Top 10 Funny Manga That Will Make You Laugh

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There's nothing like a good slap to cement a friendship

When you're feeling blue or in distress, with these manga, your world won't have to be gray.

Some of the manga in this list are short and sweet whereas others are still updating, but what they have in common is that you'll be rolling with laughter, or at least breathing out of your nose very hard, after reading them. These manga are here to show you that joy can be found in even the most mudane situations, though there're still plenty out-of-this-world wacky business going in them. In short, if you're looking for a pick me up, these manga will definitely do the trick!

10. Demon King in Distress!!!

Demon King in Distress!!! imageNow that he and his elite soldiers have lost their powers, will they be able to survive nature's onslaught?

After a fight with angels, the demon king and his powerful subordinates are somehow transported to a lone island in the middle of nowhere where they can’t use magic. To make matters worse, it appears the angels are on the island and want to finish the demons off. The once fearsome demons are not so mighty now, and they’ll have to figure out how to survive against the elements and some nasty angels.

You'll like Demon King in Distress!!! if... 

  • You like quick reads
  • You like reverse isekais
  • You like a little bit of ecchi (but not too much)

9. Sumire♡16-sai!!

Sumire♡16-sai!! imageIs Sumire a doll or is she the old man behind her or does it even matter?

Renge Ooyama expected to meet all kinds of new people at high school, but she did not expect to meet an old man controlling a puppet, claiming to be a real girl called Sumire. She’s not the only one having a hard time accepting the new student, other students and teachers are too, but when Sumire insists they become friends, Renge eventually agrees. As they spend more and more time together, Renge and her classmates come to realize that although Sumire’s body may be made of wood, her heart is anything but.

You’ll like Sumire♡16-sai!! If…

  • You like creative, original plots
  • You like slice of life comedies
  • You like manga with touching scenes

8. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase imageSomehow Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi have become best friends all thanks to a lie from Olivia.

Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi are the founders and members of their school’s game club, a club where they play simple hand games. However, sometimes their fun can get out of hand, throwing the girls into all kinds of crazy scenarios. Though they’re only in middle school, Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi have racked up a ton of unique, for lack of better word, experiences thanks to their playing around

You’ll like Asobi Asobase if…

  • You like comedies in a school setting
  • You like visual gags
  • You like characters in surreal situations

7. Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan imageThough me may seem bright to those watching him from a TV screen, the real Uramichi is anything but.

Uramichi Omota is a 31-year-old man and part of a children’s TV show that leads kids in questions and asks them about their lives. On screen he’s a happy go lucky sort of guy, but off screen he’s miserable and just about done with his life. Though he may be good looking and talented, Uramichi may very well be stuck as a children’s TV star forever, and that’s not something he’s happy about.

You’ll like Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan if…

  • You enjoy manga with mostly adult casts
  • You like dark humor
  • You like short chapters with a variety of scenarios

6. Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls

Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls imageTanaka and her friends get involved in all sort of weird anticts as they live through their highschool youth.

Tanaka and her friends are about to start highschool, and to spice things up Tanaka decides to nickname her friends and classmates based on what she thinks stands out about them. This leads to nicknames like “Ota” for Kikuchi, her nerdy friend, and “Robo” for Saginomiya, her friend with a cool personality. The three friends have high hopes for their highschool life, though seeing their dreams come to life may be less likely than they think.

You’ll like Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls if…

  • You like manga with a variety of characters
  • You like episodic plotlines
  • You like stories with alternating points of view

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. imageJust becaues he wants to live a normal life, doesn't mean that he'll be able to.

Kusuo Saiki is a highschooler who would’ve been just like the rest if it wasn’t for his extraordinary psychic abilities. He dreams of having a normal life, though his powers make that dream anything but easy to achieve. It doesn’t help that his classmates are always involving him in their crazy antics that make it tough for him to lead the life of an Average Joe that he so desperately desires.

You’ll like The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

  • You like high school comedies
  • You like supernatural powers
  • You like episodic plots

4. The Way of the Househusband

The Way of the Househusband imageHis mafia past is long behind him, and now Tatsu is one with the neighborhood ladies.

Once a feared member of the yakuza and an underworld legend, Tatsu has made a smooth transition into the life of a househusband. He spends his days hard at work bargain hunting, whipping up meals, and getting to know the neighborhood all while staying on decent terms with his underworld buddies. Despite Tatsu’s good intentions, however, sometimes people misinterpret him because though he’s left the yakuza life behind, he hasn’t dropped its lingo.

You’ll like The Way of the Househusband if…

  • You like yakuza comedies
  • You like slice of life comedies
  • You like wholesome reads

3. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun imageChiyo can't seem to get her feelings across no matter how hard she tries.

Chiyo Sakura has had a crush on her classmate Umetarou Nozaki for the longest time, but when she finally builds up the courage to confess, her confession is completely misinterpreted. It turns out Nozaki is the creator behind a popular manga, and after hearing her feelings, Nozaki decides to recruit Chiyo to help him out with his work. As she helps him out with his magna, Chiyo meets many new friends, but she doesn’t appear to be any closer to getting Nozaki to figure out her feelings.

You’ll like Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun if…

  • You like the process behind making manga
  • You like 4-komas and episodic plots
  • You like wholesome romances

2. One Punch Man

One Punch Man imageIt's not everyday you find an overwhelmingly OP hero only for them to be dead broke..

Saitama has gained strength beyond the plae after 3 years of intense training ,and now he’s so powerful that he can annihilate all sorts of enemies from ninjas to monstrous beasts to mutated creatures with simply a punch. This has left him with a feeling of emptiness as he searches for an opponent who he can have a true fight with. With the introduction of Genos, a cyborg who seeks to become Saitama’s apprentice, Saitama decides to register as an official hero in the hopes of making some cash and finding an opponent who’ll give him a run for his money.

You’ll like One Punch Man if…

  • You like superheroes
  • You like comedy
  • You like battles that’ll have you on the edge of your seat

1. Grand Blue

Grand Blue imageIori may have joined the diving club, but it looks like he's been diving more into alcohol than the sea.

Iori Kitahara is about to start life as a college freshman in a beautiful town beside the beach. As soon as he arrives at his new home, he is roped into his college’s diving club and also it’s drinking culture. Somehow Iori will have to find a way to realize his ideal college life in a world of drinking, diving, and wacky classmates.

You’ll like Grand Blue if…

  • You like slapstick humor
  • You like diving
  • You like college life

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