Top 15 Movies Like The Rental

Best movies like The Rental
They're watching you

As technology advances, how safe are you? Let's find out.

Sometimes don’t you want to get away and rent a beautiful place with a killer view, where no-one is around? Just make sure the landlord isn’t watching you. Below are fifteen films like The Rental.  

15. Caché

Caché Trailer

Videotapes are sent to the Laurent’s over some time. Drawings start to accompany the tapes, depicting violence targeted at the Laurent’s. They finally watch one of the recordings, and Georges Laurent tracks down a lead to uncover who is following them.

In a 2016 list compiled by the BBC, Cache is number twenty-three on the 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century.

14. Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights Trailer

Tenants can be just as bad as the landlords. In this case, Carter Hayes is a nightmare tenant who pushes his way past Drake and inhabits an apartment after a failed wire transfer. Drake does everything he can to evict Hayes, but luck is not on his side, and Hayes becomes increasingly violent. 

The house used for filming wasn’t located in Pacific Heights, but rather Patrero Hill, San Francisco. 

13. Lethal Eviction (2005)

Lethal Eviction Trailer

It’s convenient how a new owner of an apartment building brings on the death of its tenants. Everyone is on edge, pointing the finger and dredging up dirt on one another. But, let’s not forget a killer is stalking their every move. 

Jennifer Carpenter stars as Sarah/Tessi/ and Beth.

12. Disturbia

Disturbia Trailer

Kale has nothing better to do on house arrest than to spy on the neighbors. At first, it’s amusing, and he invites his friends over to join in. After they witness one of the neighbors killing a girl, they take it upon themselves to survey the man. 

The film won three Teen Choice Awards.

11. The Landlord (Fatherly Obsession 2017)

The Landlord Trailer

Alyssa is attractive, funny, and just down to earth. She is handed the opportunity to live in a luxurious apartment, which catches the landlord’s eye. He begins to watch her through hidden cameras he has planted all over the complex, and Alyssa starts to feel uncomfortable with his hospitality.

The film was renamed to Fatherly Obsession on Lifetime.

10. The Resident

The Resident Trailer

Juliet rents an apartment after a breakup with her boyfriend. She grows close to the landlord, and they begin dating. But that isn’t enough, the landlord goes obsessed and observes her every move.

Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also star together in P.S. I Love You.

9. Paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity Trailer

Micah buys a surveillance camera to capture any signs of an evil presence in his and Katie’s home. She senses evil, but they need proof. Each day small events are shown on camera, but on the thirteenth night, the presence devilishly reveals itself. Now Micah is determined to rid his home from the unseen intruder. 

The film grossed over $190 million on an original $15,000 budget. After post-production they spent $215,000. Still extremely profitable. 

8. Alone with Her

Alone With Her Trailer

A stalker takes an interest in Amy and watches her over surveillance cameras. He learns her interests and uses what he knows about her to form the illusion they like the same things. When Amy questions who he is, the stalker becomes agitated, and Amy learns the truth about her admirer. 

Tom Hanks son Colin portrays Doug in the film.

7. Crawlspace (1986)

Crawlspace Trailer

Karl Gunther tortures and kills his tenants, but Lori is unaware of that fact when she rents out an apartment in his complex. The unstable Gunther is convinced he is nothing like his dad, but spirals after a man confronts him about his past.

The crew members on Crawlspace saw the actor Klaus Kinski as an uncontrollable monster. 

6. Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom Trailer

Mark sees himself as an aspiring filmmaker and records everything. The people he films have no idea, and he is infatuated with death. A woman, Helen confronts Mark about his spying and is curious about why he does it.

Peeping Tom is debated to be the first slasher film.

5. Cold Creek Manor

Cold Creek Manor Trailer

A family buys their new mansion in the countryside. They have an unexpected visit from the previous owner, and Cooper, compelled by his story, agrees that he can work on repairs. Cooper and his family soon realize that was mistake.

Dennis Quaid stars in both Cold Creek Manor, and The Intruder as an obsessive former owner. 

4. The Intruder

The Intruder Trailer

Annie and Scott are ready to start their lives in a new house, but Charlie, the previous owner, has an unhealthy attachment to that place. He starts watching the couple. Annie feels terrible for Charlie and decides to get to know him. In this case, her kindness isn’t rewarded as such. 

The house used in The Intruder has been used on multiple film sets, including the show Riverdale, where it is the Blossom’s Thistle House. 

3. The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor Trailer

Two boys think it’s funny to play a prank on an elderly neighbor. They sneak into his house and install hidden cameras to have an up-close look at the reactions from their fake ghost haunting. Things don’t go as they plan, but they discover a hidden part of their neighbor’s life that takes their surveillance to the next level. 

The film premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

2. Sliver

Sliver Trailer

Carly moves into a new place, and her neighbors tell her she has a striking resemblance to the previous tenant. She becomes involved with one of the neighbors, Zeke, a game designer, but also makes another jealous. Not long after, residents of the complex begin to die.

Sliver grossed over $12 million its opening weekend.

1. 13 Cameras

13 Cameras Trailer

Claire and Ryan are starting their family across the country, and they rent their home from a very odd landlord. Unknown to them, they are being watched. The landlord has set up an entire surveillance system recording Claire and Ryan’s every move. 

The film is written and directed by Victor Zarcoff.


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