[Top 15] Best Thriller Mangas We Love

This guide will tell you about the best thriller mangas
These are the best thriller mangas that we absolutely love!

[Top 15] Best Thriller Mangas We Love

By Chris Park

The best thrillers make the reader disturbed yet constantly wanting more. These mangas are perfect reads if you enjoy an exciting story with dark subplots, and maybe even some comedic elements here and there. Here are the 15 best Thriller Mangas that we love reading.


15. Brynhildr In The Darkness

By: Lynn Okamoto

Ryota Murakami and his friend Kuroneko search for alien life before a tragic accident occurs that results in Kuroneko’s death. In an effort to honor his friend’s wishes, he continues searching to prove the existence of aliens, before coming across a girl named Neko Kuroha years later. Bearing a resemblance to Kuroneko, she reveals she is an escapee from an alien research lab, throwing Ryota into a deeper and dangerous world where he shelters escaped witches from the research lab.


14. 20th Century Boys

By: Naoki Urasawa

Following a group of young boys, they discover a large cult led by a man simply known as ‘Friend’. After catastrophic events start to occur around the world, it seems that they all trace back to the cult the boys stumbled upon. This occult-like thriller tells an unforgettable story of a group seeking to destroy the world, somehow linked to the childhood memories of a group of boys.


13. Tomodachi Game

By: Yamaguchi Mikoto

After Katagiri Yuichi and four of his friends are kidnapped, they are forced to partake in a friendship game, in order to repay a massive debt from the money that had been stolen from their class. Having to take part in psychological games that will either destroy their friendship or allow them to win, Tomodachi Game quite literally takes the friendship game to the next level.


12. Phantom Tails Of The Night

By: Matsuri

Murakumo Inn is a hotel that only appears during bizarre events, and the only entry fee is telling them your deepest and darkest secret. Following the owner of the inn as he listens to the various secrets of those who stay, this provides a unique storyline with goosebump-raising images.


11. Deadman Wonderland

Written by: Jinsei Kataoka

Illustrated by: Kazuma Kondou

After a massive earthquake, three-fourths of Tokyo is sunken underwater. Ten years later, Ganta Igarashi lives amongst the survivors, where he encounters a person in crimson armor who breaks into his classroom, murdering his entire class. Embedding a crystal into Ganta’s chest before leaving, he is found and blamed for the murders, before being sentenced to die at a prison called Deadman Wonderland. This dystopic and post-apocalyptic thriller tells an exciting tale of survival in a dangerous environment. 


10. Liar Game

By: Shinobu Kaitani

After receiving 100 million yen and an introduction to what is called the Liar Game Tournament, Nao Kanzaki must cheat and lie in order to obtain the money of other contestants, in order to save her own self from debt. Partnering with a con man named Shinichi Akiyama, they make their way through the rounds of the Liar Game, freeing their opponents from the debt that they are placed in after losing.


9. Sankarea: Undying Love

By: Mitsuru Hattori

Having an interest in anything zombie-related, Chihiro Furuya tries to resurrect his dead pet, which causes him to create a potion for resurrection. He then encounters a girl named Rea Sanka who drinks the potion in an attempt to die but fails. However, after falling off a cliff and dying, she finds herself resurrected as a zombie who needs to eat the poisonous leaves that could once kill her, to survive. This is a more lighthearted thriller with a well-needed mix of romantic comedy.


8. Beserk

By: Kentaro Miura

Beserk takes place in a European-like world of dark fantasy, centering around mercenaries Guts and Griffith. Upon meeting each other, Guts is recruited to Griffith’s mercenary band, the Hawks. This epic dark fantasy tells of many thrilling tales and adventures, an amazing story overall, and is considered by many as one of the greatest manga of all time.


7. Highschool Of The Dead

Written by: Daisuke Satō

Illustrated by: Shoji Satō

Highschool Of The Dead follows a group of high school students and the school nurse as they deal with the worldwide outbreak that turned humans into zombies. Having to deal with threats that include but aren’t limited to just the zombies, this supernatural thriller tells a horrific tale of the result of a worldwide outbreak and societal collapse.


6. Happy Sugar Life

By: Tomiyaki Kagisora

Happy Sugar Life tells a seemingly cute and wholesome story, with a hidden side that is rather horrific. After finding and falling in love with an abandoned girl named Shio, Satō Matsuzaka decides to let Shio live with her in her apartment. Wanting to protect her love for Shio, Satō is willing to do whatever it takes, including ending someone’s life.


5. Elfen Lied

By: Lynn Okamoto

Lucy is a Diclonius, a mutated species with horns and telekinetic arms called Vectors. Managing to escape the facility she was held in, Lucy causes damage and wreaks havoc, but develops a childlike personality called Nyu after she is injured. After her escape, other murderous Diclonius are sent after her for her recapture. This dark fantasy tells an emotional story of revenge and rejection, which are emotions felt by Lucy throughout the manga.


4. School-Live!

Written by: Norimitsu Kaihō

Illustrated by: Sadoru Chiba

After a zombie outbreak takes over the city, Yuki Takeya lives in delusion that everything is okay and normal, resulting in her needing to be protected by her friends. School-Live! accounts their daily adventures as they have to scavenge for the necessary materials and supplies to continue surviving. 


3. Parasyte

By: Hitoshi Iwaaki

This sci-fi horror manga tells the story of high school student Shinichi Izumi and his symbiotic relationship with an alien parasite named Migi. Detailing their adventures as they must work together to survive against other Parasites, Parasyte tells an amazing story of horror, bonds, love, and sacrifice.


2. Steins;Gate

By: Yomi Sarachi

Following Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed ‘mad scientist’, he creates a ‘Future Gadget Laboratory’ where he can use a cellphone-operated microwave to send messages back in time. Through this and future innovations that are made, the gadgets allow the user to time travel. However, things start to take a darker turn when an organization called SERN learns of these devices and does whatever it takes to retrieve them.


1. The Promised Neverland

By: Kaiu Shirai

The Promised Neverland tells the story of 38 orphans living in the Grace Field House, under the care of their ‘mother’ Isabella. Being taken care of and loved, this seemed like the perfect life for 11-year-old Emma and her siblings. However, that changes when one day their sister Conny is sent to be adopted. In an attempt to reunite her with her stuffed animal, Emma and her brother Norman discover something they were never meant to see, completely shattering the amazing life they thought they had. This manga is filled with amazing horror and thriller aspects that create a truly memorable story.


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