Top 10 Best PS4 Zombie Games

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Brains, rotting flesh, and angst on PlayStation 4

On Playstation 4, the undead roam.

Zombies are always hungry like the wolf.

Since its launch in 2013, the Playstation 4 has been a very good console for fans of zombie games whether through 3rd party offerings or Sony’s universally acclaimed first and second party exclusives that often push the boundaries of what video game storytelling can do. Here is a list of the top 10 best Zombie games on the PS4.

10. Days Gone

Days Gone gameplay

In this open-world action game, ride your motorcycle through a devastated yet beautiful pacific northwest with dynamic weather and a day and night system that affects the behavior of the enemies, Freaker (what Days Gone calls zombies) and Human alike.

With brutal combat, dynamic, and intuitive stealth, and an emotional story with sympathetic characters that drive the player onward, this PS4 exclusive is another winner in Sony’s impressive track record of exclusives.

What makes Days Gones great:

  • A beautifully realized American Pacific Northwest setting with dynamic weather and day and night systems.
  • Brutal combat and dynamic, suspenseful stealth are both viable options to complete most missions.
  • An emotional story and relatable characters that grab the player's attention and never let's go.

Intense melee combat.

In Days Gone, sometimes running is the best option.

9. Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package gameplay

The latest game in Capcom’s other zombie franchise, Dead Rising 4 puts players back in control of everyone’s favorite photojournalist, Frank West as you tear through zombies using anything and everything you can find.

Originally released on the Xbox One, The PS4 version, given the subtitle “Frank’s Big Package” includes both the base game and all the DLC, making it the definitive way to play this over the top, open-world slaughter-fest. 

What makes Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package great:

  • Includes all the DLC previously released, making it the definitive way to play Dead Rising 4.
  • A large open world where almost everything can be used as a weapon from guns and chainsaws, street signs, golf clubs, and even crossbows that launch fireworks among others.
  • The classic over the top atmosphere that makes the Dead Rising franchise unique among the other famous zombie and survival horror franchises.

Combat that's off the chain....saw

Did I mention a crossbow that shoots fireworks?

8. They Are Billions

They Are Billions gameplay

If you though Warcraft 3 was the only Real-Time Strategy game with zombies, as a wise puppet once said: “There is another”. Set in a dark post-apocalyptic steampunk future, build colonies for the last remnants of humanity and defend them from the massive hordes of thousands of the undead that seek to end all remaining life.

With detailed colony building and resource mechanics, and tense strategic battles that allows players to pause in real-time so they can make the best possible strategic choice, They Are Billions is a great RTS that harkens back to classics in the genre while creating its own niche.

What makes They are Billions great:

  • An interesting and dark steampunk setting and an art style that give its zombie post-apocalypse unique.
  • A 60-hour story campaign and a randomly generated survival mode give players loads of content for them to get sucked into.
  • Intense large scale strategic battles that allow pausing in real-time so they can make the best strategic decision against armies of up to 20,000 units.

A dark and desperate steampunk post-apocalypse.

Massive battles that hold up to 20,000 units.

7. Dead Island

Dead Island gameplay

The first game in the series to feature co-op multiplayer, making the main story more enjoyable as you take on large swarms of infected zombies.

Mercenary mode returns from Re

In this cult hit 1st person action RPG, fight your way off a tropical paradise overrun by the undead with visceral combat as four diverse characters with distinct backstories and personalities. Team up with four of your friends to take on the story campaign, adding more entertainment to an already entertaining game. Do you have what it takes to get off the island?

What makes Dead Island great:

  • Visceral and brutal combat makes combat intense and exciting.
  •  Four diverse player characters with distinct backstories and fun personalities.
  •  A story mode that can be played solo or with up to four players, offering players two distinct ways to tackle the story.

Doesn’t look like it can teach you, but he’ll have to charge.

An action RPG set during a zombie outbreak.

6. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 gameplay.

The first game in the legendary survival horror franchise to shift to a mostly action focus, play as fan favorite character Chris Redfield who is joined by new character Sheva Alomar as they fight to get to the bottom of a zombie outbreak in Africa.

Resident Evil 5 is the first game in the mainline series to feature co-op multiplayer as well as bring back mercenaries mode from previous Resident Evil games which adds to the tense action-packed direction of the series that many players should enjoy.

What makes Resident Evil 5 great:

  • Shifts the series into an action-driven direction with loads of 3rd person shooting and dynamic quick time events to keep players on their toes. 
  • The first game in the series to feature co-op multiplayer, making the main story more enjoyable as you take on large swarms of infected zombies.
  • Mercenary mode returns from Resident Evil 3 where players see how many zombies they can kill in a limited amount of time for a high score for arcade-like fun.

He should probably get that look at.

Mercenaries mode returns for arcade-like fun.

5. World War Z

Based on the Novel and Film of the same name, this four-player 3rd person co-op shooter follows different groups of survivors as they fight past hordes of zombies to escape cities such as New York City, Tokyo, Jerusalem, and Moscow. Players in World War Z choose six different classes that they can level up the more they play the game, adding more replay value.

Top it all off with firefights that feature hundreds of zombies and detailed gore thanks to Saber Interactive’s proprietary Swarm Engine, and you got yourself a bloody good time.

What makes World War Z great:

  • Four different stages representing different cities around the world and feature different characters to make each stage unique.
  • Six classes players can pick to give them a unique role in their teams which gain experience after each game, increasing replay value.
  •  Saber Interactive’s proprietary Swarm Engine allows for hundreds of zombies on the screen, making for some intense gunfights.

Intense gunfights with lots of zombies.

The Slasher class focuses on melee combat.

4. Dying Light

Dying Light Gameplay

Developed by the same studio that created the previous mentioned Dead Island, Dying Light can be seen as a spiritual successor to TechLand’s first foray into the zombie sub-genre, adding parkour traversal to give it its own identity. Fight against zombies and renegade survivors alone or in four-player co-op with brutal, fast-paced melee combat and an in-depth weapon crafting system that upgrades previously disposable weapons into brutal instruments of destruction.

If you want a game where you can leap across rooftops and hit zombies in the face with a flaming cricket bat, I can’t think of any other option.

What makes Dying Light great:

  • Fast-paced and intense melee combat that emphasizes strategy over button mashing your opponents to death (or back to death in most cases)
  • A fun parkour traversal system that gives the game a unique edge and makes moving to your next mission more fun and exciting.
  • Fully upgradeable weapons that make the otherwise disposable weapons essential and make the players more attached to them.

 Did mention hitting zombies in the face with a flaming cricket bat?


And here's a Katana for slicing and dicing.

3. Last of Us Remastered

In this critically acclaimed, award-winning action game, an open world is replaced with a linear adventure wrapped around an emotionally gripping story and complex, well-developed characters that will keep players invested from beginning to end.

This remastered edition of PS4 brings the ravaged and unrelenting post-apocalyptic world to life more than ever before thanks to the upgraded graphics while also including all the previously released DLC, such as an extra story campaign called “Last of Us: Left Behind” , making the PS4 version the definitive way to experience Joel and Ellie’s heartbreaking and heartwarming road trip through post-apocalyptic America.

What makes Last of Us Remastered great:

  • An emotional and well-told story with complex, well-developed characters that will invest the players in the journey of Joel and Ellie.
  • Interesting gameplay that emphasizes nail-biting stealth and brutal fights using items the plays must craft.
  • The remastered edition upgrades the graphics to make them fit with next-gen hardware and includes all the previously released DLC including the single-player campaign “Last of Us: Left Behind” which adds more back story for one of the main characters and more content for players after finishing the single-player campaign.

An emotional storyline that pulls no punches.

A dark, desperate post-apocalyptic world.

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 gameplay

Returning to the atmospheric survival horror of the first couple of games in the legendary survival horror series, Resident Evil 7 shifts the perspective from 3rd person to 1st person, somehow reinventing the series and while returning it to its root simultaneously.

Experience Ethan Baker’s haunting journey through a run down Louisiana plantation with a new photorealistic art style made possible by Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine.

All of this makes Resident Evil 7 the return to terrifying form that many fans have been waiting for.

What makes Resident Evil 7 great:

  • A new 1st person perspective that helps to enhance the isolated, dread-filled atmosphere.
  • The return of classic survival horror gameplay including environmental puzzles, exploration that requires the player to return to location never been before, and nail-biting combat and limited resources that might be better to run away from.
  • Capcom’s proprietary RE engine allows for a photo-realistic art style that makes the grotesque horrors more grotesque.

Grotesque monstrosities brought to you by Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine.

Blick, atmospheric horror returns.

1.Resident Evil 2 (2019)

This highly anticipated remake brings the genre-defining classic to a new generation of gamers with updated controls with over the shoulder camera used in Resident Evil 4 and upgraded graphic that emphasizes dynamic lighting and shadows to create a tense, suspenseful atmosphere, unlike any other horror game.

With this remake, Capcom has managed to outdo a classic and any fan, old or new, should have a horrifyingly good time experiencing this reimagining of Leon Kenedy and Clarie Redfield's horrific night in the Raccoon City police station. 

What makes Resident Evil 2 (2019) great:

  • Updated controls and over the shoulder camera replaces the archaic tank controls and fixed camera angles from the original game to make this classic game more accessible to new players while giving the veteran players a brand new experience.
  • Updated graphics with a focus on heavy environmental shadows for a more intense and haunting atmosphere.
  • A full-on remake of a defining game in survival horror, allowing players to relive iconic moments in a brand new way. 

Over the shoulder camera reminiscent of the fourth Resident Evil game.

Classic moments are given a new light.

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