[Top 15] SFV Best Settings That Give You An Advantage

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What are the best settings changes you can make to have your character overcome unprecedented obstacles? Find out here.

Every main Street Fighter game since 1997 has included different options that can be changed for each character in each match. Whether we’re talking about Super Arts in Street Fighter III, the “-ism” system in Street Fighter Alpha 3, or the Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV, this has become a staple of the franchise and it allows for players to play the same characters in completely different ways.

The most recent version of Street Fighter V takes it up to a higher level by including not one, but two settings to be chosen in each match-up. These are the V-Skill and the V-Trigger of course, and for this list, we’ll be taking into consideration what are the best V-Skills that help characters overcome significant disadvantages without needing to spend nor gain any meter to do so.


15. Meioken (Karin)

The Problem: Being a largely complex character with very demanding execution, Karin has juggling combos that can be hard to execute under pressure, or that may need meter to be spent to pull off.

How Meioken Solves The Problem: 

How Meioken will give the user an advantage:

  • It acts as a combo ender for Karin’s juggles
  • It will deflect any single-hitting projectile
  • It can be charged for more damage and V-Gauge and to be safe on block
  • It works as a great poke in neutral, where Karin excels

How to Apply Meioken:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Karin
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment
  • Hold down the input buttons for the charged version
  • You can cancel the Meioken into Karin’s V-Trigger 1 to follow with a combo or a reset with Guren Ken


14. Suppressor (Luke)

The Problem: Luke might struggle with dealing with the opponent’s mix-ups, particularly against grapplers.

How Suppressor Solves The Problem: 

How Suppressor will give the user an advantage:

  • It counters throws and command grabs
  • It can be canceled into special moves, V-Trigger, and even Critical Art
  • It’s safe on block
  • Having it equipped will make the opponent wary of attempting throws, especially during okizeme

How to Apply Suppressor:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for Luke
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it if the offensive opponent gets in throw range
  • Time it against a throw attempt that you can read
  • You can also use it offensively as an additional move to Luke’s arsenal


13. Double Kick (Cody)

The Problem: Cody doesn’t have great reversal options.

How Double Kick Solves The Problem: 

How Double Kick will give the user an advantage:

  • It leaves Cody invincible to all attacks
  • It helps deal with strong offensive threats in match-up such as against Cammy
  • It knocks the opponent back ⅔ of the screen, making it a good option to escape corner pressure without spending any meter
  • It can be used as an anti-air

How to Apply Double Kick:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Cody
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment
  • Cody does take a little bit of damage performing this move, so be careful to only use it when absolutely necessary
  • Space it properly so to not get punished on block


12. Culminated Power (Necalli)

The Problem: Necalli has very stubby normals and lacks a fireball for mid to long-range action.

How Culminated Power Solves The Problem: 

How Culminated Power will give the user an advantage:

  • It creates a mini-earthquake that attacks from a distance
  • It nullifies incoming projectiles
  • It is a fast method to build V-Gauge, which is major since getting to V-Trigger is a big part of Necalli’s gameplan
  • It gives Necalli a good ender for his target combo

How to Apply Culminated Power:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Necalli
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment with a specific direction so you can control where the move will appear
  • Carefully predict your opponent’s movements to catch him off-guard with the emerging Culminated Power
  • You can use it when closed to the opponent for unexpected combos


11. Iron Muscle (Zangief)

The Problem: Zangief needs to get close to the opponent to become a threat, but may struggle with good zoning.

How Iron Muscle Solves The Problem: 

How Iron Muscle will give the user an advantage:

  • It provides Zangief with armor and the ability to convert normal damage taken into ½ grey damage
  • Zangief can move forward while using Iron Muscle
  • The hit at the end of the move builds V-Gauge
  • It can cause the opponent to lose control and panic when seeing Zangief approaching closer and closer, creating punishment opportunities

How to Apply Iron Muscle:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Zangief
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment and hold the input to extend its duration; release the buttons while walking for a hit
  • You can use it at close range to counter a hit taken into Zangief’s Spinning Piledriver
  • You can back dash to cancel Iron Muscle


10. Spinning Attack (Cammy)

The Problem: Cammy is a great rushdown character that benefits from getting in on the offense, and even though she has great normals, she lacks dynamic options when playing footsies.

How Spinning Attack Solves The Problem: 

How Spinning Attack will give the user an advantage:

  • It can be linked into from her great normals
  • It can be linked to special moves
  • It leaves Cammy invulnerable to low attacks and throws
  • It has Crush Counter properties

How to Apply Spinning Attack:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for Cammy
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it when playing footsies, either by doing a raw activation if the spacing is right, or linking into it from Cammy’s pokes
  • After the opponent gets knockdown, dash in quickly to begin your pressure off the okizeme
  • Time against a button or throw attempt for maximum efficacy


9. Yoga Float (Dhalsim)


The Problem: Dhalsim has a very slow jump that gives the opponent a lot of time to react and counter.

How Yoga Float Solves The Problem: 

How Yoga Float will give the user an advantage:

  • It can change the trajectory of Dhalsim’s jump
  • It changes the timing of his landing in unpredictable ways
  • It allows Dhalsim to have great mobility in the air making him a great threat while airborne
  • It can also be used when on the ground to evade attacks

How to Apply Yoga Float:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Dhalsim
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick while standing, moving forward, or after a jump
  • You can move and attack while floating, and make exceptional use of Dhalsim’s Yoga Gale
  • You teleport off the Yoga Float for mix-ups


8. Blocking (Gill)

The Problem: Gill doesn’t have many defensive options, and as he lacks Crush Counters, he doesn’t have as many ways to shift the momentum of a match as other characters.

How Blocking Solves The Problem: 

How Blocking will give the user an advantage:

  • It parries any physical attack or projectiles, including Critical Arts
  • Gill recovers pretty much instantly after the parry so he can fight back with a combo of his own
  • It can be converted into a positional advantage for Gill
  • It can be chained into a throw to create some distance if Gill is getting too pressured

How to Apply Blocking:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for Gill
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick and time it precisely against one of the opponent’s high or mid attacks
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick and down and time it precisely against one of the opponent’s low attacks
  • Follow up the parry according to your specific needs during the match


7. Hell’s Warp (M. Bison)

The Problem: M. Bison is one of the best characters exerting pressure but he can’t handle the opponent’s pressure too well as he doesn’t have the best defensive options

How Hell’s Warp Solves The Problem: 

How Hell’s Warp will give the user an advantage:

  • It teleports Bison behind the opponent, allowing him to escape cornered pressure
  • It knocks the opponent down
  • It leaves the opponent in a juggled state so it can be followed up for combos
  • It is super safe on block, allowing Bison to keep his pressure even if the opponent blocks correctly

How to Apply Hell’s Warp:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for M. Bison
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment, but beware of its relatively slow start-up frames
  • Use it when being pressured in the cornered or when dealing with zoning characters
  • Follow-up with a special move or Critical Art after it hits for big damage


6. Hanuman Charge (Sagat)

The Problem: Sagat is an excellent zoning character, but lacks options when in close range and doesn’t have many ways to safely approach the opponent offensively for pressure.

How Hanuman Charge Solves The Problem: 

How Hanuman Charge will give the user an advantage:

  • It enhances his next Tiger Knee Crush, making the forward-moving knee much, much safer
  • The enhanced Tiger Knee Crush will build a lot of V-Gauge regardless of connecting, whiffing, or being blocked.
  • The enhanced Tiger Knee Crush leaves the opponent in a juggled stated, allowing for extended combos
  • Allows Sagat to maintain his offense even after being blocked, granting him great pressure ability through proper spacing and vicious block strings and combos

How to Apply Hanuman Charge:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for Sagat
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it, preferably after a hard knockdown as the move has a slow start
  • Use your Tiger Knee Crush move, which will be greatly enhanced after the charge.
  • Cancel the Tiger Knee Crush into the EX Tiger Uppercut for big damage or use the heavy version of the enhanced Tiger Knee Crush for great okizeme


5. Soul Reflect (Menat)

The Problem: Menat, while a zoner, doesn’t have an actual fireball and can find difficulties when dealing with other zoning characters.

How Soul Reflect Solves The Problem: 

How Soul Reflect will give the user an advantage:

  • It reflects or deflects any fireballs thrown at her
  • It can be canceled into Menat’s V-Trigger or Critical Art
  • The move has two different versions, both designed to counter different types of moves
  • The Stella version can be used as an anti-air

How to Apply Soul Reflect:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Menat
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick timed correctly against an incoming projectile or the same input plus down for attacks coming from above
  • Follow up the Stella version with Guardian of the Sun for optimal anti-air punish
  • The Kamal version will reflect the projectile back at the opponent if Menat has her orb, and it will absorb the projectile and convert it into V-Gauge if her orb is deployed


4. Cartwheel (Poison)

The Problem: Poison is a great zoning and anti-air character so her combos are usually not extended much and she doesn’t have many mix-up options.

How Cartwheel Solves The Problem: 

How Cartwheel will give the user an advantage:

  • It can be canceled from every Poison normal
  • It can cancel into and be canceled from her special attacks, acting as a great combo extender
  • Poison cartwheels to the opponent’s back if she’s close enough, allowing cross-ups with horizontal side switches
  • It gives Poison decent okizeme

How to Apply Cartwheel:

  • Select V-Skill 2 for Poison
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment, and hold the punch button to finalize the cartwheel into the upwards kick
  • Use it in combination with her V-Trigger 1 for tremendous mix-up potential and an even better combo extension
  • Use the kick at the end of the cartwheel to build up your V-Gauge


3. Break Time (Birdie)

The Problem: Birdie is slow and can fall victim to rushdown approaches.

How Break Time Solves The Problem: 

How Break Time will give the user an advantage:

  • It helps Birdie build his V-Gauge, getting him closer to V-Trigger activation, where he can become much faster
  • The Banana Time variant is a great defensive tool as the opponent cannot approach for fear of slipping on the banana peel
  • The Banana Time variant can also be used as an anti-air
  • The Drink Time variant can be used as a set-up to begin Birdie’s offense, as the rolling empty can act as a wall to his advance toward the opponent

How to Apply Break Time:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Birdie
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick for Break Time and eat the V-Gauge filling doughnut
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick and back for Banana Time 
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick and down for Drink Time 


2. KKB (Balrog)

The Problem: Balrog doesn’t have a fireball and can be zoned out with projectiles easily.

How KKB Solves The Problem: 

How KKB will give the user an advantage:

  • It allows Balrog to advance through projectiles
  • At the right range, it opens an opportunity for a counterattack
  • It moves Balrog forward in a way that makes the opponent too intimidated to attack, in fear of a counter punch
  • It grants him enormous space control

How to Apply KKB:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for Balrog
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment and follow up with a punch or kick button for a counterattack
  • You can cancel his special moves into KKB, making the EX Dash Straight exceptionally dangerous during a juggle combo
  • You can cancel his V-Trigger barrage of punches into this V-Skill to cause a reset or interrupt it with an unexpected throw


1. G Barrier (G)

The Problem: G has a weak fireball that makes it hard for him to handle fireball wars

How G Barrier Solves The Problem: 

How G Barrier will give the user an advantage:

  • It deflects any fireballs or projectiles
  • It prevents a cornered opponent from jumping over G
  • G can cancel it into his G Charge
  • While in V-Trigger I the move will convert into a giant projectile that can work as a combo extender

How to Apply G Barrier:

  • Select V-Skill 1 for G
  • Use Medium Punch + Medium Kick to activate it at any given moment
  • You can activate it on the ground or in mid-air
  • Use it is as an anti-air when the opponent is trying to cross you up


V-Skills are one of the most original assets in the history of Street Fighter, and since they work as a setting that can be changed, it allows for characters to be used in multiple different ways. Make sure to always select the best V-Skill, not only for your playstyle but also for the match-up specifications.

Hopefully, this list granted you some insight one what are some of the best V-Skills that can be selected for these characters to overcome massive disadvantages. It’s a big world full of strong players out there, so make sure you choose the right weapon before each battle.


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