[Top 10] Dying Light 2 Best Weapons (Early To Late Game)

Zombies swarming Aiden
Zombie about to get a face full of whatever that weapon is.

With the announcement of the long awaited addition of firearms in an upcoming update, not to mention the recent improvements in the repair and upgrade systems, I’d like to cover the 10 best weapons in the game from early game all the way to a maxed out legend level character. This list will cover all manner of weapons that can be used to inflict as much damage on enemies, alive or undead.  

Most of the weapons in Dying Light 2 will spawn randomly. They can be found on dead enemies, in locked crates, be built with a blueprint or just lying around somewhere. However, some weapons can be obtained by completing specific missions, as DLC, in legend crates and as part of an easter egg. In fact human enemies will now drop their own weapons as of a recent update. Regardless, I'll let you know the exact location of your weapon of choice ( assuming there is one). I will not be including secret developer weapons in this list, 

Finally, in DL2 attack damage is based on multiple factors such as: mods, affixes, player legend level and weapon rarity. Be that as it may, weapons in Dying Light 2 aren’t as shallow as numbers and colors so here is the list for the top ten best Dying Light 2 weapons.

10.Wise Katana (Early)

Promotional image of the Ronin DLC.

It’s a free katana. Compared to the dirty katana, which is a random drop, The Wise Katana is obtained as soon as you have access to Aiden’s stash in the first few hours of the game. This means that you can begin to upgrade it as soon as you begin to gather resources. 

As a two handed slashing type weapon you can slice through enemies with ease, given that your timing is good. Also if you accidentally drop or throw the weapon and lose it you can always redeem it again in the stash (though you’d have to begin upgrading it from the lowest level).  

Where to find: While technically a dlc, this katana is a part of a free dlc pack released only a few weeks after launch. Download Part 3 of the Ronin Pack and you will find the sword in Aiden’s stash.     

9. Grapple/Grapple Throw (Early)

Grapple ability on the skiltree.

Aiden’s hands are literal lethal weapons and with this skill you’ll be sending all sorts of enemies on a one way trip to the pavement. The grapple skill is a counter ability, meaning that an enemy will have to be on the offensive in order for you to use the skill. If timed correctly Aiden will grab the opponent and you can direct him to shove them straight back, left or right of the player.

Being skills, the grapple abilities aren’t weapons per se, but if you utilize the abilities correctly, you will rack up kills with one single motion.  

  • This ability is most useful when you’re fighting enemies near spiked barrels and barriers as well as during rooftop combat encounters. 
  • If your timing and aim are good you can quickly kill enemies without even hitting them. 
  • You can utilize the stomp ability once you’ve got an enemy on the ground for massive damage.

Grapple Throw: The upgraded Grapple Throw ability allows aiden to actually launch the oncoming enemy a few feet in the direction the player desires. This means you don’t have to be dangerously near a ledge to launch a zombie off a building.  Additionally, an enemy will take more damage should he be thrown against a wall or any other static object. 

Where to find: The Grapple and Grapple Throw are in the combat skill tree. 

The Grapple skill requires The perfect dodge skill unlocked and at least 140 max HP.

Grapple throw requires the grapple skill to already be unlocked and a minimum of 180 max HP. 

8. Molotov Cocktail (Early to Mid Game)

Molotov primed and ready to cook.

When thrown, the Molotov will first do explosive damage then leave residual flames around the point of contact. These flames and the initial explosion will all do burning damage. The molotov cocktail is a great option for:

  • Damaging large amounts of enemies, 
  • Clearing out closed off spaces like interiors and convoys.
  • Leaving residual burn damage to any tank like field bosses. This allows you to constantly chip at their health bars when you are not in range of their attacks.. 

For the best results it is recommended that you craft your own Molotovs and upgrade them at Craftmasters too. Upgrading the Molotov blueprint will increase the following parameters.

  • Explosion damage
  • Flame damage
  • Flame Radius
  • Flame Duration
  • Amount Produced

Where To Find: You can actually buy Molotov cocktails at a vendor who carries them. Vendors who carry Molotovs, including their rarity level, will be random. The best way to obtain Molotov Cocktails is by crafting them. You get the blueprint as a reward for the quest “Unruly Brother” but it can be randomly found in the open world too. 

7. Lacerating Arrows (Early)

Lacerating arrow loaded in the legendary Bards Call bow.

The bow is a versatile weapon. Buying a bow is recommended for the early game as it is an invaluable tool. You can use a variety of arrows with a bow like: flaming arrows, shock arrows and even exploding arrows. By far the best type of arrow you can use would have to be the lacerating arrow. While other arrow types may be useful i.e. shock and flaming arrows, there is still the annoying possibility of damaging yourself through blowback. Not to mention explosive arrows can blast all of the sweat and hair off of Aiden’s face if you're too close to the target. To make things even worse every explosive shot will lure in leagues of ravenous infected too.

Here is where the lacerating arrow comes into play. This arrow type will deal Bleed damage. When inflicted with Bleed an enemy will slowly bleed away HP until the status effect times out. When this happens it's as simple as flinging a few more Lacerating arrows in their direction for good measure. That, and no possibility of AOE blowback and you’ve got the best arrow type in the game.  

Where To Find: You can find lacerating arrows for sale at random by vendors or you could purchase the blueprint from a craftmaster.

6. The Dropkick (Early to Late Game)

Promotional image of Crane (from Dying Light) dropkicking a couple of zombies.

By far the best weapon that Aiden has attached to his body is his feet. Despite the fact that he has several kicks in his arsenal, the dropkick is the only one that makes me smile. You can actually beat the game with nothing more than a dream, some running shoes and Aiden’s dropkick. 

In all sincerity, The dropkick’s damage will scale with your level though it’s utility is more in the ability to straight launch an enemy. A recent update added the possibility of a drop kicked enemy to collide with other enemies in its trajectory too. While comparable to the grappling skills, the reasons that the dropkick is higher on the list than the grappling skills are:

  • The dropkick is a purely offensive attack. Therefore it can be done without waiting for a chance to counter.
  • The dropkick is a much better launcher than the throw. If utilized correctly you can dropkick much higher level enemies off of ledges and into spikes with much lower risk of getting hit.
  • Once you’ve dropped an enemy on the floor don’t forget to stomp them.  

The dropkick isn’t #1 for two reasons. 

  • You can’t launch enemies larger than the basic zombie. 
  • Upon committing to a dropkick Aiden will lie on the floor for about a second. If there are enemies nearby they will have a chance to attack him while he is down.

When combined these two issues add up to another reason and that is, 

  • Dropkicks are basically useless against bosses. You can't launch a boss and it will attack you when you're close and defenseless. (However it is possible to level up to a point where the dropkick does enough damage to be used effectively against the final boss.)

Where To Find: The dropkick can be found in the combat skill tree. It requires air kick and vault kick to be unlocked beforehand and also requires a minimum of 180 max HP.  

5. The Grappling Hook (Mid Game)

Aiden finds the grappling hook in the VNC tower.

The grappling hook isn’t only a tool to be used so you can Spider-man your way through Villedor. You can also bring out your inner Scorpion and pull enemies towards you from down range. 

Utilizing the grappling hook as a weapon will allow you to:

  • Pull in ranged enemies like spitters and bowmen.
  • Yank baddies off of buildings and into spikes. 
  • Combo into a melee attack. 
  • Stomp an enemy's head while they’re down.

It will be important to seek out the military tech hidden around the city and use it with a craftmaster to upgrade the efficacy of the grappling hook. 

Where To Find: During the mission “Broadcast” Frank will inform you that some night runners may have left a grappling hook in the abandoned tower. After finding it, simply finish the mission and you will have access to the tool from then on. 

4. Beast Claws (Mid to Late)

Beast Claws ready for action.

The beast claws are a fist mounted “Knuckle Duster” weapon. 

  • When fully upgraded they have 1 weapon mod slot and hover around 400 damage depending on your level. 
  • With a fast attack speed, mounting a critical hit triggered mod on the Beast Claws will make up for having to be so close to enemies by triggering the mod with little time in between criticals.

Where to find: The blueprint is found at the Garrison Heights bandit camp. It is easier to clear out the camp and make it a safehouse before you search for the blueprint. Garrison Heights is accessible upon entering the Central Loop.

Beast Claws blueprint atop the Garrison Heights base.

3.Enso Katana (Mid to Late)

Promotional Image of the Enso Katana.

The Enso Katana is an artifact weapon meaning that while being a unique weapon it also has a special ability. This Katana can be obtained in the mid game and is viable to use through the rest of the game if you so please. 

Notable points about this unique weapon are:

  • 3 mod slots. Tip, shaft and handle.
  • The ability to heal from successful blocks and parries. 
  • Bonus damage after successful blocks and parries.
  • High damage output and dps if used with skillful timing. 

Where to find: The Katana can be found as soon as you have access to the Central Loop. Just south of Newfound Lost Lands there will be a sunken airdrop. Lockpick the drop and loot the weapon within.

2.Rose’s Axe (Late)

Rose's axe about to split that zombie into two.

Rose’s Axe is among the highest damage dealing non-easter egg weapons in the game. The only downsides to this weapon is that you have to reach legend level to even obtain a Rose’s Axe and its affixes are randomized so you never really know what you’re gonna get. The pros, however, make it #2 on the list.

  • Very high base weapon damage without mods.
  • In abundance at later levels.
  • 3 Mod slots. 

Where to find: You can get Rose’s Axe randomly by opening legend level chests. It will drop as low as bronze level so there isn’t too much of a grind to get this drop. Additionally it will drop at legend rarity level so it will always have mod slots open without the need to upgrade. 

1.Hunters Crossbow (Mid to Late)

Shen Xiu and her fabled crossbow.

While the Carnage crossbow is technically better, with an improved mag size and craftable bolts, you need to have purchased and finished Carnage Hall in the Bloody Ties DLC in order to obtain it. Meaning that it would only really be useful once you’re both at a very high level and once you’ve finished the game as Bloody Ties is an end level DLC. So, the next best viable option for an actual playthrough would be the Hunters Crossbow.  

  • The crossbow has a 6 bolt magazine
  • It requires the use of Hunter’s Bolts
  • You can use the Parkour Shot ability in tandem with this crossbow for a bonus ability. (This means that if you hit a target while using the Parkour Shot ability, it will stun most types of enemies with one shot.) 
  • High damage and a fast shot speed will make easy work of groups and field bosses. 

In all sincerity all of the crossbows are very good weapons though most are very late stage weapons and won’t exactly be viable options for the mid to late game. An alternative option would be the PK crossbow. While it could be a bit simpler to acquire it does have a smaller magazine. It does require some sort of commitment to the PK’s too. So if you’re doing a survivors only playthrough, this weapon is actually locked off.  

Where to find: The Hunters Crossbow is purchasable from the Chapter 2 faction leader Shen Xiu. She will be available as soon as you have access to the Central Loop.

Signing Off!

Well, that’s it. Hopefully, I can make a brand new list once the firearms update is live. For now there are the top ten weapons you should use during your playthrough of Dying Light 2.

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