Top 11 Best Top-Down Horror Games

Top-Down Horror Games
Top-down does not mean what you think it means

If you're not sure what Top-Down in gaming is then that is okay. It just means that you'll always be looking down on the action.

There's multiple versions from things like Pokemon to Clash of Clans. They're usually lower resolution games with pixelated characters.

Here are 11 of the best top-down horror games for your nightmares.

11. Darkwood

Darkwood Gameplay- Trapped in a mysterious forest the main character must survive.

Scavenge the mysterious woods and survive. Grow your skills as you search the woods in the daylight. Then before night can fall find shelter to hide from the horrors of the night.

  • This game does not hold your hand as you play it.
  • The map and areas change throughout the game.
  • The story of the game shapes and changes based on character decisions.

Buy items that could help you survive the night.

Inspect your surroundings to uncover the secrets of the forest.

10. Hellsign

Hellsign Gameplay- Fight creatures similar to those found in Supernatural.

After waking up with a vague memory in a strange town. The main character needs to build up their arsenal to fight the creatures that are the stuff of nightmares. Unlock their past and find the truth to a mark left on their body.

  • This is another game that doesn't really hold your hand as you hunt.
  • Increasing arsenal to combat creatures of the night.
  • Research the enemy and learn the best way to destroy them.

In Hellsign fight creatures of unusual size.

Hunt the creatures responsible for the carnage around you.

9. Subterrain

Subterrain Gameplay- Survive the horrors of Mars

Play as Dr. Albert West who recently migrated to the underground Mars colony. After a lab accident he is accused of murder and locked in prison. A year passes and the guards have disappeared.

  • Survival is key, maintain everything from health to wound management.
  • Areas are randomly generated and change.
  • Restore the colony and defend against the horrors of Mars.

In Subterrain fight the nightmares of Mars that have made their way into the colony.

Repair systems to bring the Mars colony back to life to better defend against the nightmares.

8. Splatter - Zombie Apocalypse

Splatter Gameplay- Fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.

With a single player campaign mode that's done up in a film-noir style. You fight hordes of zombies as you try to survive.

  • Can have up to 4 players locally for blood splattering fun.
  • It's a cheap game that has great graphics.
  • There's an arcade game mode that posts to an online leaderboard so you can challenge your friends.

Fight and kill hordes of the undead as they hunt for your flesh.

Use the light to keep the undead at bay.

7. Alice Mare

Alice Mare Gameplay- Journey down the rabbit hole to find the truth to a mysterious rumor.

Allen lives in a home for lost children with vague memories of his past. After he hears a rumor he begins a search into the rumor. Then down the rabbit hole he goes so to speak.

  • More Fairytale and Adventure that doesn't focus a lot on the horror aspect.
  • The puzzles are challenging but add to the game.
  • An interesting story that's worth playing.

Investigate your surroundings as you search for clues to the rumor.

The guide will give you quests and things to find.

6. Viviette

Viviette Gameplay- A classic type horror game that focuses puzzles and adventure.

Neuville's Mansion holds many secrets and mysteries. Explore the mansion to uncover the secrets.

  • With multiple endings anything is possible.
  • Hunt down objects to help solve puzzles.
  • A 16-bit game with worthwhile jump scares.

The main item you carry throughout the game to help you navigate the mansion.

Carefully make your way through the mansion in a series of puzzles.

5. MIDNIGHT Remastered

Midnight Remastered Gameplay- Collect the letters from the seven sins and repent.

Midnight Remastered has new features while playing and looking similarly to the original. Collect seven letters as the character repents on past sins and escape.

  • Extra in game content with post game content.
  • A pixel game with 3D audio that allows you to be able to tell where enemies are approaching from.
  • The letters are part of a non-linear event that helps uncover the secret of the character's crime.

Make your way through the game to clear yourself of your sins.

Using the candle make your way through the house.


Sunless Sea Gameplay- Be the captain and explore the underground sea.

In this game being the captain of your ship and crew is highly important. You must find resources to keep your crew from going hungry. Avoid the creatures of the dark sea that will try to eat you.

  • A generational game where if the character dies then continue as the next generation with all the resources you gathered.
  • Upgrade the steamship to face more powerful foes.
  • Be mindful of your crew and their sanity.

While journeying through the sea be mindful of the monsters lurking in the dark.

Go to port to get more crew members, upgrade your ship and pick up resources to help you survive the dark

3. Motte Island

Motte Island Gameplay- A mystery awaits upon Motte Island.

Journey to Motte Island in search of the younger sister of the main character. Solves puzzles to figure out what happened to her.

  • There are plenty of challenging puzzles.
  • Unique maps and weapons for all the enemies the character faces.
  • Music and Ambient sounds that add to a compelling story.

Fight strange creatures as you search for your sister.

Collect objects to help you continue on your mission.

2. The Count Lucanor

The Count Lucanor Gameplay- This game focuses on a ten year old named Hans who leaves home in search of treasure.

After leaving home on the night of his birthday Hans stumbles upon a castle. In it a creature tells him to guess his name and untold fortune will be at his fingertips.

  • Multiple endings and subplots can be uncovered.
  • Use the items you find to wisely to solve intricate puzzles.
  • Avoid traps and enemies by sneaking around the castle.

Use the candles to light your path as you continue on your journey.

Talk to people in the castle to find clues and learn secrets.

1.Corpse Party

Corpse Party Gameplay- A seemingly harmless internet ritual traps a group of friends in an alternate world.

Mayu is transferring to a different high school. So, like any group of teenagers would do. Her and her friends decide to perform a harmless binding ritual. It turns out to be an actual cult ritual that sends them to an alternate reality.

  • There are five main chapters that consist of multiple endings.
  • Play as different characters and build groups to survive.
  • An adventure style RPG that allows for text skip if you wish. Cause who likes reading nowadays.

Beware the beings of this other world.

But also beware those that you may call friends.

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