Black Ops 3 Zombies Gameplay: 10 Things That Make It Fun

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As entertaining as the undead are, you can make them even more fun to kill.

10 Things That Make Black Ops 3 Zombies Fun

Zombies has been around in Call of Duty since World at War. Here we had our first experience of the undead. In Nach Der Untoten. Since then zombies has had many upgrades and changes. We even saw it replaced by aliens once, which didn’t go down to well.

Thankfully Black Ops 3 featured the Zombies game mode. It is literally hours and hours of fun. Playing solo, multiplayer or a private match with some friends, it is very entertaining. If you were good at zombies in previous games, you will probably be pretty good in BO3.

So, let’s talk about the top 10 things that make zombies fun.

10. Buildables

Use the Wonder Gun to create black holes and suck Zombies into them

There are loads of items scattered around the map. By themselves these items are useless. But, if you craft the correct items together, you can make something useful. Find a workstation to craft your objects together. What’s even better is you can even create powerful wonder weapons. Usually you need to kill something to get these items to drop. You may even be able to craft an elemental sword.

9. Headshots

What could be sweeter than blowing the brains off of these ugly mugs?

Shooting an enemy in the head in Black Ops 3 will kill them quicker, in online gamplay this very hard. Players are always running on walls and jumping about, which makes them a difficult target. Playing Zombies is the best way to practice killing enemies with a head shot. Think about it, zombies are slow, they don’t change direction very quick and more are less an idle object for the beginning rounds. Plus, what could be better than ripping the heads of the undead, splattering their guts amongst one another. As a reward, taking those headshots will also help you save your ammo for later rounds.

8. Perks

Buy some Juggernog to give you extra health - you will need it!

Perks are also known as Perk-A-Colas. You can get these cola drinks from vending machines all over the map and drink them, each drink gives you a different perk. Perks like Juggernog can give you extra health, speed cola can make you quicker and double-tap root beer can help you shoot faster. Or give you healing powers like stanim-up, so when players are down you can save and revive them quickly.

7. Pack-A-Punch

Build up your score to 5000 points so you can upgrade your weapon and dominate the Zombies.

Pack-A-Punch lets you upgrade your gun and it refills your ammo. All for only 5000 points! This is a really cool feature, it is recommended that you use it on the best guns. Such as a ray gun, to make them even more deadly! You can then use your upgraded weapon to destroy the Zombies, and make life a little easier, for a few rounds at least. 

6. Fumigator

Try your luck with the fumigator to earn a cool reward.

With a fumigator you can harvest pods all around the maps. These pods contain power up perks and sometimes even guns! At the beginning of the game you will most likely get power up perks. You may get lucky with a gun once you get into those higher levels.  Let's be honest, everyone wants to get a ray gun, more importantly we don't want our friends to get one before we do. As a zombie killer we want to complete as many rounds as possible, but we want to top the leaderboard. If you are lucky enough to earn some great guns you may top your leaderboard with no questions asked.

5. Claymores

Plant some claymores to watch your back, whilst you demolish Zombies from the front.

These are extremely fun in online multiplayer. They work a treat in zombies as they are also one hit kill for the first 27 rounds. Even after that they still deal loads of damage. Watch zombies walk into your war path and be blown to pieces. 

4. Monkeys

How could these cute bundles of joy harm anyone?

Toss these bundles of joy as far away from you as possible. Watch zombies rush towards the entertaining monkey and…boom. It blows up. The zombies are dead. And you got some entertainment. Not to mention, a break for the horde of zombies following you. Monkeys can really help in life or death situations and are extremely fun to use.

3. Knifing

Make it interesting for you and your commrades - who can get the most knife kills?

If you find the first few rounds of zombies boring, try knifing all the undead. Don’t use your weapon and save your ammo. Knifing zombies to death gets quite difficult and can be challenging. It’s enjoyable and beneficial as you can save all that ammo for later rounds whilst gaining points. Test your friends and see who can rack up the most knife kills without dieing, if you want a real thrill!

2. Easter Eggs

No, not a real easter egg. Although it does look like one...

There is an Easter Egg in the map called Der Eisendrache. It was added to Black Ops 3 with the Awakening DLC expansion. It is combined with the secret trophy “My Brother’s Keeper”. If you can complete this Easter Egg you will be rewarded. You will get to see a cutscene that prepares us for the future zombies mode. I’ll not spoil it. It’s a great reward in my mind. A real sneak peek!

1. Training

All aboard the Zombie train - next stop deathville.

The objective of zombies, is to kill the zombies. In the first few rounds you can camp in corners and easily pick up kills. As the rounds progress, zombies get faster. More and more zombies start to come. Camping in a corner wouldn’t be the best idea. Instead you need to train the zombies. The idea is, you run around and have the zombies following you. In a big a group as possible. Make sure to run in open space so you don’t get trapped. Then when you have a big group, turn around and shoot them all down! This is a great way to stay alive and save ammo. You will get a lot of collateral damage.

I’m glad to have zombies in Black Ops 3. As you can see, there are more than enough ways to have fun in this game mode. I recommend you try all of these out, it will make your zombie experience more challenging. As well as enjoyable.

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