[Top 10] SF6: Best Juri Combos To Use

Best Juri Combos To Use
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With a new tour of competitive Street Fighter 6 events to shortly follow this year's Capcom Cup, many inspiring players will want to join in on the action. A popular character regardless of player's skill level, Juri is a good high tier character for people who want to get in their opponent's face and have them reeling.

Juri can be played in a straight-forward style and succeed due to her strong fundamental tools, but players who enjoy performing long flashy combos and finding the opportunity to use them will get the most out of her in terms of winning and enjoyment.

While this is a "Top 10" list for combos, these combos can have many different starters and enders to keep in mind, and the ones shown are just a handful of examples. There'll be plenty more to find as you get more familiar with the character and take her to training mode yourself.

10. Using Light Normals (No Fuha Stocks)


A large part of Juri's gameplan is continuously using her "Fuhajin" special move throughout the match to build Fuha Stocks (to a max of three)  - a resource that enhances three of her other special moves, and allows them to cancel into each other. Without resources, Juri doesn't have much going on in terms of combos. However, building these stocks can be done in neutral, on an opponent's knockdown, and in basic combos like the ones shown below.

* Standing Light Punch x3 -> Medium Fuhajin. As simple as it gets for an easy stock.   

  • Damage: 1230

* Jumping Medium Kick -> Crouching Light Punch x3 -> Light Pinwheel. Jumping Medium Kick is a button that can cross-up the opponent when jumping over them, and allows for easy light attack combos like this. If you already have max fuha stocks, you can use pinwheel to trade out for a little extra damage. You can also trade out Jumping Medium Kick for Jumping Light Kick for more consistent cross-ups.

  •  Damage: 1738


9. Stock Specials


Before we cover combos involving the three moves Fuhajin buffs, let's have a brief overview of what they each do. Generally, these moves aren't meant to be used without Fuha stocks - and after this section of this article you can assume the buffed versions are being discussed. Alternative/Common Names in Brackets.

Saihasho [Fireball/Projectile] -> When buffed, Juri fires a ground-based projectile that travels slowly, for a decent distance. Very handy in neutral and pressure, and will generally be used as a starter of the three stocks in combos, but can also be used as extension and to apply even more pressure on a knocked down opponent.

* Punish Counter Projectile (Unbuffed) - > Crouching Heavy Punch -> Heavy Fuhajin -> Pinwheel: The unbuffed version can still be used to beat some of your opponent's wake up options, such as Level 1 Super - as they still lose to projectiles despite otherwise being invincible. However, the unbuffed version doesn't reach very far at all, so you still wouldn't use this on most knockdowns - barring after sweep or maybe even Tensenrin [Pinwheel].

  • Damage: 2410

Ankensatsu [Hopkick] -> The unbuffed version of this move can be used to avoid and punish opponents who are using their low-hitting attacks too often. However, this can be a risky callout as Hopkick is very easy to punish if your opponent blocks it. The buffed version of this move is great for extending the middle of combos, but is also still punishable on block even if you try to cancel it into your other specials.

* Blocked Crouching Light Punch -> Punish Counter Hopkick (Unbuffed) -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Medium Fuhajin

  • Damage: 1800

Go Ohsatsu [Lunge Kick] -> Unbuffed Lunge Kick doesn't offer much besides knocking the opponent down - even on counter hit or punish counter. Use this exclusively in combos (Examples shown in later sections of this article], as even unbuffed it can be useful simply to gain the knockdown advantage and to cancel into Level 3 in some cases. The buffed version benefits a great deal, being able to cancel into the other specials before and after the knockdown effect.


8. Medium Starter Combos (With Fuha Stocks)


Juri has some pretty great medium buttons to aid in her pressure, and she's one of the few characters who can naturally link her Standing Medium Punch into her Crouching Medium Punch without counterhit or using drive rush. This makes confirming hits into her combos pretty accessible.

* Standing Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Lunge Kick (Buffed/Two Hits) -> Projectile (Buffed/Miss):  Easy combo with two or more fuha stocks. Gives a knockdown with a projectile that will automatically provide pressure as your opponent gets back up.

  • Damage: 2160

* Crouching Medium Kick -> Projectile (Buffed) -> Hopkick (Buffed) -> Forward Medium Punch -> Medium Fuhajin. A low-hitting starter that utilizes Fuha Stocks ability to special cancel into each other. Solid extension off a far reaching poke that still leaves you one-up on Fuha stocks.

  • Damage: 1760

* Crouching Medium Kick (Max Distance) -> Lunge Kick (Buffed/First Hit) -> Projectile (Buffed) -> Hopkick (Buffed) -> Forward Medium Punch -> Medium Fuhajin. Almost identical to the combo above it but requires the max of three Fuha Stocks - but still useful to know. If starting a combo at the longest possible range for Crouching Medium Kick to connect, the extension into Juri's Projectile and hopkick won't work - but the addition of Lunge Kick resolves that problem. Lunge Kick can still be canceled on the first hit so it doesn't cause a knockdown and allows the combo to continue.

  • Damage: 2080


7. Heavy Confirms


Juri has great, long range heavy buttons - by themselves, they're very good for poking at your opponent in neutral. In combos, Juri's heavy punch normal attacks have the benefit of being able to connect into her Heavy Fuhajin, which puts opponents in an air juggle state. So even in simpler combos, finding ways to fit heavy buttons into your routes can lead to decent damage.

* Jump-Neutral Heavy Kick [Punish Counter] -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> Heavy Fuhajin -> Heavy Pinwheel. Jumping Neutral Heavy Kick is a neat but more situational jumping attack that can be used when an opponent is chasing you down aggressively or to call out something like a reversal. Of course this combo can be done with an ordinary jump-in with Jump-Forward Heavy Kick, but having a good idea of what all your attacks can be used for will help in the long run.

  • Damage: 2890

* [Perfect Parry] Punish Counter Standing Medium Punch -> Standing Heavy Punch -> Heavy Fuhajin -> Heavy Pinwheel. This example showcases perfect parry scaling so the damage isn't too impressive, but the concept of it can still easily apply to whiff punishes and mistimed throws made by your opponent. As you get familiar with hit confirming your medium normals, following them up with Standing Heavy Punch in Punish Counter situations will start to feel more natural.

  • Damage: 1275


6. Raw Drive Rush


Juri's Drive Rush is recognized as one of the best in the game, given its speed and travel distance. It especially makes her medium buttons much more threatening, enabling better reach and stronger conversions.

* Drive Rush Standing Medium Punch -> Standing Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Medium Fuhajin. A very strong concept for Juri to have - Standing Medium Punch is generally a stubby button, but drive rush makes up for it and then some. Even if the opponent blocks the first attack, the additional advantage granted by drive rush still allows you to continue your pressure. Additionally, you can get this same combo but starting with Juri's Drive Rush Forward Medium Kick, which hits overhead and can keep your opponent guessing.

  • Damage: 2100

* Drive Rush Crouching Medium Kick -> Standing Light Punch -> Standing Light Kick - > Light Pinwheel: Juri's best low-hitting option from drive rush. Not too much damage, but occasionally mixing this in with your other drive rush concepts can keep your opponent afraid of all your options.

  • Damage: 1430


5. Drive Rush Cancel Extensions


Canceling into drive rush is how Juri gets a lot of her combo extensions, so it's important to get familiar with cancels quickly and making every hit matter.

* Crouching Light Kick -> Crouching Light Punch x2 -> Drive Rush Cancel Standing Light Punch -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> Heavy Fuhajin -> Level 1 Super. Making the most out of even the smallest interactions can go a long way, and in this instance it provides an example of when you would want to use Juri's Level 1 - to push your opponent in the corner and tack on a little bit extra damage to your opponent's health bar and drive meter.

  • Damage: 2168

* Standing Heavy Punch -> Drive Rush Cancel Crouching Heavy Punch -> Standing Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Lunge Kick (Buffed/Two Hits) -> Projectile (Buffed/Miss): With a clean confirm off Standing Heavy Punch, Juri can get slightly higher damage with the use of her Fuha stocks in tow. This does use a good amount of her resources that you've been building up, so you can alternate ending with Medium Fuhajin instead of Lunge Kick to keep your stocks healthier as need be.

  • Damage: 2939


4. OD Specials


The OD versions of Juri's Stock Specials have similar enhanced effects, but don't  require a stock to use unless they are canceling from another OD Stock Special - so you'll be able to keep some of your stocks at the expense of 2-3 bars of drive meter instead. This has similar meter requirements to drive rush cancels, but offers higher damage in shorter bursts.

* Jumping Forward Heavy Kick -> Standing Heavy Punch -> OD Hopkick -> Forward Medium Punch -> Lunge Kicked (Buffed) -> Empty Light Fuhajin: Solid damage for a jump in that ends in neutral gain in terms of stock usage, and is one bar less expensive than a drive rush cancel combo.

  • Damage: 3200

* Punish Counter Standing Heavy Punch -> OD Lunge Kick (Three Hits) -> OD Hopkick (Uses Stock) -> Level 1 Super: A combo you can do when you have your opponent closer in the corner, as OD Hopkick causes a ground bounce against opponents in an air juggle. Harassing your opponents with a combination of big heavy pokes and her medium buttons when you have the advantage can lead to high rewards.

  • Damage: 3880

* Jumping Medium Punch -> OD Divekick -> Heavy Pinwheel: If you're the one in the corner and you feel like your opponent is going for a throw loop, Juri has a unique way of getting out of that situation. After getting thrown once and predicting your opponent will go for another throw,  hold up forward on your controls and press Jumping Medium Punch instantly  - as Jumping Medium Punch can be canceled into her divekick air special. If you guess right, the Jumping Medium Punch should count as a punish counter, which will also allow you to combo into the meterless version of Juri's divekick. However,only the OD version lets you follow-up with other moves to extend this combo.

  •  Damage: 2580


3. Feng Shui 101


Feng Shui is what is known as an "Install" super - a super that powers up a character a significant amount for a short period of time. In Juri's Case, Feng Shui allows her to chain the majority of her normal attacks together seamlessly as well as making them all special cancellable. It's not completely freeform - you can't just press one button to infinity and expect it to combo, and you can't combo from stronger buttons back into weaker buttons. Aside from that however, this opens up a crazy amount of combo routes, and why some may find using this super intimidating. This is understandable, but even for complex supers there are situations beginners can practice. With said practice, there will be a gradual process where you look for the best opportunities to utilize this super.

* Drive Impact (Counter) - > Forward Heavy Punch -> Feng Shui Activation (Hold) - > Standing Medium Kick  -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Standing Heavy Kick -> Standing Heavy Punch - > Lunge Kick (Buffed) - > Empty Light Fuhajin: One important aspect is getting comfortable canceling into supers from normal attacks, as Feng Shui benefits the most from starting grounded. Forward Heavy Punch is a normal that hits twice with a long cancel window, and the addition of the Drive Impact crumple on punish counter grants helps players buffer the input activation. The route following the activation is a decent extension to help practice your mix-ups after knocking your opponent down if you forgo the Fuha Stock Charge.

  • Damage: 3170

* Standing Heavy Punch -> Heavy Fuhajin -> Feng Shui Activation (Hold) -> Forward Medium Punch -> Back Heavy Kick -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> Jump Cancel Jumping Medium Punch -> Jumping Medium Kick -> Divekick: Juri can confirm into Feng Shui off of her juggles, which can be handy. In this context, the combo can work midscreen for some pretty good corner carry, even from the other side of the screen - also a good way to practice jump canceling in Feng Shui and stringing together air normals.

  • Damage: 3020


2. Feng Shui 102


Some players may find themselves overwhelmed by thinking every complex route must be memorized and performed when needed, but it’s better to not overthink it when starting out. While you will benefit more from building muscle memory for a handful of routes, this will come in time - Juri still has very solid fundamentals that make her an accessible character choice that you can improve with at your own pace. In the meantime, here are some other Feng Shui routes that you can keep in mind to practice as you discover which routes suit your gameplan as well as your current level of execution.

* Jumping Heavy Kick -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> Buffed Hopick > Forward Medium Punch -> Feng Shui Activation (No Hold) -> Forward Heavy Punch -> OD Hopkick -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Kick  -> Back Heavy Kick -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> Jump Cancel Jumping Medium Kick -> Jumping Medium Punch - > Jumping Heavy Kick -> OD Divekick -> Level 1 Super: Conceptually, this combo takes a bit of everything in terms of resources in order to pull off for not too much damage. However, we can take parts of it and splice them into our mix-ups and Feng Shui routes as needed. So you may not necessarily want to use this combo as is, but the individual sequences before and after the Feng Shui activation have their own practical purposes.

  • Damage: 4440

* [Feng Shui Activation ] -> Drive Rush Forward Medium Kick -> Standing Light Punch -> Standing Light Kick -> Forward Medium Punch - > Standing Medium Kick -> Standing Heavy Kick -> Standing Heavy Punch -> Lunge Kick (Buffed) -> [Mix-up]. To go along with the ideas presented in the previous combo, try not to think of Feng Shui as an opportunity to do one very long flashy combo, as cool as it may be. Instead, Feng Shui's main strength is enabling shorter routes that take advantage of the install's unique properties so as to continuously badger your opponent with mix-ups and pressure - ergo, here's a combo you can do after already initially activating Feng Shui some other way.

  • Damage: 2510


1. Cash Out


When learning Juri, it's nice to have something in your backpocket when you get the ideal hit. So here's one last big damage combo to punish an opponent's reversal using full meter and three fuha stocks.

* Drive Rush Punish Counter Forward Heavy Punch -> Crouching Heavy Punch -> OD Hopkick -> Forward Medium Punch -> Drive Rush Cancel Crouching Heavy Punch -> Standing Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Drive Rush Cancel Crouching Heavy Punch -> Standing Medium Punch -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Lunge Kick (Buffed/One Hit) -> Projectile (Buffed) -> Hopkick (Buffed) -> Crouching Medium Punch - > Lunge Kick (Unbuffed) -> Level 3 Super [Critical Art].

  • Damage: 6610


At the end of the Day, Juri is defined by her resources. If you enjoy being able to rely on basic tools and then pull out all the stops when the opportunity rises, this is the character for you. If you want more to read and get up to speed, here are some other articles you might be interested in.

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