Top 15 Movies Like Wrong Turn You Need To Watch

Movies Like Wrong Turn
Three Finger creeping up to Eliza Dushku in Wrong Turn.

Top 15 Movies Like Wrong Turn

Horror in the early 2000s could easily be summed up with the phrase "torture porn".

As horror fans know, the genre goes through trends and cycles. While this super-gory and often uncomfortable to watch genre have faded into the genre catalog, some traits still remain. At the height of the torture porn of the 2000s, the 2003 breakout indie hit Wrong Turn set the stage for many similar movies such as the ones below...

15. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Acclaimed controversial horror director Alexandre Aja brought this gory and polarizing remake to the big screen. The classic tale of desert-dwelling cannibal mutants scarred a new generation of moviegoers with over-the-top gore.

Watch: The Hills Have Eyes Trailer

14. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Another remake of a 1970s classic, 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gave Leatherface's sweaty family and iconic weapon a reboot to rival the Tone Hopper original. Modernized effects mixed with good ol' fashioned horror make this one of the best horror movies of the 2000s.

Watch: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer

13. Leatherface (2017)

The human flesh masked killer made another appearance on the big screen in 2017. This time, Leatherface's origin story is presented in the gritty, stylized fashion of it's ancestors. A delayed release combined with a poor box office caused this installment of the franchise to fall under the radar.

Watch: Leatherface Official Trailer

12. Hostel (2005)

Perhaps the most well-known and most talked movie of the 2000's. Eli Roth's Hostel tells the disturbing story of a European town where rich psychos can pay to kill someone. Supposedly based on an advertisement Roth saw on the Internet, Hostel showed the world just how horrific it can be.

Watch: Hostel Trailer

11. The Descent

This claustrophobic masterpiece is always on a must-watch horror list for a reason. The story of a group of girlfriends who explore an uncharted cave and are terrorized by creatures living within the depths of the darkness scared audiences from going into the woods for years.

Watch: The Descent Trailer

10. Friday the 13th (2009)

Another remake of a classic slasher. 2009's Friday the 13th was a fresh slice of much-needed slasher nostalgia. Like other films in the franchise, this one was a smash hit, proving that Jason Voorhees can slash his way into the hearts of a new generation of horror fans.

Watch: Friday The 13th Trailer

9. Sheitan

If you aren't watching French horror films, you should be. This cult classic tells the story of a trip to a disco on Christmas Eve gone wrong. Devil worship included!

Watch: Sheitan trailer

8. Freddy vs. Jason

The Wrestlemania for horror fans. Freddy vs, Jason brought two iconic slashers together for a battle Royale that audiences loved. One of the more fun entries on the list, the one combines VHS-era horror with a modern twist.

Watch: Freddy vs. Jason trailer

7. Wolf Creek

A movie that goes from 0 to 100 in a minute. What starts out as a relatively dull hike through the Australian outback turns disturbing and deadly in a hurry. Based on a true story, Wolf Creek is a disturbing retelling of real-life horror in one of the scariest places on Earth.

Watch: Wolf Creek trailer

6. Cabin in the Woods

Powerhouse team Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard shocked audiences with this unique horror gem. Mixing all the classic horror elements with a brilliant twist makes Cabin in the Woods a must-see. This is one you just have to watch. Hint: don't read anything about it ahead of time or it will ruin the surprise.

Watch: Cabin in the Woods trailer

5. Eden Lake

A romantic weekend goes horribly wrong for a couple when they are attacked a ruthless gang of teenagers at a remote cabin. A-plus actors Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender star in this disturbing and too realistic for comfort film that plays on emotions, frustration, and raw fear.

Watch: Eden Lake trailer

4. Jeepers Creepers

If you frequented sleepovers in the early 2000s, you probably saw a VHS The 2001 campy monster movie stood out in a crowd of leftover late 90's snark. Jeepers Creepers follows the story of a brother and sister who encounter a flesh-eating monster

Watch: Jeepers Creepers trailer

3. Evil Dead (2013)

The ultra-gory and excellent remake of the 80's cult staple is an excellent example of remakes done right. All practical effects gives this movie an old charm that still feels distinctly new. While an Evil Dead movie sans Ash sounds like a drag, this movie is seriously good.

Watch: EVIL DEAD - International Teaser Trailer

2. The Green Inferno

Another Eli Roth feature about a group of college do-gooders who find themselves at the mercy of a native tribe of cannibals deep in the Amazon jungle. Heavily inspired by Cannibal Holocaust and presented in classic Roth style of mixing torture-porn and disturbing gore, The Green Inferno is not for the faint of heart and should come with all the trigger warnings.

Watch: Green Inferno Teaser Trailer

1. House of Wax

Perhaps the ultimate 2000's remake. Starring 2000's staples Chad Michael Murray, Elisha Cuthbert, and Paris Hilton, House of Wax is a decent remake of the 1953 Vincent Price film. This movie is genuinely creepy in parts as it is campy.

Watch: House of Wax Trailer

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