The 10 Best Martial Arts Games For PC

Best martial arts games on PC
When you want to kick some ass from the comfort of your own seat, these are the games for you.`

Get Ready to Fight In These Martial Arts Games 

Don’t we all have those moments where we’re fed up with the work we’re tasked with for school or our job? How great would it be to take out some of those frustrations in the form of kicking some ass in a video game. That’s where this list comes into play, as it features the best martial arts based games for your PC.

10. Kung Fu Strike – The Warrior’s Rise

“Kung Fu Strike – The Warrior’s Rise” Gameplay

A more traditional martial arts game, “Kung Fu Strike – The Warrior’s Rise” takes inspiration from Chinese tales of revenge. However, it adds some good old fashioned arcade style kung-fu fighting. The over the top style leads you through some of the most fun you can have in 28 levels of action.

That’s quite the hit combo.

High kicking your way to the top.

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