The 31 Best Sci fi Horror Movies To Watch Right Now

sci fi horror movies
When science goes wrong, horror is unleashed.

Sci-fi and Horror... These movies are what you get when you blend them together...

You don’t need to wait until Halloween rolls around to watch something scary! There are no spoilers featured here - so sit back and relax as we countdown 31 of the Best Sci-Fi horror movies to watch right now. (Just remember, that in space… no one can hear you scream.)

31) Ghosts of Mars

Official trailer for Ghosts of Mars - A 2001 film directed by John Carpenter

Rapper and experienced actor Ice Cube stars in Ghosts of Mars, a movie about miners in a Martian mining colony who have disappeared. It is soon discovered that they became possessed by spectral entities. Ice Cube’s character, along with a group of survivors, must escape the colony without becoming possessed themselves.

Ice Cube is always ready to wreak all kinds of havoc.

Big Daddy Mars doesn't seem too happy about something...

30) Brainscan

Official trailer for Brainscan - A 1994 film by John Flynn

Brainscan tells the story of a young boy who spends much of his time in isolation. His friend convinces him to try out a game called Brainscan that encourages him perform murderous acts. The young boy needs to find a way to escape the “Trickster”, who is telling him to perform these acts before he starts hurting people he loves. It stars Edward Furlong (Below Zero).

The Trickster just wants to play... the game of murder...

The official poster for Brainscan (1994) - The poster alone gives me nightmares...

29) Doom

Official Trailer for Doom - A 2005 film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak

Doom is based on the famous video game series of the same name. A research facility on Mars is attacked by strange creatures, and a group of marines are sent out to rescue any survivors. It stars Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Dwayne Johnson (Fast Five). Anyone who is a fan of the video game is sure to enjoy this film adaptation.

Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson cautiously on the lookout for the creatures attacking them.

An official poster for Doom that emulates the gameplay from the video game series it's based on.

28) Stranded

Official Trailer for Stranded - A 2013 film directed by Roger Christian

Stranded stars Christian Slater from the acclaimed television series, Mr. Robot. Astronauts are stranded on a lunar mining base and come across mysterious spores. A short time later, they are being hunted down by an alien life form that has appeared because of these spores.

Is the crewmate still a friend… or has he become a foe?

Official Poster for Stranded (2013)

27) Jason X

Official trailer for Jason X - A 2001 film by James Isaac

Jason X is the tenth film in the Friday the 13th franchise, which features the serial killer Jason Vorhees – you know, the guy with the hockey mask. Jason ends up being frozen after scientists come to the conclusion that he cannot be killed. Years later, Earth has become too populated, so there is an Earth Two. A group of students from Earth Two bring him back and unfreeze him, which allows him to return to his murderous rampages. Kane Hodder returns to the role of Jason Vorhees in the film.

Sneaking up to get the upper hand on Jason Vorhees

Official poster for Jason X, which his new and improved sci-fi-esque mask.

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