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Bryan and Bazamalam reacting to a terrifying YouTube channel

Be careful not to scare yourself tonight with some of these Let's Plays!

Horror games are the bread and butter of Let’s Plays on YouTube. Since the early 2010s, horror games were being uploaded with commentary onto YouTube, where horror met comedy. YouTubers who play these games usually record genuine reactions to the game, making for some fantastic moments in gaming. All the while, those of us back home can have a laugh and enjoy a game that we either can’t afford or are too scared to play on our own. And so, let’s get into our horrifyingly funny list of top 7 YouTubers.

7. POiiSED

POiiSED getting scared in "Granny Wants To Give Me A KISS | GRANNY IOS"

POiiSED is a YouTuber from Tennessee and began to make gaming videos in 2011. He began in Gears of War but transitioned quickly into horror games in 2012. He became known for his ‘screamtage’, where he puts together the best jumpscares from his recent videos. Often times, he wears a heart monitor and shows the audience throughout the video.

POiiSED is also known for reacting nicely to the comments on his videos, being kind whenever interacting with fans, and the collaborations with his friends. He also started incorporating Interactive VR into his channel and stopped swearing in his videos for the family-friendly content that YouTube wants.

Check out POiiSED's channel:

6. Evelien Smolders (GirlGamerGab, Gab Smolders)

Gab laughing her head off in her video "FUNNIEST MOMENTS of January 2019 | GG Gab"

Gab is a 31-year-old Dutch gamer who specializes in horror games. She lived in Japan for 10 years, and speaks Japanese and English, providing translations when needed. She also streams on Twitch and generally has witty remarks about the games she’s currently playing. She has collaborated with a lot of other YouTubers, including John Wolfe, Minx, Sinow, Egoraptor, and many more.

Gab was married to another YouTuber named TaiyouInc but divorced in 2018. Since the divorce, Gab continued her channel and normal uploads, still providing the commentary throughout each horror game. As of 2019, Gab and Jacksepticeye confirmed that they were dating, and are living in Brighton, England.

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5. Minx and Krisim (RPG Minx, The Krinx Show)

Minx stabbing everyone in "DON'T TRUST MINX! | Friday The Thirteenth: THE GAME | Funny Moments"

Minx is a British YouTuber that focuses on Horror, Co-op, Garry's Mod, and Indie games. She started in 2012 and worked with a lot of other YouTubers, such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Yamimash, and many others. She became known for her laugh, and that all of her friends can’t trust her in video games. In 2013, she met her now-wife KrisimPro, and started incorporating her into each video. Since then, the two built the YouTube channel ‘Krinx TV’ replacing both Minx and Krisim’s individual channels.

Ever since, Minx and Krisim focused on more Single-player horror games, with an occasional multiplayer horror game. Although their main genre is horror, they do have other content that gives the viewer a break from the jumpscares. Minx and Krisim don’t use a face cam, and kept their identity private until 2017, when Minx uploaded a video of her talking about the channel.
Minx and Krisim have a current channel called ‘Krinx TV’ where they upload new content, while Minx’s old channel called ‘The RPG Minx’ is still up to enjoy her older content.

Check out Minx's channels:

Old Channel:

New Channel:

4. Bryce McQuaid (Bryce games)

Bryce taking advantage of the stuck Granny in "BEST GRANNY GLITCHES! (How To Invisible Glitch & Get Granny Stuck) (Hide Anywhere Glitch!)"

Bryce started his gaming channel in 2013 in inspiration from Pewdiepie and other gaming YouTube channels. He began by playing both multiplayer and Single-Player games, going back and forth between the two. His channel took off in 2015 when he started playing collaborations with Minx. in 2016, she wanted to focus more on her marriage, and after having some issues with other groups, Bryce decided to move on and play more Single-Player games.

Bryce now plays with his current partner Ria, his brother Austin, and even started playing games with Minx again after the reboot of her channel. Bryce now has 589k subscribers, and continues to post once every three days. As of the past few weeks, he has focused more on Single-Player games and has a variety of other games as well.

Check out Bryce's channel:

3. John Wolfe (Formerly HarshlyCritical)

John Wolfe roasting games in "3 RANDOM BAD HORROR GAMES (Well, 1 was OK)"

John Wolfe is a Texan YouTuber that goes through horror games completely blind while giving out witty, sarcastic commentary throughout the Let’s Play. He started out known as HarshlyCritical, but moved on to his real name throughout his YouTube career. He tends to play any horror game that’s available.

Throughout his single-player Let’s Plays, John is very serious and wants to look at every nook and cranny of the game. However, whenever he plays with his friends, he gets them into trouble  and backstabs them like the rogue he is He also has a more relaxed attitude when playing Co-op games. There is a series of games that John and MrKravin played together, where all proceeds from ad revenue are donated to charity.

Check out John's channel:

2. Robert Jay Perez (Kubzscouts)


Jay is a 29-year-old YouTuber from the United States. Although he’s known for Yandere Simulator and 60 Seconds, Jay is an amazing commentator for horror games and reacts to horror stories on YouTube. His channel has a bigger variety of games, but at least half of the channel is dedicated to horror game Let’s Plays.

Jay started the Kubzscouts with his then-girlfriend Nini Hebron in 2014 after his previous channel was shut down due to YouTube complications. With low hopes, he began to play a variety of games for the new channel. His channel started to grow steadily as he played mainly indie, horror, and popular games. Although Nini is no longer with Jay, it should be mentioned that Nini held a big role in keeping the Kubzscouts going.

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1. Ryan (8-bitryan)

Ryan is a British YouTuber that started his YouTube career in FNAF, and to this day still plays indie horror games. Ryan has over 2 million subscribers to this day and continues to receive thousands of views a day. He also has another gaming channel that he co-hosts with Bazamalam called 8-bitgaming which hosts more vlogs and a bigger variety of games.

Ryan has played a variety of different horror games, and in some of them, he introduces “Neo-Ryan”, an Alter Ego out for revenge against Ryan in these videos. Neo-Ryan is shown to have glowing white eyes, and has been seen in ‘Five Nights at Freddy's VR - Help Wanted’, We Happy Few, and other titles.  Although his channel is mostly the horror genre, there are plenty of other games you can enjoy watching on his channel.

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