The 15 Best Horror Mangas Loved by Millions Worldwide

Best Horror Manga
Spiral into Madness with these Horror Stories

What Are The Best Horror Mangas?

Try these horror mangas to scratch that dark itch.

15. Gantz

A group of people fight aliens and monsters to survive...but they’re already dead?

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato find themselves in a whirlwind of danger after being hit by a subway train attempting to save the life of a homeless man. They have gained consciousness, but find themselves in a room where they meet other clueless participants in the world of Gantz along with a dark sphere in the middle of the room. The weird looking sphere directs them on what to do and how to survive. Leaving them to wonder if they are still alive or semi-alive?

What’s awesome about this manga:

• The alluring story that will probably get you thinking if this could be our afterlife one day.

• It is futuristic and similar to the virtual reality games that everyone enjoys reading about.

• Very artistic, violent, and sexy scenes that make the manga undeniably gripping.

Unfortunate people are trapped in this monster’s back

Gantz certainly doesn’t shy away from violence and gore

14. Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil

Your worst nightmares come true

The manga was published from 1986 to 1989. It follows a young man named Sou who possesses an ability to see through paranormal things of different people’s evil doings. One day, Sou wakes up from a dreadful nightmare about his sister eyes being cut up with rusted scissors. They explode out of each eye, gushing with blood and gore. This particular manga is artistically ugly but well written.

• It is a terrifying evil. There are other ways to start a story, but this particular one is just alarming yet oddly-satisfying.

• The gruesome images will leave you awake at night.

• This is probably one of those horror mangas that I would not recommend to kids but would highly recommend as a thrilling read for adults

Hope you’re not afraid of spiders

Body horror is all over this manga

13. The Drifting Classroom

Suddenly transported to another world

Sho Takamatsu is an elementary student who had just an argument with his mother about disposing of his things. Then, Sho heads to class only to experience a drastic change of scenery,A mysterious earthquake teleports the school to an empty wasteland far from society. The disappearance of the school caused the authorities to investigate while the parents mourn for their children. The school, teachers, and students end up in a dark, cold place. Now, Sho and his friends fight in order to survive in a new place.

• The story was adapted to Japanese live action movie in 1987

• Very mysterious and frighteningly evil, especially because children were involved.

• In the midst of all this, it shows that even children can do horrible things to keep their heads.

The school is transported to a strange barren land

No child is safe

12. Domu

From the creator of the famous film Akira

Domu is the story of an apartment complex that's severely haunted, housing the souls of victims of suicide and other mysterious deaths. more complex and mysterious entity is behind the deaths. That entity is Old Cho, who floats in mid-air, and who has been the reason for all the chaos that killed the people in the building, whichfor draws the attention of the authorities.

• It is very thrilling and suspenseful.

• Domu earns its right for its book being so scarce, making it a unique urban horror story.

• Action packed story along with its horror essence.

A child with powerful psychic abilities

Old Man Cho, a smile hides something more sinister

11. I Am A Hero

This is my boomstick!

Hideo Suzuki, 35 a manga artist assistant and just like every majority of a normal human being, his life is pretty mediocre with a low-paying job and an estranged dream. His experience as he knows it was later suddenly disturbed with a disease inflicting humanity and turning every human into a violent swirl — a zombie-like who only, now, exist to cause harm and devour human.

• Japan’s own version and answer to the wildly popular The Walking Dead.

• It’s a classic outbreak zombie apocalypse that everyone is dying to read.

• The story starts slow, but quickly picks up speed and really takes off after volume 1.

Something as innocent as a baby becomes a threat

Twisted monsters roam the streets

10. Tokyo Ghoul

The mask of a Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul set in a modern-day Japan where both humans and ghouls co-exist. Ghouls are disguised as normal beings while avoiding authorities to keep low profiles. The ghouls prey on a normal people to fulfill their thirst for human flesh. Ken Kaneki, the protagonist, was on a date with a woman who turns out to be a ghoul that is after his flesh. Ken, barely surviving, was forced to face his life from a different angle after being turned into a ghoul — hiding in secrecy while continuing his normal life.

• Tokyo Ghoul is still one of the most iconic Japanese horror manga there is.

• The story is realistically told, and the main character living both sides of personality adds up to that style.

• If you’re into gory and tragic types of manga, this one is for you.

Ghouls hunger for human flesh

The red eye of a ghoul

9. Parasyte

An unlikely duo

In this manga, parasytes try to find their next human host as a victim, by way of entering through their nose and ears to take over their entire physical body. Shinichi Izumi, 17-year-old who stays with his parents In Tokyo, Japan, encounters one Parasyte while he is asleep and tries to come through his nose. But it fails and instead decides to take over his right hand. In short, they both, the parasyte and Shinichi, are able to maintain their sanity and keep a balance all while battling another parasytes who try to attack Shinichi.

• If you don’t mind a vintage manga style, I highly recommend Parasyte for you.

• It has plenty of volumes to read.

• Cartoonish but it is not an innocent manga.

A parasyte attacks an unsuspecting victim

Anyone could be next

8. Anamorphosis No Meiju

The cover lets you know exactly what you’re getting into

This one is oddly entertaining, being the story of a group of people invited to attend a contest to stay in a haunted place for 48 hours. This place is reportedly haunted by an actor who tragically died during a set. They are haunted by the same monster costume the actor was wearing during the incident. The story progresses graphically into sexual nudity, cannibalism, and gore to turn the stomach of the reader upside down.

• The reader will be guessing many things throughout the story.

• Once you see it, you cannot unsee the damage.

• If you like gore and sexual content, you should stick with this manga.

The monster towers over the buildings

A girl eats a rat alive

7. Gyo

Don’t’ll go away

When something is fishy, it’s usually a sign of something terrible, but this is worse than discovering something terrible. When Tadashi and Kaori later found a fish with legs which turns out to a be a mysterious zombie,o one knows what they are or caused them to be like mutated fish. The origin of the mechanical fish that caused the sea to smell was later revealed in the story.

• Undoubtedly the smelliest comic ever published, especially for any readers with a touch of synesthesia.

• Pure nightmare. It is what you would exactly imagine if you have a terrible dream yourself.

• It is a bizarre but enjoyable read.

Mysterious fish monsters swarm the streets

Is it just a fish, or something more?

6. Hideout

I guarantee that you’ll enjoy this manga

Seichi Kirishima is a miserable man, nearly losing almost everything, from his book deal to the death of his son for which he is solely responsible. He then wanted to start a new life by killing his wife while on vacation. Not to go into spoiler territory, but I would like to keep it concise. As we all can guess, a dark cave never brings a memorable story for vacation, especially when they both encountered a zombie-like monster that lived inside.

• Very artistic drawing and exciting plot. The art is very reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s manga.

• It puts you in a terrifying situation with a dark psychological thriller.

• A quick and easy to read manga.

The horror comes from every hyper-detailed drawing

Not the ideal vacation spot

5. Jisatsu Circle.

This manga doesn’t pull any punches from the very beginning

If 54 girls committing suicide by jumping in front of a moving train does not strike fear in your heart, then I don’t know what will. When all 54 girls jumped to kill themselves by a moving train, there was one person that survived, Saya Kota. Her survival opens up a new batch of people for a suicide club. But Saya’s friend Kyoko becomes more concerned and tries to save her, but fell head first into the mystery of a suicide cult.

• It is not much of a heavy gore manga but more of a psychological problem that the characters have to deal with, which makes it unique from all other horror mangas

• The complete insanity of the cult makes it stand out.

• The topic is very unordinary, tackling the subject of suicide in a translation of horror manga.

The haunting images of the suicide cult victims

The girls jump onto the train tracks

4. Ibitsu

A mysterious, creepy woman

This is a horror manga that leaves readers wanting to find out more. It is about a boy who went to take out the trash one day and encountered a creepy looking goth-lolita-dressed woman. She asks a simple question - whether he has a sister. If the answer is "no" she will try to be your sister, and if the answer is "yes" she will kill her in exchange for herself. The boy answered quickly and returned to his apartment to look outside the window, only to find out that the lady was gone. Which then leaves the boy a bad feeling.

• Not your typically little sister, it is a twisted, malevolent, killers of the innocent type of horror manga.

• Mysteriously entertaining.

• It is a light read, the suspense and thrills are there, but it is not that scary, which makes it suitable for those who are not really into frightening manga.

A creepy line of mannequins

Look out behind you…

3. Attack on Titan

Larger than life battles with Titans

Humanity was wiped out by giant humanoids called Titans in this post-apocalyptic story. Eren, the main character, lives inside a city where massive walls protect it against the Titans. That all changes when the Colossus Titan and Armored Titan came and breached the outer wall (Wall Maria) letting all other titans run rampant in the city, eating and destroying all in their path. The attack reached Eren's home and his mother along the way. Our protagonist Eren tries to save his mother but was too late, and she ended up being eaten alive. The death of his mother has become Eren's firm resolve to eliminate all the Titans.

• The protagonist Eren Jaeger has a dominant personality as well as a strong will to avenge his mother.

• Very unpredictable. Later there are mysterious background reveals for each of the characters.

• One thing leads to another. Next thing you know you’llbe reading the entire manga.

The Colossal Titan

Lots of twists and revelations in this manga

2. Tomie

A beautiful young woman hides something horrifying

Tomie is a deceptive succubus type who preys on and manipulates men to fall in love with her. Emotionally controlling men and leading them into jealous rages, inducing them to commit crimes and violence. Not just men, but women as well would kill for her. The mischievous succubus often takes on different forms that later showcase in future chapters.

• This one is super creepy if you are into that type of manga.

• It depicts disturbing imagery which would naturally steer you wrong in your sleep.

• The combination of beauty and ugliness as well as human hostility.

A hideous monstrosity

Cuts all over her pretty face

1. Uzumaki

The spiral infects a whole town

Uzumaki, in Japanese, means “spiral” (hence the helpful English subtitle for the book: Spiral into Horror) and throughout these three volumes we become well acquainted with a town that is becoming possessed by the idea of the spiral. The theme of spirals makes its mark across every chapter and in numerous inventive (and usually gruesome) ways. In one case, a girl’s hair takes on a spiraling, hypnotic life of its own. In another, a boy grows a spiraling shell on his back and gradually becomes a snail. A scar bores into one girl’s mind. Another girl finds herself the love interest of a typhoon.

• The idea of spiral and how it wreaks havoc in the story is enough to be intrigued

• This type of psychological dark and twisted horror is rare to find.

• Visceral, body horror is so extreme you will feel nauseous.

Their bodies twist into unnatural spirals

One boy morphs into a hideous snail monster

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