[Top 10] Manga With Kaiju

Manga With Kaiju
Here are the best kaiju mangas ranked

[Top 10] Manga With Kaiju

By Chris Park

Kaiju is a Japanese term in films and manga referring to large creatures or monsters of some sort. Whether it be large monsters like Godzilla threatening to destroy the city or the tale of humans fighting against large creatures that threaten their city, there is a manga with kaiju for any reader. Here are the top 10 manga with kaiju.


10. The Great Yokai War: Guardians

Written by: Yusuke Watanabe

Illustrated by: Sanami Suzuki

The Great Yokai War is a manga featuring the battles of a boy named Kei Watanabe and various yokai. After inheriting a power that allows him to combat these yokai and kaiju, Kei decides to challenge these creatures to war in order to prevent them from destroying the world around him.


9. Franken Fran

By: Katsuhisa Kigitsu

Fran is a Frankenstein girl created by a surgeon named Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki. Taking over his daily responsibilities while he is away, she begins to perform various procedures and surgeries in his stead as well. This story then takes a dark turn as her procedures slowly become more malicious as time passes on. While Fran isn’t large as other kaiju on this list, she most definitely brings her own form of misfortune upon the world in this manga.


8. Otome Kaiju Caramelize

By: Spica Aoki

Kuroe Akaishi is an outcast at school and often called ‘Psycho-tan’ by her classmates and other students. However, she soon discovers that she suffers from a rare condition that randomly transforms her into a kaiju at random times. Despite knowing she has this condition, Kuroe has her mind set on capturing the heart of a boy she likes, wishing he will be able to accept her despite the unusual circumstances that surround her. 


7. Gamera

Written by: Kenichiro Terasawa

Illustrated by: Ryu Hariken

Gamera is another classic kaiju manga, detailing the adventures of the large tortoise-like monster as he fights against Gyaos and various other monsters. With there being many spin-offs and unique manga adaptations, similarly to Godzilla, there are many adventures for kaiju lovers to enjoy when reading Gamera.


6. SSSS. Gridman

By: Yūki Konno

After a boy named Yūta Hibiki suffers a case of amnesia, he sets off on an adventure to recover his memories after receiving a cryptic message stating he had a mission to fulfill. After the sudden appearance of kaiju, Yūta and his classmates must use suits called gridman to combat the kaiju in order to protect the people and stop those who are killed from being forgotten. As they progress in their efforts, they soon began to learn more regarding the appearance of the kaiju and the disappearances of people.


5. Kaiju No. 8

By: Naoya Matsumoto

In a world where kaiju regularly attack Japan, Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro become members of the defense force in order to fight against these beasts and protect the populace. After a small kaiju flies into Kafka’s mouth, he gains the ability to transform into one of the kaiju himself, which earns him the title Kaiju No. 8. This is an interesting manga about a human who is part monster, fighting against them in order to protect those around him.


4. Darling In The Franxx

By: Kentaro Yabuki

In a dystopic world where children are created for the sole purpose of defending civilization against large monsters, Darling In The Franxx follows a boy named Hiro and a human hybrid named Zero Two. Following their adventures with their squad as they combat against kaiju called klaxosaurs, Darling In The Franxx tells an amazing story about coming of age, realization, and growth.


3. Attack on Titan

By: Hajima Isayama

As one of the more graphic entries on this list, Attack On Titan tells the story of humanity’s civilization being threatened by large humanoid beasts called titans. With the only thing protecting humanity from imminent doom being the tall walls surrounding the city and the designated soldiers dedicated to killing the titans, every day is a fight for survival in this post-apocalyptic world. 


2. Godzilla

Written by: Hisashi Yasui

Illustrated by: Hiroshi Kawamoto

Drawn after the infamous beast, Godzilla details the adventures of Godzilla as they fight against various kaiju in bloody and graphic battles. This action-packed manga not only showcases Godzilla’s powers but their interaction with the other various large beasts as well. For those who want to enjoy a classic kaiju manga, then this is most definitely one manga that you should read.


1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Written by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Illustrated by: Kadokawa Shoten

After world-threatening cataclysms are caused by beings called Angels, a group of humans must pilot large robots called Evangelion. Following a teenage boy named Shinji as he joins the group of Evangelion pilots where he not only learns more about himself and his companions but also the impact of his own actions as well as humanities as a whole. For those who enjoy a good Kaiju manga, this is most definitely a manga for anyone to read. 


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