15 Best Zombie Games Worth Playing Today

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15 of the best zombie games to play right now

Debatably one of the most revered creatures of the ages, zombies have infected the homes of millions through means of books, comics, movies and of course our beloved video games.

And though hundreds of creatively designed zombie games exist in the vast expanse of the gaming community, only fifteen of them have the master level development needed to make it onto this exclusive list.

So, see if your favorite zombie game has the articulately focused development that you always raved to your friends about.

15) 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Video Game Trailer

7 Days to Die is an open world survival crafting game where you play as a survivor of the third world war that brought upon the zombie apocalypse. The game focuses on surviving by obtaining essential life sustaining materials such as water, food and shelter as well as crafting weapons, armor, and enhanced defenses for your shelter to keep the array of hungry undead at bay. Of course, this isn’t as simple as it may sound. Your first tools may seem barbaric, as you punch at bone breaking stone and trees to collect the main ingredients to craft a very import staple: the stone axe. This tool makes it much easier to loot houses with locked doors that have high tolerance to punching.

It isn’t safe to be outside when the sun sets in 7 Days to Die

Crafting long range weapons such as bows and arrows can help protect you from powerful enemies

This masterpiece of open world exploration and sandbox survival crafting was developed by The Fun Pimps and has sold over 1.5 million on PC, Mac, and Linux since the release of the alpha on April 4, 2014. The game is still in development as massive, and minor updates alike become readily available to all the loyal fans who play this immaculate game.

7 Days to Die Gameplay Trailer

The game may not be much to look at in the aspect of breath taking graphics, or mind blowing story but if you are looking for an open world game that requires you to crawl from the remnants of humanities demise. Fight tooth and nail to reclaim the land that was taken from you, then this is your game! Craft, your way to looting, loot your way to a serviceable living and fight the zombies that dare to take what you have earned!

14) How to Survive

How to Survive Video Game Trailer

How to Survive is a horror action crafting game where you play as either Kenji, Abby, or Jack who enter a nightmare of a situation, as the ship they inhabit encounters technical difficulties, that result in the ship crashing into a zombie infested island. You find yourself trapped having to skillfully craft medical supplies and powerful weapons to ensure you survive the immanent dangers of the undead while proceeding to try and find a way off the island by assisting the living inhabitants of the island through adventure filled quests.

Several different types of zombies can be encountered throughout How to Survive gameplay

Helping lone survivors on the island can help you earn XP and retrieve items useful for survival

How to Survive was developed by EKO Software with a top-down camera view, and action packed style of zombie killing animations, but what gamers remember most about this unique game is its insanely humorous in-game tutorials. Kovac’s rules is a grand way to teach how the game works, while also providing a hearty laugh before you get back to having to face the cruel realities that the game has in store for you. Featuring so many unique developments in How to Survive it doesn’t take a genius to see why 505 games jumped on the opportunity to publish such a groundbreaking game.

How to Survive Gameplay Trailer

Upon finishing the game I feel that everyone has the same ideal consensus. This great game that contains a uniqueness that is rarely found in a zombie game. It combines a fun form of gameplay, a serious feeling of needing to survive, all while providing a sensational laugh from the adoringly hilarious Kovac that gives How to Survive numerous reasons to have found its way onto this list.

13) Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Video Game Trailer

In the sequel to killing floor the zombie specimens known as zeds have overtaken all of Europe over the course of a month, causing the devastating loss of the European governments and communications. It is up to you and the last remaining soldiers to see that they are completely eliminated. Visiting numerous locations throughout all of London you must fight seemingly unending wave after wave of zeds earning money for every kill. Money that can be spent on epic weapons and ammo that ensure zeds never have the upper hand, and that when it comes time for that dreaded boss fight that you are not left shooting blanks.

A Gorefast vs a tactical shotgun… I think the smart money is on the shotgun

No matter how good you are, it’s always good to have a big gun when facing a boss

Killing Floor 2 is commonly thought to be the second video game installment to the killing floor series, but is the third installment of the game, and the second retail installment to be released to the gaming community. The first installment was a mod of the game: Unreal Tournament 2004. The first official retail release of the game was in May 14, 2009 and quickly became a top selling game on steam having sold 3,000,000 copies on PC by December of 2014!

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Trailer

With stunning graphics, heart pounding gameplay and foes that keep you constantly considering your next move, Killing Floor 2 is an absolute prime example of a solid zombie game. There are literally millions of people who feel the same and it makes it an easy pick when you consider what game you are going to play with your friends next. 

12) Dead Rising

Dead Rising 2 Video Game Trailer

Through the series, the location may change, but the epic gameplay is always the same. Playing as numerous characters throughout the series, a Romero style zombie outbreak is always eminent, and with it the chance to salvage anything and everything to make the most creative and brutal weapons you could ever imagine! The Dead Rising Series usually revolve around a 72-hour in-game time schedule in which certain events take place within each hour. These events usually involve taking on game bosses who have captives that you can save in exchange for major XP and because it’s the right thing to do of course. All the same you constantly have numerous time pressing missions weighing on you as you save as many people as you can from the rampaging zombie hordes.

When in doubt, you can always rely on Rambear 

Why fight zombies when you can freeze them instead

With four titles and multiple DLC releases for this infamous game a passionate zombie enthusiast couldn’t help but wonder where the inspiration came for this series of games. Well, the answer lies with the series creator, Keiji Inafune. As it turns out while working on Resident Evil 4, Keiji Inafune thought that the new speech oriented weapon wielding zombies in the new Resident Evil game could possibly be a threat to the classic Romero style zombies that the world loved. So, Mr. Inafune proceeded to create the dead rising series in hopes of breathing new life back into an old classic and seeing that passionate gamers never lost sight of a classic style of the undead.

Dead Rising gameplay

The game takes many opportunities to tickle the old funny bone, but it is certainly more than just a chance to get out a couple of chuckles. This game is composed of many ways to create some amazingly epic weapons that you can try out on thousands of zombies! There is plenty of action, and humor to go around in the Dead Rising Series with a few stress filled moments where you are rushing to get that next fix of zombrex with only seconds to spare. 

11) Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Organ Trail: Director's Cut Video Game Trailer

While fighting off zombies an unnamed character comes along and ‘saves your bacon’. You follow this mysterious man to his station wagon where you then take on a venturous journey to retrieve his friends who will help you along your way. As you cross America in search of a zombie free sanctuary, you will encounter dangerous bandits and hordes of zombies while you search for the necessary tools and supplies. You must manage your supplies wisely to ensure that you and your fellow survivors reach your destination safely as possible.

Can’t imagine anything other than a bite being worse than dysentery during a zombie apocalypse

In a high activity zone its wise not to get surrounded

The original Organ Trail was created as a zombie based parody of The Oregon Trail, and do to the massive popularity of Organ Trail, and to a very successful Kickstarter created by the developers: The Men Who Wear Many Hats, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut was created. The developers made changes to the original based on what fans stated they would like to see in the game. Some of these changes include being able to name the assisting characters as opposed to choosing from defaults, Boss fights, adding achievements and create a leaderboard.

Organ Trail: the directors Cut Gameplay Trailer

Organ Trail: Directors Cut is a retro style game that can still stand among the modern-day titans of today’s growing gaming industry. It compiles a fun point and shoot type of gameplay with a decision-making requirement that will exercise your brain, and test the limits of your decisive actions. The game seems overly simplistic until you play it for yourself, and see just how hard it is to make the right decisions and still bounce back to make up for you horrid mistakes and pull through with the win.

10) No More Room in Hell

No More Room In Hell Video Game Trailer

Finding yourself caught up in a zombie apocalypse, the first thing to do is seek a reasonable source of refuge, but when massive hordes of the undead outnumber the available rations the next logical step is to find a quick means evacuation. However, this is much easier said than done, as the task of finding weapons and medical supplies can be complicated. You must battle infinite waves of unrelenting zombies while searching for keys and codes to open doors to new rooms and areas that can provide supplies, weapons, or ultimately a means of being evacuated!

The bigger the gun the bigger your chances of survival

The final sprint to the evac zone is the most adrenaline filled point of the game

While No More Room in Hell is a mod it defiantly has not stopped it from being unbelievably successful. No More Room in Hell was pronounced mod of the year by PC Gamer Magazine in 2011, was featured in the magazine twice in 2012, was featured in Maximum PC in a two-page article spread, won the 2012 Game of the Year from GameFront, made it onto Mod DB’s top 100 mods list in 2011-2012 and in 2013 received 2cd place in the Mod DB of the year award!

No More Room in Hell Steam Release Trailer

No more room in hell is an incredibly impressive game but of course it doesn’t need any of my praise for it to stand out. It has certainly solidified its place in gaming history as one of the most renown game mods of all time. I think the most insane part of it all is that it is completely free! There is no charge for it. So, there is no reason everyone should not be playing the zombie game that has had several PC articles praising its development.

9) Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Video Game Trailer

Set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse you are tasked with the soul objective of surviving the greatest length of time possible. You must search the surrounding area for several forms of food, water, and other necessities, such as bandages and sleeping pills. Obtaining these supplies can be extremely risky however, as the houses and buildings that lye nearby are usually locked up tight and may require you to break a window, causing nearby zombies to draw closer. If you are lucky enough to find a door or window to be unlocked, you still risk the chance of setting off the alarm and having an awaiting undead horde on its to your location. This is one of many reasons that you should quickly find and fortify the best possible safe house that can assist you best in your lengthiest attempt at survival.

Trapped in a house with zombies pouring in its best to go out guns blazing

Sorry to say there is no rescue in this game

Though Project Zomboid was published by The Indie Stone on April 25, 2011 as a tech demo. The indie game was intended to be released at an earlier time, but suffered from a very depressing set back as two of the laptops that contained a massive amount of the coding for Project Zomboid were stolen! However, this did not stop The Indie Stone, as they continued with development and saw that Project Zomboid became one of the first five games to be published on the alpha funding section of Desera, was released on steams early access in November 8, 2013 and had a massive change to gameplay when a multiplayer version of the game was released in February of 2014.

Project Zomboid Gameplay Trailer

Project Zomboid holds strong to an old-school style of graphics, and incorporates a realistically pleasing since of danger with a desperate need to survive. Playing this game knowing you need a ‘hold out as long as you can’ type of mentality makes the game very addictive and keeps you on edge as any good game does. Having accomplished this level of gaming development and proceeded to create a multiplayer edition of this game after having lost most the coding for the game is absolutely astounding and shows that The Indie Stone is willing to fight to make an exceptionally great game.

8) Dying Light

Dying Light Video Game Trailer

Playing as an undercover agent by the name of Kyle Krane you are sent to infiltrate a foreign quarantine zone overrun by zombie natives. Upon entering the quarantine zone, you find yourself in a dangerously grim situation that you are hastily saved from. Being trained in a parkour style of evasion becomes very helpful for avoiding the massive number of zombies that litter the streets of Harran. Composing melee weapons to fight the unrelenting zombies and finding the precious materials to fix these weapons when they break makes for a much easier errand run. But as the night falls in the quarantine zone so does your chances of survival. Jumping from building to building is a quick and effective way to avoid the mindless zombies during the day, but as the luminescence of day fades the undead become nightmarish creatures more horrifying than they were before, and your only chance of survival is to return to base.

When night falls, you must do everything possible to get back

I seem to recall this game being in Harran, not Sparta

Dying light was developed by Techland, who also developed the Dead Island series and for this reason Dying Light was initially thought to be a sequel to the series, but Techland later confirmed that Dying Light was to be a title all its own and have no connection to the previous development of Dead Island. Furthermore, Techland’s director Adrian Ciszewski stated that there was a great difference between the creative visions of Techland and the publishing company Deep Silver. Ciszewski also stated that being able to create a new game would give them the creative freedom needed to implement some of the ideas intended for the Dead Island Series that had yet to see the light of day.

Dying Light Gamepaly Trailer

With stunning graphics, fluently smooth gameplay, and a compelling story line, Dying Light comes together beautifully to produce an epic parkour style survival zombie game that will make you forget about the outside world as you enter a new realm of gameplay. It is certainly amazing to see what Techland was able to develop with their own creative freedom and I’m sure they will have more to show us in the near future.

7) Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Vide Game Trailer

Several months after the catastrophic events of dead island the disease has somehow spread to the sun baked grounds of California. To keep the hyperactive virus from spreading further inland, the United States Armed Forces have created a restricted zone and quarantined all its potentially infected inhabitants. You play as one of four available immune characters trapped inside the quarantine zone. Survival is imminent as the infection spreads rapidly throughout the quarantine. You must create weapons with a shockingly new upgrade to defend yourself and other survivors from the growing threat that lies within these walls.

Electric weapons seem like overkill until you find one of these big guys

For some killing zombies in Dead Island 2 isn’t just necessary, it’s also fun 

The Dead Island Series was at one point in time developed by Techland but they have since ceased development on the dead island projects after the release of Dead Island Riptide. Deep Silver was at a loss for the series until Yager Development rose to the call and took over development of the Dead Island Series. And as time went by development went smoothly until Yager Development filed for insolvency in July 2015. It was at this point that Sumo Digital stepped up to take the role of Dead Rising 2’s development team on March 9, 2016.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer

Dead Island 2 has shown and advancement in both graphics and gameplay to an extent that makes it truly worth waiting for. With the exchange of the series through the hands of three game development companies it is without question that Deep Silver is not willing to let this game go. I am sure that the die-hard fans of Dead Island like myself are more appreciative than Deep Silver could ever imagine letting this game be kept from seeing the light of day.

6) The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Video Game Trailer

The Walking Dead game takes you into the graphic novel world of Robert Kirkman where you play as the main protagonist character, Lee Everett who acts as the guardian of Clementine. In the game, you make split second decisions that can determine both short term and long term outcomes for the entire game. The main aspect of the game is to protect Clementine and ensure the safety of yourself and others you may find along your decisive adventures.

It’s never a good situation to be within arm’s reach of a zombie

Keeping Clementine safe is the single most important aspect of the decisions made in this game

The walking Dead game developed by Tell Tale Games is said to take place in Robert Kirkman’s Graphic novel, and though many attribute this to be nothing more than a reference to the comic style graphics, the game will take you on destiny bent adventures where you will meet some of the characters from the graphic novel. The game even incorporates a reference to a very huge part of the plot in the graphic novel towards the end of the game.

The Walking Dead Gameplay Trailer

A game based on the walking dead series would have already had me hooked, but the fact the game is so reliant on the decisions made by the player to decide the outcome of the game is beyond my wildest expectations. What you say, the actions you take and those that you don’t can, and will influence an outcome that you may have not had time to consider. This creates so many different adventures for the story that you could spend timeless weeks trying to create all the possible outcomes and still not see them all.

5) Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Video Game Trailer

Playing as the protagonist character Ethen, you go in search of your wife Mia and become trapped within the Baker family mansion. You must find your wife and make your way outside of the desolate mansion without succumbing to a grizzly death. This is no easy feat as though the mansion holds a deep appearance of having been abandoned for decades, the Baker family still resides within the hallowed halls and they do not take kindly to visitors.

High resolution graphics are great until you sit at a table with this family feast

Wandering aimlessly through a decrepit mansion is fun until you realize that it’s not abandoned

The development scheme for resident evil has seemed to change, this is because Capcom seems to think they have lost touch with their roots and have decided to go a new direction with this next installment and change things up a bit. To do this Capcom decided to make Resident Evil 7: Biohazard the first ever Resident Evil FPS game, they have made weapons a lot scarcer, thus leaving you more often hiding as opposed to blowing the enemies to pieces, and having seemed to add a more human aspect to the main antagonist position.

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Trailer

The new changes that Capcom has made will possibly make this game one of the best games in the Resident Evil series. The FPS style of gameplay provides a highly-immersible gameplay style making every creek and murmur send a sharp chill up your spine. Aside from the new changes in gameplay the graphics and create a serious connection to reality. This is a game that will surely be played by gamers for years to come.

4) Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy Video Game Trailer

With Hitler’s back pressed against the wall there was only one call to make. Initiate Plan Z! Playing as an elite sniper it is your duty as one of the soul remaining survivors to take down the reanimated Nazi army that now plagues tyrannical Germany. Clearing one destroyed town after another of the new undead threat you find yourself having to track down the Sagarmatha Relic fragments to put an end to the unrelenting hordes of Hitler’s new army. While getting in a few marksman level x-ray shots along the way.

There is no need to question your kill-shot when you can visually see the internal damage behind it

Hitler was bad enough when he wasn’t a Tyrannical zombie overlord

The Zombie Army Trilogy has supported eight player co-op since the introduction of four new female playable characters. But in August 2015 all the main characters from the renown Left 4 Dead series made an appearance in the PC edition of the Zombie Army Trilogy. Allowing you to play as Bill, Louis, Francis, or Zoey as you mow down reanimated zombies in a ridiculously fun co-op mode!

Zombie Army Trilogy Gameplay trailer

Everyone either desires to be the ultimate sniper or abhors those who are for the simple fact that they are skilled individuals with an innate ability to take down unsuspecting enemies with absolute stealth and precision. Rebellion Developments has taken this and incorporated into a world war II zombie gameplay scenario that capitalizes on Hitler’s Tyrannical desire to take control over the world at all costs. It is a seamlessly amazing story with a nostalgic feel of gameplay that can captivate any die-hard gamer for hours.

3) State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Video Game Trailer

State of Decay 2 is an open world zombie survival game where the main priorities of the game are to seek out desperate survivors that you will bring back to the base, reinforcing the base to ensure that you and the people you find have an adequate defense against the undead threat outside, and scouring for sustainable amounts of food and water. State of Decay 2 has all the essential expectancies of a zombie survival game. However, what it holds so highly over the other zombie survival games is the fact that you can play as four different characters throughout the entire game. Sadly though, it has a dark twist to the entire thing. If one of the characters happens to die, they do not return. The death is permanent and this forces you to enter a more real aspect of how horrifying the zombie apocalypse can really be.

State of decay 2 reels in the emotional reality of how dark a zombie apocalypse can be

Multiplayer mode can make playing the game a much more productive experience

State of Decay was rumored at one point to have been in the works of becoming a zombie MMO game. However, there seems to be no credibility to any of these rumors, and no advancements in the games development would suggest any movements toward this type of gameplay. What Undead labs has done is see to it that the game focuses a lot more on a multiplayer oriented form of gameplay. This was one of the only desires of gamers after having played the original State of Decay and Undead Labs saw to this became a reality for their loyal fans.

For an open world survival zombie game, this is one massive delivery that Undead Labs had to power through to deliver. Taking a vast open world game and applying such intricate graphics to it is astounding to say the least. Following up with action pack animations and an absolute sense of danger knowing that death truly means the end in this game sets it aside from any other zombie survival game and possibly any other survival game altogether. This truly is a game worthy of the top three.

2) The Last of Us

The Last of Us Video Game Trailer

In this adventure survival zombie game, you play as Joel, a smuggler charged with escorting Ellie, a young teen capable of resisting the zombie pathogen into the hands of the fireflies. The journey is rigorous and requiring an assassins level of stealth and an iron grit will to live and survive the everlasting threat that lies beyond the safety of the quarantine. Bandits pose an imminent threat but it is the heart stopping rattle of the cordyceps infected humans that pose the greatest threat of all. But despite the horrifying dangers, you must power through your fears and see that Ellie reaches her destination. She may be the only hope there is for obtaining a cure for humanity.

The cordyceps zombies portray a very tortured sense of existence within the host

A strong bond is a product of the adventure that Joel and Ellie must undertake

The last of us is considered one of the most significant titles of the seventh generation of video games and has even been included in the greatest video games of all time! The Last of Us also received several awards including over 240 game of the year awards! This is a titan sized accomplishment even for the renown works of Naughty Dogs.

The Last of Us Gameplay Trailer

The last of Us has immortalized its self as one of the greatest zombie games in history and will always be greatly admired for attributing how far games can go when pushed hard enough. Naughty Dogs has always had a reputation for creating stunningly captivating games, but The Last of Us will more than likely be one of their greatest achievements. They will release a sequel, but its path was paved by this game.

1) Left 4 Dead Series

Left 4 dead Video Game Trailer

The Left 4 Dead Series is an excellent combination of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Both games feature a group of four unique individuals with an immunity to the fatal green flu pathogen that has turned the areas inhabitants into monstrously aggressive zombies and mutated remnants of human beings. Taking on the role of one of the immune survivors you must make your way from safe house to safe house using everything from guns to bio-weapons to ensure that you find a means of evacuation and safety.

Having three allies to help in the fight against the undead hordes is a blessing

Though at times the team work can seem like overkill

As previously mentioned in the countdown of this article, the Left 4 Dead characters: Zoey, Francis, Bill, and Louis are all playable characters in the PC edition of the Zombie Army Trilogy. But, the Left 4 Dead Series was so incredibly popular that it made an appearance in another widely-recognized video game; Resident Evil 6! Capcom partnered with Valve to create a Mercenaries: No Mercy mode of Resident Evil 6 that would not only contain Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 as playable characters, but would also feature two of the most infamous powerhouses of the Left for Dead Series. The Witch and a mini version of the Tank.

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

The Left 4 Dead Series has given the world eight insanely fun playable characters that traverse a highly action oriented storyline. Fighting some of the most memorable zombie mutants of all time. The gameplay is an adrenaline pumping, action packed, fear oriented thrill ride that makes playing the game all to exciting and leaving you wanting to play it again the moment the story ends.

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