[Top 10] Manga With Evil Genius MC

This guide will teach you about the best mangas with evil genius mcs
Here are the best manga with evil genius mc

[Top 10] Manga With Evil Genius MC

By: Chris Park

While many love mangas where the main character saves the day like a knight in shining armor, there are also many amazing stories where the main character is an anti-hero or even a villain. Here are the ten best manga where the main character is an evil genius or a hero with sub-heroic methods. 


10. Akumetsu

Written by: Yoshiaki Tabata

Illustrated by: Yuki Yuho

Taking place in future Japan riddled with corruption and economic downfall, a girl named Shiina decides to sell herself into prostitution in order to pay off the expenses of her debt-ridden family. While attending a party intended to become an orgy, it is interrupted by a man Shiina recognizes, who slaughters some assistants as well as the most important guest in order to enforce a point. As he is gunned down, it is revealed that there are many others under the same mask and using the same name, Akumetsu.


9. At Night I Move

Written by: Yuu Masuko

Illustrated by: Kakeru Ninomae

After his sister is raped by three juvenile delinquents, Mochizuki Wataru sets off to get his revenge after learning they were let back into society. However, one of them runs him over with a motorcycle, resulting in him becoming hospitalized. It is then that he discovers his uncanny ability to interact with other people in his dreams, which causes the real-life effects of the actions taken. With this, Wataru realizes that he can have his revenge, as soon as it becomes night.


8. Attack On Titan

By: Hajime Isayama

In a post-apocalyptic world where large humanoid beings called titans threaten the remainder of humanity, Eren Yeager vows to slaughter every titan after witnessing one brutally eat his mother. As he awakens to a new power that allows him to turn into a titan himself, he is seen as the savior of humanity by some, but also the downfall of it by others. In a cruel world where anyone can simply die the next day, it is only a matter of time before someone simply caves in, including Eren himself.


7. Homonculus

By: Hideo Yamamoto

Susumu Nakoshi is a homeless man who is approached with an offer to participate in trepanation, which is the process of drilling a hole in the skull to awaken a sixth sense. After accepting in exchange for 700,000 yen, the procedure is done, and Susumu Nakoshi finds himself with the ability to see distortions or homunculi. With this, Nakoshi begins to see these distortions in every person, he is forced to confront his past while becoming more involved with the lives of other people. 


6. Revenge Classroom

Written by: Karasu Yamazaki

Illustrated by: Ryuu Kaname

Ayana Fujisawa is a victim of bullying who simply believes that it will all get better if she simply toughs it out. However, after an incident causes her to be hospitalized, she realizes that she must take action herself before things get worse. She then decides that the only way to solve this is by getting revenge on those who bullied her, both those actively involved and the bystanders. 


5. Prison Lab

Written by: Kantetsu

Illustrated by: Chiho Misuze

Aito Eyama is a victim of bullying, specifically from a girl named Aya Kirishima. One day, he receives an invitation for the ‘Captivity Game’, where he must be the captor over any victim of his choice for an entire month, where he is able to do anything except murder, without interference. The only condition for the captor to win is that they must keep their identity hidden. As Aya continues to rebel against the treatment given to her by Aito, it soon begins to awaken a dark intention inside him.


4. Overlord

Written by: Satoshi Ōshio

Illustrated by: Hugin Miyama

After the popular MMORPG game, YGGDRASIL was shut down, the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown led by skeletal overlord Momonga finds themselves transported into the world of the game. With no way to leave or make contact with the outside world, Ainz Ooal Gown must travel around in order to solve the mystery, while being able to kill and cause chaos as they please due to their seemingly limitless power.


3. Death Note

Written by: Tsugumi Ohba

Illustrated by: Takeshi Obata

Light Yagami discovers a book called the Death Note, which allows him to kill anyone by writing their name on its pages. With this supernatural power, he begins to take down anyone he deems unworthy, essentially becoming a judge, jury, and executioner. With this seemingly limitless power, Light himself has the responsibility of either cleansing the world of his perception of evil, or causing it to fall into endless chaos in the process. 


2. Warlock of Magus World

By: The Plagiarist

Reincarnated into a world of mages and knights, Leylin is a scientist who seems to do anything in his power to help him solve this mystery and explore the secrets of the universe. If a person doesn’t pose any benefit to his goal, then he simply moves along without ever looking back. His immoral sense and lack of a heroic character are definitely what make him an amazing, evil genius main character.


1. Dungeon Defense 

Written by: Yoon Heonhwa

Illustrated by: cocorip

An unnamed man is reincarnated in the world of Dungeon Attack, where he is put in the place of the weakest demon lord, Dantalian. Taking place ten years before the start of the game and only fading memories of his adventures as a hero, Dantalian decides to make his name known throughout the world by wreaking chaotic and endless havoc. 


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