[Top 20] Best Violent Mangas of All Time

Best Violent Manga
Here are the best violent mangas of all time

[Top 20] Best Violent Mangas of All Time

By Chris Park

Sometimes graphic depictions are all that is needed to elevate a story further. From bloody murder to delicately drawn images down to a single scratch, these mangas are definitely some of the most violent in their genre. Here are the 20 best violent mangas of all time, ranked. 


20. Hakaijuu

By: Honda Shingo

After an earthquake results in Akira Takashiro getting knocked out, he awakes to find that large and hideous monsters have taken over the world, leaving bloody bodies behind for him to witness. Akira tries to discover how the world had reached this state while he was rendered unconscious, and who or what had caused it all. 


19. Akira

By: Katsuhiro Otomo

In a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk version of Tokyo, a group of people tries to stop a mysterious individual with telekinetic powers from ravaging the city. Simply known as “Akira”, they were responsible for the destruction of Tokyo that caused the city to be in the state that it was in now. This violent thriller tells the story of an apocalyptic world and the consequences people must live with due to the actions of one person.


18. Starving Anonymous

By: Kuraishi Yuu

After high school students, Ie and Kazu inhale a hypnotic gas while riding a bus on the way home, they wake up to find themselves laying on a set of tracks. To their horror, they discover people just like them were being taken apart by other people. In order to escape this horrendous fate, they must try to escape when they didn’t even know where they were. 


17. Jagaaaaaan

Written by: Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Illustrated by: Kensuke Nishida

After encountering a monster on his way home, Shintarou Jagasaki learns he can kill these monsters by transforming his right arm into a gun-like weapon. However, after discovering the cause of these human transformations that ultimately led him to have to kill his own girlfriend, Shintarou makes it his goal to get rid of the beings called frogs. With a unique storyline, Jagaaaaaan tells a story of what an unhinged person can do when being pushed too far while having too much power.


16. Multiple Personality Detective Psycho

Written by: Eiji Ōtsuka

Illustrated by Shou Tajima

After losing his sanity trying to solve the case of a serial killer, Yôsuke Kobayashi breaks down and develops two separate personalities within him. One is a calm detective while the other is an unstable psychopath. With multiple personalities, endless illusions, and tons of violent scenes, MPD Psycho is a classic story certain to quench the bloodthirst of readers.


15. Fortress of Apocalypse

Written by: Yuu Kiraishi

Illustrated by: Kazu Inabe

After getting falsely accused of murder, Maeda Yoshiaki is sent to Shouran Academy Juvenile Center. Unbeknownst to him, his relocation at the center saved his life, as the rest of the world was falling victim to a zombie apocalypse. However, the peace won’t last forever as a zombie eventually gets inside the facility. Teaming up with some other cellmates, they must fight in order to survive a fate that would imminently kill them otherwise.


14. Deathwish

By: Zombie Makeout Club

Deathwish is a webtoon with beautiful yet graphic details, telling the story about life, death, and the chaotic realm that lies in between. With short yet hallowing stories of the different masks worn by these characters and the origins of these faces, the violent imagery is definitely something many would enjoy.


13. Pygmalion

By: Watanabe Chihiro

During a national mascot festival, a malevolent presence within the mascots has caused chaos to erupt around the world. In order to survive the monsters that seek human flesh, Keigo Ayahara, his brother Makoto, and his friend Ako, must fight their way through this hellish life they found themselves in. 


12. Killing Morph

Written by: Nokuto Koike

Illustrated by: Masaya Hokazono

After a girl named Madoka begins to have visions of a psychopath after a mass killing in the streets of Ikebukuro, Madoka questions if she saw correctly. However, after the killings become known and the culprit is referred to the name of “M”, Madoka realizes that this isn’t just in her imagination and his unknown yet violent motives were shaking the world around her.


11. Goblin Slayer

Written by: Kumo Kagyu

Manga by: Kōsuke Kurose

In a world of guilds and adventurers, a young priestess embarks with a group to complete quests in return for gold. However, the mission goes wrong when they wander into a cave filled with goblins. As her teammates are slain around her, she is then rescued by a masked and armored man who simply goes by Goblin Slayer. With dark tropes and scenes but an amazing story, Goblin Slayer is definitely worth the read.


10. Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

Written by: Eiji Ōtsuka

Illustrated by: Housui Yamazaki

After five graduates of a Buddhist college discover their special abilities regarding the supernatural and dead bodies, they begin to interact with the deceased in order to grant their last wishes. With the ability to live amongst and influence the dead, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service tells a wonderful and graphic story about death.


9. Dorohedoro

By: Q Hayashida

In a strange, violent world, a reptilian named Caiman and his friend Nikaido must travel around in search of his lost memories. Discovering that his reptilian head and loss of memories were caused by a group of sorcerers, he and Nikaido go to kill them, discovering that he is also immune to their magic. With graphic details, Dorohedoro tells the story of a lost man trying to discover his past self in a dangerous world.


8. Corpse Party

Written by: CHIHRO

Illustrated by: Liver Jam

After a teacher and group of students from Kisaragi Academy perform a ritual called Sachiko Ever After, they are transported to an otherworldly dimension inside the Heavenly Host Elementary School. As they try to find their way out, they find themselves being picked off by unnatural events, malevolent beings, and even each other.


7. Pumpkin Night

By: Masaya Hokazono

A deformed girl named Naoko Kirino kills every nurse and patient in her mental hospital, adopting the name “Pumpkin Night”. Wearing a pumpkin to hide her face, she goes on to kill others, specifically targeting a group of children who had ruined her life back in middle school. This graphic yet tragic story tells an unforgettable tale, for both its plot and chilling graphic imagery.


6. Domu: A Child’s Dream

By: Katsuhiro Otomo

Etsuko is a young girl with seemingly limitless psychic abilities. Upon coming across a disturbed man with the same power, influencing tenants of his apartment to kill each other, she challenges his influence with powers of her own. These graphic scenes and violent deaths that are depicted within this manga certainly paint the image of what a disturbed person can do when being granted supernatural power. 


5. Higanjima: Saigan No 47 Nichikan

By: Kōji Matsumoto

After Akira Miyamoto’s older brother Atsushi goes missing, he finds his life falling apart around him. However, a girl named Rei Aoyama shows up one day, explaining that his brother was very much alive on Higanjima Island. Arriving at the island, it is revealed that it was inhabited by vampires. In order to survive, Akira and his friends must kill the vampires in order to make it off the island alive.


4. Attack On Titan

By: Hajime Isayama

In a world where a few tall walls separate humanity from certain doom, humans must fight against large humanoid titans to preserve their safety. With graphic scenes of these humans and titans killing each other with little to no remorse, Attack On Titan is definitely a violent manga you will want to read.


3. Jujutsu Kaisen

By: Gege Akutami

After Yuji Itadori becomes the host for a high-grade curse named Ryomen Sukuna, he must go around fighting curses and enemies while constantly dealing with the powerful entity who wanted nothing more than to kill and wreak havoc. With graphic and violent fights, Jujutsu Kaisen rightfully holds a high ranking on this list.


2. You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead

By: Uguisu Sachiko

Jun Kishida is a high school boy with the ability to see the dead, including his deceased classmate Ryoko Hayakawa. As the situations in his daily life slowly start to spiral down towards more dangerous routes, the only thing Ryoko has to guide him through these violently dangerous situations is Ryoko. 


1. Chainsaw Man

By: Tatsuki Fujimoto

In a world with human-eating devils, a young man named Denji makes a deal with the Yakuza to become a devil hunter in order to repay his father’s debts. However after he is killed by one, he ends up fusing with his devil-dog Ponchita, to become a human-devil with the ability to produce chainsaws out of his body. As the name suggests, Chainsaw Man is a beautifully violent manga that everyone should read.


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