[Top 10] Best Zombie Games That Are Free To Play (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

The best free zombie games on the internet.
It's either kill, or become the dead

If you're someone who has a passion for taking on the undead using everything from your fists like a crazy Bruce Lee, to shotguns and more like a zombie hunting version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then this article will point you in the right direction.

In this article we will be counting down the top 10 free zombie games which you can jump into right now.


10 - Deceit

Deceit Gameplay

First up on our list is the action filled, multiplayer shooter known as Deceit. The game begins with you waking up in an unknown area, to the sound of the game master's unfamiliar voice. You are accompanied by five others, yet a third of your group have been infected with a virus. Who will live to tell the tale?

Deceit will test your instincts as you progress through the map and come to items which may help you advance towards the exit and survive. You will have to decide however which items are the most valuable to you, and whether or not you will fight with another survivor to keep what you have..

When your in this darkness, a pistol is your only friend.

9 - Dead Frontier 2 

Dead Frontier 2 gameplay

Dead Frontier 2 is number 9 on our list and is a great online survival horror. It’s possibly the darkest game of our list, set in a world where you play as one of a few people who survived an outbreak of zombies in a decaying society. 

You will scavenge for supplies, improve your skill levels and trade with other players, all while keeping your eyes wide open and readying yourself for the infected who could advance on you from any corner.

A great game which is well worth a try, considering it's completely free to play. Who knows, you might even start to enjoy killing some of the darkest monsters you can imagine.

If you can make it through to morning, you might just survive.

8 - Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense gameplay

Zombie Defense is number 8 on our list, a modern classic of RTS where you can recruit soldiers, place them on slots and let them annihilate oncoming waves of zombies while you sit back and enjoy the carnage. 

You can order supplies, throw grenades, rain down fire from the sky with precise airstrikes, and earn money on missions which you can spend on upgrades. All this brings together a classic mix of strategy, tactics and micromanagement.

It's a great tower defense game that no doubt will have you entertained for hours as you slay horde after horde, gaining better supplies and weapons in the process.

The key to surving here is patience and teamwork.

7 - S.A.S 4: Zombie Assault

S.A.S 4: Zombie Assault gameplay

A virus has broken out on a distant planet unleashing horrors from humanity's past. A powerful zombie horde threatens the existence of humankind and it is up to the skilled special forces known as the SAS to fight back against the undead.

In this intense action shooter the main aim is to purge the undead. Upgrade your guns, armor, unique skill classes and special abilities, which in turn gives you the edge as you progress against the waves of undead. 

Play as a single player or in a co-op based mode with up to four players which provides countless hours of exciting and fun zombie slaying.

The SAS are the last chance we have, are you ready?

6 - Transmission Element 120

Trasmissions Elements 120 gameplay

TE120 is a great game set in the Half Life universe featuring a short story in which you use a gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls. 

The story takes place at an unknown date and location, leaving the player to question who you are, and why you have been sent to this unknown location. All shall be revealed in the end. Transmissions is a very creative and engaging game which reminds us of the drama, action and horror that originally drew us to the world of half life.

The game is an exciting and fun play, yet it could be said it is little more than an extra mission of Half Life 2, due to its short story. Nonetheless it is still a great play and is probably best played after the Half Life game.

Now thats a one of a kind zombie blaster

5 - Codename Cure

Codename Cure gameplay

Codename Cure is a first person cooperative zombie game which provides us with a fast paced zombie environment with objectives and survival based missions. Are you fast enough to stay alive? Time will tell. In the objective mode of play, you take on the actions of a team of military operatives, whose main task is finding a cure for the infected areas of a post-apocalyptic earth. 

Pick from one of five players classes each with their own unique skills, who all play a part in the overall strength of the team, giving us the choice to choose our strongest suit helping you successfully complete each mission. Survival mode is a wave based scenario with no objective to win.

Simply test your skills against huge hordes, as each one gets a little harder. A real test of skills is brought about in this dynamic mode, with a huge selection of weapons being available to help you progress to the next round.

A shot from the hip might just get you two birds with one stone.

4 - Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear gameplay

Cry of fear is a horror game set in a deserted town filled with nightmarish creatures that will surely give you a scare as you battle through this psychologically demanding game. So put on your big boy pants as this one is a horror classic.You take on the role of a young man desperately searching for answers in the cold winter nights of a Scandinavian town, as you explore the city which you come to notice has descended into a bad way. 

The game has a strong emphasis on cinematic experience, while making you think about your every move. It's a real nightmare game which boasts a great story that will keep you equally scared, yet excited to see what's next as you play through the story.

Now thats one scary zombie, shoot or or run? It's up to you

3 - Propagation VR

Propagation VR gameplay

Propagation is a horror survival game in which a mysterious virus brought on a global apocalyptic era. You’re trapped in an abandoned subway station, but you're not alone, as you're accompanied by monsters from your worst nightmares. The thrilling cinematics on this VR game will have you in a state of fear and excitement as you use realistic weapons to fight the horrific monsters coming right for you. 

You will study the enemies for weaknesses, while also analyzing the situation to help get you through each phase of the game. Manage your weapons wisely, as you carry two at a time, each with their own strengths. Choose from either a handgun or a shotgun in each scenario, and don’t forget to reload when you have time as you never quite know when the next zombie monster is going to charge at you.  If nothing else, you can use your fists to swing haymakers in this thrilling and intense game.

A shotgun against spider zombies, no problem.

2 - Unturned 

Unturned gameplay

Number 2 on our list is Unturned, a game which provides endless hours of fun as you play as a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society. Work with your friends to remain one of the few who would rather have food over humans for dinner. You will attract the attention of both the undead and the alive in this game. You can go in gun toting, or use the subtle approach of sneaking around to get from place to place, and learn to counter special abilities such as invisibility and fire breathing.

The game has great survival aspects, as you forage for food, hunt animals for pelts, fish for food and garbage, plant crops and seek warmth when the ice cold blizzards take over the map. Fortify your base, then go on to explore the 5 maps which make up this game, traveling by land, air and sea by use of a stocked garage. This game is not to be missed as it’s surely one of the best zombie survival games on the free market.

Nothing's better than watching zombies burn

1 - No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell gameplay

Number 1 on our list is no other than the critically acclaimed No More Room in Hell. A game in which your chances of surviving are slim to none in this all out war between society and the undead. The game is set in a time when the world is on the verge of collapse due to an unknown virus which has turned the dead into killer zombies who want nothing more than to serve you up as their next meal. 

One bite in this game and it can be all over, luckily you won’t have to take on the zombies alone. There are a handful of survivors left in this god forsaken nightmare, and with humble teamwork, you may be able to fight your way to safety. Co-op mode lets you play with up to eight players, in a dynamic map which may not be the same each time you play it through. Survival mode keeps things interesting as you try to keep your shelter safe against waves on the undead. 

The game holds a great realistic feeling, in which ammo and weapons are scarce, meaning one thing, aim down your sights and shoot at the head. There are over 30 weapons to choose from giving you plenty of options to how you will slay the undead. All in all, the game is one of the most fun zombie games ever created and certainly tops our list as the most fun free zombie survivor game you can dive into right now.

When it's down to one on one, can you survive?

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