[Top 15] Best Martial Arts Manga

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[Top 15] Best Martial Arts Manga

By Chris Park

Adrenaline-inducing fights are most definitely a defining feature when deciding on which martial arts manga is the best. Paired with a well-written cast and an unforgettable story, here are the 15 best Martial Arts Manga. 


15. Dragon’s Rioting

By: Tsuyoshi Watanabe

This manga is centered around Rintaro Tachibana, a boy with a syndrome that puts his heart under immense stress if he becomes sexually aroused, and his adventures at Nangokuren High School where he is the only male student. When realizing that the school of females is more of a warzone than anything, his attempts to transfer out are vanquished when he manages to grab the attention of the strongest faction leaders, known as the Three Dragons. This is a unique approach that still tells an amazing story, with similarities that can be made with another entry on this list, Girls of the Wild’s.


14. Shigurui

By: Takayuki Yamaguchi

Shigurui took inspiration from the novel Suruga-jō Gozen Jiai by Norio Nanjō. Taking place in 1629 Shizuoka, a deadly tournament is created where real swords are to be used instead of their wooden counterparts. Following the blind Irako Seigen and one-armed Fujiki Gennosuke, this beautifully graphic manga depicts an amazing story and stunning visuals.


13. Tough

By: Tetsuya Saruwatari

This manga centers around high school student Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa and his father, Seiko, who trains him in Nadashinkage-ryu. With a growing love for martial arts and strength, he goes around Japan to test his strength against various fighters. The sequel follows Kiibo’s journey in a major fighting tournament which he must participate in right after his father is nearly killed in a fight. Tough shows various forms of mixed martial arts and a compelling storyline.


12. All Rounder Meguru

By: Endo Hiroki

All Rounder Meguru tells the story of Meguru Takayanagi and Takashi Yamabuki, and their separate yet similar goals to grow stronger in the MMA world. This is a wonderful story about realism, strength, and self-reflection, and the manga is often praised for its more realistic interpretation of martial arts.


11. Angel Densetsu

By: Norihiro Yagi

Angel Densetsu tells the story of Seiichirō Kitano, a kind boy with the appearance of a devil. With constant rumors associating him with being a delinquent and addict, it results in him becoming the ‘school guardian’ of Heikuu High. This martial arts manga has a nice comedic mix along with sending a message about looks and how it is best to not judge someone by their physical appearance.


10. Girls of the Wild’s

By: Hun/Zhena

Girl of the Wild’s tells the story of misogynist and gynophobist Song Jae Gu, and his time at Wild’s High School. After discovering he is the only male at an all-female MMA-centered high school, he is looped into various competitions where he must quickly learn how to fight in order to defend himself. While this is a Webtoon rather than a manga, it is a similar and more modern comparison to Dragon’s Rioting, with plenty of action, story development, and romance.


9. Kengan Ashura

Written by: Yabako Sandrovich

Illustrated by: Daromeon

This brutally detailed story centers around Ouma Tokita and his efforts to become the strongest martial artist in Japan. Telling a story of power and prestige while being paired with visceral visuals, this is certainly a read for someone who enjoys seeing enhanced details of high octane fights.


8. Souten No Ken

By: Tetsuo Hara

Souten No Ken tells the story of how Kasumi Kenshiro must leave his job as a teacher and learn to fight in order to settle the score with a gang. As this is indeed the prequel to the Hokuto No Ken series, the realistic details and kick-ass fight scenes are still very much present.


7. Hajime no Ippo

By: George Morikawa. 

After being beaten down by bullies, Ippo Makunouchi is saved by Mamoru Takamura, a professional boxer. Ippo then starts his own journey to become a professional boxer through endless training, though his kind-hearted spirit remained, as he spent time with his various boxing opponents to learn more about them. This is not only a story about growth in strength and as a person, but also character development with stories of not only Ippo but his fellow friends and foes. 


6. Blade of the Immortal

By: Hiroaki Samura

This manga tells the story of Manji, an immortal samurai who is trying to slay 1,000 men in order to atone for his sins. He later meets Rin Asano and promises her vengeance for her parents. This story is very heavy on the idea of vengeance, redemption, and atonement. For those who enjoy understanding the deeper meaning of a story, this is the perfect manga to read to do just that.


5. Teppu

By: Moare Ohta

Teppuu revolves around high school girl Natsuo Ishido. Being naturally good at anything she does, that changes when she is introduced to the world of martial arts. Not only fighting against her opponents but her inner demons and past memories, Natsuo’s story is not only a unique and refreshing story to read, but is also something that many people can relate to themselves.


4. Vagabond

By: Takehiko Inoue

Vagabond accounts the life of swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, which was inspired by Eiji Yoshikawa’s novel Musashi, and how he came to be the legendary swordmaster. With depths of detail, action, gore, and development, Vagabond is a passionate story to definitely read.


3. Baki the Grappler

By: Keisuke Itagaki

Baki the Grappler centers around a boy named Baki Hanma, and his journey around the world, challenging various fighters in hopes of beating his father, Yujiro Hanma. With multiple installments in the series, bone-crushing fights, and a detailed backstory on Baki’s life, this is easily one of the most recommended martial arts mangas for those looking to start reading the genre.


2. History’s Strongest Disciple: Kenichi

By: Syun Matsuena

This manga focuses on a victim of bullying, Kenichi Shirahama, who befriends Miu Fūrinji, a transfer student at his school. He is then introduced to the dojo house Ryōzanpaku, where he trains under several masters of various and diverse martial arts in order to be able to defend himself and others. This is a well-created story of enlightenment, growth, and strength, and an amazing read overall.


1. Holyland

By: Mori Kouji

Holyland tells the story about Yuu Kamishiro and his life of street fighting. As he continues to roam the streets in search of a place where he can belong, he continues to grow stronger and stronger, earning titles such as ‘thug hunter’. With a beautiful story and brutally detailed art, Holyland is most definitely a manga worth reading.


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