[Top 15] Tekken 7 Best Moves

Tekken 7 Best Moves
Dragunov lurches out with a whipping jab, possibly ready to branch into a devastating chain grapple.

Sample Pack of Moves

Each character throughout Tekken 7 has its own inputs (not necessarily combos) that can be used throughout a match for a multitude of reasons. Whether your intention is to begin a string, or maybe you're just looking for some type of opening/shutdown, each of the moves listed here will aid you in your quest to conquer Tekken 7.

#15: Command Throw Easy (Steve) – FF 1+2

The easiest of Steve’s command throws, this grapple enables swift interruption during mix-ups.

Chances are that most players you will face will never break out of this, or Steve’s other command throws.

#14: Long Range Spin Kick Chain (Eddy) – 3,4

Even the most adamant of footsie enthusiasts will have trouble avoiding or predicting a well-timed 3,4 from Eddy.

Besides the move having decent range, if one is to miss the first kick, the timing between it and the second is enough to secure punishment.

#13: Tracking Invisible Low (Dragunov) – D+2

The down+2 tracking invisible low of Dragunov finds itself practical in almost every exchange during play.

Opening the opportunity for high crushes, this attack also finds itself neutral on hit.

Great to sprinkle throughout matchups.

#12: A Fast and Safe Mid Attack (Feng) – B+4

Similar in nature to Dragunov’s D+2 in terms of practical use, Feng’s B+4 is best lightly applied, serving incredibly well to set pace.

The attack tracks 180 degrees but isn’t well-regarded for its range.

#11: Distance Closer (Dragunov) – FF+4

Another move from Dragunov’s arsenal, this one is incredible for closing distances or setting up a
backdash opportunity.

High risk and high reward, this move can be used to implement stranger strings upon your opponent.

#10: One-Hit K.O (Jack-7) – Rotate Stick/Pad

This entry couldn’t be any higher on the list just for the fact that it’s entirely a gimmick.

However, the
move can still be implemented by the finest of Jack players, outputting close to max damage.

This move is far from safe and has an unbearable wind up. To land this move in competitive play is a priceless experience.

#9: Serious Homing Punish (Eliza) – FF 3+4


Eliza’s FF 3+4 stacks as a building block into all types of potential combos.

Long-reaching attack that is safe on block.

Somewhat practical for punishes. Serves as a screw launcher if hit flush.

#8: Launcher to Advantageous Stance (Eddy) FF+4

Quick to set the opponent up for quite a hellish combo, Eddy’s FF+4 is a force to be reckoned with.

Another move great for interrupting opponent setups, any player worth their weight can use this move to branch off into multiple high and low strings.

#7: High Damage Launcher (Lucky Chloe) – BT, 3+4, 3+4, 3+4

A wide variety of characters in Tekken can pop off with combos of an erratic disposition through stances that create vulnerabilities.

With Chloe’s back turned, you can spring off with 3+4 inputs to completely drill your opponent.

#6: Uninterruptable Bait (Noctis) D/F+1

A move well-used by many in Player Match and Ranked, the D/F+1 for Noctis is great for baiting in
opportunities for punishment.

Although it can be high crushed, those who are unfamiliar with the
matchup will suffer from this move’s wrath time and time again.

#5: Mach Kick (Bryan) F, F+4

Bryan’s Mach Kick serves as a combat appetizer.

Served as a high launcher, high damage homing move, the Mach Kick acts somewhat as a safeguard.

Its implementation can interfere with your opponent’s ability to predict your moves.

#4: Hadouken (Akuma) - QCF+1 or QCF+2

Street Fighter’s synonymous Hadouken finds its way into Tekken 7 via the enigmatic Akuma.

This projectile serves to ground the otherwise loose and sporadic character during play.

Allows specific cancellations and frame advantages.

#3: Long Reaching Punisher (Katarina) – 2,2

Katarina, although high on the current tier lists, is one of the more obscure characters in Tekken 7.

Some of her best moves include simple strings, such as the 2,2.

This long-reaching punisher provides ample damage and reusability throughout a round.

#2: Lockdown (Kazuya) – F+4

Quite the learning curve exists in Kazuya, preexisting deeply carved within those experienced with the Tekken franchise.

His F+4 is a lock-down move that forces crouch, guaranteeing infinite possibilities into combos and strings.

#1: Soul Stealer (Yoshimitsu) – 1+4

Yoshimitsu, a versatile and moderately high tier character, is also the sole host of the fastest move in the game.

His 1+4 Soul Stealer punishes moves that are supposedly safe and guarantees not only strings but a full combo.

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