[Top 10] Manga With Cool MC

This guide will tell you about the best mangas with cool main characters
These are the best mangas with cool main characters

[Top 10] Manga With Cool MC

By Chris Park

Having a cool or relatable main character is always something that anyone can appreciate when reading a manga. While technically any protagonist can fit this description, here are some of the best and coolest main characters in mangas. 


10. Shokugeki No Soma

Written by: Yūto Tsukuda

Illustrated by: Shun Saeki

After teenager Soma Yukihira attends an elite culinary school in Japan where elite cooking competitions called Shokugeki are held, he must put his cooking skills to the test as he faces off against world-elite level chefs. As cool as he already is, his background of being a simple chef at his father’s family restaurant only makes him much cooler as he is able to defeat prodigal cooks from around the world. 


9. Misfit Of Demon Academy

Written by: Shu

Illustrated by: Kayu Haruka

After sacrificing himself to ensure peace, Anos Voldigoad has reincarnated 2,000 years later in order to reclaim his title as Demon King. However, before he can do that, he must graduate from Demon Academy, where he is shown the reality of how the royal demon bloodline stands harshly over other races and hybrids. Obscenely strong and charismatic, Anos is definitely a cool main character with a definitive goal in mind. 


8. Rain

Written by: Takumi Yoshino

Illustrated by: Megumi Sumikawa

As the small country Sunkwoll is being attacked by the much larger Zarmine, the exceptional swordsman and general Rain is clearly against the war and states that he won’t be involved in it. However, this doesn’t last for long as Rain is not only dragged into the war but must embark on a series of adventures where he encounters many different friends and foes. With master swordsman abilities and large magical affinity, Rain is a very braulic and powerful main character that fits well within the series.


7. Blood Lad

By: Yuuki Kodama

Staz is a vampire boss who prefers to indulge in the human lifestyle rather than killing humans themselves. However, after his friend Fuyumi is killed and turned into a ghost, Staz vows to bring her back to life, taking responsibility for her death. They then embark on a multi-dimensional adventure in order to obtain the Book Of Resurrection to revive Fuyumi. 


6. Eleceed

By: Son Je Ho

Eleceed tells the unique tale about a powerful ability user in the body of a cat, as well as the kind boy who picked him up, who happens to have a secret ability of his own. After Kaiden is injured in battle against another ability user, he takes refuge in the body of a cat, before happening to run into high school student Jiwoo. Detailing their adventures as they begin to discover more about each other and their abilities, Eleceed is definitely a manga to read with amazing main characters. 


5. Noblesse

Written by: Son Jeho

Illustrated by: Lee Kwangsu

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, otherwise known as Rai, has been asleep for the past 820 years without any knowledge of the advancements of the world. Suddenly being thrown into this modern society, he mused go around trying to adapt to this new way of living. As he meets allies, they begin to embark on an adventure in order to combat a secret organization as well as to uncover Rai’s forgotten past. 


4. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

By: Shūichi Asō

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K tells a comedic story about a boy named Kusuo Saiki, who has a wide variety of powers such as kinesis and teleportation. Despite having these amazing powers, he does his best to hide them from his family and friends, which provides very funny and memorable moments throughout the series. Saiki K may definitely be a little different than one would expect, but he is a cool main character nonetheless.


3. Demon Slayer

By: Koyoharu Gotouge

Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado as they become affiliated with a secret society that has been fighting a war against demons for centuries. After their family is murdered by demons and Nezuko is transformed into one herself while still retaining her human qualities, the two embark on an adventure in order to return Nezuko to her human form and avenge the deaths of their family members. 


2. Solo Leveling

By: Chugong

Sung Jin-woo is proclaimed as the world’s weakest hunter, where he finds himself being gravely injured in even the most basic of dungeons. However, after a dungeon raid goes wrong and Sung Jin-woo is killed, he is given a new chance called the reawakening. Now reborn with new powers, he continually grows stronger while fighting against enemies who grow increasingly stronger. Showing the story of how one rises up from the bottom, Sung Jin-Woo is the main character who has become the favorite of many. 


1. Classroom Of The Elite

Written by: Shōgo Kinugasa 

Illustrated by: Yuyu Ichino

Classroom Of The Elite focuses on the story of students at the Tokyo Advanced Metropolitan Nurturing School, where those attending can find themselves set for life if they managed to graduate successfully. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a mysterious boy who is a student in the lowest-ranked incoming class of four, Class D. As he begins to interact with various students within and outside his own class, it starts to become clear that there is not only something happening beneath the scenes at school, but the students are all hiding secrets of their own. And of course, Kiyotaka is no exception. 


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