[Top 20] Street Fighter 6 Best Gear in The Game

The Player Avatar observes Beat Square in Street Fighter 6's World Tour.
The World Is Yours — if you have the right gear.

To stand a chance in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour, you’ll need the best gear. Being equipped with items and clothing will provide advantages for the best attack and defense, to finish every challenge the campaign will throw at your Avatar, especially in the second half of the campaign. Gear is scattered all around two gigantic hub cities and assorted smaller locations, and there are plenty of pieces. You need some help finding them all, and knowing what the best pieces are.

Reasons Gear is Important:

  • Enhance your power: The Avatar’s power level will increase as they level up after fighting the toughest battles around Metro City and Nayshall. Gear will further enhance those stats.
  • Enhance your defense: Some enemies hit hard, especially the boss battles and fights from tournament battles you’ll face in the World Tour. (The Street Fighter character fights are surprisingly bearable until the post-game segments.) You need good protection.
  • Extra effects: Some gear comes equipped with bonus effects, like enhancing your attack on the first hit, or even increasing your throw power.
  • Different gear for different character techniques: Some character move sets work better with different items and equipment. If an equipped move set has a bunch of kicking attacks, for example, put good equipment on the legs.
  • Look good in the process: It helps to look stylish as you stroll through the cities, too. This is even better when you participate in Avatar Battles


20. Sun Runner Cap

It fits nicely on any head, too.

See the Sun Runner Cap:

The Sun Runner Cap is one of the best pieces of early headgear for the main character in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour. It resembles a desert military cap.

The cap will nicely enhance the Avatar’s Punch Strength and Defense, making it extremely useful whenever you take a hit early in the game. Early enemies won’t hit THAT hard, but this is nice to have in case you get in over your head. Literally, even.

What we love about the Sun Runner Cap:

  • Good stat boots: A nice boost to punch attack and defense stats early on will be a big boon for early random fights and boss battles.
  • Stylish: It goes great with all the other equipment available during the game’s early point.
  • Easy to obtain: The cap is purchased, meaning you don’t have to go stroll down a random alley, find a random treasure chest, or fulfill a battle condition with a random enemy to find the outfit.
  • Good all around: The stat boost to all the Avatar’s stats makes it great regardless of the character move set you’re learning.

How to get the Sun Runner Cap:

Buy it from Drippin’ Style in Metro City for 2240 Zenny

Sun Runner Cap Stats:

  • +26 Punch Strength
  • +10 Defense


19. Oversized Shirt b

When they say “Oversized,” they mean it.

See the Oversized Shirt b:

The Oversized Shirt b is the “beta” version of the normal Oversized Shirt, hence the name. It’s the same as the normal Oversized Shirt, but this one comes in black and doesn’t have to be purchased.

The early game of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour isn’t too hard, and you won’t run into the strongest opponents just yet. But it's always good to have solid defense on your side, and the Oversized Shirt b is the best piece of upper-body equipment you can get. It’s also nice when you don’t have to spend Zenny on it.

What we love about the Oversized Shirt b:

  • Great defense: This will boost the avatar’s defense by 30 points, making them able to withstand even the strongest attacks from random enemies. It will help if the enemies feel like ganging up on an under-leveled Avatar.
  • Very easily obtainable: Your pockets won’t be stuffed with Zenny early on. It’s nice that you can get a good shirt through acquiring it instead of buying it in the store.
  • It looks stylish enough: Look, your mileage may vary as to whether you like the look of this shirt, but hey, you can always use a different visualization. It IS stylish overall, especially on a bulkier Avatar.

How to get the Oversized Shirt b:

This is a random drop from beating other fighters in encounters in Metro City early on. They’re mostly found on those outside the Junkyard Smallz area.

Oversized Shirt b Stats:

  • +30 Defense


18. Casual Dress Shirt

A good dress shirt for every situation.

See the Casual Dress Shirt:

The Casual Dress Shirt is precisely that, a casual dress shirt for the Avatar. This is one of the better early-game upper-body equipment pieces. 

The early enemies aren’t that tough for anyone slightly experienced with Street Fighter, but you'll need to boost your defense stats if you’re just getting acclimated to a game in this franchise. You might also be getting acclimated to movement in the World Tour, and battling multiple enemies at the same time. Higher defense will give you more flexibility, making an item like the Casual Dress Shirt essential.

What we love about the Casual Dress Shirt:

  • Solid defense stats: This will boost the avatar’s defense by 27 points, allowing them to take large and small attacks from random enemies and early bosses.
  • Easy to obtain: You don’t have to pay for it, but can instead obtain it from random enemies in Metro City. It’s a common-enough drop, so it should only take you about ten minutes to get it.
  • It’s stylish to boot: The shirt goes well with a bunch of early equipment. It’s stronger than it looks.

How to get the Casual Dress Shirt:

This is a drop from other fighters following encounters in Metro City early in the game, mostly outside the Junkyard Smallz, just like the Oversized Shirt b above.

Casual Dress Shirt Stats:

  • +27 Defense


17. Boston Glasses

Shame about the glasses kind of clipping through the hairstyle and face.

See the Boston Glasses:

The Boston Glasses are a good accessory to have early on. They’re normal and stylish-enough glasses to complete the look of the Avatar as they’re starting out.

What really stands out about these glasses is the bonus they provide. They come equipped with a Drive Gauge regen boost, so the player will wait a shorter time before using Unique Actions on the field again. You’ll be using a LOT of Unique Actions to cross gaps, break objects, and initiate fights with enemies, so this is essential.

What we love about the Boston Glasses:

  • Actionized: There’s more freedom to try out the dizzying array of Unique Actions that burn the Drive Meter with a quicker recharge. It’s also helpful when Drive Attacks unlock for the Avatar later.
  • Stylish: They go with every outfit. No need to adjust the wardrobe around this one to look good.
  • Easy to get: They’re attached to a mandatory boss for the campaign, so there’s no way the player won’t have them in their inventory. Don’t overlook them.

How to get the Boston Glasses:

Beat the boss in Metro City’s Chinatown area in Chapter 2.

Boston Glasses stats:

  • Focus I - Small increase for Drive Gauge Restoration


16. Square Glasses

These glasses noticeably don’t clip as much. You know which ones are better.

See the Square Glasses:

If the Boston Glasses aren’t good for you or simply aren’t your type, the Square Glasses are available at around the same point early in the game. These are stylish enough to enhance the look of your Avatar in addition to adding a new passive ability..

The Square Glasses are an extra accessory that doesn’t provide any main stat boosts. They instead come with the “Aware” trait, which will increase the Avatar’s damage when their Drive meter is depleted. The Drive meter won’t be unlocked for battle at this point, so this is good to have whenever you use it for too many Unique Actions outside of battle and get into a fight, which will happen.

What we love about the Square Glasses:

  • Damage increase: You won’t be useless if the Drive meter is depleted while wearing these.
  • No need to purchase them: These can be acquired earlier than the Boston Glasses, but they are well hidden within Metro City. No need to spend your hard-earned Zenny on them, though.
  • Other room for stat boosts: These are thankfully an extra accessory, meaning they can be worn in addition to head gear.

How to get the Square Glasses:

Find them in a chest under the stairs of the skyscraper in Bayside Park, in a flower field.

Square Glasses stats:

  • Aware - Brief outgoing damage boost when Drive Gauge is depleted.


15. Knit Beanie a

For the cool, chill look.

See the Knit Beanie a:

The Knit Beanie a (as in Alpha) is the best headgear you can get early in the game, thanks to the stat boosts it provides. There’s a reason why it’s a little tricky to find, even though it’s partially hiding in plain view in Metro City.

The Knit Beanie a is a great alternative to spending too much Zenny early on. The regular Knit Beanie can be purchased in both clothing stores in Metro City, but this more stylish and unique one can be found in a treasure chest. Both will do the job of increasing your offensive and defensive stats by a solid amount.

What we love about the Knit Beanie a:

  • Solid Stat Increase: The Strength and Defense boost will be good to have in addition to other equipment available, to give your stats a solid boost early on.
  • Don’t Waste Zenny: The best equipment options are ones you can find or win through battles, like this one. Zenny isn’t easy to come by early or midway through the World Tour.
  • Stylish: The beanie goes with every outfit, and can be dyed in alternate colors provided you have paint acquired from battles.

How to get the Knit Beanie a:

Get them from the chest on top of the Greedy Grills restaurant on Beat Street in Metro City.

Knit Beanie a stats:

  • +15 Punch Strength
  • +6 Defense


14. Chino Pants

These fit with the Knit Beanie above well, though. Perhaps not in a hot desert area, though.

See the Chino Pants:

If you’ve been reading through this list thus far and wondered what the hell the Avatar should be wearing for the bottom, you’ve thankfully been paying attention. Let’s fix that by talking about the Chino Pants.

The Chino Pants are a solid pair of khaki jeans that work as the best bottom equipment you can get at the earliest point in the game, between the first five chapters of the World Tour. These pants will, of course, enhance your defense. But they mimic the Square Glasses by also including the Aware trait, which will increase your attack when the Drive meter is depleted.

What we love about the Chino Pants:

  • Solid protection: The Chino Pants provide a defense boost so good that they’ll take you through the first five chapters of the World Tour.
  • Not too expensive: The defense stats and traits here are good despite the equipment being “Common.” This means the pants provide good stats while being inexpensive.
  • Easy to get: They’re right in the first store you visit in the game. You’ll likely have to save up the Zenny to buy them after a bit of time, however.

How to get the Chino Pants:

Buy them from Drippin’ Style in Metro City for 3000 Zenny.

Chino Pants stats:

  • +27 Defense
  • Aware: Increase Attack when Drive Meter is depleted


13. Cherry Beanie

Does this beanie stick out or what? Though maybe not in Brazil…

See the Cherry Beanie:

Now that the early game stuff is out of the way, let’s venture into the mid-game equipment. The Cherry Beanie is some of the best headgear you can find at this point, after finally leaving Metro City to venture out into the world.

Before you meet Blanka in Brazil, you’ll have the chance to visit the Merchant Hawker that travels around to multiple places in the world, unless they’re all clones. This is when you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Cherry Beanie, which comes with essential offense and defense enhancements for the mid-game. You’ll likely have the Zenny to afford it too, because it's not that expensive.

What we love about the Cherry Beanie:

  • Great stats: The beanie will provide enhanced punch strength and defense when equipped. This is great for anyone who plays a character that relies on punches, like Ed.
  • Inexpensive: It’s even better when the equipment provides good stats when it doesn’t cost too much to purchase.
  • Easy to find: It’s as simple as buying it from the right Merchant Hawker.
  • Stylish: The beanie doesn’t go with every piece of equipment in the game at this point, but it’s great for any player who wants their Avatar to look flashy.

How to get the Cherry Beanie:

Buy it from the Merchant Hawker at Ranger’s Hut for 1120 Zenny

Cherry Beanie stats:

  • +15 Punch Strength
  • +8 Defense


12. Gold Chain Necklace

You HAVE to be a badass to wear a shining chain necklace like this around.

See the Gold Chain Necklace:

One of the cooler aspects of equipment in Street Fighter 6 is how there are plenty of pieces tailored towards particular character move sets, depending on their advantages. Among them is the Gold Chain Necklace.

This accessory is useful for the Avatar regardless of the move set equipped, but triply so if they’re using the set of a character who relies on throws. The Gold Chain Necklace will increase throw damage, which also includes techniques like the Spinning Pile Driver for Zangief and the Manège Doré from Manon. The AI loves leaving themselves open for command throws, making this essential for several battles for those character moves at this point.

What we love about the Gold Chain Necklace:

  • Great throw damage: This will increase damage for all throws, including command throws.
  • It’s an accessory: The Avatar has separate slots for accessories, which means this won’t take the place of an essential piece of equipment.
  • It looks good: It doesn’t stand out, which means it will go with every piece of equipment in the game.

How to get the Gold Chain Necklace:

Defeat Retsu in Chapter 5.

Gold Chain Necklace stats:

  • +15 Throw Strength Boost


11. Thigh-High Socks (Bordered)

These socks work well with the kicks, surprisingly, enough.

See the Thigh-High Socks (Bordered):

The Thigh-High Socks (Bordered) are another great in-game accessory for the Avatar during the mid-game point, thanks to the benefits they provide. Your mileage may vary on whether you might want to use a different visualization, though.

Even though these bordered Thigh-High Socks mainly look good on female or non-gender conforming Avatars, it’s still essential for the player to wear them at this point. The combination of the defense boost and the Drive regen previously provided by the Boston Glasses make this a great item. There’s a reason why it can’t be purchased in general during the mid-game point.

What we love about the Thigh-High Socks (Bordered):

  • Great defense boost: This will be some of the best leg equipment that can be obtained halfway through the World Tour, which can be equipped on top of the bottom equipment part for improved defensive capabilities.
  • Easy to obtain: It’s a common drop from a battle, making it not too difficult to obtain. Save your Zenny.
  • They look stylish: Again, though, these will mainly look good on certain Avatars of the female and non-gender conforming variety. It works great when paired with Chun-Li’s move set.

How to get the Thigh-High Socks (Bordered):

It’s a common drop from battling the Merchant Hawker at the Ranger’s Hut in Brazil.

Thigh-High Socks (Bordered) stats:

  • +15 Defense through Incoming Damage Cut (Small)
  • Focus I Effect -- Increases Drive Gauge Regen


10. Combat Gloves

The gloves made for combat… look like any other gloves.

See the Combat Gloves:

The Combat Gloves are yet another essential accessory for the mid-game, worth keeping on the Avatar as they advance into the late-game stage. They don’t stick out, and provide essential benefits for battle.

In addition to helping to make the Avatar look ready for battle, the Combat Gloves will make the mid-game tournament and character fights go smoother. They’ll give the Avatar the potential to use Super attacks more often thanks to the Super meter regen, and they’ll provide an attack boost.

What we love about the Combat Gloves:

  • Great stats: The attack boost will be great for this current stage, though they ironically increase the kick strength and not the punch strength. Who knows why.
  • They look good, too: The Combat Gloves aren’t stylish, but they match with every outfit thanks to how muted they are in appearance.
  • An extra addition: Like the previous equipment, they’re an extra accessory that will provide additional stats on top of the base equipment, and solid passive traits.

How to get the Combat Gloves:

Buy them from the Merchant Mello in Nayshall for 10500 Zenny.

Combat Gloves stats:

  • +25 Kick Strength
  • Peak Performance - A damage boost when the Avatar’s vitality is above 70 percent
  • High Voltage - Fill the Super gauge faster


9. Devil Wings

They can be your Angel Wings, or…

See the Devil Wings:

It’s tempting to look at the Devil Wings as you receive them and think the piece of equipment is too silly to put on your Avatar. Unlike equipment like the Gold Chain Necklace and Combat Gloves, they’ll stick out like two sore thumbs. But it’s well worth wearing them.

This is another quality accessory that fits on top of the existing equipment, which will provide a quality defense boost for the Avatar to withstand stronger blows. It will also significantly increase the attack power, though at the cost of the wings slowly sapping the player’s health. This also works as the best way to bring one of those “Devil” characters from the Tekken series into a Street Fighter title through their Avatar. And people thought those crossovers were dead.

What we like about the Devil Wings:

  • Great Defense stats: Providing extra defense on top of the existing equipment will make winning the tougher battles easier after the difficulty spikes mid-way through the World Tour.
  • They’re awfully reminiscent of another franchise: It would be great if someone asked the developers if this was a cute little reference or jab at the Tekken series.
  • They’re not hard to get: It’s as simple as purchasing them. Though you’ll need some extra Zenny in your pocket.

How to get the Devil Wings:

Buy them from the Merchant Camhya at the base of Mount Vishal in Old Nayshall for 8000 Zenny.

Devil Wings stats:

  • +20 Defense
  • Ferocious trait: A Large Outgoing Damage Boost at the exchange of a small-but-Continuous Vitality Depletion


8. Initiate’s Chain

See? Even Luke thinks these babies are cool.

See the Initiate’s Chain:

There are plenty of equipment pieces in the World Tour to make your Avatar look classy, stylish, and ready for battle. But this list has been lacking in materials that make them look badass. These were saved for the later-game parts, like the Initiate’s Chain.

These are large chains wrapped around big gloves, which look as if they’re made for punching plenty of opponents. Better yet, they provide essential benefits for this portion of the game, by buffing plenty of essential stats for every type of attack.

What we like about the Initiate’s Chain:

  • Buffs for everything: These will enhance the Avatar’s attack and defensive power all around, thanks to being a Jack of All Trades
  • Easy to get: It’s even better how the Initiate’s Chain is easy to obtain, and isn’t too expensive for this part of the game.
  • Chill: Of course, there’s no underestimating just how cool these look on any avatar with multiple outfits.

How to get the Initiate’s Chain:

Purchase them from the Merchant Hawker at Dhalsimer Temple for 4200 Zenny.

Initiate’s Chain stats:

  • Jack of All Trades
  • +20 Punch Strength
  • +20 Kick Strength
  • +20 Throw Strength
  • +20 Unique Attack Strength


7. Trench Coat

It’s a real shame Q hasn’t joined Street Fighter 6’s cast… yet?

See the Trench Coat:

Another appealing factor of the World Tour is how you can dress like other characters while also increasing your stats. Take the Trench Coat, which will have you looking close enough (though not exactly identical) to Street Fighter III’s Q.

The World Tour, notably, has multiple Trench Coats in a variety of colors available for the Avatar. These come with a wide array of stats. One sold in Nayshall for a rather high price is the only one that includes the best defensive stat. It’s fitting for a piece of equipment that qualifies as Super Rare.

What we love about the Trench Coat:

  • Great Defense Boost: Sure, the Trench Coat doesn’t look like it will boost the defense too heavily, but it does, and much better than the other coats.
  • The Cool Color: This one comes in a classic detective color. Given the defense boost, there’s a reason why they wear them.
  • Easy to find: It’s available right in a store in Nayshall. It might be pricey, but it’s possible to save up enough to afford the coat.

How to get the Trench Coat:

This particular coat can be purchased from the N-E shop in Nayshall for 10360 Zenny.

Trench Coat stats:

  • +88 Defense


6. Blanka Chan

Is this not the cutest and most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

See Blanka Chan:

Blanka Chan is, well, Blanka Chan. Specifically, this is the full-body costume the Avatar can wear. It’s the best among the few full-body costumes available in the game.

Blanka Chan will have any avatar looking like a rendition of the doll or Blanka alternate outfit, perhaps complete with Blanka’s move set equipped. It will make them look like the most adorable and huggable plush creature around. It also comes with fantastic stat gains.

What we love about Blanka Chan:

  • Incredible Stats: The stat increases as part of the “High Voltage” trait are fantastic all around. There’s a good reason why all other equipment must be given up for this.
  • You don’t have to pay for it: This is given to the Avatar after the completion of a mission. It’s not the easiest to finish, but there’s no price on it.
  • Come on, it’s adorable: I mean, look at it. This will make your avatar look like the cutest thing. Well, unless you don't like Blanka. Sorry, but I can't help that.

How to get Blanka Chan:

Complete the Hard Reboot side quest. It’s given to the player by Luke in Chapter 6.

Blanka Chan stats:

  • High Voltage trait
  • +40 Punch Strength
  • +40 Kick Strength
  • +20 Unique Attack Strength
  • +110 Defense


5. Full Face Helmet

Off-brand Cobra Commander is back, baby.

See the Full Face Helmet:

The Full Face Helmet will make your Avatar resemble some kind of warrior from a fierce fighting or brawler game. It’s also the best piece of head equipment in the World Tour.

The Full Face Helmet may look ridiculous, as it will cover the entirety of the face when the Avatar wears it. That’s not good for anyone who spent time working on perfecting their Avatar’s facial features. But it’s best to use visualizations if you don’t like wearing it, because the stats make it too good to go without.

What we like about the Full Face Helmet:

  • Incredible stats: You won’t find better headgear in the game at this point.
  • It looks cool: Your mileage may vary, but it will indeed make your Avatar look like a badass warrior. From the head, anyway.
  • Easy to obtain: It’s as simple as purchasing it from the right Merchant Hawker. The price isn’t cheap for what’s solely headgear, but you can afford it eventually.

How to get the Full Face Helmet:

Purchase it from the Merchant Mello in the Mount Vashal cave in Nayshall for 10000 Zenny.

Full Face Helmet stats:

  • +67 Punch Strength
  • +27 Defense
  • “Peak Performance” trait -- Increases the Avatar’s damage when their health is at 70 percent or more


4. Officer’s Watch

Sure, the watch doesn’t look that special, but it provides great bonuses.

See the Officer’s Watch:

When it comes to picking up the best accessories during Street Fighter 6’s World Tour, you can’t do better than the Officer’s Watch. It looks like a regular watch, but its performance shouldn’t be passed up.

The watch provides a strong benefit, but it comes with a risk. You’ll get a nice damage boost if you land the first attack in a match. But if the opponent hits you first, your defense will be reduced throughout the match. It's perfectly usable if you make sure to not get hit.

What we Love About the Officer’s Watch:

  • A Game of Risk: You’ll put out plenty more damage if you get the first attack. Just make sure to do that before you take too much.
  • It’s for Pro Players: Good players will make sure not to get hit at the start of the match, which will make this accessory’s benefits too good to pass up.
  • Subtlety: The Officer’s Watch is small enough that it blends in with the rest of the outfit. You’ll barely know you’re wearing it. It does clip with a few outfits, but that’s only a small issue on close-ups.
  • Easy to Get: It’s as simple as buying it. Having the Zenny available isn’t so simple, but you can save up for it.

How to get the Officer’s Watch:

Purchase it from the Merchant Mello in the Mount Vashal cave in Nayshall for 12000 Zenny.

Officer’s Watch stats:

  • Quick Draw: Applies to the first attack. Land the first attack, and there’s a large Outgoing Damage Boost. If the opponent hits first, there’s a large Incoming Damage Boost.


3. Basketball Shoes

The better the shoes to kick a character with.

See the Basketball Shoes:

Nothing’s better for street fighting than having good shoes for the part. That’s where the Basketball Shoes come in, a stylish pair of sneakers that look comfortable and enable the player to kick the opponent easier.

The Basketball Shoes come with some of the best kick strength boosts around, fitting for such expensive sneakers. This is the best footwear that can be obtained in the World Tour, so the enhancements are fittingly good considering this status.

Why we love the Basketball Shoes:

  • Impressive Kick Strength: The shoes are good additions to the stat gains your Avatar will receive with the final and best threads in the game.
  • Stylish: They look like good sneakers too, and go with every outfit. This goes double for the World Tour’s final set of clothes, outside the Full Face Helmet.
  • Easy to find: It’s as simple as purchasing them. It’s possible for them to spawn in a chest depending on the RNG, but purchasing them is guaranteed to work, however expensive.

How to get the Basketball Shoes:

Purchase them from the Merchant Mello in the Mount Vashal cave in Nayshall for 8500 Zenny.

Basketball Shoes stats:

  • +64 Kick Strength
  • +26 Defense


2. Fighter’s Sweatpants

For the baggy and authentic Street Fighter look.

See the Fighter’s Sweatpants:

The Fighter’s Sweatpants help complete the endgame look for the World Tour in Street Fighter 6. These baggy pants don’t look the part, but they’re the best legwear you’ll find in the quest.

It’s also a very fitting pair of threads for a Street Fighter character, with the Avatar getting into a bunch of street fights in two different cities. It’s a shame you only get them at the end given that, but there’s assuredly plenty of content coming through future seasons.

Why we love the Fighter’s Sweatpants:

  • Strong Defense Stat: These pants will ensure that the Avatar will withstand the hardest hits from the endgame and post-game character fights and tournaments.
  • Stylish threads: As mentioned above, they complete the Street Fighter look better than most default outfits for the main characters.
  • Easy to obtain: Like the Basketball Shoes, it’s possible to get them through a chest if the RNG likes you. But buying them is a guaranteed way to obtain them. They’re very expensive, but they’re worth it.

How to get the Fighter’s Sweatpants:

Purchase them from the Merchant Mello in the Mount Vashal cave in Nayshall for 21000 Zenny. They can also be found in a chest around the semi-circular structure at the peak of the Mount Vashal cave itself.

Fighter’s Sweatpants stats:

  • +106 Defense


1. Fighter’s Hoodie

The cool hoodie that will take you to victory.

See the Fighter’s Hoodie:

The Fighter’s Hoodie is the best top equipment in the World Tour by providing some of the best offense and defense stats around. It also fits with the Fighter’s Sweatpants and Basketball Shoes, making for a perfect pair.

Like the Sweatpants, these are fitting for a character literally being a Street Fighter by getting into a bunch of fights on the street. The complete set will also make the Avatar able to withstand plenty of strong attacks from the endgame and post-game opponents, a good reward for defending themselves and winning fights up to this point.

What we like about the Fighter’s Hoodie:

  • Top-tier Defense stats: The complete set will keep the Avatar alive for a longer time in fights.
  • Top-tier Offense: If that wasn’t enough, the threads also give the Avatar an offensive advantage, assuming they’re keeping their health bar up.
  • Stylish: The cool thing about the endgame gear is how they’ll fit with every Avatar, regardless of their gender or build.

How to get the Fighter’s Hoodie:

Purchase them from the Merchant Mello in the Mount Vashal cave in Nayshall for 30,000 Zenny. It can also be found in a chest within the Mount Vashal - Ruin Depths area after the “Whispers of the Mountain” side quest is unlocked.

Fighter’s Hoodie stats:

  • +104 Defense
  • Peak Performance: Medium Outgoing Damage Boost when vitality is above 70 percent.


The Street Fighter 6 World Tour has plenty of great outfits for stat gains, passive bonuses, and even stylish purposes. But these are the best you can get depending on which point you’ve reached in the quest. Well, that’s the case for THIS particular point in the game’s first season of content. Fully expect more outfits that aren’t purely for cosmetics to arrive in the future, perhaps when the next seasons roll around.


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