[Top 10] Movies Like Dying Light That Are Fun To Watch

A screenshot of a part of the gameplay in Dying Light

Dying Light is a zombie game based in a town called Harran. The main character is a guy named Kyle Crane, an agent for the G.R.E., who was sent into a zombie-infested Harran for research papers the G.R.E. needed.

 He becomes a runner for a guy named Brecken. A runner is a person that risks their life to go out of the safe zones and get things and do quests for people that aren’t runners. That is what the game is about, surviving in a zombie apocalypse.

 I have done the research and I found zombie movies that I believe are like Dying Light. This next list is the Top 10 movies like Dying Light that are fun to watch:


10. Hostile (2018)


 This French film is about a woman named Juliette who, among a few thousand others, survives a worldwide epidemic. The only thing is they are not alone. There is a strange creature among them that they have to try and survive.

 The trailer starts with Juliette driving around and searching buildings and other areas. She talks about how there are only memories of her life before now.

 She gets distracted by a picture on her car, and she ends up accidentally rolling her vehicle and she gets into a car crash. Her vehicle is now on its rooftop, and she has to try and get out.

 She lays on the ground looking around and sees a girl in a cage, and sees the creature is just outside her vehicle. It slowly walks around the vehicle. She gets out from under her vehicle and has a red flare, which scares the creature.

 This movie has so many similarities to the game Dying Light. There is a similarity between people who survived a pandemic and now have to survive. Dying Light has zombies, but it also has creatures called volatiles, who come out at night only and are scared of UV lights.

 I think this movie is definitely worth the watch. If you like Dying Light, this movie definitely should be watched. 


9. The Ravenous (2017)


  This movie is a chilling zombie movie that is about a small town in Quebec, Canada that has to deal with an outbreak. This outbreak causes the people infected to become human-eating monsters that turn on their family and friends.

 The trailer begins by showing the small town, almost completely abandoned. A group of people hides in a shed or small house. 

They see a little girl and her mom, and it turns out they are creepy-looking zombies. Or something of the sort.

 This movie is about a group of people trying to fight and survive, just like the group in the tower and other places in Dying Light. This movie is pretty good and deserves the number 9 spot.


8. The Battery (2012)


 Two former baseball players were forced together by the zombie apocalypse. Now they have to trust each other to survive. They struggle to keep their friendship together through it all. That’s what this movie, The Battery. 

 The trailers show the two together in a cabin-looking house with woods around them. They dance, and they hike looking for things while killing zombies on the way. They complain about not having the basics they used to.

 They practice baseball and they get invaded. They have to go on the run from the zombies. 

 This movie shows the zombie apocalypse and the characters have to try to survive. Dying Light is focused on one main character, but it is also a multiplayer game as well as a single-player game. This movie is one you have to have a certain taste for, but it is very good and goes down the same storyline.


7. Zombieland (2009)


 Zombieland is a classic comedy zombie movie. The movie is about a shy young man who wants to try and get to his family in a whole different state. On his way, he meets a guy that he named Tallahassee because that is where he is from.

 He tags along with Tallahassee to try and get to his family sooner. They meet a couple of girls who trick them and take their stuff. They eventually find them again and they all decide to team up.

 The trailer shows the meet-up of Columbus (main character) and Tallahassee. It shares the hilarious ride they have together as well as being robbed by two young sisters and becoming friends with them.

 I love this movie, and I think it has similarities to Dying Light. Dying Light is a multiplayer game as well as a single-player game. This movie follows a group of people surviving and trying to get to different places.


6. Little Monsters (2019)


 Little Monsters is a zombie comedy movie. It’s about a teacher who brings her students on a field trip, with a washed-up musician who tagged along. The trip turns into a zombie outbreak, and the teacher and musician have to try and protect the kids.

 The trailer shows the kids and 2 adults on the bus, going on their field trip. They get there and it's like an amusement park/zoo. They are watching the animals in a vehicle. 

 When the vehicle stops. Ahead of them is a zombie eating an animal. They then have to protect the kids. They do so in a funny way, which makes it so fun to watch.

 I think this movie is funny, definitely makes fun of zombie movies a little, but for sure worth the watch. I think it has great taste and has a lighter mood than some of the movies on this list.


5. Night Of The Living Dead(1990)


 Based on the classic Night of The Living Dead, this movie is about seven friends who end up trapped in a farmhouse surrounded by zombies. These zombies came to be for unknown reasons. People just saw their loved ones and others rising out of the ground. 

 The trailer shows the townspeople fighting the undead that suddenly started rising out of the ground. The zombies try coming through doors and windows. The people end up getting grabbed and a zombie drops from the above floor. 

 This movie is pretty good given it was made in 1990. I think that it belongs on this list because it is one of the most classic zombie movies. Worth watching and definitely if you like more vintage movies.


4.  28 Days Later(2002)


 Dawn of the Dead is about a group of unruly animal activists releasing a bunch of caged chimps that are infected with a virus they call RAGE. When a London bike courier wakes up from a coma a couple of months later, he finds that his town is abandoned because people ran from the zombies that were infesting the town.

 He becomes friends with a couple of people he runs into and they become a group that has to survive this long and perilous journey through this now zombie-invaded world.

 The trailer shows this biker's journey from waking up to finding the group of people and having to fight through zombies. This movie is a good one and very action-packed. This movie is a lot like Dying Light just like the other movies on this list.


3. Dawn Of The Dead(2004)


 A woman’s husband ends up being attacked by a zombified neighbor, and she barely escapes only to realize that her entire town has become zombified. That's how the movie Dawn Of The Dead starts.

 The trailer shows the amazing action that is packed in this movie. It starts with the woman’s family having some fun outside before going to bed. The woman snuggles up with her husband, and they fall asleep. 

Dawn comes around and the family starts to wake up for the day. Only the little girl is a zombie and attacks her father. The mom escapes the house and has to try to survive on her own, with the trauma of losing both her husband and her daughter.

I think the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. It's an amazing movie, although they could have spent a little more to make the zombies more realistic. Overall a great movie, definitely worth the watch.


2. Resident Evil(2002)


  Based on the classic zombie video game, this thrilling movie is 100% a hit. This movie is about a commando group who were sent to destroy something called the “hive”. The hive is a huge underground lab operated by a very powerful corporation called Umbrella.

 The trailer shows the group going into the zombie-infested area, destroying zombies in their path, and trying to stay on their mission. They use their technology and fight.

 This movie is very much like Dying Light. A group is a government group in the movie and Kyle Crane is a part of the G.R.E. in the video games, which is a government group.

 Kyle Crane was sent in for very valuable information in the video game, and this commando group was sent in to destroy the “hive”. It deserves the #2 spot because it has a lot of similarities to the video game Dying Light.


1. The Night Eats The World(2018)


 Besides the fact that this movie stars a little differently, and has a little different path, this movie is the closest zombie movie to the zombie game Dying Light. The movie is about a guy who wakes up the morning after a raging party and realizes the world became overrun with zombies.

 The movie setting is France, and the game is set in a foreign town called Harran. However, the movie’s main character travels alone, as well as the game character does.

 The trailer shows the main character waking up in an apartment after he parties hard. He looks out the window and only sees what seems to be a human running. He has to fight through zombies, and barricades himself in the apartment.

 He eventually leaves the apartment and has to fight for his life. He does try and get to his girlfriend, but he is too late.

 This movie is almost just like the game in more ways than I can explain in this article. It is definitely worth the watch, especially if you are obsessed with zombie movies and/or games.

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