[Top 10] Manga With Gods

This guide will tell you about the best manga with gods
These are the best manga with gods

[Top 10] Manga With Gods

By Chris Park 

Deities and entities with unimaginable powers are existent in many stories, and mangas are no exception. Whether they come to save the day, end the world, or do something in between, they play a major role in developing these worlds. Here are the top ten ranked manga with gods. 


10. Kubera

By: Currygom

A girl named Kubera shares the name with one of the countless gods who live everlasting lives, resulting in humans being caught in between. After her village is destroyed to the ground, Kubera is saved by a magician named Asha. The two embark on an adventure to explore the god-ridden world as well as to get revenge on the person responsible for the destruction of the village.


9. Kami-sama No Iutoori

By: Moegi Yuu

After the passing of his mother, the rather timid Hinata has found himself under the care of a mysterious man named Midori, who bears both strict and caring qualities. Detailing the accounts of their daily life and adventures, Hinata soon begins to suspect that Midori isn’t just any normal man, as there are parts of his being that don’t line up with a human. If not a ghost, then maybe even a god?


8. Olimpos

By: Aki

Olimpus tells the story of Ganymedes, a Trojan Prince whose appearance has captured the attention of the gods themselves. When the time comes for the parade celebrating his coming of age, Ganymedes is abducted by the sun god, Apollon. Awakening to find himself imprisoned in the Garden of the Gods, Ganymedes must find a reason for his kidnapping as well as why he was placed as a prisoner here. 


7. Kami-Sama Gakuen

By: Muku Kakizaki

After a god made a pledge to convert the evil gods back to their holy selves, they enlisted the help of 30 students to house and fuse with gods. Rikka is one of those students, but doesn’t have a god to fuse with. After witnessing a battle between two evil gods, she encounters the supposed savior who is able to defeat gods without the help of one. This unlikely encounter leads to many adventures as the two strive to help turn the evil gods back into their former selves. 


6. The World God Only Knows

By: Tamiki Wakaki

Keima Katsuragi is a high school student who is an otaku with an infatuation with galge games. He is approached by a demon from hell named Elsie, who manages to convince him into helping capture runaway evil spirits and return them back to hell. The only way to do this is by capturing the hearts of the spirits, who take the shape of 3d girls, which Keima has previously had no interest in whatsoever. Can he live up to the title of ‘God of Conquest’, or will he succumb to the difficulties of real-life interaction.


5. Binbougami Ga!

By: Yoshiaki Sukeno

Ichiko Sakura lives a seemingly flawless life, with the ability to give people ‘Happiness Energy’ in return for draining the happiness in the area around her. Due to her unbalanced use of this power, she has gained the attention of the poverty god Momiji, whose goal is to strip Ichiko’s powers and return the Happiness Energy to its rightful place.


4. Bride Of The Water God

By: Yun Mi-kyung

Living in a small village plagued with drought, Soah is chosen to be sacrificed in order to appease the Water God. However, rather than being slain in order to bring rain, she is saved by Habaek, the Water God himself. Bringing her back to his kingdom, she is introduced to a whole new world of gods, where she must learn who to trust and how to survive. 


3. Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Written by: Fujino Ōmori

Illustrated by: Kunieda

In a world where gods come down from the heavens to live as humans with limits to their powers, the story focuses on Bell Cranel and his adventures with his goddess Hestia, as they encounter various friends and foes in the city of Orario. As the title may suggest, this comedic manga also happens to detail his accounts with various girls as he travels through different dungeons and areas of the city.


2. Record Of Ragnarok 

Written by: Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui

Illustrated by: Ajichika

Every 1,000 years, a council is held by the gods to deem the fate of humanity. Deciding that they must go extinct, a proposal is made where a competition is held between the gods and the humans called the battle of Ragnarok. Humans would have to fight against the gods with the assistance of valkyries in the form of weapons, at the expense of their lives if the human is killed. In order to save humanity, thirteen of the most notable humans must win seven battles against the all-powerful deities. 


1. Noragami

By: Adachitoka

After being hit by a bus in an attempt to save a stranger later revealed to be a nameless god called Yato, Hiyori Iki finds herself able to shift between the physical and spiritual world, or better known as the Near and Far shore. While Yato is determined to make a name for himself by combating these demons with Regalias, Hiyori is dragged along into his adventures as she tries to find a way to restore her body to its normal self. 


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