Dead by Daylight Killers Story (All Dead by Daylight Killer Backstories)

Dead by Daylight Killers Story
He is thirsty for your blood.

The men (and women) behind the mask

Ever wonder how murderers are made in horror games? Want to know more about the Killers you are about to face? Check out the 13 current killers of Dead by Daylight, and dive into the lore surrounding their evil souls.

Killer Power Rating rates how easy it is to learn how to play the killer, their power and weapon, their movement based on playstyle, and their perks, with a dash of bias.

13. The Trapper - Evan MacMillan

Release Date: Original Release

Dead by Daylight Trapper Trailer

The Man: Introducing, the one, the only, Trapper! The Trapper, also known as Evan MacMillan, is the terrifying first Killer of Dead by Daylight. Evan is armed with his cleaver, bear traps, and a killer smile that spreads from one cheek to the other. He uses his bear traps to catch the Survivors before sacrificing them to the Entity. Evan is a great Killer to start learning with because he is easy to play and his lore is rich.

Behind the Mask: Evan was the son of an heir to an impressive fortune, and the owner of MacMillan Estate, an industry with an extensive mine and foundry. His father, Archie, snapped under the pressure, forcing Evan to take the reins as head of the company… And murder a bunch of people. Authorities suspect that he led over a hundred men into the dark tunnels of the estate and detonated explosives that sealed the men in their rocky grave. Now he continues to bully humans, as well as barricades and generators, for the Entity.

trapper, dead by daylight, survival horror

Surprise! The Trapper can climb through windows.

The developers have pulled inspiration from Jason Voorhees and the Babyface Killer for the Trapper’s weapons and mask.

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Killer Power Rating: 65/100

wraith, dead by daylight, survival horror

The making of the phantom man.

12. The Wraith - Philip Ojomo

Release Date: Original Release

Dead by Daylight the Wraith Trailer

The Spirit: Philip Ojomo is the second official killer of Dead by Daylight. He used to be called “Bob” in early alpha, but that was too terrifying for some players. Now he is just known as the Wraith, a terrifying phantom man. He carries Azarov’s Skull, which he uses to kill the Survivors, and the Wailing Bell. Philip walks between reality and the spirit world with this bell. The developer intended him as an intermediate Killer, but players have noted that he is easier to get the hang of.

Behind the Mask: Poor ol’ Philip was an immigrant from Africa, armed only with hope. He landed a job at Autohaven Wreckers, which happened to be a scrapyard of sin. Philip paid no mind to the crimes happening there and just kept scrapping the cars he was given. That is until he found out that each of those cars contained a person, and he was nothing more than an executioner. Philip couldn’t handle the gory truth and threw his evil boss in the crusher, cementing his status as an active killer. After taking his boss’s skull and spine, Philip disappeared from the scene of the horrible crime.

wraith, flashlight, dead by daylight

Though he is terrifying, the Wraith is weak to light!

The Grim Reaper and banshees inspired aspects of the Wraith. He is one of four killers touched by the Entity, as seen through the Wraith’s glowing eyes and the Entity’s gift of the Wailing Bell.

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Killer Power Rating: 50/100

hillbilly, dead by daylight

He might be muscular, and he might be tall, but no one loves this boy. Could it be the chainsaw and sledgehammer?

11. The Hillbilly - Max Thompson Jr.

Release Date: Original Release

Dead by Daylight Hillybilly Trailer

The Man: Max Thompson Jr., the hillbilly horror, is the last of the original trio of killers. If his hammer wasn’t enough to cause damage, he has a chainsaw that he uses to dash forward with inhuman speed. This ability is the first instant-down attack seen in the game. Because of his perks, Max is relentless and hard to shake off, much like that one friend who doesn’t understand you hate hugs, but, well, more deadly. Intended as an easy Killer, the community agrees that he is hard to control and not exactly stealthy with his loud chainsaw that might or might not be overcompensation for something.

Behind the Mask: Max was trapped from the moment of his birth. He was trapped in a disfigured body, trapped with unloving parents, and literally trapped behind a brick wall. His parents hated his disfiguring so much that they bricked him up and fed him through a hole in the wall. Max finally escaped and slaughtered his parents. Psychologically scarred and labeled as an outcast, Max spent his life on Coldwind farm torturing animals until one day, he just vanished. 

hillbilly, dead by daylight

Eyes glowing with fiery passion, the Hillbilly hoists his prey over his shoulder. Has he captured her heart? Nope, just her body.

Max’s character Leatherface. The developers created Max instead of Leatherface because they could not obtain the licenses to include Leatherface when the game was first released. However, they were later able to rights to Leatherface. Like the Wraith, he has glowing eyes, hint that the Entity has touched him in some way.

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Killer Power Rating: 86/100

the nurse, dead by daylight

The Nurse wants YOU to get help… or hurt.

10. The Nurse - Sally Smithson

Release Date: 18 August, 2016 (Chapter I: The Last Breath Chapter DLC)

The Woman: If you hear a distant whiny scream, hide. That’s the sound of Sally Smithson warping closer and closer to you, ready to kill. She can decrease your abilities and sense your injury, making it difficult to hide from her clutches. She is armed with her Bonesaw that will be taking lives more than saving them. Also, she snatched Crotus Prenn Asylum Warden Patrick Spencer’s last breath, which allows her to blink through the Spirit World, and across the map. She is hard to play and hard to play against because of this ability.

Behind the Mask: Bright-eyed, and full of dreams of a traditional family, Sally moved with her husband to a small town near Crotus Prenn Asylum. When her husband died in a lumber-related accident, she was left to fend for herself with no education or job prospects. Her only chance was the night shift at Crotus Prenn Asylum. Years of insane patients and physical and mental abuse wore her down until she decided the world needed to be purified, but not with holy water.

the nurse, mori, dead by daylight

Nea and the Nurse embrace in an intense battle… with an obvious winner. The Nurse finishes off Nea with her Mori.

One night, she killed 50 patients and staff. Everyone thought she was a survivor, but only she knew that she had become the next crazed killer. Once she had strangled the first patient, she was susceptible to the Entity’s corruption. Though she does not have glowing eyes, she has blisters across her arm, indicating she is still potentially Entity-touched.

It is easy to see that the developers were inspired by the nurses of the Silent Hill franchise. Her costume and movement hint at the eerie nurses in the popular horror franchise.

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Killer Power Rating: 90/100

The Shape, Michael Myers, dead by daylight

I would not want to wake up to Michael Myers standing over me like this.

9. The Shape - Michael Myers

Release Date: 25 October 2016 (Chapter II: The Halloween® Chapter DLC)

Dead by Daylight The Shape Trailer

The Man: Michael Myers, the true stalker of Dead by Daylight. This iconic character from the 1978 movie Halloween wields his kitchen knife and stalks his prey with deadly accuracy. The more he silently follows them, the strong and faster he becomes. Michael’s perks center around his obsession to kill. He becomes obsessed with one Survivor of his choosing, allowing him to tease and taunt the obsession, and grow stronger because of it. Michael has the special ability of “Evil Within.” Each tier comes with varying buffs and its own terrifying and familiar audio cue. He isn’t the easiest killer to start as, but he certainly is a terrifying one!

the shape, mori, Michael Myers, dead by daylight

He’s not just good with the knife, he is good with the hands. Michael squeezes the life from Dwight with his Mori.

Behind the Mask: The story of Michael is familiar. In fact, interest in his lore has increased with the release of the Halloween sequel. Michael is evil from his bones to his prominent mask brow (you know you’ve noticed it). From the beginning, he was a troubled child. He killed small animals until one day, he took his older sister’s life to find inner peace. The police tried to contain the cold-blooded killer by sending him to a mental institution, but that only pushed him further into madness. Many who encountered him wished he would rot away in that institution, but their wishes went unanswered. He escaped.

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Killer Power Rating: 75/100

the hag, dead by daylight

The Hag peers across her swamp, searching for Survivors to taste.

8. The Hag - Lisa Sherwood

Release Date: 8 December 2016 (Chapter III: Of Flesh and Mud DLC)

Dead by Daylight Hag Trailer

The Woman: Cursed and ready to curse, Lisa Sherwood jumps at the opportunity to capture a Survivor. Her weapon is her gnarled claw, but her real power lies in her mud-bending ability, the Blackened Catalyst. She uses ritualistic drawings to create duplicated of herself out of the mud. These duplicates grant her the ability to travel to them when they are triggered by a Survivor. The Survivor who triggered the trap is easy prey because they are disoriented by the Phantasm of the Hag. Lisa is a difficult killer to get a hold of but a torturous one once you do.

Behind the Mask: Lisa began her life in an isolated village. The elders of that village taught her charms for safety and good fortune. Life was great until she got lost during a horrendous and sudden storm and was kidnapped by cannibals. She watched as her kidnappers carved bits of their victims off and ate them, including Lisa herself.

After some time, she was able to escape but she mutilated her hand in the process. As she there dying, she thought of home and etched the symbols the elders had taught her into the dirt floor. Because vengeance was in her heart, a dark hunger stirred in her. called the Entity to her, which gifted her with a “second chance,” and transformed her into the Killer, the Hag. She destroyed the and left the victims behind, as well as her once village.

the hag, mori, dead by daylight

The Hag’s Mori features this gruesome scene of her ripping a chunk of the Survivor’s flesh from his body, much like her captors did.

The hag introduces a new mechanic to the game, the Hex Totems. These totems contain her perks. Her perks are disabled when the totems .

Her name “Lisa Sherwood” comes from the shortened version of Elizabeth, meaning “God’s oath,” and Sherwood, meaning “bright forest” or wild.” Fans have observed that the Hag’s design on the Wendigo, an Algonquian myth that says , become deformed, and go insane.

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Killer Power Rating: 80/100

the doctor, dead by daylight

The Doctor marvels at his power over electricity.

7. The Doctor - Herman Carter

Release Date: 11 May 2017 (Chapter IV: Spark of Madness DLC)

Dead by Daylight Doctor Trailer

The Man: An apple a day doesn’t keep this doctor away. In fact, it is incredibly hard to escape the clutches of Herman Carter’s madness. Though his weapon “the Stick” does not induce fear in the players, his Spark causes the player to go insane. Herman manipulates the Survivor, making it difficult for them to repair generators or hide. His “Overwhelming Presence” and hallucinations instill the player with fear and terror. He is my least favorite Killer to play against, and one of the hardest Killers to play as.

Behind the Mask: Sit back and relax because you are about to experience the long journey of a sociopath endorsed by the government. Haven’t heard that one before.

Herman Carter for his understanding of the human psyche at an early age. He was fast-tracked into Yale’s advanced neuroscience program, which was a front for the CIA. From there, Herman to a secret facility known as Léry's Memorial Institute, where Mr. Stamper took Herman under his wing. Herman became an efficient torturer and from willing participants to actual spies. In doing so, he became a threat too.

Herman started Project Awakening which focused on “experimental interrogation.” Everyone turned a blind eye to his twisted electro-convulsive treatment, despite the screams of prisoners haunting the halls, because it produced results. It wasn’t until later that the truth . The prisoners suffered one of two fates: death or head trauma so bad it sent them into a vegetative state. Herman was nowhere to the government swept the entire institute under the rug.

the doctor, shock therapy, dead by daylight

The Doctor prepares to exact his trademarked Shock Therapy on a helpless victim.

The Doctor began as a Chinese-themed Killer with the name “Mu Yi” which means “without justice” or “without meaning.” Other evidence of this is some early Add-on names.

His facial equipment that forces his eyes and mouth to remain open is a reference to A Clockwork Orange.” His background might be a reference to MK ULTRA, a CIA research project from the ‘50s to the ‘70s that used unethical methods of interrogation and mind control.

He is one of the Killers that has glowing eyes. His laugh can when , or when . The still haunts me to this day.

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Killer Power Rating: 75/100

huntress, dead by daylight

The Huntress duel-wields her ax and hatchets, ready to hunt her next prey.

6. The Huntress - Anna

Release Date: 27 July 2017 (Chapter V: A Lullaby for the Dark DLC)

Dead by Daylight Huntress Trailer

The Woman: A survivalist at heart, the Huntress, Anna, uses her hatchets to injure Survivors at a distance. She had excellent Map awareness and enhanced chasing abilities. She focuses on the tracking and finding of prey so she can get close enough to kill them. Her main weapon is the Broad Axe, but the hatchets are a useful ranged power unique to Anna, and her bestial instincts make her a dangerous huntress. Her lullaby (the Russian lullaby Bayushki Bayu) is a unique indicator of her approach. The origins of this lullaby are hauntingly sad.

Behind the Mask: Anna’s story has a heart-wrenching beginning and a twisted, sorrowful end. Her mother raised her alone in the northern woods. she taught Anna how to survive in such a harsh and isolated location. Anna was fond of the cozy, old cabin they lived in with a picturesque fireplace and her loving mother. Her mother made her toys and masks, tell her stories, and sing lullabies until Anna fall asleep. This life continued until one fateful hunt.

The winter had been especially unforgiving that year, so Anna and her mother chose to hunt down an elk, a high risk-high reward prey. The elk targeted Anna and charged at her but her mother protected Anna. Anna’s mother by the antlers, but she managed to kill the elk. Anna’s mother spent her last moments holding poor Anna, as she hummed her favorite lullaby.

huntress, dead by daylight

The Huntress moves quietly after her unsuspecting prey.

Anna, still a child, was truly isolated. She grew up in the cruel forest, surviving only on the knowledge her mother left behind. As each day passed, lost more and more of her humanity. Hunting became more than sustainability for Anna. She worked her way through the prey until she reached the most dangerous game, humans.

The only humans she spared were the little girls, who she took back to her house to cherish and care for them. She surrounded them by the toys and books her mother gave her. Unfortunately, Anna did not learn how to take care of another human and the girls always eventually died. Each death plunged Anna deeper into depression and madness. She kept trying to keep the little girls and started to kidnap them from surrounding villages. When war chased the villagers away, she targeted soldiers passing through. And when the war ended, The Huntress disappeared with it.

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Killer Power Rating: 78/100

cannibal, dead by daylight

Junior raises his chainsaw over his head in classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre fashion.

5. The Cannibal - Bubba "Junior" Sawyer

Release Date: 14 September 2017 (Paragraph II: Leatherface™ DLC)

Dead by Daylight Cannibal DLC Trailer

The Man: Bubba “Junior” Sawyer is a chainsaw-wielding cannibal based on Leatherface from the 1974 movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His perks make it easier to zero in on the Survivors and rob them of their tools and abilities. Junior’s main weapon is the sledgehammer, a tool that brings down even the strongest of cattle fast, and almost too easy. However, much like the Hillbilly, Junior’s power lies with his chainsaw.

Behind the Mask: Junior was never going to be normal. Yes, he loved his family. And yes, they loved him too. But Junior still lived in fear. He was afraid of letting his family down, which I can relate to. And he was afraid of someone discovering their shared cannibalistic tendencies, which I can confidently say I cannot relate to. A family that eats human flesh together stays together, I suppose? All Junior wanted was to protect and provide for the family he loved so dearly.

cannibal, mori, dead by daylight

Junior’s Mori is the stab of the chainsaw protect his home.

Junior failed to protect them when a group of teenagers invaded their home. He managed to kill all the teenagers except a girl who got away. He tried to chase after her with his brother, but an evil truck driver killed his brother. Then the evil truck driver stole Junior’s beloved chainsaw and used it against him. The nerve of some people. Junior was left, injured and afraid for his family. The Entity took advantage of poor Junior’s fear and brought him to a place where he could always kill intruders. And this time, he was ready for them.

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Killer Power Rating: 65/100

nightmare, Freddy Krueger, dead by daylight

Freddy plans his nightmarish attack on the Survivors.

4. The Nightmare - Freddy Krueger

Release Date: 26 October 2017 (Chapter VI: A Nightmare on Elm Street™ DLC)

Dead by Daylight Nightmare Trailer

The Man: 1... 2... Freddy’s coming for you. 3... 4... He’ll make you snore. Sounds silly but it is one of Freddy’s unique abilities that makes it hard for a Survivor to escape the clutches of his memorable clawed glove. Because Freddy’s power is in the Dream World, the Dead by Daylight Freddy can only affect the Survivor when the Survivor is sleeping. Therefore, His power “Dream Demon” can pull his victims into the Dream World, where he can harm them. They can’t hide from him there. This mechanic may seem a bit difficult to master, but the community has found it is a bit easier than you would think.

Behind the Mask: Some people speculate Freddy Krueger did not kill those children. But the parents who burned him alive were 100% sure he was the monster who had hurt their children. Rejected by them, and rejected by death, Freddy laid in wait to turn the townspeople’s dreams into nightmares. He became obsessed with Nancy Holbrook and lashed out to make her pay. She and her friend, Quentin Smith, were stronger than he had expected, and they defeated him and left him for dead. Once again, Freddy was rejected by death. This time, he turned his attention to Quentin Smith.

nightmare, Freddy Krueger, dead by daylight

Feng Min wrestles against Freddy's grasp on her body and her dreams.

Each night, he crept into Quentin’s dreams and transformed them into haunting nightmares. Freddy drove Quentin back into the recesses of his memory, all the way to the haunting memories of Badham Preschool. Freddy stalked Quentin through the halls of Badham, savoring the sweet smell of fear Quentin gave off. He corned Quentin, but the boy had a plan. Quentin set Freddy on fire in the act of defiance, but this only managed to anger Freddy more. The Entity found this anger and hatred so delicious that he stopped Freddy from killing Quentin and took him to another realm, where he could pick and choose favorites and kill everyone.

The developers chose to use the 2010 film reboot’s portrayal of Freddy in Dead by Daylight. This film is also where the Survivor Quentin Smith comes from. Similar to the Huntress, Freddy does not make the Survivors’ hearts beat in fear. As he approaches, you can hear the faint voices of children, singing that classical, haunting tune. 1… 2… Freddy’s coming for you. 3… 4… Better lock your door…

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Killer Power Rating: 45/100

the Pig, jigsaw, Dead by daylight

The Pig is loyal to the Entity and only has one job, kill the Survivors.

3. The Pig - Amanda Young

Release Date: 23 January 2018 (Chapter VII: The Saw™ Chapter DLC)

Dead by Daylight Pig Trailer

The Woman: When people think of SAW™, they think of the iconic Jigsaw doll, Billy. However, this Chapter centers on Amanda Young, “The Pig.” She crouches and creeps up on Survivor, the charges at them with a hidden blade. Though this is unnerving and keeps you looking over your shoulder, what happens when she catches you captures that pleasant SAW™ pain and torture. Amanda can place a reverse bear trap on a downed Survivor. The timer activates when a generator is completed. The Survivor has to disabled the timer before it finishes and sacrifices, and cannot escape with the reverse bear trap on. It is difficult for the survivors to focus on anything else once they are trapped. It takes a bit of time to get used to playing Amanda, but it is not hard.

Behind the Mask: John Kramer (the man behind Jigsaw) wasn’t always a completely bad guy. He was like any other family man, who wanted a healthy baby boy. He had plans for this boy to be born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the pig, a symbol of fertility and new beginnings for John and his wife. But a junkie ruined that hope and soiled the Pig’s symbolism forever. It became a vessel for John, an agent that conveyed the subjects to their tests. In a weird and twisted way, those who emerged victories were reborn as Jigsaw’s apprentices.

reverse bear trap, dead by daylight, the pig, Saw

David Tapp is captured and forced to wear the Pig’s Reverse Bear Trap.

Amanda Young harmed herself and everyone around her. When she faced Jigsaw’s test, she succeeded in surviving against all odds. She had found meaning in her life and devoted it to Jigsaw. Jigsaw’s impended death devastated Amanda. Jigsaw took note of this anguish, and lost faith in the subjects’ rehabilitation. He gave her another test, but she failed this and took a bullet. As she bled out on the tiled floor, the Entity engulfed her in and carried her to the forest. She into the Pig. Blinded by the darkness, the Pig saw the subjects as nothing more than meat with no chance of redemption. And meat is meant to be slaughtered.

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Killer Power Rating: 78/100

clown, dead by daylight

The Clown is sad. All he wants to do is kill you.

2. The Clown - Kenneth "Jeffrey Hawk" Chase

Release Date: 12 June 2018 (Chapter VIII: Curtain Call DLC)

Dead by Daylight Clown Trailer

The Man: They finally did it. They finally monopolized on the widespread fear of clowns. Kenneth is an oversized clown that wields an oversized knife. I have not played against Kenneth, but his “Afterpiece Tonic” would make surviving and escaping difficult. Bottles of this tonic create clouds of noxious gas that cover large areas. The Survivors become intoxicated and are inflicted with impaired vision and are slowed down. They also give away their positions by coughing loudly. Kenneth can affect Survivor healing and repair speeds. He is also surprisingly agile, making it slightly easier to maneuver and mess with the Survivors. He is labeled as an Intermediate Killer.

Behind the Mask: Kenneth Chase’s story begins like most serial killers’ origins. His mother died during his birth, leading his father to resentment and alcohol. Kenneth was isolated at home and isolated himself at school. He wasn’t smart, but he was athletic. Kenneth began a hobby collecting feathers which led to his growing obsession with the soft birds that flew outside his window. He wanted to catch one. He somehow managed to schmooze his dentist enough that he could obtain some anesthetic, which he used to capture a bird. Once he had finally captured a bird, he held it in his hand and felt powerful. So, he decided to kill it.

This epiphany led to his journey to bigger prey, like squirrels, raccoons, and yes, even dogs. His collection grew to include a human finger, which belonged to a man who went missing. The fun was ruined by his father when he discovered Kenneth’s collection. So he did what any young man on the run would do and joined the circus under the name “Jeffrey Hawk.”

clown, hook, Dead by daylight

The Clown gleefully hooks his drugged victim.

He became charming and helpful to fit in with the circus crowd. He tried to bury his murderous tendencies under other vices, much like his father drank his sadness away. But it did not work. He began dressing up to lure his victims in close enough to anesthetize them and take them back to his caravan. Once he got them back, he would torture them and weaken them. He would choose the prettiest and tastiest finger from each of his victims to add to his collection of trophies. The rest of the body was a .

Over time, he removed his costume less and less and became his true self, the clown. He grew complacent and accidentally let a girl escape, who revealed him for what he truly was. He escaped into the night and wandered from one circus to the next, uninvited and ready to murder. Until he wandered into the Entity’s realm and found his home.

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Killer Power Rating: 47/100

spirit, rin, dead by daylight

The Spirit lets out a shrill cry of rage.

1. The Spirit - Rin Yamaoka

Release Date: 18 September 2018 (Chapter IX: Shattered Bloodline DLC)

Dead by Daylight the Spirit Trailer

The Woman: Rin bears the name of her ancestors “Yamaoka.” She draws her power from her the ancient wrath of her ancestors, who unleashed hell on the battlefield. Rin has her shattered katana and her power “Yamoaka’s Haunting.” When she has “Yamaoka’s Haunting” active, she can transport herself across the map undetected, leaving a “Husk” of herself behind. Her phase-walking ability makes it hard to get a handle on a playstyle.

Behind the Mask: If you thought Anna’s backstory was heartbreaking, buckle your seatbelt and prepare for a devastating ride. Rin was an innocent, hardworking girl who studied Education at Takamatsu. Her family suffered from the financial strain which put pressure on her father. He took on more and more double-shifts in an attempt to get a promotion. But it only led to hours and hours of lost sleep and his descent into desperation.

Finally, Rin’s father begged his superior for a bonus or advance. His superior could not provide either because the company had been suffering as well. However, the company used him as a fall guy for their failures and fired him after 22 years of dedicated service. Rin’s father snapped.

That night, Rin came home late from her part-time job. She could hear her mother’s shrieks of pain from outside their home. Rin rushed in to find a horrifying scene. Her mother across the room. Bits of her had been carved off, her breasts , arms cut clean off her body, and her rib cage was visible and cracked open. Then Rin’s father attacked her.

spirit, adam, dead by daylight

Rin sneaks up on her victim, ready to kill him with her Mori.

She fought back, he was too efficient with the katana and too determined in his crazed state. He sliced her and her against the glass partition, shattering it. He left her there, bleeding, broken, and surrounded by shards of glass. Thought of sadness, betrayal, anguish melted away to reveal rage. With her dying breath, she made an oath for blood and revenge.

She is one of only two Killers that has multiple facial expressions, though she has a wider range of emotions than the Clown. The developers created a special facial rig that is unique to her that allows her to express a wide range of emotions. is probably due to the terrible pain she suffered and the tortured anguish she feels.

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Killer Power Rating: 70/100

Dead by Daylight is nothing but generous with their consistent release of quality content. Upcoming Killers will be December 2018 and March 2019.

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