[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Nurse Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Nurse Builds
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[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Nurse Builds


5. Beginner Nurse


The Nurse was the first killer capable of teleporting or blinking, and if used right it’s a strong power able to catch survivors off guard and down them quickly.

  • I am terrible with the nurse and I don’t know how to use her power correctly but when you get the hang of it, it’s powerful.
  • The Nurse has powerful perks to start with as well as a strong power that allows her to go through walls and terrain to attack survivors.

What Beginner Nurse Excels In

  • This is a basic build that doesn’t require perks from other killers to be strong because the perks the Nurse have are really strong and useful.

Build details:

  • All of the perks needed are automatically given to the Nurse and are available to all killers, You’ll need Nurse’s Calling to see survivors healing, Thanatophobia to decrease the speed of survivors repairing and healing depending on how many other survivors are injured, dying, or hooked to all survivors.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Stridor to make sure you hear survivors that are injured and when they aren’t injured, lastly take Sloppy Butcher to make sure that survivors feel that pain and bleed more.
  • The add-ons you’ll need are anything that will decrease the blink fatigue effect after you blink and another to increase the range of your blink.


4. Unexpected Nurse


This build is completely unexpected and will catch survivors off guard as you blink at them and slice them down to sacrifice them to the entity.

  • For the Nurse, this will be a very different build that still works because it’s strong in any game against most survivors.
  • The Nurse’s blink power can be very strong or very weak because you can teleport through the terrain but are fatigued right after.

What Unexpected Nurse Excels In

  • The survivors won’t be able to know what perks you are using because you’ll be using perks that most survivors won’t expect.

Build details:

  • Take Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to find survivors after hooking one, Bamboozle from the Clown to vault faster and block the windows, next take Spirit Fury from the Spirit to destroy pallets much faster, and lastly take Enduring from the Hillbilly to make sure pallets don’t stun for as long.
  • For add-ons take Spasmodic Breath to increase your movement speed after successfully blink attacking and Ataxic Respiration to decrease your fatigue duration.


3. New Meta Nurse


This is a very strong build for the Nurse that works with the new meta perks that can catch survivors easily so you can sacrifice them to the entity.

  • I’m bad with the Nurse so I have a hard time using her blink power effectively to strike survivors down or sacrificing them but this build will help.
  • To use the Nurse effectively you need to use her blink power and attack right after to make sure you strike survivors down.

What New Meta Nurse Excels In

  • You’ll be able to take on any survivors and their rather annoying tricks like flashlights or circling, and body blocking.

Build details:

  • The perks you’ll need are Hex: Undying from Blight to keep your Hex: Ruin from the Hag alive, Hex: Ruin to make generators regress when they’re not being repaired, Tinkerer from the Hillbilly to know when a generator is repaired to 70% and lastly Shadowborn from the Wraith to increase your field of view.
  • For add-ons, you’ll need to take add-ons that increase your blink range and decrease your charge time to blink.


2. The Correct Nurse


This is a super strong build for the Nurse and rounds out her power making it more useful than it is because you won’t have to rely on it too much.

  • Being one of the slowest killers in Dead by Daylight the Nurse is a very difficult killer to use and is not one for me.
  • To properly use the Nurse you need the right perks and you need to understand how to properly use her blink power.

What The Correct Nurse Excels In

  • This build rounds out the Nurse and makes her power much easier and less hazardous to use because you’ll know where survivors are to get the jump on them.

Build details:

  • The perks you’ll need are Barbeque & Chili from the Canibal to see survivors after you hook one, Infectious Fright from the Plague to make survivors scream when you down another survivor within your terror radius.
  • Shadow Born from the Wraith to get a larger field of view, or Monitor & Abuse from the Doctor to decrease your terror radius while out of a chase and gain a slightly larger field of view, and lastly, Deer Stalker to know where downed survivors are. ( Deer Stalker can be changed for other perks if needed.)
  • The add-ons aren’t as important so take anything that will lower the duration of your fatigue or increase the range of your blink or lower the time to charge it.


1. The Best Nurse


This is the best possible build for the Nurse, it makes her power much more powerful and useful instead of a hindrance, this makes the Nurse a much stronger killer.

  • The Nurse is a very skill-based killer instead of a perk-based killer so the perks aren’t what make her strong it’s how good you are with her.
  • Perks can normally make or break a killer but the Nurse is strong without perks if you know how to use her correctly, these perks are just the best to use with her.

What The Best Nurse Excels In

  • The Best Nurse build excels in everything, you’ll have map pressure, aura reading, you’ll have better chase potential and better downing potential.

Build details:

  • The First two perks you’ll need are Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal so you can find those snot-nose survivors after hooking one, next you’ll need Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block 3 of the furthest generators at the start of the game.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Sloppy Butcher to make survivors feel more pain and bleed out faster, lastly take Infectious Fright from the Plague to make survivors scream when you down another one so you can quickly blink attack them.
  • The add-ons aren’t needed for this build so if you want to use them or save them go ahead because the perks will help carry the game in your favor.

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