Top 10 New Zombie Games That Look Really Fun!

New Zombie Games
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A look at some of the newer zombie games.

Let's take a look shall we everyone?

#10 Dead Maze (PC)

Dead Maze is a massively multiplayer 2D game. Cooperation is key in order to rebuild the community especially your own camp as well as uncover the dark side of the apocalypse.

You must scavenge for resources to craft life-saving items to survive the zombie apocalypse.

There are over 500 potential weapons available to use even a teddy bear to fight a horde off. You have to manage thirst, hungry, and fatigue as well.

Cartoon: Cartoon style world where you team up with others to survive.

Look Familiar: It reminds you of sim city and all those other cities building 2d games just with zombies.

#9 Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning (PC)

This game provides dark humor and story-driven gameplay. You are playing a retired salesperson who has an in-depth collection of zombie movies to help survive the apocalypse without risking your own life.

You can convince other animals to scavenge for you as your choices influence those around you. It also has mature content and is not suitable for work or small children.

Animal zombie apocalypse: Animals living together surviving, rebuilding and looting.

Leadership: You decide the outcome of the scavenger, do they die or is it safe to send them in. You control all of this are you ready to survive?

#8 Metro Exodus ( PS4/xbox1/PC)

In Metro Exodus, the focus the focus is on deadly combat and stealth to survive. As a nuclear war survivor, you have to learn how to survive poisoned elements, mutant beast and paranormal horrors that are daily occurrences.

Your mission is to lead a group of survivors east through Russia to find a new life somewhere else. There is story-based gameplay in a hostile world.

Scavenging and crafting while you are on the go will be necessary to survive the harsh environment.

Your choices, however, determine the people you are leading so not all of your party will survive as your choices have dire consequences.

Survivors: Some of the people you are leading, remember your choices affect if they survive or die.

Zombie fish or prehistoric fish: zombie fish under ice or a long forgotten creature that just resurfaced?

#7 Resident Evil 2 ( PS4/Xbox1/PC)

In resident evil 2 you can play as Claire or Leon. Your mission is to stop Umbrella Corp as you go through the city and storyline.

As Leon, you meet Ada Wong who introduces herself as FBI. Leon is a new rookie cop for the police department. 

As Claire you are looking for your brother Chris who is also, a police department STARS member.

Your objective was to find your brother, along the way you meet a little girl named Sherry. Both Claire or Leon land up at the lab for two different reasons and missions.

Leon: New cop first day on the job. It is tough being a cop. Leon is taking on a citizen he was supposed to protect.

Claire: Claire and Sherry making their way to the underground lab where her parents work.

#6 Daymare: 1998 ( PC)

Daymare is a third-person shooter with hard to kill enemies. This game requires strategic puzzle solving and combat approaches.

Each character gives you a piece of the story as it takes place in a secret lab with biochemical weapons, special security teams and more.

You can play as a helicopter pilot, a soldier, and a forest ranger and always remember to take out the creatures before searching the area for clues.

Mature content and realistic graphics included.

Our police force is they are now the undead so who can protect you now? Yourself is the only answer.

Assault rifle: So fire, semi and fully automatic weapons, hardcore survival. Headshots all the way.


Two years ago an Island became a sight of a large-scale disaster of an unknown origin. An organization tried to cover up the incident and is using *volunteers* to clear up the mess.

As one of the volunteers, you have to face supernatural creatures of all shape and sizes along with unpredictable weather. You can join a 4 player team to increase your survival chances or play solo.

There is a dark past you have to uncover as well as search for threats and eliminate them. Resist the madness or it will consume you and drive you insane.

Survive: a group of survivors is better than being alone in most cases.

What: this is one of the creatures that emerged, what is it? Definitely not friendly kill with prejudice.


In Scum it is a survival horror game of a different kind. It is an open world survival game where knowledge and skills are your best weapons for long term survival.

There will be hardcore intense life or death fights. Nothing can prepare you for this new open world game. You are on a private island fighting for life.

Animals: Kill or leave alone, food or disease.

Alone: Makeshift shelter in the forest. Calm before the storm or just naturally calm.

#3 Strange Brigade (PS4/Xbox1/PC)

Set in Egypt in the 1930s the witch queen has come back to power. Your mission is to defeat her army and put the queen to sleep forever.

Explore the ruins and solve puzzles to defeat her. You can explore solo or up to a group of 4. You also have to keep an eye out for traps and all those loyal to the queen minions.

Paranormal activity in ancient Egypt has you as the main hero.

Heroic group: The team sent to keep the queen at bay. They are there to kill the army hordes.

Skeleton: Some of the creatures she brought back with her.


GTFO is a 4 player horror game, where players must extract artifacts in a place filled with monsters.

You have 4 player PVE style game which means it is up to 4 player vs a ton of monsters.

Explore a wicked alien atmosphere and plan your mission wisely if you don't want to get torn to shreds.

Creature: Not sure what type of creature this is yet you must kill them to get the artifacts.

Lightning: Is this lightning or some supernatural power. Is it an artifact power or something else.

#1 World War Z (PS4/Xbox1/PC)

World War Z is a player vs zombie third-person shooter. You can play co-op with up to four people at one time, your main objective is to survive the thousands of zombie swarms around the area.

It is a story driven game with each group of survivors telling a different story. It is an endless fight with swarms across the nation.

Swarm: Well zombies run in this game. They also swarm in massive overwhelming groups.

Surrounded: Looks like the only way to go is through that infection. Massive gunfights with what seems to be never-ending hordes.

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