[Top 10] Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Blueprints To Have

Aiden holding a Molotov cocktail and sword.
Aiden holding a Molotov cocktail and sword.

Blueprints are likely the best addition that techland has added to Dying Light 2 to date. Rather than relying on rng and grinding away at enemies and loot drops, purchasing blueprints allows you to not only craft your sought after armaments but enables you to upgrade them too. They also give you somewhere to finally spend your crafting materials (for everyone who’s been hoarding since launch).  

Although some of the fun in DL2 derives from hacking away at endless hordes only to see what kind of loot they will drop, Having at least one weapon blueprint up to date on your level is a great way to always have a reliable weapon at hand when things get sticky. Therefore, investing infected trophies into a couple blueprints is highly recommended in any playthrough at any stage of the game. 

Note: in DL2 attack damage is based on several factors such as: affixes, mods, gear bonuses, legend level scaling and weapon rarity. Notably the legend level scaling will add up to about %100 of the base damage to a weapon. So if you are deciding on leveling up a specific weapon type it is possible to effectively double your damage output with legend levels alone. I.e. if you fancy a weapon on this list just double the base damage output and that sum is almost its full potential damage. You can also add a gear and mod bonus to this and find the real potential but those variables are too numerous to calculate. That being the case, the stats that I share may differ from your own. 

10. Gunhammer

Weilding the Gunhammer.

The Gunhammer is simply a gun flipped over, welded to a monkey wrench and repurposed to act as a hammer. This hammer is best for beginners and those who don’t have a  massive pool of stamina. It deals average damage and is obtained early in the game. It is the perfect blueprint to continuously upgrade throughout the game.  

Excels in...

  • Low Stamina use per swing.
  • Good for beginners through the late game.

Gunhammer Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 446 Blunt Damage.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • 2 Mod Slots.
  • Scales With Officer Legend Upgrade.

How to get Gunhammer: Granted by giving the Survivors the water tower in the story Mission “Revolution”.

9. Mine

Mine prepped and ready to be planted.

The mine is a high damage explosive trap. While being among the highest raw output weapons it is limited by the static nature of being a trap. The mine is best used in scenarios where you can keep a choke point clear. Additionally, You can just chuck a mine in the middle of a horde or next to a boss and blast them away with ease. 

Excels In...

  • Raw Damage Output.
  • Impossible to Miss.

Mine Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 2385 Explosive damage.
  • 5m explosion Radius.
  • Produces 2 Mines Per Crafting Instance.
  • Scales with Engineer Legend Upgrade.

How to Get Mine Blueprint: The mine blueprint can be purchased at a craftmaster in Old Villedor. 

8. Last Hope

Last Hope being wamed up by a bonfire.

Last Hope is a one-handed axe fashioned out of a street sign and signpost. This axe is a forgiving weapon for lower levels but also packs a punch if upgraded and modded correctly. It is another good blueprint option for long term upgradability as it can be used from the early game.

Excels In...

  • Low Stamina use per swing.
  • Good for beginners through the late game.
  • Looks Cool.

Last Hope Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 526 Slashing Damage.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • 2 Mod Slots.
  • Scales with Slayer Legend Upgrade

How to Get Last Hope Blueprint: The Blueprint can reportedly be granted upon starting the game without any need to do anything. It will also be rewarded to the player for connecting their techland GG account to their game.  

7. DIY Grenade

Grenade blowing away some night wandering Volitiles.

The DIY Grenade is a throwable explosive. It is easily purchased and found in the game but using the blueprint is the best way to have explosives on hand if you're ever in a pickle. Once upgraded properly, the DIY Grenade will drop several more explosives after the initial detonation. Perfect for decimating groups of enemies and clearing rooms. 

Excels In...

  • Dealing massive damage.
  • Clearing Hordes.

DIY Grenades Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 1590 Explosive damage.
  • 8m explosion radius.
  • Crafts 3 Per Instance. 
  • Scales WIth Engineer Legend Upgrade.

How to Get DIY Grenade Blueprint: The blueprint is purchasable from the craftmaster in the Fish Eye.

6. Molotov Cocktail  

Molotov lighting up a rooftop.

Molotov cocktail is the first high risk v. reward weapon on this list. The drawback to this weapon is the fact that (unlike the other explosive weapons mentioned) it will explode upon contact with any surface or enemy. The risk is that it will kill you, or take most of your health, if you’re in the area of effect. In turn the molotov is perfect for controlling large areas of the battlefield. Those who are not killed in the initial explosion will be burned to a crisp over time. 

Excels In...

  • Clearing Hordes
  • Controlling Chokepoints.
  • Applying Burn Effect to High HP Enemies. 

Molotov Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 400 explosive damage.
  • 25 dps upon burn.
  • 5m fire spread radius.
  • 8s of flame duration.
  • Crafts 2 Per Instance. 
  • Scales With The Engineer Legend Upgrade.

How to Get Molotov Blueprint: The blueprint is granted after completing “Unruly Brother” questline.

5. Wise Katana

Zombie face to face with the Wise Katana.

The Wise Katana is a 2 handed sword (even though some of the attack animations are one handed). Slower attack and higher stamina cost will be tough on newer players but the damage output will make up for it. Since the Wise Katana is available in the early game, a  major drawback is that it will drain smaller stamina bars quickly, so using this weapon in the early game is recommended for those of a bit higher skill level. 

Excels In...

  • Volatile hunting. 
  • Boss killing.

Wise Katana Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 645 Slashing Damage.
  • 3 Mod Slots.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • Scales With Ronin Legend Upgrade.

How to Get The Wise Katana Blueprint: The blueprint is granted upon claiming the free Ronin DLC bundle. It is accessible from the very early game. 


Aiden with the Barbarian in hand.

The Barbarian is similar to the wise katana and other weapons in the 2 Handed slashing category save for the exceptional reach. Though the reach point is anecdotal as there aren’t any official stats on reach. The windmill ability with this weapon is a gamechanger too. Otherwise, it has good raw damage numbers and is Great for the late game. 

Excels In...

  • Volatile hunting.
  • Boss Killing.

Barbarian Stats At Legendary Level 0.

  • 649 Slashing Damage.
  • 3 Mod Slots.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • Scales With Ronin Legend Upgrade.

How to Get The Barbarian Blueprint: The blueprint is found in the tower of the church of Saint Thomas the Apostle. The Church is located on Saint Paul Island on the far east side of the map. 

3.Dying Laugh

The Dying Laugh bat mocking some zombies.

Dying Laugh bat is a special blunt weapon. It is a modified baseball bat that also deals toxic damage on criticals. The ability also adds thechance to discharge in a toxic explosion that can apply toxicity to nearby enemies. The upside to being a special weapon is debatable because its special nature actually removes all of the mod slots. This is subjective and highly dependent on your playstyle. Aside from that it is a effectivebat to use if you don’t mind sacrificing some blunt damage for the toxic benefits. 

Excels In...

  • Poisoning bosses
  • Poisoning heavy enemies.

Dying Laugh At Legendary Level 0.

  • 548 Blunt Damage.
  • No Mod Slots.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • Scales With Officer Legend Upgrade.

How to Get The Dying Laugh Blueprint: The blueprint was free DLC during a 2022 halloween event, it is now purchasable through the Dying Laugh DLC bundle.  

2.Spectral Baseball Bat

The bat glowig in an infested apartment.

The Spectral Baseball Bat as another special weapon. In this case the bat has a trait that automatically adds Blast effect to all critical hits without a cooldown. Like the Dying Laugh Bat, it is somewhat unremarkable unless you are actively seeking to do criticals on enemies. The Blast effect can one shot volatiles and deal massive damage to bosses.  

Excels In...

  • Glows in The Dark.
  • Volatile hunting.
  • No Cooldown for Blast on Criticals. 

Spectral Baseball Bat At Legendary Level 0.

  • 508 Blunt Damage.
  • No Mod Slots.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • Scales With Officer Legend Upgrade.

How to Get The Spectral Baseball Bat Blueprint: The blueprint is available for free if you have purchased Dying Light and link your techland GG account to your Dying Light 2 save. Otherwise, it is available for purchase as a part of the Crane DLC Bundle.


Plowshare ready to plow through a horde.

Plowshare is a new halberd weapon blueprint. It has massive reach and attack damage. The downside to using this weapon is quick stamina depletion and slow attack speed. The plowshare (and any halberd weapon) is great for killing Heavies, Volatiles and bosses. If you have the stamina for it you can also sweep away hordes with just a couple of attacks. This new weapon type is currently the best weapon type in the game so long as you have the stamina and skill to wield one. 

Excels In...

  • All round best weapon in the hands of a capable player. 

Plowshare At Legendary Level 0.

  • 698 Slashing Damage.
  • 3 Mod Slots.
  • 4 Affixes.
  • 400 unmodded Durability (Almost twice as much as any other weapon).
  • Scales With The Ronin Legend Upgrade. 

How to Get The Plowshare Blueprint: The blueprint is found on top of Downtown Court Metro Station in the central loop. 

Signing Off!

Well, that's my top ten blueprint in Dying Light 2. Techland is constantly updating and balancing the game day by day. Additionally, blueprints are constantly added too, so keep an eye out for new blueprints!

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