[Top 10] Zombie Games With Base Building

Surviving was never easy
Best Zombie Games With Base Building

[Top 10] Zombie Games With Base Building

Zombie games are a combination of what makes us human after all.

It shows us The instinct of survival, the good and evil inside us, the free will, and how ideas can make us kill humans or sacrifice our lives for each other.

Base-building zombie games are the true definition of what I mentioned above. You need to survive, to be good or evil, to use your free will in every choice, so today we will introduce you to the (Top 10 Zombie Games with Base Building).


Number 10: State of Decay 2

Available on: PC, Xbox One

State of Decay was first published as an Xbox Live Arcade in 2013, and it was, by all means, an excellent experience.

The game focused on collecting resources to build shelters against zombie attacks, saving people from the street to your shelter and fighting hordes of zombies.

State of Decay 2 added new elements to make the game more fun, like the coop mode, a larger world, new tools, and materials to add to your shelter.

Join your friends, smash some zombies with your car's door, and enjoy using lots of different ways to humiliate the poor zombies.

You should try the "State of Decay 2" if you are a fan of base-building zombie games.        


Number 9: Night of the Dead

Available on: PC

In "Night of the Dead", you find yourself in a world full of zombies, and you have to survive with your life, but the fun thing about this game is that you can build your base to protect yourself from zombies, and also you have to keep it safe using all kinds of traps.

You can use fans to cut their bodies, flamethrowers to burn them, and hideous land mines and booby traps similar to those in the Saw series or even worse.

The best thing about this game is that you have to protect your shelter by collecting a lot of resources, Chop down trees and break rocks to collect minerals, kill wild animals like bears to use their skins, and pass through dark tunnels and abandoned houses in search of materials.

After that you can build traps and a solid defense system to protect you from the attacks of zombies' hordes coming in huge numbers.

This game is one of the most recent base-building games, and I recommend you to give it a try with your friends.


Number 8: Unturned

Available on: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Unturned might be the strangest game I've put on this list, because everyone associates zombie and survival games with realism and doesn't imagine a Minecraft-game like would be so special.

If you play Unturned with your friends, it might be the best game I have given you on this list.

All the elements of survival are present in this game. You must go out into the world, collect resources such as Minecraft, build your shelter, and fight with your friends to protect this shelter by all means.

The game contains hundreds of unique items and weapons. You  can even drive vehicles to trample on zombies.

If you want a different, new, and unique zombie survival game with base building, then this game is definitely for you, it is considered as one best multiplayer zombie games


Number 7: Miscreated

Available on: PC

 Miscreated is the only DayZ clone that has survived, succeeded, and is still on the scene. The game features high graphics and a massive world unlike any survival games, but it suffers from couple of technical problems, especially in huge cities.

The game is not for everyone. If you can't tolerate some technical problems and overlook them to enjoy the large amount of content this game offers, then you have to skip it for the next game.

The game contains a wide variety of strange creatures, such as dogs and giants that look like Mr. X from Resident Evil, mutants, and many other that will shock you while you're looking for resources to build your base. The monsters here are different in their brutality from all other survival games.

You can also play this game with friends, which adds another great advantage to the game, as you have to eat and drink in order not to die, and you also need to kill other players for resources in order to improve and protect your base.

The game is characterized by an enchanting atmosphere, an eye-catching environment, and a state of anticipation and constant tension as you slip between jungles and cities, afraid of the treachery of humans and the brutality of zombies.

If you want a distinctive and enchanting experience full of huge content and realism, then this game is definitely for you if you can overlook the technical problems inside the game.

If you want a distinctive and enchanting experience full of huge content and realism, then this game is definitely for you, of course if you can overlook the technical problems inside the game.


Number 6: 7 Days to Die

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, MacOS, and Linux

Seven days to die  is one of the best survival games you need to play. The game, as you can see from its name, is about surviving for seven days, and every day the number of zombies will increase, and that's mean more pressure on you to survive in various ways, and indeed, more pressure on that base that you need to protect for seven days.

You need to build and fortify your base in the early days before you are overtaken by hordes of zombies. The game's world is massive and full of resources and unpleasant surprises.

There is no doubt that this is one of the games that can consume your life and energy until you finish it, and it will suck your mentality till to play it properly. Success in this game means dying and trying a lot so you can learn and evolve in smarter ways.

This game was a pleasant surprise for everyone who loves zombie and survival games, and you should definitely try it out soon.


Number 5: Scum

Available on: PC

Scum is a zombie-building game steeped in realism. The game wants you to stop eating a lot to prevent your body  from gaining more weight and become fat. Not only that, but while crossing a river, you may drown because of your weight.

Scum is specially made for those hard-core survival gamers who love the little details that make the world more difficult to survive in.

So you may not like it if you are someone who wants a quick and fun game to spend some times relaxing because this game needs a lot of focus and attention to small details so you don't become the next zombie dinner.

The game features impressive graphics, amazing environment, and many details to build your base professionally and realistically.

You will like this game a lot if you are a fan of realism and want a great challenge to get you out of the monotony of easy surviving game games.


Number 4: They Are Billions

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

They are Billions is a different and unique game from the usual base building zombie games.

 In this game you have to keep eight colonies from falling at the hands of zombie hordes that have infected the new planet.

What is different about this game is that it's similar in some way or another to strategy games like Red Alert and Civilization.

 You will recruit soldiers, make fences, put machines and robots to survive the sweeping zombie attack.

Zombies here are not joking, they can attack with billions without exaggeration.

No game has ever had so many zombies, and you'll need to think fast to fortify all your colonies with all your resources before they get swept away in the endless zombie river.

They Are Billions is a unique game, and undoubtedly worth trying.


Number 3: Project Zomboid

Available on: PC, OS X, Linux

Project zomboid is a different game from everygame I just mentioned on this list, it's true that it is similar to them in building the base and trying to survive in a world infested with zombies, but it is very different in term of gameplay.

 The game is not only forcing you to survive, but also wants you to watch over the food while it's being cooked, keeping an eye on your house so that it does'nt burn while you are busy, and to collect enough resources every day so you can have a chance to survive in such a cruel world.

 The variety in this game is tremndous, and the fun is endless.

You can grow crops, catch fish and make an electric generator to keep you warm.

 The number of zombies in the game is enermous, and zombies may surround you from every direction often, and you will have to die a lot to learn to survive and build a strong base.

 The game will force you to leave your house sooner or later, for example if your generator runs out of fuel you will have to get in your car and go to the nearest gas station to get fuel, but sadly you'll find hundreds of zombies waiting for you.

 There is no doubt that Project Zombiod is one of the most interesting base building surviving games, and what makes it even more beautiful is that you can play it with your friends.


Number 2: Minecraft

Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android

I see some people is amazed that Minecraft is on this list, but how can I not add Minecraft and it's the game that inspired all the Base building, survival zombie games, and it's a game about building a base and fighting zombies and monsters at night, all these things and more make it worth adding to this the list.

Minecraft is not for the fans of realism, but it is undoubtedly one of the greatest base building survival games, and it's by no means the most interesting and famous.

 the diversity in the world is astonishing. There's  no limit to what you can do in this game.

 You can even take some slaves and make them breed children to serve you.

If you dig underground, you will find cities and tunnels, if you go into the world, you will find villages and many fascinating things.

 Of course we won't forget to mention "Creeper" who scared me more than the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation, or the slenderman.

 I don't remember how often  I cried when I suddenly found him in my face exploding, destroying my only house, which I spent hours building and decorating.

Minecraft is one of the most enjoyable game.  You can play it alone or with your friends, and it's now much easier to play it because it's now available on mobile devices.


Number 1: DayZ

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The survival genre owes a great debt to DayZ, which began life as a mod for military simulator ARMA II.

In DayZ you need to survive not only from zombies but also from other human scavengers trying to kill you to get the resources you collected along the way.

Buliding a base is a core element in this game to master surviving, you need to gather as many resources as you can from cities, houses, and other players etc.

DayZ suceeded to become one of the greatest base building surviing game ever made. With a lot of praise from critics and players, DayZ is a blast and you must absolutely try it.

It's the end of my list. Do you agree with it? Tell us in the comments.

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