tapp is the perk 'Detective's Hunch' which can be used in almost all situations, and is easily combined with other perks in the game.

As an example, the perks of 'Detectives Hunch', and 'inner Healing', where with Detectives Hunch it is super easy to find totems in the environment and therefore you have the Inner Healing which allows it to be active all the time as you have the totems need to heal yourself up with the perk. This is a great combination when playing alone, and is not dependant on teammates, making it a great character for beginner solo players.

What makes David Tapp Great: 

  • David Tapp's perk 'Detective's Hunch', will allow you to see objects every time a generator is completed as far as 64 metres, which is very useful when finding hex: totems to progress through the game. 
  • The perk 'tenacity' can be useful for new survivors as chances of getting downed are quite high once new to the game, and therefore with the perk, you have the ability to increase your Crawling speed by 30/40/50 % with recovering at the same time, allowing other survivors to get you up as soon as possible.
  • With the perk 'stake out', it can be useful for transferring good skill checks into great skill checks, useful for new survivors where hitting great skill checks can be quite difficult. 

David Tapp full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Detective_David_Tapp

David Tapp beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: EarthToLydia


3. Meg Thomas

Meg Thomas is a survivor that was introduced in the original survivor quartet, which was released with the game on 14 June 2016. Gaining a lot of distance between yourself and the killer is one of the most important tactics to survive in Dead by Daylight, and within this sector, there are a number of exhaustion perks that drastically increase movement speed for a short time and make you faster than the killer to enable you for this tactic. 

For this survivor, Meg is considered to have the most powerful exhaustion perks in the game with the perks 'sprint burst' and 'adrenaline' which are very useful in all situations, critical or non-critical. The best perk currently is the perk 'sprint burst', where as soon as you start running, you go into a sprint for 3 seconds and increase your movement speed to 150%, which can be used in situations such as running from a generator creating a surprise effect for the killer, unable to hit the survivor because of its speed. 

Nevertheless, with the choice of the perks, it makes an amazing beginner character play with its core perks, and particularly powerful when in the chase with the killer.

What makes Meg Thomas Great: 

  • She has her two famous adrenaline perks, sprint burst and adrenaline, which are extremely powerful and effective during dire extreme situations.
  • With her 'quick and quiet' perk, she is able to combine her perk with other perks such as 'head on' which would not create any noise whilst sprinting into a locker, and then be able to get effective stun damage.
  • Her perk 'adrenaline' is extremely useful, especially at the end game session, where there is a greater chance of getting hit as the exit gates are not opened yet, therefore allowing you to go for more loops until escaping safely.

Meg Thomas full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Meg_Thomas

Meg Thomas beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


2. Mikaela Reid

Mikaela Reid is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 21.5: Hour of the Witch. Mikaela is one of the first survivors who introduced the idea of boon totems, allowing other survivors to use the effect within a great range making it one of the most powerful support perks in the game. One of the boon totems which is considered the most powerful blessing perk is the perk 'boon totem: circle of healing', which allows for increased healing speeds by 40/45/50 % for all the survivor's effects in the radius.

Once the totem has been blessed with the perk, a loud noise will sound for killers and survivors, and from the survivors' perspectives, the totem is displayed with a blue aura, so that every survivor knows exactly where the totem is and be able to use its effect. Nevertheless, once the totem was to be destroyed by the killer, it can be used again on other totems, which is a renewable powerful perk, and great for beginners as it is a perk powerful for contribution of other survivors. 

What makes Mikaela Reid Great: 

  • A survivor with the ability to create boon totems allows for a more cooperative effect, where every survivor has the ability to use the boon totem.
  • One of her best perks in the game includes the boon totem, 'circle of healing' allowing her to increase all Healing speeds by 40/45/50 % for all the survivor's effects in the radius.
  • Mikaela's perk 'clairvoyance' will allow new beginners to see objects once cleansing a totem for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Mikaela Reid full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Mikaela_Reid

Mikaela Reid beginner guide:

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


1. Kate Denson

Kate Denson is a survivor that was introduced in chapter 8: Curtain Call, alongside the killer 'The Clown'. The perk that Kate has that can be particularly useful for beginner survivors is the perk 'windows of opportunity, which for some might seem like a perk which is completely useless, however, it is a perk that is a useful training skill, allowing new players to learn where all the windows and pallets are on the map, and at the same time learn how to loop without having to use any effort to look around looping opportunities, making it a great perk for new players.

Nevertheless, the perk allows you to see the next opportunity is to escape from the killer, and also a great additional side effect is that the position of the killer can occasionally be detected for instance if a pallet disappears from the aura view, meaning that there is a chance that the killer has just destroyed it. Nonetheless, with this perk being one of the best perks for beginner survivors, other perks such as 'boil over' and 'dance with me will allow new players to gain some support and use the perk as much as possible.

What makes Kate Denson Great: 

  • Very useful visionary perks such as the perk 'windows of opportunity, allowing you to see objects such as windows and pallets within the max range of 32 metres.
  • A perk that is very effective against chases 'dance with me, allowing you to not leave any scratch marks for the next 3 seconds once performing a rushed action. 
  • The perk 'boil over, is a useful perk, especially against new killers who are struggling to hook survivors, and with this perk, it would make it nearly impossible due to the increased intensity of struggle effects.

Kate Denson full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Kate_Denson

Kate Denson beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Pixelz


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