[Top 25] Best Horror Movie Characters To Dress Up As For Halloween

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Want to scare your friends?

Are you prepared to begin making plans for one of the year's most thrilling and terrifying events? Halloween. 

If you're a fan of quirky horror films, chances are that you've spent the majority of October watching the gruesome new releases onNetflix. There are several costume options available if you want to dip your toe into the gory pool of horror. 

You can choose from a variety of horror movie character costumes while deciding what to wear for Halloween. Some people like to grab their significant other and dress up as a nice terrifying couple, while others go with a provocative outfit.

So, let’s take a look at the [Top 25] Best Horror Movie Characters to Dress Up for Halloween.

25. The Purge

Purge masks

The greatest time to act like "The Purge" is happening is on Halloween night. By donning this mask and tormenting others around you, you can truly unleash your inner murderer. You can either purchase the mask from any fancy dress store, or if you want to get creative, cut a doll's face in half for a more terrifying look.

24. Captain Spaulding (House of 100 Corpses)

Funny looking, but terrifying

Captain Spaulding is a tremendously nasty man who appears in the cult film House of 1000 corpses. He runs the Captain Spaulding Museum of Monsters and Madmen, which draws many visitors, particularly for its Dr. Satan exhibit.

You'll need a Captain Spaulding costume, and a top hat to complete the look, a mask that matches, clown shoes, makeup that mimics this vicious man's appearance, and clown shoes.

23. Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow

I'd run if I saw this walking around the corner!!

The village of Sleepy Hollow, a key figure in European folklore made famous by the Sleepy Hollow legend and its Tim Burton version, has a small secret it would prefer not to reveal. Never venture into the woods after dark; an unfortunate schoolteacher fell there. At any Halloween celebration, this is the most distinctive outfit. The Headless Horseman costume will add some magic to your Halloween celebration.

22. Twisty (American Horror Story)

Twisty is so scary...

Now this isn’t a movie but deserves a place on this list. Twisty, a serial murderer from the hit television programme American Horror Story, has a complicated history that led him to where he is today. He was dropped on his head soon after birth and grew up with a mild mental impairment. He eventually attempted suicide because of this and other difficulties in his life, but he was unsuccessful, leaving him with a scarred face that he now covers with a grin-giving prosthetic mask.

You'll need a Twisty the Clown mask, a pint of blood, a fake rose.Twisty the Clown costume, half finger white gloves, and a Sirius training club to get this spooky clown's appearance.

21. Slender Man

No more camping trips for me.

Slender Man, a recognisable character in the world of independent video games, is the ideal concept for the ideal Halloween evening. It will work for anyone who wants to make their pals gasp every time they see them because it comes in different sizes and captures the sombre and menacing vibe of the character.

20. Samara Morgan (The Ring)

Someone hand this girl a brush.

Samara, a little girl from the classic film The Ring, had a terribly difficult existence till she passed away. She was adopted after being born into a horrific position, but as she grew older, things went horribly wrong due to her superhuman abilities. Her adoptive mother finally lost it, trapping her in a well and killing her. She is currently a spiteful spirit seeking retribution against anyone.

You'll need a Victorian-style nightgown, a long black wig, body paint to replicate the look, a white fountain, and fake blood to get her appearance.

19. Hannibal

Anyone want seconds?

Nobody will ever forget Anthony Hopkins' chilling performance as the murderous genius Hannibal Lecter, but more importantly, nobody will ever forget his distinctive muzzle. Your Halloween selection is here, just right. Simple and simplistic, but terrifying nonetheless!

You'll need a prisoner jumpsuit, a straight jacket, a Hannibal mask, a wig to resemble his hair, and black dress shoes to recreate his appearance.

18. Annabelle

Scary dolls, every childs worst nightmare

One would question if this Annabelle horror mask wasn't stolen from the doll because it is so expertly rendered. People will believe you just appeared out of one of the Conjuring movies to haunt them if you wear this mask, which comes with a spooky blonde braided wig.

17. The Demon (Insidious)

Don't look behind you.

Even the scariest visuals can lose part of their impact if they are handled improperly, therefore there is something that really must be stated about actually employing a fantastic costume or makeup design efficiently. But the fire-faced demon from the horror film Insidious is one monster whose appearance is used just perfectly.

All you need to do for this look, is mess up your hair (maybe a bed head look) and use red and black body paint.

16. Norman Bates 

Norman's Mother

Psycho, a timeless horror picture that will shortly celebrate its 50th anniversary, has been so popular for a reason. Alfred Hitchcock is unquestionably one of the masters of a fantastic movie twist, even though the horror genre has changed since his time.

It was a shock of a lifetime to see Norman dressed as Mrs. Bates after waiting a full movie to see her.

You’ll need a simple long-haired wig tied back and an old-fashioned dress to create this look.

15. Michael Myers (Halloween)

Halloween. would not be complete.

This essential Michael Myers mask, which is made entirely of vinyl and comes with the iconic wig, is a must-have for any lover of the original Halloween movies. It will make you the life and soul of the party and ensure that you have a memorable evening.

14. Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th)

You'll be hacked away with this look.

If you've seen the first instalment of the Friday the 13th franchise, you'll notice that Jason is repeatedly revived, which genuinely adds to his terrible personality. In addition, Jason has a terrifying appearance. One of the accessories you'll need to finish this look is the hockey goalie mask that Jason is known for wearing!

You'll also need a toy machete, a long black sleeve shirt, a navy-blue t-shirt, black gloves, black work pants, a hooded jacket, and black boots in addition to the Jason hockey mask.

13. Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Don't fall asleep.

A Freddy Krueger mask and t-shirt are perfect for any occasion. This costume promises to make you the most delectably frightful protagonist this Halloween. Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the greatest horror films ever made.

You'll need a Freddy Krueger sweater, Freddy Krueger mask, black dress trousers, Freddy Krueger hat, black sneakers, and an A Nightmare on Elm Street glove to recreate Freddy Krueger's appearance.

12. Dr. Decker (Nightbreed)

What happened to his eyes?

With that mask on, Dr. Decker has the kind of appearance you would never want to encounter. He plays a psychologist with a dark side and is also a serial killer in it. 

A Dr. Decker mask, butcher knife, pinstripe dress shirt, black suit, necktie, black trench coat, cut-resistant gloves, and black dress shoes are all required for this outfit

11. Leatherface

If this was in the butchers, I'd run

The fact that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre character Leatherface was based on a real-life serial killer named Ed Gein made him even more menacing. Identified by his horrifying mask fashioned of human skin.

You'll need a Leatherface mask from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a striped linen shirt, butcher apron, a formal tie, a Leatherface chainsaw, black pants, mediaeval padded cloth bracers, and finally, a pint of blood. 

10. Chucky’s Bride

The perfect couple

Tiffany is a character who truly has a significant role in the Chucky franchise and is highly memorable. After Chucky kills her during a fight, her soul is also transferred to a doll.

You'll need a cocktail dress, a leather jacket, fishnet tights, a bride of Chucky wig, dress pumps, a temporary tattoo, and a voodoo knife to get this eerie bride's look.

9. Chucky

What is it with creepy dolls?

Many people are afraid of creepy dolls, but a lot more people are afraid of Chucky, the murdering doll. With this frightfully realistic costume of the iconic killer doll, Chucky, you can easily win any terrifying Halloween costume contest! Put This on  right now to frighten even your staunchest pals.

8. The Nun

Time for church anyone?

The Nun, one of the scariest horror figures to date, was included in the most recent Conjuring movie, which starred our favourite ghost hunters, Lorraine, and Ed Warren. Here is a Nun costume that will make you the most frightful person at the party and will send chills down your friends' spines!

7. Regan MacNeil (Exorcist)

If you can twist your head right round this one is for you.

Without a crazy, convincing recreation of Regan, the terrifyingly possessed little girl from the cult 1973 film The Exorcist, no Halloween is complete. It will be difficult for you to avoid eliciting a few screams from even the most prepared horror enthusiasts with this horror movie character outfit.

You'll need a Regan outfit, a Regan mask, a wooden cross, fake blood, and fake vomit or goo if you want to look like Regan MacNeil.

6. Pinhead

Acupunture at it's finest

This Pinhead mask, which was inspired by the notoriously spooky Hellraiser figure, is a great option if you want others to flee at your sight (which, let's be honest, is what everyone wants around Halloween), and it will make you the most Instagrammable creature of all.

5. Jigsaw

Want to play a game?

Without its brilliant villain Jigsaw, the SAW franchise, one of the bloodiest, most graphic horror franchises ever, wouldn't be as well-known. Here is a horror mask that is so realistically terrifying that you will inevitably win Halloween! You don’t really need a mask for this one. Most people are painting their faces white and adding the markings on later.

4. Frankenstein

He's alive

Probably the best idea you might have is to dress up like Frankenstein's monster, and this outfit is the best way to realise your dream. Put on your best monster costume, complete with a jacket, inset shirt, pants, shoe coverings, and a headpiece, and head out to receive your well-earned standing ovation on Halloween.

3. Zombies

Don't let them bite you.

Will you survive the zombie apocalypse, or will you join the horde? The fascination with zombies, which are beings that transcend the rules of life and death and have a variety of origins. The genesis stories of viruses, voodoo magic, the outcomes of global conflict, and the unsuccessful outcomes of scientific research have all captured people's imaginations. 

Using makeup and fake blood, you can design your own zombie Halloween costumes. making it appear enticing with the zombies' decaying core, horrifying deterioration, and discoloured body.

2. Pennywise (IT)

Where's Georgie?

This will be a success, whether you want to trick-or-treat or just hang out with your pals.

We're confident that there aren't many people in the world who aren't terrified just thinking about It. People debate whether Pennywise's appearance in the It films is the scariest, but for the purposes of this costume tutorial, we'll be focusing on the 1990 version.

You'll need a few essential items to mimic Pennywise's appearance. A Pennywise outfit, white makeup, Pennywise gloves, a disposable helium tank, a balloon ribbon spool, black clown shoes, and various coloured balloons are all that's needed

1. Ghostface

Scary and effective

Simple, yet effective. Everyone is familiar with the venerable Scream films and their infamous ghostly killer in a mask. Even though it is too worn, this eerie costume is always a good choice and will look great in the ideal Halloween selfie!
You'll need a few essential items if you want to use this killer costume to frighten your friends. To top it all off, gather fake blood, white gloves, a reaper outfit, a fake knife, and a voice changer.

Did reading this collection of scary character costumes give you the chills and cause you to glance once or twice over your shoulder? Wearing one of these, you can be sure that you will give your mates a fright !! These legendary horror figure outfits have a good reason.

They're genuinely terrifying. It's probably the last thing you'd ever want to do to meet them in a pitch-black alley, I know I wouldn’t.

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