[Top 15] Street Fighter 6 Best Gear

The Avatar and Li-Fen get ready for action.
The Player Avatar and Li-Fen get ready for action.

Street Fighter 6 has more than established itself as a solid competitive fighting game at this point, with the number of tournaments that have taken place and how robust the online community remains. But the game also shipped with a mode that’s brand-new for the series: The World Tour mode. In this, you play as an avatar as your creation that experiences the game’s story and what Street Fighter’s legacy characters are now up to. There are plenty of fights to be had around Metro City (the location from the Final Fight series) and Nayshall, and the player will encounter plenty of gear over that time. Here are the top 15 best pieces of gear you can find throughout your playthrough.


15. Oversized Shirt

And it's a very Oversized Shirt at that.

The Oversized Shirt is, well, an oversized shirt for the avatar to wear. This upper-body item provides +30 defense for the avatar. 

The Oversized Shirt is a great item for anyone starting the World Tour. It has one of the best defensive stats of any upper-body item in the early game, more than what the player can afford in clothing stores around Metro City at the time. It may look ridiculous, but the stats will help with earlier fights you might be under-leveled for.

Where to find it: This is a common drop from pedestrians you can fight and enemies that will attack you close to the Junkyard Smallz area of Metro City.


14. Casual Dress Shirt

Keeping it Casual... Dress Shirt.

The second-best upper-body item for players getting their start is the Casual Dress Shirt. This one provides +27 defense for the avatar.

The Oversized Shirt looks ridiculous on most avatars, leaving the Casual Dress Shirt as the alternative for anyone very concerned about their avatar’s appearance. This is another essential item that can be acquired instead of spending money in the shops early on, at a time where money-making opportunities will be scarce. This is a time before most minigames are available.

Where to find it: This item is a common drop from pedestrians and enemies close to the Junkyard Smallz area of Metro City, just like the Oversized Shirt.


13. Square Glasses

The Square Glasses won't make your avatar look square, though.

The Square Glasses are the best among the extra accessories available for the player when starting out. The glasses don’t provide any defensive boosts, but do come with the “Aware” trait. This will increase the avatar’s damage when their Drive Gauge is depleted inside and outside of battle.

The player’s Drive Gauge will be small when the player begins the World Tour, with meter regen being very slow. You’ll be open to an attack from enemies after burning usage of the gauge on Master Actions to attack enemies, destroy objects, and hover over obstacles on the map with the game’s frequent encounter rate. Having a damage boost when this happens is a good early-game tradeoff.

Where to find it: The glasses are located in a chest in Bayside Park, underneath the staircase next to the blue-ish flowers.


12. Knit Beanie (Alpha)

Just ignore the hair blending the Knit Beanie includes.

Head options aren’t too bad for the avatar when starting out. The best option among them is the Knit Beanie α (that’s the symbol for “Alpha”). This one gives the avatar +15 Punch Strength and +6 Defense.

The Knit Beanie α is among one of the more stylish options for Head gear early in the adventure. The white beanie goes with many outfits available in stores and around the city through drops and chests, and provides solid stats to boot. The normal gray-colored (by default) Knit Beanie provides the same stats, but it’s nice to get the α so you can save your early Zenny on other items.

Where to find it: In a chest on the rooftop of the Greedy Grills restaurant on Beat Street in Metro City. The regular Knit Beanie is available in the Drippin Style clothing store in Beat Square in Metro City.


11. Cheery Beanie

The Cherry Beanie looks great depending on the climate.

As you get into the mid-game point, you’ll need more outfits. One of the best pieces of Head gear by this point is the Cheery Beanie. This is a Rare piece of gear that provides +15 Punch strength and +8 Defense.

The Cheery Beanie is yet another stylish option for the avatar, on top of being good as the player is getting experience traveling across the world to visit and fight other Street Fighter characters. The expense won’t be too bad either, with the increased number of money-making options which have opened up by this point.

Where to find it: Purchase it from the Merchant Hawker at the Ranger’s Hut Brazil for 1120 Zenny.


10. Gold Chain Necklace

The Gold Chain Necklace is great for this part of the game.

The Gold Chain Necklace is another good piece of gear for the middle of the game, this one being an extra accessory. This will provide +15 throw damage, making it a great item for enemies who tech throws with low frequency.

The Gold Chain Necklace is particularly vicious when equipped to an avatar with command throws, techniques from Zangief, Manon, and Marisa. This can help create dangerous throw loops that can take out non-motorized NPCs in little time.

Where to find it: It’s dropped by Retsu after battling him in Chapter 5.


9. Combat Gloves

The Combat Gloves are... combat gloves. That's about it.

The cool-looking Combat Gloves come with two features that prove to be a serious boon for the avatar available at the mid-to-late point in the World Tour. They include the “Peak Performance” and “High Voltage” traits. “Peak Performance” provides a damage boost with every attack, while the “High Voltage” trait will fill the Super bar faster.

The Combat Gloves themselves work with every outfit from a style perspective, as they don’t stick out or look too gaudy. They’ll also, more importantly, make several mid-World Tour fights breeze faster thanks to their damage boosts and high Super bar recharging functions. They’re also good for missions where winning with a Super move is required.

Where to find it: Purchase it from Merchant Mello at the Mount Vashal Base for 10,500 Zenny.


8. Thigh-High Socks (Bordered)

Whether the Thigh-High Socks look cool depends on the outfit.

The Thigh-High Socks (Bordered) are exactly what the description says: Thigh-High Socks with bordered stripes around them. This leg equipment provides +15 Defense and, more importantly, the Focus 1 trait that speeds up the Drive Gauge regen.

The Thigh-High Socks don’t fit with most outfits, but the benefits make them worth equipping. The Drive Gauge regen makes it possible for the player avatar to perform attack and defensive maneuvers using the gauge in battle and Master Actions outside battle faster. If you don’t like how they look, you can always put pants over them, or equip a different visualization.

Where to find it: They’re a common drop by the Merchant after battle, particularly from the Ranger’s Hut Merchant in Brazil.


7. Initiate’s Chain

Is the Initiate's Chain badass-looking or what?

The Initiate’s Chain accessory comes with essential stats for the mid-to-late game. It includes the “Jack of All Trades” trait that provides +20 Punch Strength, +20 Kick Strength, +20 Throw Strength, +20 Unique Attack Strength.

The Initiate’s Chain will make your avatar look like a tough fighter. Anyone walking around with gloves equipped with chains around their hands is a person to be feared. That’s on top of the great stats it provides for enemies and bosses at the mid-to-late game stage.

Where to find it: Purchase it from the Merchant Hawker at Dalsimer Temple for 4,200 Zenny.


6. Blanka Chan

Blanka Chan needs no introduction, even though it's a costume.

The costume referencing the Blanka Chan mascot comes with great stats on top of looking cute. This is one of the best full outfits in the game. It has the “High Voltage” trait, which includes +40 Punch Strength, +40 Kick Strength, +20 Unique Attack Strength, and a +110 Defense stat.

The full outfits available from merchants and otherwise found aren’t that great compared to the individual equipment found and purchased in the World Tour. Blanka Chan is the biggest exception, thanks to its excellent stats. This outfit is a great way for the avatar to look cute, especially if you like Blanka.

Where to find it: You’ll get it from Blanka as part of the Hard Reboot quest offered by Luke in Chapter 6.


5. Full Face Helmet

Or is that supposed to be a Stormtrooper knock-off?

The Full Face Helmet is the best head gear that can be acquired in the late-game stage. This vicious off-brand Cobra Commander-looking headpiece comes with +67 Punch Strength and +27 Defense. It also includes the “Peak Performance” trait, which increases damage for the avatar when their health is more than 70 percent.

The Full Face Helmet looks ridiculous, but it’s essential late-game equipment. There’s a significant difficulty spike later in the game, between chapters 12 and 13, and a larger one in the post game. The player will need all the help they can get. You can always use the visualization feature if you have other Head gear you prefer the look of.

Where to get it: This can be purchased from the Merchant Mello in the caves of Mount Vashal in Nayshall for 10,000 Zenny.


4. Officer’s Watch

The Officer's Watch... looks just like a regular watch.

The Officer’s Watch is the best accessory you can get near the game’s end and for the post-game. It comes with the “Quick Draw” trait, the effect of which will differ depending on what happens at the start of a match. If you land the first attack, you get a damage boost. But if your opponent gets the first attack, you’ll take more damage.

The Officer’s Watch comes with a risk, because late-game enemies can hit hard. This goes double for the tournament opponents you can challenge. But the reward is worth it for a skilled player. Landing the first hit can make those bouts pass quickly.

Where to get it: You can purchase it from the Merchant Mello in the caves of Mount Vashal in Nayshall. It costs 12,000 Zenny.


3. Basketball Shoes

The Basketball Shoes have uses besides being for basketball too, you know?

The Basketball Shoes are the best foot gear equipment that can be acquired near and after the story’s end in the World Tour. Equipping them will add +64 Kick Strength to the avatar’s stats, and +26 Defense.

Street Fighter 6 is a game rife with hip-hop inspiration, the most since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike from the late 1990s. The Basketball Shoes perfectly fit with the theme, essentially the all-powerful Jordans of the World Tour. The theme sure helps explain why they’re the strongest shoes the avatar can wear.

Where to get it: Purchase them from the Merchant Mello in the caves of Mount Vashal in Nayshall for 8,500 Zenny. Are you noticing a trend here?


2. Fighter’s Sweatpants

The Fighter's Sweatpans are looking stylish.

The Fighter’s Sweatpants go perfectly with the Basketball Shoes as another essential part of the late-game equipment collection, these, of course, being equipped on the Bottom of the Avatar. They come with an excellent +106 Defense boost.

The Fighter’s Sweatpants are baggy and cool-looking threads that will truly make your avatar look like the Street Fighter they’re destined to be. The incredible defense stat will help you survive some of the strongest attacks that challengers and tournament fighters throw at the player.

Where to get it: It can be acquired through a chest near the top of Mount Vashal in Nayshall, around the circular aspect of the cave. It can also be -- surprised! -- purchased from the Merchant Mello in that same location for 30,000 Zenny.


1. Fighter’s Hoody

The Fighter's Hoody is one of the coolest-looking items in the game.

The Fighter’s Hoody will complete the late-game set of essential equipment. These threads for the avatar’s Top come with a +104 Defense boost, and the “Peak Performance” trait. The latter will increase attack power by a moderate degree if the avatar’s vitality is at 70 percent or higher.

The Fighter’s Hoody is a stylish piece of kit that will, like the Sweatpants, help your avatar nail the new-age Street Fighter look. The increase in defense and potential attack upgrades make it necessary for late-game fights, especially when some challenges can be well above the avatar’s level.

Where to get it: It can be acquired in the Mount Vashal -- Ruin Depths in Nayshall, accessible through the “Whispers of the Mountain” side quest in Chapter 15. It can also -- come on, act surprised here -- be purchased from the Merchant Mello in the caves of Mount Vashal in the same location for 30,000 Zenny. The man is truly the Master of the Drip.


There is plenty of gear to be had in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour. Some threads look great aesthetically, but others have defensive stats too good for any player to ignore. Make sure you equip all the threads listed above at certain parts of the game to stand a good chance against the challenges thrown your way, especially for the late-game content after the difficulty spikes.


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