[Top 15] Best Free Horror Games to Play Right now

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Anything could be behind the next corner, or in the shadows just beyond.

15. Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game

Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Gameplay

This game is surrounding the grand legends of the Cthulhu mythos and Inuit in the tundra beyond. This old-style adventure game focuses on slow-burn character development and environmental scares to continue the story forward. This point and click adventure set in the dark secret caverns and cold landscapes make you second guess the chilling atmosphere.

Explore caves and abandoned research facilities all over the icy surface.


14. Absent

Absent Gameplay

This game follows the character, Murray Schull, a down on his luck college student whose friends start to rapidly go missing. After one of his best friend’s girlfriend is kidnapped by something from out of this world, Schull and his buddies must find out how to protect themselves and their fellow students.

Reminds us of our scholastic system and science fairs all wrapped into one.


13. Off-Peak

Off-Peak Gameplay

You wake stranded in a cathedral-like train station in the distant future. While you look for a way out, the train station is now the home of all things bizarre. Now musicians and artists are outlawed from expressing themselves and have chosen to hide all of their knowledge here, for you to fall upon.

With enriching and slightly alarming environments, Off-Peak wanted to visually stun us.


12. Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek Gameplay

This delightful multiplayer romp is played out in individual ten-minute matches where the objective is to scare the other opponent as many times as possible! Whoever scares the other the most, wins! Only you’re invisible and you have to set traps and casts spells to take them down!

Challenge other players to bring on the scares with this game, whoever is the most scared loses!  


11. Marie's Room

Marie’s Room Gameplay

Follow the story of Marie and Kelsey, two unlikely friends that once shared a room twenty years ago. Now in the present day, Kelsey returns to boxes and keepsakes, wondering how their room had changed in so much time… and what really happened to Marie all those years ago.

It looks as if it could be anyone’s room, even yours… but it’s Marie’s.



PRICE Gameplay

Our unlikely hero, Ivry, wakes up from a nightmare in an unknown location. He struggles to escape the darkness, searching desperately for his younger sister Iva. Both locked away from all they know, these siblings must stay strong together and through many trials to free themselves.

There is always a price to pay, no matter how small or insignificant… it’s there.


9. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Gameplay

Help the legendary murderer Jason Voorhees slay campers across hundreds of puzzle levels that all end hilariously. Jason will terrorize the locals of Crystal Lake to Wall Street- prisons to space stations- the possibilities of murder are endless!

Wherever the blood trail leads, you can now play on multiple platforms and devices!


8. The Plan

The Plan Gameplay

While some will argue that this is actually a game, this genre of title occupies the same space as games like Journey, Passage, or Dear Esther. Play as a fly, who takes to the skies and ponders the meaningless existence that he or she has been born to. See a variety of different experiences that will either lighten or darken, your views of the world beyond.

I suppose everyone has wondered what a fly thinks about at one point or another...


7. Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear Gameplay

This psychological horror game is set in the deserted Scandinavian town filled with horrific creatures and nightmarish delusions. You play as a young man, desperately searching for answers to why he’s having these visions after getting brutally hit by a car. (Might be a clue.) He fights his way through the city as he slowly descends into madness.

Some monsters you hope are just your imagination… while others you know just aren’t.


6. Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion Gameplay

This seemingly cute and innocent game lets you run wild through a thousand rooms of terrifying innocence… then everything starts to slowly change and mutate around you. Forcing you to deal with unspeakable monsters right on your heels. Hideous beings peek around corners and make you actually fear this haunted house.

Can we just talk about this for a second? My, what big teeth you have!


5. Dark Deception

Dark Deception Gameplay

A story-driven maze game, there is nowhere to hide or catch your breath. Run or die, that is now your only choice as you realize you’re trapped in the realm of the maze. A mysterious woman is your only hope of surviving this place, a place of eternal purgatory and damnation.

Run, but be careful which way. The dark can be… deceiving.


4. The Supper

The Supper Gameplay

Ms. Appleton was a sweet, happy owner of a local tavern. No one had a problem with her until she started hearing The Voice. The Voice wishes her to make meals of the finest meat she can find… the locals. With plenty of cartoon gore and slapstick comedy, this interestingly fun twist on demonic possession adds flair to this game.

Are they monsters? Or are they just your neighbors?  The Voice will know.  


3. Tiny Bunny

Tiny Bunny Gameplay

In an unremarkable village in Siberia, a man named Anton witnesses several unsettling events as he settles into their new home. Children go missing, wild animals roam the woods, and the police are powerless to stop the attacks happening more and more frequently. Things can be heard in the trees around time.

Those who have heard the voice of the forest, are far beyond your help.


2. Trick Treat

Trick Treat Gameplay

This light-hearted adventure is about exploring and solving puzzles in a spooky atmosphere. While there are some horror elements, romance, and many bad endings- there are just as many positive. With a fun art style and animations, you will play as Amelia the Pumpkin Maid in service to Charlotte the witch.

A vampire, a witch, an assistant, and… well, we’re not sure what he is. Butler?


1. Deceit

Deceit Gameplay

This game will test your deception skills in a fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in unknown surroundings, surrounded by five others. A third of your group has been infected but who will escape? Who will be forced to kill another under the instruction of the ever-elusive Game Master’s voice all around you?

Monsters will be there, whether we like it or not. But what if they are among us right now?

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