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Waltz on the floor as he is being choked.
Aiden's first confrontation with Waltz.


Techland’s Dying light 2 greatest innovation to its predecessor is its diverging approach to storytelling. Despite the shallow offerings of choice compared to full fledged role-playing games, Dying light 2 still features a fair amount of choice and consequence for its players. 

We’ll Skip the story beats for now as they can be seen in Dying Light 2 Story Explained. 

This guide can help you decide who lives, who dies and the consequences the city of Villedor will face as a result of your actions. 

Survivors or Peacekeepers

The first important choice you will face as the protagonist in the form of Aiden Caldwell is to which faction you route power to after successfully capturing a water tower in the city of VIlledor. 

In fact, the very first time you have a choice in the matter Aiden directly affects the outcome of a localized rebellion.  

In the case that you decide that the Survivors should have the power, they will successfully destroy a PK power source and expel them from Old Villedor. The PK tunnel to the central loop will be abandoned and all NPCs and merchants will no longer be there. 

If you decide to give the PK’s the power, the survivors’ plot will be unsuccessful and it will result in heavy-handed retaliation in the form of the expulsion of Survivors from the Bazaar (the main hub for the survivors in Old Villedor). Again the area will no longer have NPCs and merchants. 

Peacekeeper propaganda posters.

Either of these choices will be contained to the area of Old Villedor and will determine which faction survives in Old Villedor at the end. 


Surprisingly enough your relationship with Hakon will greatly affect the ending. So, deciding what you do with him is quite important to take into consideration. 

Hakon and the Villedor sunset.

At the end of either “ Into The Dark” or “Revolution” you have a choice to help Hakon after discovering his deceit as the true killer of Commander Lucas. You are tasked between leaving Hakon to bleed or to retaliate and chase down the sniper who shot him.

If you help him, you preserve your chance at sparing his life in “No Mercy” and “Deal With The Devil”. 

If you leave him to die, you will lose the opportunity to spare him during that confrontation entirely. 

So, you will have a boss encounter with him in the missions “No Mercy” or “Deal With The Devil”, but that's not the end of it. In order for Hakon to survive you will have to first spare his life and then defend him from Lawan, who makes a surprise appearance. Simply selecting the options to grant mercy is enough to save him. 

Lawan with her sights on Hakon.

If he dies he cannot intervene in the final mission. You will be relegated to only saving Mia or Lawan.

Spare him then save him and he will appear with the Nightrunners in the final mission. He will also follow you into the X13 base and either Save Lawan from the destruction of the facility or carry Mia out of the building while you retrieve Lawan yourself. Both of these choices will result in different final cutscenes.  

The VNC Tower Antenna

In the mission “Broadcast” the player will have to make a major story influencing decision. It is at this point where the story branches off the most and will affect your possible endings. 

Aiden at the VNC Tower.

You have the choice to bug the antenna for Juan, Give control of the antenna to Jack Matt or give control to Frank.   

The Peacekeepers and Jack Matt

If you side with Matt With the antenna and throughout “Assasination”. Frank will die.  

Lawan will sneak into the dam and confront The Butcher too. You can open the bulkheads and let Matt’s men in or trust The Butcher about the incoming missile barrage.

If you  trust The Butcher Jack Matt will ambush you once you get back into the city. You will have to kill him and his PKs. 

Meyer and the PK’s will take control of the city if it is saved.

Presumed criminals being publicly hanged. by the Peacekeepers.

Alternatively, you and Lawan attack The Butcher, His wife is accidentally shot and The Butcher will flee. Aiden and Lawan will lower the bulkheads, flood the city and let the PKs in the dam. This will trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, you will confront The Butcher and he will divulge information about the Waltz and missile attack and then shoot himself. You go back to the city and renegades will ambush you. Matt will be injured in the scuffle but will survive. He will take control of the city if it is saved. 

The Survivors

Ideal Survivor led Villedor.

If you grant the ability for Frank to Start radio new hope, he will try and negotiate with The Butcher and be gravely wounded for his efforts. If you administered the correct aid to Aitor in the mission “Aitor”, thus saving the herbalist’s life, she will be alive to help Frank with his poisoned wound. 

Frank will survive and you will later learn of Jack Matt’s traitorous nature. In this case Lawan will not break into the dam and confront The Butcher. 

Here you can again choose to believe The Butcher and turn against Matt or Chanse the butcher down, Lower the bulkheads and confront the Butcher again where he will disclose information about the missiles and Waltz and then commit suicide. 

If you believe the butcher Matt will turn on you and regardless if Frank lived or not Cillian and the nightrunners will come to your aid when Matt ambushes you. Note: Hakon and Frank can only be present here if you saved them earlier in the game, otherwise only Cillian and an unnamed Nightrunner will come to your aid.  

If Matt Dies, and you didn’t side with Juan then, Meyer and the Free Folk take control of the city. 

The Renegades

Juan looking down on the people he now rules over. 

If you tap the antenna for Juan and work with him until the end then you have the opportunity to side with the renegades. Frank will be killed in the attack on the Fish Eye and Matt will be ousted as a traitor. In this case you will have to kill Matt and the PKs at the ambush and in the case that the city survives, Williams and Juan will take over Villedor. Turns out Williams is a despot of sorts and this is the worst ending. 

REMEMBER! The city can only be ruled if there is a city left to rule. 

The Fsh Eye reduced to no more than rubble.

Bombs Away!

Now comes to the final decision that the player will make.

Waltz has destroyed the GRE kay and the only way to stop the barrage on the city is to detonate the missiles before they launch. Lawan has stubbornly climbed the silos and began to plant the detonators. Aiden has Mia in his grasp but no time to save both women. 

Aiden maing a descision between Lawan or Mia.

Like I mentioned earlier Hakon can save either woman but Aiden still Has a choice to make. You can evacuate the X13 facility with Mia and Allow Lawan to detonate the missiles or you can choose to leave Mia with her father (and Hakon) and ascend the silos. Stop Lawan from detonating the charges and allowing the missiles to destroy the city. So if Hakon is present the choice is simple. Destroy the city or destroy the X13 facility. 

You can destroy the city and no one gets control of the rubble. If you save the city then the faction decisions made will be in play. 

If you only save Lawan she will leave the city with Aiden. 

If you only save Mia then she will eventually die from her sickness and Aiden will leave the city alone. 

Aiden leaving Villedor.

If you save Mia yourself then, Hakon will save Lawan AFTER she sets the charges then Lawan will leave with Aiden and Mia will still die hours after leaving the facility. The city will be saved.

And finally if you save Lawan yourself BEFORE setting the charges and let Hakon get Mia out of the facility then Hakon will actually join Aiden at the end. The city will be destroyed.

Signing Off!

The question arises about which ending is the real ending. Because a continuation of the story is expected, it stands to reason that it won’t be canon that the city is destroyed. Furthermore I personally think it would be more interesting if either the PKs or Renegades take over the city in order to keep an underdog dynamic going. In this case the Nightrunners and Aiden can continue their struggle against an oppressive force. Regardless of what is canon, however this guide will (hopefully) let you choose the outcome you prefer and maybe even stay human.

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