[Top 15] Best Martial Arts Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Top 15 martial arts games
Kazuya looks his father in the eye, ready to settle an old score once and for all.

Are you weary of bullets and grenades? Would you rather let your fists do the talking? Then you will find the reprieve you seek in martial arts games.

From Japanese underground fighters to legendary Chinese heroes, there is an undeniable allure to taking on the mantle of a warrior. But the martial arts genre is as broad gameplay-wise as it is thematically. Should you go for battle royale or an MMORPG? The sheer number of options can overwhelm you like a mob of Yakuza goons in a dark alley. As your sensei, I’m obliged to teach you how to fend for yourself.


15. Tekken 7  2017 PC PS4  XBO

TEKKEN 7 - Extended Trailer (E3 2016)

The newest addition to the renowned saga, Tekken 7 stands in a league of its own. You'll love it if you are a die-hard fan of fighting games.

The story focuses on the ongoing feud between the G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu. As the narration progresses, you take on the mantle of different characters and delve deeper into the Tekken universe. The game culminates in an epic father-vs-son battle.

Despite the stunning cinematics, the story mode is not the main appeal of this game. Rather, it’s the online PVP mode that keeps gamers up throughout the night.  I’ve stayed up through many nights myself, testing my combat skills against other players. Just don’t make the same mistake I did – don’t plunge straight into ranked games. I did and was obliterated. I felt like a punching bag and not a martial arts pro. 

Fortunately, Tekken 7 features an offline practice mode where you can master the tricky combos on still targets. Once you have a good grasp of your character’s abilities, you can test them out in modes such as the Arcade Battle. Here, you spar with an AI opponent. But a word of advice from one martial artist to another – never underestimate your opponent! Even AI can give you a hard time. 

Tekken 7 is a must-have addition to your 1v1 fighting games collection. Its skill-based gameplay will keep you hooked on for quite a while. 


14. Absolver 2017 PC PS4 XBO

Absolver - Launch Trailer

Imagine that one day you awaken in a strange land, a mask covering your face. Mysterious beings then set you off on a journey to prove your worth as a protector. That’s what Absolver is about. 

As a Prospect, you must prove worthy of becoming a protector of Adal. You level up by completing quests, whether alone or in a party. Fallen enemies drop loot, such as new gear and weapons. 

The combat is based on a deck of abilities. You can pick various moves and combine them into powerful combos. While not in combat, you can alter your deck as you wish. This creativity is what made the PVP so enjoyable for me. I got to experiment with many styles. Of course, it took a lot of trial and error before I managed to build a decent custom deck.

You can also choose whether you want to fight barehanded or wield a weapon of your choice. While you might think using a weapon is always the better option, you’d be wrong. In Absolver, your weapons are realistic. They’re never as fast as your own fists and can be knocked from your hands. 

If you are a gamer who likes to tamper with different builds, then Absolver was made for you. 


13. Shenmue III 2019 PC PS4

Shenmue III - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2019

Shenmue III follows the story of a young martial artist Ryo Hazuki, who seeks his father’s murderer. Set in rural China, his search leads him to the Phoenix Mirror, an artifact sought by the man who murdered his father.

The world of Shenmue III is incredibly dynamic, featuring a day-and-night cycle and weather system. When you’re not practicing your martial arts, you’ll be gathering clues that bring you closer to the Phoenix Mirror. You will also need money to speed you up on your journey. In Shenmue III, you can earn cash by gambling, fishing, and foraging. You can also make use of your hard training and participate in tournaments. 

Overall, the game’s stunning visuals and breathtaking scenery make for a memorable experience. 


12. Overgrowth 2017 PC XBO 

Overgrowth 1.0 - Wolfire Games

You probably associate rabbits with fluffy bunnies. What could these furry little rodents have to do with martial arts? Well, meet Overgrowth. 

On an island called Lugaru, the time of humans is long over. Instead, it is inhabited by different kinds of anthropomorphic animals. You play as Turner, a warrior rabbit who lost his entire family to vicious wolves. Having avenged their deaths, he wanders the island, hoping to find a new purpose in life. 

I admit that I had my doubts about Overgrowth. The very thought of a bunny assassin struck me as bizarre. However, a couple of hours into the game, I changed my mind. The combat system in Overgrowth is unlikely anything I’ve ever seen. While most action games rely on intense button mashing, here it is timing that dictates the flow of the battle. 

The fights are quite realistic. Multiple factors affect your every move, such as the distance from the enemy and the angle of approach. The constant cycles of attacking, parrying, and dodging will surely get your adrenaline pumping. 

As far as strategy is concerned, the world’s your oyster. Do you want to dive right into the thick of the battle and take on multiple foes at once? Be my guest. Would you rather prowl the dark shadows of a moonlight night, eliminating one enemy at a time? No problem either. 

Even though it might not look that way at first glance, Overgrowth is an excellent martial arts game. Give it a try. You’re going to love the refreshing gameplay!



Naraka: Bladepoint - Official Launch Gameplay Trailer

Do you wish there was a game like Fortnite but with a martial arts theme? Meet Naraka: Bladepoint.

In this battle royale, up to 60 martial experts are pitted against each other.  Right in the beginning, you have a small window before other players find you. That’s your chance to gather the equipment you need. But work fast, for the dark tendrils of shadow corruption quickly consume the area. It will be only a matter of time before direct combat becomes inevitable. 

The game currently features 12 unique characters and each one suits a different playstyle, from tanky to support-based. I lean towards characters who are fast and have the potential to mind-game. Thus, I use mostly Matari. She can blink short distances and her ultimate ability makes her invisible. No matter the character, you can use also travel around quickly with a grappling hook.

However, the skill ceiling is rather high in this game. In the beginning, expect to die in a matter of seconds. I know I did. But I persevered and can now appreciate the beauty of its breathtaking PVP battles. 

Naraka: Bladepoint artfully combines the last-one-standing genre with martial arts which makes it a great option for every battle royale lover out there. 


10. Age of Wushu 2012 PC

Age of Wushu: Official Launch Trailer

In Age of Wushu, you travel through ancient China fueled only by the desire to become the ultimate martial artist. If you are a fan of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels, then you’ll love this immersive MMORPG.

Age of Wushu features a unique leveling system. Unlike the linear level progression that plagues most contemporary games, here it’s broken down into various aspects. These include internal skills, skill sets, meridians, and weapon manuals.  Though I’ve played countless MMORPGs, none can compare to Wushu in terms of character progression. 

The game will also keep you busy. It features so many daily and weekly tasks that you will always find something to do.  Short on money? You can simply kidnap your friend and sell him into slavery. Cruel? Well, you have to eat, don’t you? And you literally have to in this game. If human trafficking rubs you the wrong way, you can take on an honest profession. Whether you choose to craft advanced gear or potent healing pills, money will surely fill your pockets. 

Do trolls annoy you as much as they annoy me? Are you fed up with taking on their salt and tears, unable to retaliate? Well, forget it. In Wushu, you can simply turn on the PVP mode and slaughter all who dare offend you. That is if you are strong enough. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll be thrown in jail. 

Wushu’s greatest drawback is its P2W (Pay to Win) nature. You can buy many items for real money which will make you grow stronger faster. Thus, free-to-play players will struggle to keep up. In fact, they won’t ever reach the same state. 

Still, the game offers rich PVE and PVP content. Go explore the vast open world and experience the trials and tribulations of an aspiring Wuxia hero. Its stunning graphics and serene soundtrack will draw you right in.


9. UFC 4 2020 PS4 XBO

UFC 4 Official Gameplay Trailer

Mixed martial arts is a sport that’s become popular across the globe in recent years. Do you like to watch epic fights? Would you like to become a martial arts pro yourself? While that might be challenging in real life, you can fulfill this ambitious dream in UFC 4.

UFC 4 is a 1v1 fighter game that brings a unique atmosphere to this famous genre. Hurtled into the arena, you must prove your worth against other would-be professionals. All the while, the cheer of the crowd roars in your ears. Each opponent that falls before you brings you one step closer to becoming the greatest champion of all time. 

The career mode was designed to simulate the life of an aspiring fighter. When I wasn’t fighting in the arena, I had to train in the gym. But my work didn’t end there. To build my reputation, I’ve had to interact with my growing fan base on social media. Overall, it makes for a pretty immersive experience.

The combat system stays as true to actual martial arts as possible. Instead of spamming buttons erratically, you have to approach the fights smartly. Study your opponents and look for a flaw to exploit. I’ve really enjoyed the combat mechanics, particularly in the PVP modes. Real players adapt to new strategies, which makes the matches much more intense.  

Say what you want about EA, but they did a decent job with this game. If you wish to experience what it feels like to be an MMA champion, then this game is for you.


8. Martial Arts Brutality 2018 PC

Martial Arts Brutality - Trailer

Tired of the same old game mechanics? In Martial Arts Brutality, you’ll need a combination of strategy and good reflexes to become the ultimate warrior. 

In the story mode, you seek out the legendary master Pai Mei to learn his deadliest technique. But before he teaches you his divine kung fu, you must first prove your mettle. The story is divided into quests that you have to complete to progress. You also have the option to retry each level to get a 3-star rating to earn more rewards. 

As for the gameplay, you’ll need to collect new cards and build a powerful deck to decimate your foes. Each card attacks a specific organ. To knock out the enemy, you have to shut down one of his organ systems. 

But unlike in other card games, your reflexes will be put to test as well. Once you select a card and initiate the attack, you have a short window during which you have to swipe across the screen. The quicker and more precise you are, the more damage you inflict. It took me a while before I could react fast enough, but the adrenaline rush makes the gamer ever more enjoyable. 

Once your attack turn is over, you have to defend against the opponent’s attacks. If you are fast enough, you can turn their moves against them!

One aspect of the game I found hilarious was its BM system. You can write a short insult your character will utter once your move is over. Add to that a voice line and a facial expression and it can be quite hilarious.

Though Martial Arts Brutality is not as action-packed as most games out there, it is still a great choice when you just want to unwind a bit. 


7. Bloody Spell 2019 PC

嗜血印 Bloody Spell | On Steam Trailer

Bloody Spell is an action RPG game that artfully combines martial arts with fantasy elements. When a demonic clan kidnaps your sister, you must use all your combat skills to bring her back.

Once you learn the Nether sect intends to use your sister in a ritual sacrifice, you set off on a rescue mission. Along the way, you subjugate enemies and gather allies. Some will provide you with useful items while others stab you in the back. Unfortunately, the narrative might be hard to follow at times because the English translation isn’t that great. 

In terms of gameplay, your options are limitless. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from. Do you want to be nimble and fast? Go for thimbles. Do you like smashing whatever dares stand in your way? Then the great sword is for you. You can also parry or dodge enemy attacks and your weapon choice will determine how effective your evasive maneuvers will be. 

The combat also features fantasy elements. You can cast useful spells to aid you on your quest. Though most of these are buffs, some can be used offensively. For example, you can hurl a meteor at your opponents. 

While the graphics in this game are stunning, expect a lot of fan service whenever you come across a female character. And I don’t mean bikini chain mails. Some characters fight with little more on than an apron.

Overall, the aesthetics and gameplay of Bloody Spell really make it stand out. Even though the translation is somewhat wacky, you’re still going to enjoy it.  


6. Sifu 2022 PC PS4/PS5

Sifu - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

With your family dead, the only reason you still draw breath is the fiery rage burning in your chest. Vengeance guides your steps as you master Kung Fu and hunt down your family’s assassins. 

You play as a nameless character whose gender is up to your choice. One day, four intruders come to your martial arts school and mercilessly murder your father. You then set out to avenge his death, killing the culprits one by one. The storytelling in this game is amazing and involves a brilliant plot twist. I won’t spoil it for you but I can tell you it left me speechless. 

Since Sifu is a 3-D beat-em-up game, you’ll often have to fight multiple enemies at once. In addition to attacking, you can also parry or dodge out of harm’s way. You may use the environment to your advantage too. Is there a glass bottle lying nearby? Shatter it on your enemy’s head. Are your foes foolishly close to the ledge? Push them over. 

Thanks to a magic talisman, you will revive whenever you die. However, you will also age. Each time you age, your attack power grows. Conversely, your health pool drops. So think twice before you go on a suicide spree! And if you die too many times, you lose the game.

Sifu has everything you’d expect from a good game, from a compelling story to spectacular gameplay. 


5. Judgment  2019 PS4 PS5 XBOSXS

Judgment - Announce Trailer | PS5

When numerous eyeless bodies sprout on the streets of Tokyo, it is up to you to find the culprit behind these heinous crimes. 

In Judgment, you play  Takayuki Yagami, a former attorney turned detective. Together with your partner Kaito, you decide to investigate these macabre murders. As you begin to unravel the conspiracy, you find out that there’s more to this killing spree than meets the eye (no pun intended). 

The gameplay features mostly hand-to-hand combat. Whether you’re fighting bosses or multiple lackeys, you’re certainly going to feel that rush. If you see objects such as street cones nearby, you can use them as weapons. Teaming up with allies will allow you to execute deadly combos.

When you’re not fighting, you’ll be looking for clues. This means investigating a crime scene or talking to bystanders while disguised. Sometimes, you’ll have to sneak up on suspects to confront them. 

If you’ve ever wished to fight to protect society, then Judgment will scratch that itch. 


4. Sleeping Dogs 2012 PC PS3 XB360

Sleeping Dogs Official Trailer

As an undercover cop, you join a powerful organization known as the Triad. Your only mission is to unravel the syndicate from within. Can you gain their trust whilst retaining your moral values?

Set in Hong Kong, you play Wei Shen who gets arrested for taking part in drug dealing. However, he is a cop in disguise, working to undermine the Triad, a formidable crime syndicate. During the game, you lead a double life. On one hand, you are a police officer sworn to protect the people of Hong Kong. But you’re also an aspiring criminal, seeking to prove your worth to your superiors. 

The combat in Sleeping Dogs is very satisfying. Although you can use guns at certain points in the game, I recommend sticking to melee combat. With the right combos, you can execute some impressive moves. It truly feels like being in a kung fu movie. What made the game stand out to me, however, were the brutal environmental attacks. A car nearby? Smash an enemy’s head with the door. Is that an incinerator you see across the room? Burn them alive. And believe me, there’s much more.

In my opinion, Sleeping Dogs is a heavily underrated game. With such a groundbreaking combat system, I’m surprised more people aren’t playing it. 


3. Yakuza 0 2015 PC PS3 PS4 XBO XBCG

Yakuza 0 - PC Launch Trailer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of a powerful criminal organization? Are you curious about the politics and machinations behind such crime syndicates? Well, you can experience a life of a criminal legally in Yakuza 0.

In Yakuza 0, you switch between two characters. The first one is Kazuma Kiryu, a yakuza framed for a murder he didn’t commit. He seeks to clear his name. The second playable protagonist is Goro Majima, a criminal who fell from grace. Until now, he had to run a cabaret club. When the chance to rejoin his clan arises, he’ll do anything to regain his status. 

Unlike in previous Yakuza games, each character can swap between 3 different styles. Each one focuses on a different key element. I liked the Rush style the most since I prefer mobility over power. 

The progression system is also refreshing. Instead of the standard XP system, you’ll need money to hone your skills. Short on cash? Each character runs a business and the generated income will increase as you complete more quests. Too slow for you? Then go out in the streets and beat up some foes for extra allowance. But don’t lose, or they’ll take it!

Yakuza 0 paints a compelling picture of the Japanese underworld. Its stunning graphics and immersive narrative will keep you hooked for months to come. 


2. Tale of Wuxia 2016 PC Android

侠客风云传(Tale of Wuxia) trailer

Though wuxia is not a very well-known genre in the west, it’s really enjoyable. It usually follows a tale of a young martial artist wandering through ancient China. It’s much like shonen anime. So if you like those, why not give this game a try?

Journey into ancient China and become the greatest martial artist of all time. Unlike in most RPGs, your choices will affect the story and the ending you receive. In your spare time, you can mine ore, chop wood, and learn chess. The countless mini-games will keep you busy throughout the game. 

As for martial arts, you can choose from a great variety of weapons, from swords to musical instruments. You’ll also need to choose an internal skill, which makes your martial style even more customizable. I’ve gone through 5 playthroughs and there’s still more I want to try!

When it comes to experiencing ancient Chinese culture, few games can match this masterpiece.


1. Shaolin vs Wutang 2016 PC PS4 XBO NS

Shaolin vs Wutang Release Trailer

Named after two famous martial arts schools, Shaolin vs Wutang is a fighting game that will bring back many nostalgic memories. If you are a fan of martial arts movies made in the 70s, then this game is for you. 

Designed as a casual game, Shaolin vs Wutang doesn’t come close to games such as Tekken 7 in terms of gameplay. Don’t expect any flashy, over-the-top moves. Nevertheless, every character has unique combos, so it will take you a while to go through them all. 

The game features only offline modes – single-player and local co-op.

If you’re looking for a vintage game that will take you back to your childhood, consider Shaolin vs Wutang. 


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