[Top 10] SF6 Best Avatar Builds That Are Powerful

Fighting in the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6.
There’s a wide and wild world with a variety of styles on display, offline and online.

A fun and fascinating quest awaits in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour, which players will undertake through their own created Avatar, even if it’s a BIT repetitive. The Avatar can be personalized on your own terms. This includes the core design, sure, but more crucially the move sets that are worth focusing on while spending many hours travelling around Metro City and Nayshall to fight opponents and finish quests. More move sets will be unlocked over the quest’s duration, after visiting locales in the two main hubs and through small visits to other countries.

Not every move set is made equal, however, with some being better than others. This applies even though some techniques and combos don’t work as well on the Avatar as they do on the actual character, regardless of their build. But that’s fine when there are plenty of other extremely good builds for the main game and Avatar Battles. A great Avatar build will help the player have an easier time cruising through the World Tour, especially with the difficulty spike that comes later.


10. The Shotokan Karate Build

If you’re using a Shoto style, you might as well call an actual Shoto character for assistance.

The Avatar will meet Ryu and Ken midway through the World Tour, and can train under both to learn more of their techniques along the way. The two main practitioners of Street Fighter’s fictionalized Shotokan Karate (“Shoto,” for short) have always played similarly, but have enough differences that one will excel where the other does not. This marks a great opportunity to combine both of their move sets for the best of both worlds.

Ryu is far from the highest-tier character in SF6, but he still has a better Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku than Ken. Combine those with Ken’s improved normal attacks and Shoryuken for a king Shotokan Karate combination that would make their master Gouken proud. Feel free to add other moves to cover any still-empty spaces for moves after unlocking the options to equip more on the Avatar for hilariously broken combinations, including a command throw.

Shotokan Karate Combo Details:

  • Meet up with Ryu and Ken and become their apprentices.
  • Combine Ryu’s Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku with Ken’s superior normal attacks and Shoryuken for the best combination.
  • Add additional moves to make up for other shortcomings in the process, including a command throw from a character like Zangief, Lily, or Manon.


9. The Jackknife Maximum Dual Anti-Air Build

Having moves to control the ground and air is critical for a great build.

Several move combinations will make the Avatar a force to be feared throughout the World Tour, but some moves will work with nearly all of them. One among them is Dee Jay’s Jackknife Maximum, the anti-air that hits three times regularly and five times with the EX version. This can be combined with anti-air attacks that use a command different from holding down for two seconds and pressing up and an attack button.

The juggle potential is what works well here, especially in the corner. Uppercuts from characters like Ryu, Ken, and Luke (the last of which is the first you’ll get) can be combined with an EX Jackknife Maximum in the corner for massive combos during juggles, especially when combined with a Drive Impact. This will make the Avatar fearsome for human opponents and the annoying drones that hover in the air during the quest.

Jackknife Anti-Air Build Details:

  • Combine an anti-air with Dee Jay’s Jackknife Maximum for great anti-air combos.
  • This works with several anti-air attacks, particularly those from Ryu, Ken, and Luke.
  • This will give your Avatar two viable anti-air attacks to work with to cover any shortcomings, and make for devastating corner combos.


8. The Marisa and Zangief Combination Build

Two great tastes that go great together. Is that what they call this?

Marisa and Zangief are both big and muscle-bound fighters, with both having higher-than-average health. The extra health sadly won’t be passed on to the Avatar upon adopting either of their move sets, but that doesn’t stop a mixture of the two working well with each other in terms of their normal and special attacks.

Both characters have great normal attacks with long reach, so you can’t go wrong with either of them. You’ll notably meet Marisa to train under her well before running into Zangief. It’s a bonus that the two don’t have conflicting move sets, with many of Zangief’s moves requiring 360-degree motions and multi-button presses and Marisa relying on more basic commands. The key element that makes this build great is improving the Spinning Pile Driver range by using Marisa’s Gladius to gauge their position to the character.

Marisa and Zangief Combo Details:

  • Use a combination of Marisa and Zangief’s techniques, which work well together.
  • It helps that many of their Special techniques don’t overlap in terms of their required commands.
  • Marisa’s normal attacks work great to gauge the opponent’s distance, to determine whether they’re in Spinning Pile Driver range.


7. Manon’s Manège Doré Build

There’s nothing wrong with having a little gracefulness too.

Some moves are great to have with nearly every build, with Manon’s Manège Doré being one of the best. The move involves a judo throw performed with a half-circle back motion and any punch button, with a quick start-up time and good range. The Avatar will inherit Manon’s ability to build power through Medal gain with every successful throw regardless of the main move set they have equipped.

The AI is not great at dodging throws throughout the World Tour, outside the machines that can’t be thrown. This makes having a command throw great to have, and it’s nice to utilize one that’s easier to execute than a Spinning Pile Driver that also builds power for future throws with the Medals Manon’s throw will involve stacking. It only helps that it works with nearly every build, outside those with their own command throw like Zangief and Lily.

Manon Manège Doré Build Details:

  • Use any move set you like, particularly one without a command throw and which leaves the half-circle back command motion open.
  • Equip Manon’s Manège Doré as an attack. It’s one of the first moves you’ll learn from her after meeting her in France.
  • Use the move on the AI or a human opponent whenever the opportunity arises. It’s the best command throw to equip on any character who doesn’t have their own already.


6. The Hundred Lightning Kicks/Hundred Hand Slap Build

Just one of them will suffice here.

Enemies during the mid and late-game stages will use several attacks that come with armor that will temporarily shield them from incoming attacks from the Avatar. The enemy will take temporary damage here, sure, but that will be irrelevant when the attack lands on you instead and they recover that sacrificed HP. This is when you need a multi-hit attack that breaks through armor, like the Hundred Lightning Kicks and Hundred Hand Slap from Chun-Li and E. Honda, respectively.

There are other armor-breaking attacks the Avatar can equip, but those have lower range or slower start-up times, or both. The Hundred Lightning Kicks and Hundred Hand Slap come out quickly, guaranteeing that enemy armor will be broken when they try an attack that uses it. This is also good for several combos, as both attacks will leave enemies stunned long enough that combos starting with a light punch or light kick can be used afterward.

The Hundred Lightning Kicks/Hundred Hand Slap Build details:

  • Train under Chun-Li or E. Honda long enough to learn the Lightning Kicks or Hundred Hand Slap attacks. Chun-Li is the second character the Avatar will meet, so the former can be learned early.
  • Equip the move after learning it. Either the quarter-circle forward motion (for the Lightning Kicks) or the quarter-circle back motion (for the Hundred Hand Slap)
  • Use it on enemies that armor themselves during big attacks. You’ll encounter plenty of these in the mid-game and late-game points.


5. The Kimberly’s Sprint/Command Throw Build

You can have a quick sprint attack for the sake of it too.

Builds with command throws are uniquely good for the World Tour’s AI, which often has no idea of what to do with Avatars equipped with them. This is even better when combined with a dashing maneuver, particularly Kimberly’s Sprint. The opponent will get themselves picked up and slammed before they have any idea of what’s happening.

The Sprint’s command, a quarter-circle forward motion, fortunately doesn’t conflict with any of the command throws from Zangief, Lily, Manon, and E. Honda to a lesser extent. All the throws have quick-enough start-up with okay-enough range on the Avatar, but do the same amount of damage generally. This is very fearsome when combined with Kimberly’s Sprint after a cancel with the light kick button press. There’s a reason why Kim can’t do that by herself.

Sprint with a Command Throw Build details:

  • Have a character move set with a command throw spot open. This is much easier to do with Zangief and Lily’s command throws, which require 360-degree motions.
  • Equip Kimberly’s Sprint command. Hopefully you don’t have any other plans for that quarter-circle forward spot, but it’s very useful here. It helps that no command throws in the game are performed this way.
  • Have fun getting right in the faces of opponents and surprising them with a command throw with incredible range.


4. The Big Character Lily Build

The biggest step for Lily to fully become her master.

One aspect that made character creation broken in Bandai Namco’s Soulcalibur games was the ability to equip a big character’s move set on a small character, which made several unsafe moves that would leave a big character open safe from counterattacks. The opposite applies to Street Fighter 6, the difference between a 2D game and a 3D one. The literal biggest and best among them is putting Lily’s move set on a big, bulky, and muscular character.

This isn’t a recipe for a broken character, as several of Lily’s unsafe moves won’t be made safe as a result. But several attacks that Lily herself lacks the range for thanks to being small and nimble will be extended after being attached to a large one. In an ironic twist, this character will be of Thunder Hawk’s size, who Lily trained under, thus coming full circle.

Big Lily Build Details:

  • Create a tall and bulky character with the game’s character customization for the Avatar
  • Attach Lily’s move set after meeting her in the World Tour. Remember that it will take time for you to learn all of her techniques.
  • None of her moves overlap, so it’s possible to equip them all. Feel free to attach a projectile as the charging motion as more options are unlocked, however.


3. Dhalsim Teleport with Spinning Pile Driver Build

It’s a cool maneuver, but you have to be quick.

Surprise command throws work great when fighting the AI in the World Tour and other humans through Avatar battles. Using one after Kimberly’s Sprint is one good way to do this, but the best involves combining Dhalsim’s Teleportation maneuver with Zangief’s Spinning Pile Driver. The opponent will be caught off guard by the player suddenly appearing right in front or behind them for a powerful throw.

The one hindrance here is making sure that you, the person playing and equipping these moves, knows how to quickly teleport and perform the 360-degree motion required for the SPD maneuver. This is where practicing works out, which is accessible from the move list menu in the World Tour. It’s also worth memorizing where the Avatar will appear when teleporting, as doing so will involve transporting to different positions on the screen depending on which button is used after performing the command.

The Teleport-Spinning Pile Driver Build Details:

  • Meet up with Zangief and learn how to use a Spinning Pile Driver.
  • Also meet up with Dhalsim and learn how to Teleport. The Avatar will visit both characters around the same time in the game.
  • Master how to use a quick Teleport with a Spinning Pile Driver, and learn which button presses will Teleport the Avatar to which position on the screen.


2. Dhalsim Limbs and Blanka Rolls Build

It’s a good way to have all the bases covered.

The best World Tour Avatar builds cover all the bases, with a wide variety of offensive and defensive moves available for multiple situations. The easiest way to achieve this is to combine Dhalsim’s normal attacks and most of his Special techniques with a bunch of Blanka’s Special moves. It’s an easy-yet-effective way to have an impenetrable offense and defense.

This build will grant the character long limbs to counterattack an opponent who tries to inch only slightly forward. Any move or shift in movement the opponent attempts outside the confines of Dhalsim-style limb usage can be countered with a diagonal or vertical Blanka Rolling Attack. Unlocking the ability to attach a Spinning Pile Driver (since the 360-degree motion won’t conflict with any of Blanka or Dhalsim move combinations) to the move set will make this even more effective.

The Dhalsim/Blanka Combo Build Details:

  • Equip Dhalsim’s Style with his normal techniques.
  • Equip a mixture of Blanka and Dhalsim’s techniques for the Special moves.
  • Also add a Spinning Pile Driver for the command throw, the movement for which won’t overlap with any of Dhalsim or Blanka’s technique commands.


1. Uou’s Belt Build

It’s not hard to get as long as you’re good friends with Zangief.

The quality of some builds will depend on a small piece of equipment the Avatar is wearing, a key one among them being Uou’s Belt. This can be acquired later in the World Tour, as part of a sidequest in which the Avatar can fight Uou, one of Zangief’s students, after advancing his Style Rank to Level 15. You must defeat him without the Avatar wearing any equipment, meaning it won’t be easy. But it should be possible for you at this point in the game.

Uou’s Belt will grant the Avatar a massive increase in damage with Fatal Counters, dealing out more damage after providing the biggest kind of counterattack. It will provide a large increase in counterattack damage the Avatar receives in exchange, but it’s worth the sacrifice. The idea is to simply be good enough to dodge any potential counterattacks from opponents.

Uou’s Belt Build Details:

  • Meet up with Zangief in Russia during SF6’s World Tour.
  • Rank up his Style to level 15 after gaining XP through multiple fights.
  • Fight Uou without wearing any equipment to obtain the belt, and equip it afterward.


Use these builds to gain an advantage as you progress through the World Tour. The best way forward is to create an Avatar that covers all strengths and defenses for maximum offensive, defensive, and counterattack opportunities. Just remember that new content is being added to the World Tour on an intermittent basis, alongside balance patches. But these are the best ways to get you started with winning the many matches you’ll face throughout the quest.


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