Tekken 7 Tier List 2019: The Worst & Best Tekken 7 Characters

Tekken 7 Tier List
Kazuya Mishima, one of the most recognizable characters in the Tekken series

Who are the best contenders at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7?

Since its release in June 2017, Tekken 7 has continued to light up the fighting game community, thanks in part to some revamped mechanics, the introduction of guest characters from other popular games and a large viewership at popular tournaments such as Evo and the Tekken World Tour series.

With 43 different characters to choose from, the game boasts a diverse roster, but where exactly does each character rank from worst to best? Check out our tier list to help you make a solid pick!

Left to right: Alisa Bosconovitch, Lee Chaolan and Lars Alexandersson

SS Tier

  • Devil Jin: 90/100
  • Jin: 86/100
  • Paul: 85/100

S Tier

  • Xiaoyu: 84/100
  • Dragunov: 82/100
  • King: 82/100
  • Feng: 81/100
  • Jack-7: 81/100
  • Lili: 81/100
  • Kazuya: 80/100
  • Leo: 80/100
  • Noctis: 80/100
  • Claudio: 79/100
  • Katarina: 79/100
  • Bryan: 78/100
  • Josie: 77/100
  • Law: 77/100
  • Armor King: 76/100
  • Geese: 76/100
  • Kazumi: 76/100
  • Nina: 76/100
  • Steve: 76/100
  • Lars: 75/100

A Tier

  • Heihachi: 74/100
  • Lei: 73/100
  • Bob: 72/100
  • Shaheen: 72/100
  • Alisa: 71/100
  • Master Raven: 71/100
  • Kuma/Panda: 70/100
  • Marduk: 70/100
  • Asuka: 69/100
  • Miguel: 68/100
  • Hwoarang: 67/100
  • Lee: 65/100

B Tier

  • Lucky Chloe: 63/100
  • Eddy: 62/100
  • Yoshimitsu: 60/100
  • Eliza: 59/100
  • Akuma: 57/100

C Tier

  • Gigas: 54/100
  • Anna: 52/100

C Tier: Worst characters

42. Anna Williams

Making her return to the series as a DLC character for Season Pass 2 of the game, Anna is a dangerous assassin well known as the more seductive and playful of the Williams sisters, who have been feuding non-stop since the first Tekken game in 1994.

Anna excels on the offense with some good pokes, great mix-ups and a wide range of throws. Her special stance (Chaos Judgment) is also an effective tool as it automatically reverses throws and launches opponents who attempt a low attack. However, her best low attacks are very unsafe on block and, most of all, her punishment is by far the worst in the game.

Anna power rating: 52/100

41. Gigas

Gigas is a big red brute making his series debut in Tekken 7, with his physique and much of his move set modelled on Craig Marduk, who appears further down this list. The game’s resident lab rat is fairly well-rounded, possessing some big damage, good pokes and good keep-out moves in the mid-range.

The problem with the character is that much of his move set isn’t all that threatening, while he also struggles a lot under pressure. Succeeding with Gigas is therefore a real challenge at any level of play.

Gigas power rating: 54/100

B Tier: Mid-level characters

40. Akuma (Gouki)

The legendary villain from the Street Fighter series was first announced for the arcade release of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution in December 2015, entering the Tekken universe to end the Mishima bloodline. His move set is based on his Street Fighter IV iteration, with moves such as his Focus Attack and the iconic Shun Goku Satsu (Wrath of the Raging Demon) present.

Akuma’s meter, which gives him access to EX moves and super moves, as well as his ability to cancel normal moves into special moves make him very unorthodox within the Tekken series, but give him some of the biggest damage of any character in the game. His lethal offense comes with very big risk though, so committing to his key moves will leave you open for some heavy punishment. Akuma’s own punishment also happens to be quite mediocre.

Akuma power rating: 57/100

39. Eliza

Following her debut on Tekken Revolution, Eliza returned for Tekken 7 as a pre-order bonus character on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. While she is an original Tekken character, her move set is akin to that of Akuma, possessing a two-bar meter, projectiles and DPs (dragon punches, like Akuma’s Goshoryuken).

Like Akuma, Eliza’s cancels and meter allow her to deal some of the biggest damage in the game, but her key moves are very risky to throw out. She also struggles under pressure and her punishment isn’t the best, but, unlike Akuma, some punishers do have good range and some good properties to gain momentum from.

Eliza power rating: 59/100

38. Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu is one of only four characters to have appeared in every canonical Tekken game and is a household name in the series as a result. His design in Tekken 7 is probably his most outlandish yet, but he maintains the deadly swordsmanship and over-the-top shenanigans that we’ve all come to know him for.

Yoshimitsu has a vast move set of very situational moves that include some good pokes, mix-ups and deadly unblockable moves, but the fact that they are so situational undermines his overall strength. Playing a good Yoshimitsu requires one to gain a deep understanding of his move set and be extremely creative, perhaps even border on insanity.

Yoshimitsu power rating: 60/100

37. Eddy Gordo

Eddy has been kicking ass and taking names with his silky capoeira skills since Tekken 3, and looking good while doing it no less. He is easily one of the most mash-friendly characters in the game; all one requires to eviscerate the opponent at lower levels of play is to press the kick buttons repeatedly.

As you go higher up, however, Eddy is quickly exposed as mid-tier at best. His elusive stances do limit the opponent’s attacking options and give him access to some good pokes and keep-out moves, but his standing punishment is mediocre and most of his key moves are unsafe on block. This means he often leaves himself open to the opponent for free damage.

Eddy power rating: 62/100

36. Lucky Chloe

Making her first appearance on the series in Tekken 7, Lucky Chloe is a happy-go-lucky J-pop sensation who breakdances her way to victory in battle. Her otaku outfit and general demeanor make her a fun proposition or an absolute nuisance, depending on what you’re into.

Lucky Chloe is a pest on the offense. Her back-turned stance gives her access to some dangerous mix-ups and evasive moves, while her poking in general is also good and her damage output is excellent, which you might not necessarily expect from such a small character. On the flip side, she struggles greatly under pressure herself and her punishment overall isn’t great.

Lucky Chloe power rating: 63/100

A Tier: Top-level characters with notable flaws

35. Lee Chaolan/Violet

Since appearing in the first Tekken essentially as a palette swap for Marshall Law, Lee has since come into his own as a rich, flamboyant playboy who runs a robotics conglomerate called Violet Systems, with his move set evolving alongside his personality.

Lee performs at his best at close range, with his excellent poking and mix-ups setting up the opponent for some hard-hitting combos. Besides his punch parry, however, his defensive options are quite limited, and a lot of his best tools are hidden behind a very high execution barrier. This makes for a steep learning curve in mastering the character.

Lee power rating: 65/100

34. Hwoarang

Hwoarang is the arrogant but good-hearted Taekwondo master of the Tekken series, continuing his extended run since getting salty about fighting to a draw with Jin Kazama in Tekken 3. He is another mash-friendly character known for his lethal kicks.

Hwoarang is one of the best offensive characters in the game, as he excels at harassing his opponents with a series of great pressure tools and mix-ups from his various stances at close range. His punishment while rising, however, could be better and playing him to his full potential requires a high level of execution and understanding of his vast move set.

Hwoarang power rating: 67/100

33. Miguel Caballero Rojo

Before his debut in Tekken 6, Miguel was a dismissive Spanish outcast until his sister was killed in a Mishima Zaibatsu air raid, turning him into a very angry, dismissive Spanish outcast. He has no formal martial arts training, but that doesn’t stop him from beating his opponents to a pulp with sheer strength.

Not only does Miguel hit like a bus, but he is also arguably the best in the game at poking, as he possesses a wide array of moves designed to chip away at the opponent’s health and set them up for very damaging combos. However, his range is lackluster, and he lacks a good set of defensive tools to handle pressure.

Miguel power rating: 68/100

32. Asuka Kazama

Adopting her relative Jun Kazama’s move set for her debut in Tekken 5, Asuka is a brash teenager who spends her time breaking up street fights when she’s not in school.

Asuka’s move set includes a special reversal that can be held for a few seconds and counters most high and mid attacks, good evasiveness on a few key moves and a set of very good whiff punishers, making her the best defensive character in the game. As some measure of balance, her offense is lacking in several aspects, which makes it a struggle to pressure the opponent when using her.

Asuka power rating: 69/100

31. Craig Marduk

Disgraced Australian Vale tudo champion Craig Marduk returned to Tekken 7 as a DLC character for Season Pass 2, sporting a lush black and brown beard to indicate that some time has passed since his confrontation with Armor King in Tekken 6.

Marduk is a pretty versatile character with big damage, good range and a variety of throws, but lacks good pokes and effective tools to stave off pressure from the opponent. His big body also makes him vulnerable to extended combos that wouldn’t land on a majority of the cast.

Marduk power rating: 70/100

30. Kuma and Panda

The bears of Tekken are two of the series’ most loved and recognizable characters for obvious reasons. Their stories throughout the series make them even more endearing, with Panda continuously rejecting Kuma’s advances as she focuses on protecting her owner Ling Xiaoyu.

The two characters don’t particularly excel at anything but have good options on both offense and defense, while also possessing good range and good punishment. Their big bodies don’t serve them well though, as they struggle to sidestep moves that most of the cast would be able to. They are also susceptible to more damaging combos that wouldn’t land on most of the cast.

Bears power rating: 70/100

29. Master Raven

Master Raven is another character making her debut in Tekken 7, though her move set and hurt box are directly taken from her subordinate Raven, who made his debut in Tekken 5.

Master Raven is a versatile character with big damage, a set of good pokes and moves with good counter hit properties. Her move set also encourages the player to adopt an unorthodox playstyle, which includes whiffing certain moves on purpose to draw in the opponent and set them up for a combo. However, her best attacking tools are unsafe on block and many of her combos seem to be inconsistent in how they land.

Master Raven power rating: 71/100

28. Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa is a lovely but fierce android who made her series debut in Tekken 6. She was created by Dr. Bosconovitch (from Tekken 3) to serve Mishima Zaibatsu head Jin Kazama but was eventually rescued and reprogrammed by Lee Chaolan at Violet Systems.

Alisa excels on defense, armed with some great pokes and keep-out tools from the mid-range. She can also turn up the offense with some lethal moves in her destructive form. A lot of her best moves are linear though, meaning that they do not do well against very mobile opponents, while she also lacks great defensive options at close range.

Alisa power rating: 71/100

27. Shaheen

New to the series for Tekken 7, Shaheen is a Saudi ex-soldier who gained a reputation for his expertise in one-on-one combat. After his military service came to an end, he began working for a private military firm.

Shaheen is a well-rounded character who excels at frustrating the opponent with his great pokes and mix-ups to set them up for his great counter hit tools. Apart from his slide, however, nearly all his low attacks are very tame and don’t give him much mileage, limiting his offense to a certain degree.

Shaheen power rating: 72/100

26. Bob Richards

Bob is a freestyle karate prodigy with a strong sense of justice who made his series debut in Tekken 6. Unable to defeat opponents larger than him, he sought to increase his power and size while maintaining his agility, adopting the mantra “Speed and weight” thereafter.

Bob is an offensive character with a variety of great pokes and good range. While his defense isn’t great, he does also have a few good “panic moves” at his disposal. However, his juggle starters are quite slow as punishers and his overall damage output is average.

Bob power rating: 72/100

25. Lei Wulong

As a tribute to martial arts film legend Jackie Chan, Lei Wulong has been a fan favorite of the series since his debut in Tekken 2. Returning for Tekken 7 as a DLC character for Season Pass 2, his appearance has drastically changed from previous games, with Lei sporting a ponytail, a five o’clock shadow and a bandage across his nose.

Lei is quite possibly the trickiest character in the game, with his plethora of stances giving him access to dangerous mix-ups, variety on his throws and some very elusive moves that go under many attacks. His vast move set understandably makes him very tough to master, while his poking and standing punishment could also be better.

Lei power rating: 73/100

24. Heihachi Mishima

The King of Iron Fist is one of four characters to have appeared in every canonical Tekken game and one of, if not the most, iconic characters in the series. Heihachi has been regularly portrayed as an antagonist through the years, though his motives were revealed to be somewhat positive in Tekken 7.

Heihachi has access to strong Mishima-style tools such as the Electric Wind God Fist, the Spinning Demon (hellsweep) and the wavedash mix-up, as well as some great pokes and pressure tools unique to his move set, making him the offensive Mishima character. However, all his best low attacks are very unsafe on block, while his punishment while rising is mediocre.

Heihachi power rating: 74/100

S Tier: Top-level characters with moderate flaws

23. Lars Alexandersson

Lars is the leader of a rebel militia that defected from the Tekken Force in Tekken 6, where we see him in the series for the first time. During the events of that game, he is revealed to be the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima and an unknown Swedish woman.

A hard-hitting offensive character, Lars possesses good poking, moves with good counter hit properties, very good whiff punishment and some good “panic moves” such as his infamous Lightning Screw. However, with a lot of his best low attacks being unsafe on block and his stance transitions leaving him open, Lars needs to take some big risks to open up the opponent.

Lars power rating: 75/100

22. Steve Fox

Steve is the UK’s crown jewel of boxing who burst onto the scene in Tekken 4. During the events of that game, he discovered that he was conceived through in vitro fertilization with an egg from Nina Williams, after which he sought to find more information on his mysterious past.

Steve is an offensive character with some of the best counter hit tools in the game and elusive stances to dodge attacks, as well as big damage and some good pokes. Despite his offense being so good, a lot of it consists of high attacks which can be ducked and punished, while nearly all of his low attacks are very tame.

Steve power rating: 76/100

21. Nina Williams

As the only female character to have appeared in every canonical instalment of Tekken, Nina is massively popular among fans of the series. A lethal assassin, she is portrayed as the more serious and cold-hearted of the Williams sisters, who have had a fiery, ongoing rivalry since the very first Tekken.

Though a versatile character, Nina is at her best in the offense as she is armed with a wide selection of throws as well as some great pokes and pressure tools to rush down the opponent. Away from close range, she struggles to impose herself on the opponent, while a high level of execution is required to move around with her effectively and maximize her damage.

Nina power rating: 76/100

20. Kazumi Mishima

Kazumi is Heihachi Mishima’s deceased wife, new to the series in Tekken 7. She is revealed as the Mishima clan’s original carrier of the devil gene, which was passed down to her son Kazuya and grandson Jin Kazama. She died attempting to kill Heihachi, a mission assigned to her from her own Hachijo clan.

Kazumi is an offensive character with great poking and pressure tools as well as a pet tiger that teleports in and out of the screen for certain moves, giving her increased range and damage on her combos. However, many of her best lows are quite tame and don’t lead to more pressure, while some of her punishers lack range.

Kazumi power rating: 76/100

19. Geese Howard

Geese is one of the most iconic characters from SNK’s Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series who was introduced to Tekken 7 as a DLC character for Season Pass 1. His move set is based on his King of Fighters XIV iteration, though he is also given moves absent from that game that he’s had in previous games, such as the Jaei Ken and Deadly Rave.

Geese’s three-bar meter, MAX mode cancels and ability to cancel normal moves into special moves give him arguably the highest damage output in the game. If being an offensive beast wasn’t enough, he has attack reversals for every level (high, mid and low), which all give him great positioning or lead to potentially monumental damage. Like Akuma and Eliza, though, most of his best moves are very unsafe on block, making him very high risk, high reward.

Geese power rating: 76/100

18. Armor King

Armor King is a mysterious wrestler who’s been gracing the stage since the first Tekken. However, in Tekken 6, he reveals himself to be the brother of a previous Armor King, who was killed in a brawl with Craig Marduk prior to the events of Tekken 4.

Armor King is a pseudo-grappler with a wide selection of throws to take advantage of at close range, complimented by his great pokes and counter hit tools, as well as good range. However, his punishment while rising is mediocre, while most of his best low attacks are unsafe on block.

Armor King power rating: 76/100

17. Marshall Law

As one of two Bruce Lee tribute characters in the Tekken series, alongside his son Forest, Marshall Law has been a fan favorite ever since his debut in the first Tekken back in 1994. Over time, he has been portrayed as the voice of reason as he goes on adventures with his best friend Paul Phoenix, who is impulsive and ostentatious.

Law is a mix-up heavy character with great pressure tools and good damage to make for some dangerous offense, while he also has some of the best “panic moves” in the game to slip his way out of pressure. Given that a lot of his offense relies on his Dragon Sign Stance (DSS), which demands good execution, using his offense to its full potential involves a steep learning curve.

Law power rating: 77/100

16. Josie Rizal

Josie is another character new to Tekken 7, though her move set is heavily based on that of kickboxer Bruce Irvin, who made his last canonical appearance in Tekken 6. Josie is a Filipina model and kickboxer who is cheerful but tends to cry a lot, due to a possibly traumatic incident in her past.

A well-rounded character, Josie has elusive moves and stances that make her hard to approach, as well as good pokes and counter hit tools that give her some good offense. At close range, though, a lot of her offense tends to be linear.

Josie power rating: 77/100

15. Bryan Fury

A former soldier and Interpol officer killed in a Hong Kong shoot-out, Bryan is a sadistic psychopath of a cyborg who began his string of rampages in Tekken 3. His love for inflicting pain on basically anyone has made him several enemies over the course of the series, most notably Lei Wulong and Yoshimitsu.

Bryan is excellent at controlling space in the mid-range, armed with moves with great counter hit properties to keep the opponent away from him, as well as some great pressure tools and his unblockable taunt set-ups at close range. When the opponent manages to get in his face, his lack of effective defensive options at close range leave him struggling under pressure.

Bryan power rating: 78/100

14. Katarina Alves

New to Tekken 7, Katarina is a sassy and cocky Savate practitioner who replaces Christie Monteiro as the series’ Brazilian femme fatale. She joined the King of Iron Fist Tournament to search for her adoptive father, who suddenly vanished a short time prior.

Katarina is one of the best in the game at poking, which allows her to set up her great counter hit tools that often lead to big damage in combos. Her Harrier stance also grants her some dangerous mix-ups on a turtling opponent, though they can be easily interrupted if thrown out carelessly. Most of her best low attacks are also unsafe on block.

Katarina power rating: 79/100

13. Claudio Serafino

Claudio is an Italian exorcist making his debut in Tekken 7. He leads a group known as the Sirius Marksmen, which joined forces with the Mishima Zaibatsu to capture Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, who both possess the devil gene.

Claudio is a versatile character with good range, great poking and good damage. His hop-kick is also the best in the game, as it possesses great range and absurd crushing properties. As he has only one command throw, his throws are predictable, while many of his best moves are only accessible in his Starburst state, which can only be activated by landing certain moves.

Claudio power rating: 79/100

12. Noctis Lucis Caelum

The Chosen King from Final Fantasy XV made his way into the Tekken series as a DLC character for Season Pass 1 of Tekken 7. His weapon summoning is very much present in his move set, with his various attacks making use of a range of swords, daggers and spears to inflict damage on the opponent.

With moves such as his warp strike and Royal Slash, no character in the game has more range than Noctis. Along with his excellent whiff punishment and some moves with great crushing properties, he is best used as a defensive character. Going in the other direction, many of his best low attacks are unsafe on block and his poking is underwhelming, so his offense is far from the best.

Noctis power rating: 80/100

11. Leo Kliesen

Leo is a German spelunker seeking information on their deceased mother, who previously worked for the Mishima Zaibatsu. Though they are referred to as male in Tekken 7, the character’s gender ambiguity has been discussed amongst fans since their debut in Tekken 6.

Leo is an extremely versatile character who does well at just about everything. In the offense, they have good pokes, good mix-ups and a good number of command throws. In the defense, they have a few good “panic moves” and two attack reversals. While they have no significant weaknesses, none of their tools, especially their homing moves, are particularly amazing either.

Leo power rating: 80/100

10. Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya is one of the Tekken series’ most popular and recognizable characters. Making his debut in the first Tekken, he has carried a profound hatred for his father Heihachi ever since he killed his mother Kazumi and threw him into a ravine as a child.

Kazuya’s playstyle is centered around heavily punishing the opponent’s mistakes. His Electric Wind God Fist and big damage do well to discourage opponents from whiffing in his face; add his excellent punishment to the mix and you have a defensive powerhouse of a Mishima character. Besides his wavedash mix-up, Kazuya’s offense is average at best, exemplified by lackluster poking.

Kazuya power rating: 80/100

9. Lili De Rochefort

Lili is an insolent and bratty but well-intentioned Monegasque teenager who made her series debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. She regularly sneaks away from home to fight in tournaments without her father’s knowledge and developed what she considers a rivalry with Asuka Kazama over time.

Lili is an offensive character with great poking, great mix-ups and moves with great crushing properties. She also has the best sidestep in the game, making her very dangerous against opponents who rush to retaliate against her attacks. Ironically, a lot of her best attacks are quite linear, which makes her struggle against very mobile opponents.

Lili power rating: 81/100

8. Jack-7

Jack-7 is the latest in a long line of fighting robots produced by G Corporation, with the first Jack appearing in the first Tekken. In Tekken 7, the research teams behind Jack-7 and Gigas register their respective creations for the King of Iron Fist Tournament to find out which is better in combat.

Jack-7 does nearly everything well but performs at his best playing keep-out with great range on many of his moves, including some excellent whiff punishers. Up close, he has great pokes and a wide range of throws to frustrate the opponent. However, he doesn’t have a good number of moves to take advantage of on counter hit, which affects his defense to a certain degree.

Jack-7 power rating: 81/100

7. Feng Wei

Introduced to the series in Tekken 5, Feng is a ruthless martial artist whose goal is to become the strongest fighter on Earth. While he is often prone to acts of brutality, he is not inherently evil or sadistic and has shown some glimmers of honor and respect at certain points throughout the series.

Feng is a versatile character with some great pressure tools, good pokes and good range, as well as great whiff punishment and some elusive stances. His only weakness of note lies in some of his punishers, which don’t have the best range compared to most of the cast.

Feng power rating: 81/100

6. King

King is the series’ beloved masked wrestler from Mexico who’s been dishing out lariats and suplexes since Tekken 3. When he’s not bringing the pain in the ring, he spends his time running an orphanage he grew up in, which was founded by his predecessor who debuted in the first Tekken.

While he might be considered a grappler due to having the widest variety of throws in the game at his disposal, King is actually a very well-rounded character with good range, dangerous counter hit tools and some of the best punishment in the game. However, like Armor King, most of his best low attacks are unsafe on block.

King power rating: 82/100

5. Sergei Dragunov

A man of extremely few words, Dragunov is a Russian Spetsnaz operative who crawled his way into the series in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Unflinching in his loyalty to his country, he always carries out orders from his superiors without question and remains extremely stoic even in the heat of battle.

With a great set of tools all-round, Dragunov possesses some of the most intimidating offense in the game, consisting of annoying pokes, great pressure tools and a good number of command throws to bully his opponent. While his punishment is good, it doesn’t seem to be all that threatening compared to that of a lot of other members of the cast.

Dragunov power rating: 82/100

4. Ling Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu is a young Chinese martial artist and student who made her series debut in Tekken 3. Initially planning to build her own amusement park with prize money from the King of Iron Fist Tournament, she shifted her focus to the Mishima family’s ongoing feud and the issues surrounding her former schoolmate Jin Kazama in particular.

Xiaoyu is a primarily offensive character with a set of great pokes and threatening mix-ups. Her Phoenix stance acts as an effective defensive tool, going very low towards the ground and crushing all manner of high and even some mid attacks to limit her opponent’s offensive options. Sadly, her damage output for the most part is average at best.

Xiaoyu power rating: 84/100

SS Tier: Best characters

3. Paul Phoenix

Paul and his iconic but questionable hi-top fade have featured in every canonical instalment of the Tekken series. Determined to become the best fighter in the universe, his hot-headedness often lands him in comedic fixes as he embarks on various endeavors with his best friend Marshall Law.

With perhaps the highest damage output in the game after the 2D-style characters, Paul’s immense power, coupled with his dangerous mix-ups, excellent punishment and numerous throws, make him an all-round monster to come up against. However, a few of his best moves such as the deathfist are very unsafe on block, while he also lacks a good set of pressure tools to rush down the opponent with.

Paul power rating: 85/100

2. Jin Kazama

Since his debut in Tekken 3, Jin has been a regular poster boy for the series due to his popularity among fans. The love child of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, Jin’s loathing for his family stems from an attempt on his life by his grandfather Heihachi after killing Ogre, who murdered Jun years earlier.

Jin can be played in numerous ways but is best used playing keep-out, with some excellent tools in the mid-range. Armed with great pokes and situational moves, numerous throws, Mishima-style tools and a parry that brushes aside any high or mid attack except fireballs, he is a complete character that hits very hard. His only significant weakness is the poor range on a few of his punishers.

Jin power rating: 86/100

1. Devil Jin

As if by design, Jin Kazama becomes even stronger in his devil form in-game just as he does in his storyline. Adopting Jin’s Tekken 3 move set and Devil Kazuya’s special abilities, Devil Jin first became playable in Tekken 5, though he is first seen in Jin’s ending cinematic for Tekken 3.

Devil Jin is the versatile Mishima character, with punishment as good as Kazuya’s, pressure as good as Heihachi’s, all their Mishima-style tools and additional moves that cover their respective weaknesses. As a bonus, his hellsweep is a juggle starter unlike those of the other two and, despite still demanding a high level of execution to succeed with him overall, the simplicity of a few of his key punishers make him a bit easier to play than the other two.

Devil Jin power rating: 90/100

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